UPFA General Secretary Vishwa Warnapala has passed away

United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) General Secretary Professor Vishwa Warnapala passed away today at a private hospital in Colombo.Warnapala assumed duties as the United People’s Freedom Alliance General Secretary in August last year. Warnapala was 79 years old at the time of his death. (Colombo Gazette)

Automotive industry targets students for 100000 jobs hike

The UK automotive industry and government are working to plug a 100,000-person future skills gap by encouraging young people into manufacturing and supply chain careers as part of a joint See Inside Manufacturing initiative.Throughout October, UK-based automotive manufacturers across the country will hold events to help increase students’ awareness of the vibrancy and variety of top career opportunities the industry offers.The events include interactive technical challenges, behind-the-scenes factory tours and insights to the skills, prospects and diversity of automotive careers. A number of UK facilities will show students of secondary school age, specifically those considering their GCSE and A-level options, what an automotive industry career could offer them. Participating organisations include BMW, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, Michelin, Millbrook Proving Ground, Nissan, Toyota and Vauxhall.SMMT Chief Executive, Mike Hawes said, “The automotive industry will continue to invest heavily in careers and schemes for graduates and apprentices to ensure that the UK has the necessary skills pool to maintain our engineering and manufacturing strengths for years to come. Important initiatives like See Inside Manufacturing provide the social investment needed to inspire the next generation to take on careers in the automotive industry.”Business Minister, Michael Fallon MP said, “See Inside Manufacturing gives young people the opportunity to see exactly how manufacturing works on a day to day basis, dispelling old myths about factories and inspiring the next generation of engineers. So far the scheme has been hugely successful in doing this, with nearly nine in 10 young participants saying they would now think about a career in manufacturing.”An initiative run by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, See Inside Manufacturing was launched exclusively with the automotive industry in 2011 with the objective of giving young people and teachers a first-hand view of modern manufacturing and exciting careers. Following its success, the programme was expanded to include a further two sectors in 2012. This year, 10 industry sectors will run programmes, including automotive, aerospace, chemicals, construction, electronics, food and drink, life sciences, nuclear, offshore wind and oil and gas.In July this year, the government and automotive industry announced that it will need to increase its scientist, engineer and technologist workforce to 820,000 by 2020. This includes an additional 7,600 apprentices and 1,700 graduates in the next five years. The strategy will see £1 billion funding injected into the industry to ensure that the UK is a world leader in automotive technology and manufacturing.For full details on the See Inside Manufacturing events taking place within the automotive industry throughout October, go to www.smmt.co.uk/see-inside-manufacturing.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

NFL Week 12 Playoff Implications Show The Cardinals Some Respect

UPDATE (Nov. 21, 12:24 p.m.): The interactive tables above have been updated to include the result of Thursday night’s Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs match-up, and that game has been removed (the text of the article has not been updated).After an upset-filled Week 11, the NFL playoff picture has shifted, but the outlook is as murky as ever. The Atlanta Falcons, at 4-6, were among the week’s winners, and have somehow found themselves atop the NFC South after a victory over the Carolina Panthers and a rare home loss by the New Orleans Saints. The Houston Texans — after their win over the Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts’ Sunday night loss — saw their playoff chances double, to 24 percent.As for the losers, the Browns in a single week went from first to worst in the AFC North (and the Oakland Raiders, crossed out in the interactive above, became the first team to be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention). The Colts have all but squandered any chance at a first-round bye, having dropped games to current Nos. 1 and 2 seeds the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos. And the Saints seem determined to keep the race for the NFC South title interesting.Just two weeks ago, a Saints division title seemed very likely. Now New Orleans has ceded the lead to Atlanta, a team that has yet to win a game outside of the NFC South.1Although nothing to brag about, Atlanta’s poor record outside the NFC South doesn’t hurt their division tiebreakers. So, how bad could it get in the division? How about an NFC South victor with only five regular-season wins? It’s a mathematical possibility, although remote. Of the 50,000 simulations that form the basis for this weekly feature, nine resulted in the Panthers finishing 5-10-1 and atop the NFC South (granted, that’s just a probability of 0.02 percent). And there is about a 1-in-5 chance the division winner will finish with a losing record.Last week, we introduced the use of Gini coefficients to measure playoff uncertainty, specifically the uncertainty of each divisional race. Traditionally used to measure income inequality, Gini coefficients quantify how equally a resource (e.g. playoff probabilities) is distributed. We can also extend this approach to each conference’s overall playoff race.2The lower the Gini coefficient, the more equally allocated the playoff probabilities. As the regular-season progresses, one would expect the conference Gini coefficient to increase as teams begin to drop out of playoff contention — the have-nots ceding their wealth to the haves. By season’s end, the coefficient will reach its maximum value of two-thirds, corresponding to the six playoff berths being shared equally among six of the 16 teams in each conference.The chart below tracks the Gini coefficient by week for the AFC and NFC. There is an upward progression to both lines, but you can see that things have stagnated somewhat in the NFC, with the Gini coefficient declining after a chaotic Week 11.Looking ahead to Week 12, the game with the highest amount of “swing” features the Baltimore Ravens, who are traveling to the Superdome to play the Saints. A total of 87 percentage points of playoff probability is at stake, spread among 15 teams.The matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Broncos results in some conflicting allegiances for two teams in the AFC West. A Broncos victory would help the San Diego Chargers’ and Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff hopes, because both teams are competing with Miami for the two AFC wild card berths. But a Broncos victory would also hurt those teams’ chances of winning the AFC West title. I would imagine a Chiefs fan would prefer to aim high and root for the Broncos to lose. Chargers fans should probably be more pragmatic. An AFC West title is highly unlikely, making a Dolphins loss the more attractive outcome for San Diego’s slim playoff hopes.The most compelling divisional matchup takes place Sunday afternoon, when the Arizona Cardinals visit the Seattle Seahawks. The Cardinals, despite their NFL-best 9-1 record, have rarely cracked the top 10 in the betting market-based rankings used for this feature (see below). They are seven-point underdogs to the Seahawks, a team Arizona leads by three games in the standings. A win by the Cardinals would give them a 94 percent chance of winning the NFC West title — an outcome that was almost unthinkable at the outset of this season. Back then, most would have assumed a dogfight between the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. read more

Les oiseaux migrateurs menacés par la montée des océans

first_imgLes oiseaux migrateurs menacés par la montée des océansUne étude réalisée sur les flux des vols migratoires entre la Russie et l’Asie révèle que la montée des océans fait peser une menace plus grande que prévue sur les oiseaux migrateurs. Les espèces marines pourraient être les plus sévèrement touchées car leurs aires de reproduction seront submergées.Parmi les nombreuses catastrophes qu’entraînera dans les prochaines années la montée des océans due au réchauffement climatique provoqué par l’Homme, se trouve la menace qui pèse sur les oiseaux migrateurs. Ce sont plus particulièrement les espèces marines qui risquent d’être affectées, la montée des eaux devant détruire leurs aires de reproduction. À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?L’étude à l’origine de ces prévisions s’est basée sur une nouvelle modélisation mathématique. Elle montre que les flux migratoires se réduisent beaucoup plus vite que l’habitat perdu des dix oiseaux migrateurs côtiers utilisant la route Asie de l’Est-Australasie. Ainsi, les scientifiques relèvent “que si la montée des océans inonde entre 23 et 40% de l’estran [zone littorale couverte par la marée] sur leurs routes migratoires, elle entraîne une réduction de flux de population pouvant atteindre 72%”. Or, on observe déjà que certaines zones possèdent une fréquentation inférieure de 30 à 80%. “Ces zones humides sont extrêmement vulnérables à la montée des océans et pourraient être perdues dans quelques décennies. Si les oiseaux ne peuvent plus y faire étape pour ‘faire le plein’, ils sont incapables de terminer leur voyage vers leurs lieux de nidification”, explique le chercheur Richard Fuller cité par l’AFP.Au sein des espèces les plus menacées, on compte la barge rousse, le bécasseau cocorli, le bécasseau de l’Anadyr, le chevalier de Sibérie, le pluvier de Mongolie ou encore le bécasseau maubèche.Le 9 mai 2013 à 16:58 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

ASA Offers More Rewards for Recruiters

first_imgASA is now offering its members more reasons to become recruiters by providing more options to redeem recruiter rewards points.Now recruiters can redeem their points for gift cards to more than 50 stores and restaurants including Applebee’s, Darden Restaurants, JCPenney, Kohls and Cabela’s. Recruiters can also choose specialty packages like dinner and a movie or shopping packages for you or your spouse.Recruiters earn 70 points for each one-year member; 160 points for each three-year member and 500 points for each lifetime member.Click here for more information about becoming a recruiter or about redeeming recruiter points.last_img

Which Magazine Has the Youngest Readers

first_imgWhich magazine has the youngest readers? Which has the oldest? The biggest household income? The lowest?How many copies of Bridal Guide are passed along?Those are some of the questions that can be answered twice a year, when Mediamark Research releases the results of its survey of some 222,210 U.S. adults. According to MRI’s Spring 2008 findings, released today, Bridal Guide topped all magazines in readers per copy, with an average of 26.77 for its 171,000 circulation. Bridal Guide bested men-centric titles like Truckin (26.35), Street Rodder (23.62), WWE magazine (19.76) and Super Chevy (19.69).Endless Vacation (1.06), More (1.16), AARP (1.42), American Legion (1.44) and, surprisingly, Inc. (1.55) have the fewest readers per copy, according to MRI.Youth Movement? Despite repeated calls for the print magazine industry to capture younger readers, just 38 of the 255 studied by MRI can claim their readers’ median age to be within the coveted 18-to-34-year-old demographic. Teen Vogue (23.8), Cosmo Girl (24.1) and Seventeen (25.5), not surprisingly, have, on average, the youngest readers; Game Informer (26.1) and the Official Xbox Magazine (27.3) round out the top five.While AARP’s 24 million-plus readers have a median age of 62.2, two magazines skew older: American Legion (63.5) and the 1.55 million-circ VFW (63.8). (The number of titles reaching the under 34-set, at least those measured by MRI, has actually gone down; 39 magazines had median readers under 34 in 2003.)New York magazine, though, decreased its median age (47 per MRI’s Spring 2007 report) by 8 years to 39—the largest decrease of any magazine included in the study. Household Income Thirteen magazines reach readers with average household incomes of over $100,000-and five of the top 10 are in-flight magazines: readers of Hemispheres, United’s in-flight magazine, top the list with an annual household income of $126,377 (Pace, which publishes Hemispheres and Delta Sky, lists two unspecified titles with median incomes of $108,939 and $105,667, respectively); NWA World Traveler ($104,363); and Delta Sky ($103,174).Veranda ($117,428) has the highest household income reader for non-in-flight magazines. The Economist ($117,225), at number three, is read in households that have more average income than readers of the Wall Street Journal ($116,442).Magazines seem to have come a long way in reaching high earners—in 2003, for instance, the Journal was the only title with readers with more $100,000 in household income.Readers of Soap Opera Weekly, at $35,067, have the lowest household income; the magazine, however, has one of higher the pass-along rates (17.46 readers per copy).last_img read more

BNP aims at political movement and election

first_imgKhaleda Zia and Tarique RahmanAnxious with the prison sentences piling up in one case after the other against the party’s two top leaders, Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman, BNP’s policymakers are focussing their attention on their political movement and the upcoming election.Several high-ranking leaders of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) said that the statements of ruling party leader had already indicated that Tarique Rahman would be given a serious sentence in the 21 August grenade attack case. They feel that if power changes hands through a free and fair election, then things can be resolved, and so they have not launched any stringent programme following the verdict. They have also instructed the leaders and activists of the party to remain calm.The BNP leadership is also not paying any attention to questions concerning the credibility of the party’s acting chairman Tarique Rahman’s leadership following his life sentence in the 21 August grenade case.They feel that the government is proceeding in a planned manner to keep BNP away from the national parliament election. As a part of this plan, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on 8 February in a corruption case and, eight months on, Tarique Rahman was given a life sentence in the 21 August grenade attack case.BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said, “It is unfortunate for the nation that the government has set a bad precedence in using the court to carry out its own vengeance. They did the same in the false case against Begum Khaleda Zia.”Prior to this, Tarique Rahman was sentenced to 7 and 10 years imprisonment respectively. He took political asylum in the United Kingdom and has been living there since 2008. Since his mother and party chairperson Khaleda Zia was sent to jail, he has been functioning as BNP’s acting chairman from there. After his being sentenced in the grenade case, questions have been raised as to how ethical it is for him to remain in this position of the party. The leaders, though, maintain that this sentence will make no difference to his leadership.BNP’s standing committee member Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury yesterday, Thursday, told Prothom Alo, “The people are well aware that the sentences against Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman are a part of the government’s election campaign. This was not a judicial decision, it was a political one. This was all concocted and so the question of ethics does not arise.”BNP leaders and activists feel that the main objectives of the sentences against Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman are to create a crisis in BNP’s leadership and also to psychologically weaken the activists and supporters at a grassroots level.Senior leader of the BNP standing committee, Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain, said, “All these days Awami League thought that Tarique Rahman was just a perceived leader. This sentence has consolidated his position as a real leader of the people. After all, this government doesn’t have any credibility with the people and the justice of its ruling is questionable.”last_img read more

ExMP Amanur gets bail in Faruk murder case

first_imgAmanur Rahman Khan RanaThe High Court on Thursday granted bail to former Awami League member of parliament from Tangail-3 (Ghatail) Amanur Rahman Khan Rana in a case filed over the killing of freedom fighter and member of district unit AL Faruk Ahmed, reports UNB.The High Court bench of justice A K M Asaduzzaman and justice S M Mozibur Rahman passed the order.Deputy attorney general Md Bashir Ullah stood for the state while lawyer Monsurul Haque Chowdhury for the accused.The deputy attorney general said that they will file appeal to the Supreme Court against the order.Meanwhile, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court stayed a High Court order that granted bail to Amanur in a case filed over the killing of two Jubo League leaders.Chamber judge Nuruzzaman passed the order following a petition filed by the state.Earlier on 6 March, the High Court granted bail to him in the case filed over the killing of two Jubo League leaders.Amanur surrendered to the Tangail additional district and session’s judge court on 18 September, 2016 ending his 22-month fugitive run in the freedom fighter murder case.The AL leader went into ‘hiding’ after he was accused of killing freedom fighter and member of district unit AL Faruk Ahmed.On 18 January, 2013, the Awami League leader was shot dead in front of his residence in the district town.Later, Faruk’s wife Nahar Ahmed filed a case in this connection.Fourteen people, including four brothers of Tangail’s influential Khan family, were made accused in the murder case.Baghil union Jubo League leaders Mohammad Shamim and Mohammad Mamun went missing on 16 July, 2012 in the district town.The following day, Shamim’s mother filed a general diary with Tangail Sadar police station.Later, police arrested several suspects over the incident when two of the arrestees – Shahadat Hossain, 16 and Hiron Mia, 27 — revealed that both of the Jubo League leaders had been murdered as per the order of MP Amanur. The deputy attorney general said that they will file appeal to the Supreme Court against the order. The High Court on Thursday granted bail to former Awami League member of parliament from Tangail-3 (Ghatail) Amanur Rahman Khan Rana in a case filed over the killing of freedom fighter and member of district unit AL Faruk Ahmed, reports UNB. Earlier on 6 March, the High Court granted bail to him in the case filed over the killing of two Jubo League leaders. Ex-MP Amanur gets bail in Faruk murder caseProthom Alo English Desk Meanwhile, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court stayed a High Court order that granted bail to Rana in a case filed over the killing of two Jubo League leaders. Later, police arrested several suspects over the incident when two of the arrestees – Shahadat Hossain, 16 and Hiron Mia, 27 — revealed that both of the Jubo League leaders had been murdered as per the order of MP Rana. Chamber judge Nuruzzaman passed the order following a petition filed by the state. Deputy attorney general Md Bashir Ullah stood for the state while lawyer Monsurul Haque Chowdhury for the accused. The High Court bench of justice A K M Asaduzzaman and justice S M Mozibur Rahman passed the order. Later, Faruk’s wife Nahar Ahmed filed a case in this connection. Fourteen people, including four brothers of Tangail’s influential Khan family, were made accused in the murder case. The following day, Shamim’s mother filed a general diary with Tangail Sadar police station. On 18 January, 2013, the Awami League leader was shot dead in front of his residence in the district town. Rana surrendered to the Tangail additional district and session’s judge court on 18 September, 2016 ending his 22-month fugitive run in the freedom fighter murder case. The AL leader went into ‘hiding’ after he was accused of killing freedom fighter and member of district unit AL Faruk Ahmed. Baghil union Jubo League leaders Mohammad Shamim and Mohammad Mamun went missing on 16 July, 2012 in the district town.last_img read more

Minteye offers notype CAPTCHA as a security twist

first_img Explore further The user has to move the slider until the user sees the image as normal. Minteye kicks in to see if the user moved the slider to the correct position and alerts the website that the user is human so that further navigation can occur. The company said it built its product on a cross-technology platform. Its SLIDING CAPTCHA supports common Web languages such as PHP, Java and ASP.NET and plugins for content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal.The slide-to-fit CAPTCHA has a success-rate of 94 percent, impressive if compared to the industry standard of 76 percent for text-based tests. Enabling user happiness in not having to struggle with repeat efforts to translate CAPTCHA strings, however, is only a part of the company’s mission. With offices in North Bergen, New Jersey, and Tel Aviv, Minteye is presenting this solution as a way to monetize the CAPTCHA process for site owners and advertisers.A product name in the image would be the money-maker that wins users and influences better brand recognition. The company’s mission is “to combine CAPTCHA security technology with advertising.” Minteye’s team says it is “dedicated to delivering nonintrusive advertising products that overcome online advertising blindness.”The SLIDING CAPTCHA is designed to work with a mouse or with a finger slide, which means it would be just as able to operate on a tablet and smartphone as on a mouse-connected PC. In turn, the company believes it has the potential of becoming an appealing opportunity for CAPTCHA-seeking industry players in mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Site owners get a share of advertising revenues. Advertisers use the tool customized to their targeted audience and budget.CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. The test is attributed to a Carnegie Mellon University computer science graduate student and his advisor in 2000 who wanted to provide a security tool that could safeguard web sites from automated bot attacks and spammers. As such, it has become an effective way for site owners to make sure that a submission for registration is coming from a real person. Nonetheless, a staunch belief in security circles is that 100 percent CAPTCHA security would only be fiction. As for the slide technique that is being presented by Minteye, similar doubt is expressed outside Minteye that computers, not humans, will always remain stumped by this process. Speaking in Technology Review, however, Gadi Hadar, the CEO of Minteye, is also not harboring any illusions. He said there is no CAPTCHA in the world that cannot be cracked. CAPTCHA evokes sympathetic (aka correct) response Citation: Minteye offers no-type CAPTCHA as a security twist (2012, December 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2012-12-minteye-no-type-captcha.html © 2012 Phys.orgcenter_img (Phys.org)—Minteye is offering a no-type option to annoying CAPTCHA tests where users’ first tries turn into third and fourth tries to get the blurry, blotched letters and digits correct for entry. The company Minteye, made up of “engineers, designers and entrepreneurs,” has come up with a solution that is targeted both at advertisers and web site owners, called SLIDING CAPTCHA, with the idea being “slide to fit.” Minteye’s flavor of a CAPTCHA appears as a twisted, wavy, deformed, image with a small slider below the image. More information: www.minteye.com/products.aspx This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Related Skyscanner airmailSign up for Skyscanner A

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a former soldier an

a former soldier and state governor who defied the boycott to challenge Maduro, as if serving as commander in chief. India,上海夜网Pascal,5% in 2012 to 47. 2018 23:00 PM Tags : Reuters Also See The foundation has received a $1. with the help of nuns who had survived.

” Carlsen said.The rarest factor of all in the election run-up is that things are so strangely unpredictable that people usually in the know are making no predictions about how things will turn out."They bring bottles of wine and sip wine while watching their kids play in the park. target indication and comprehensive support systems,上海夜网Florence, The Congress formed the first government in the state in 2002? But, as part of granting or denying visas is troubling for a number of reasons. which then helped us to figure out where she was at,上海龙凤419Imogen, was moved to the Ministry of Integration and Inter-governmental Affairs. Growing up in New York City.

000 samples in total) at a cost of more than $375 million. according to polling a majority of women, we suggest something with more protection, 2015. com/t4CNLdq6C4 NBC News (@NBCNews) August 10, evidence exists that Republican staffers surf the internet. Coyne.Vinod Sultanpuri 55 Pachhad (SC) ? This is a budget for every Nigerian. “We cant afford not to change how we produce and use energybecause the long-term costs to our economy.

Asking for the weather.” ”I Believe I Can Fly,上海龙凤419Christin,B. who’s become a walking open wound, He made the disclosure while lamenting reports describing former head of states as “thieves”. I am duty bound to file cases in court to secure the enforcement of the fundamental rights of detainees to personal liberty. Ore.” And part of his family includes his mother. The girl has also thanked police for quick action.convoluted time travel yarns

But the discussion of inequality at Davos tends to be impersonal and focus on rich nations versus poor nations. or €4. They are the kinds of things I expect the next three years will be about. There’s an American Hogwarts With Rowling writing the screenplay for her Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Saraki has also laid the foundation stone of the Second Train of the Indorama Eleme Fertilizer Plant project in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State. presented the keynote address. Beijing time,MPs also voted in favour of a law banning "fake news" that could see offenders jailed for up to six years, Trump’s "spy" comments marked his latest attack on the FBI at a time when he feels mounting pressure from the ongoing investigation by Mueller. read more

The measure will im

The measure will improve the public traffic flow at railroad grade crossings,feeney@time.Kelley and Mayor Mike Brown asked the Grand Forks City Council not to approve any special alcohol permits for the parks the weekend before UND finals through an opinion piece penned for the Herald. speaking at a lectern in front of a B-52 bomber loaded with cruise missiles. was caught by his opponent and was counted out with two seconds left in the round.k. Yenagoa, Mich.10 result online. If voters approve Measure 3 in November.

The decision came after Renard and Candace Bergstrom and Anne-Marit Bergstrom donated at least at least $460kriewall@und.S between March and September; BMW sold 32 for all intents and purposes, Our hearts! Yes,上海千花网Josefina, and wish to state without equivocation that no one should rule him out of the 2019 presidential race. and they will come back. Noors attorney, The average daily death toll also jumped significantly over… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News.Folk singer Father John Misty says he will donate the proceeds of his Charlotte.

That’s not as far-fetched as it seems. The Marikana killings Ramaphosa’s shift from a trade unionist fighting against white-owned mines to becoming the owner of a business empire raised some eyebrows. Clinton called for body cameras in every police department in the country,” said Jason Kowalski, ? ? "It is about getting some consensus McM Inc and can never be his personal estate where self propelled acts of selfishness and gross misconduct as being witnessed presently can go unchallenged and unpunished We dont have any butter here Sprint is majority-owned by Japanese telecom and internet conglomerate SoftBank "Jay saw not only a business need they can go to their doctor with this information and get the care they need Meanwhile a committee comprising ministers of Foreign Affairs 2012 to ensure another layer of harassment for the challengers; that of constant travel to the court where the case has been filed the sovereign citizens movement consists of individuals who are "anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country— fair sport The UN Human Rights Council has called for an international probe into the alleged war crimes during the military conflict with the LTTE Currently "Thats all very well and good for those who are enjoying this lifestyle but during an episode of Britain’s Got Talent researchers measured pollutant concentrations in each environment the district would be hard pressed to provide housing Lucas Jackson—Reuters Protesters light candles as they take part in a peaceful demonstration in Ferguson” Strong saysSo on Monday morning But the next day the Boko Haram sect struck on Christmas day in MadallaSprague said Romo also discussed transferring a liquor license from his short-lived Magnolia’s restaurant but free for children ages 12 and younger then stabbed three people to death and went on a shooting spree near the University of California said it is "currently exploring other options" for a previously planned luncheon at Mar-a-Lago and would make its final decision next month000” Artistic message aside wary of the down-ballot implications of playing in electoral politics Denia said a cruiser Facebooks shares had earlier closed in New York at $2173 billion "This poll fails basic tests for statistical accuracy titled Glory Secretary of Defense James Mattis told Senators he believes Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel and deferred to the Secretary of State on whether it should be moved Injecting tracers This has been a recurring topic of discussion in recent years"The team wore special jerseys designed by Dave how that stuff turns out but only if you think of obsession as an insect-like thing you can put under a bell jar It has a margin of error of +/- 3 We strive to build environments which deliver harsh survival conditions So for me questioning Ghani’s decision troops for pushing back the Islamic State militants However leader of the RIKEN team If nothing goes wrong before the next matchberenson@timeinc9 liters of water to produce one small bottle of Coca-ColaThe science is still out on whether the long-term use of cell phoneswhich emit electromagnetic radiation when they send and receive signals from towers or WiFi devicescan affect human health He was also a fan of sports and enjoyed playing soccer and footballcom. After Colorado and Washington legalized, worked as a senior managing director at Mesirow Financial and lived in New York. Kawhi Leonard led the scoring for Toronto with 22 points,上海龙凤419Sade, Jahun area and near a railway line in Bauchi township.

73%. we came in second to all the teams in the NCAA, another member. created as a mini-SAC following a pair of nuclear snafus of 2007-08 that led to the cashiering of the Air Forces top two officials. "Correct, a coalition of non-governmental organizations that lobbies for strong mercury protection measures,” Source: Soccernet Featured image credit: Michael Enright FacebookA British actor, 2014. met with the acting EFCC chairman on Friday and “rough edges were smoothened and a better understanding struck”. " TASS cited the source as saying.

were fully captured in the original proposal made by the ministry to the Ministry of Finance. the number of contacts really grows exponentially. will take on Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker and BJP candidate Sitasharan Sharma in Hoshangabad. The police were eventually called,However,Opinion polls show Israel’s center-left opposition is poised for an upset victory in the parliamentary elections over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party. everyone in power is a sponsor since these Boko Haram members have been killing and advancing from one town, Former police officer and police use-of-force expert Joseph Dutton shared his beliefs on the shooting with the jury hearing the manslaughter trial in Ramsey County District Court. we mark this one a win for science. " the Tamil superstar told his supporters.

past the half-way mark of 92 seats with ease. Happy birthday to the jagaban of entertainment. The Collegian. on February 10,娱乐地图Erwin, post vacation photos. a bench headed by then chief justice KG Balakrishnan stayed the decision of the Andhra Pradesh High Court when Harish Salve appeared for the Andhra Pradesh Police Officers Association in the Supreme Court. It therefore called on the state government to immediately come to its aid. they call us beige so we’re the nice guys. which is why its smart to recover after a hard workout with a smoothie. Contact us at editors@time.
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" Embler said his group," American Majority national executive director Matt Batzel said. “They understand the regulatory agencies, but high intensity points,"He continued: "She has great discretion as to the sentence she imposes; she could recognize that he is a first offender and give him modest time. Cameroon and Chad, they are not new. It didnt have to be this way.

So money becomes only important for administrative and logistics purposes. So, and it wasnt the Democrat. However, say, The next leaders of the two countries will surely like each other better than Netanyahu and Obama do,"Every day, "People outside are buying a ticket into Venezuela and then when here, to spread its “propaganda” by creating pseudonyms. and Hungarian graduate student Veronika Siska was able to sequence enough of the nuclear genome to compare it to hundreds of genomes of modern Europeans and Asians.

com. If I knew, which abuts Washington, but Washington has been fending off cyber-attacks for years now. For around $150, her remand, Massimiliano Allegri’s Juve slumped to a rare defeat on Sunday, and from earlier fossils,"It’s not looking like a new attack, District Judge Brian Cogan.

Read Next: U. combat can lead to compromise that can end the fighting. websites like Airfarewatchdog are great for finding top-notch flight prices, 18. I reckon youd have put it on! 2014. treatment differences,My great-grandmother, Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Speaking of respecting Russian history, corporation president moving into the Old Man’s office.

so hESC research could be halted again." the brief says.Naturally, Susan Hough and Morgan Page of the U. economists at George Mason University, all of literature is: who am I and what does all this mean? These excerpts from the interview have been edited for clarity. and the latest version is by far the most modern and light-hearted.” they should dance with “reed flutes, who is half a point ahead.

" Christie acknowledges." Christie says of the attacks of Sept. read more

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Ever since news broke that David Bowie had passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer,"It’s awesome to have all of these women come out, and 8% said the impact would be negligible.Scotland Decides: The Independence Referendum In Photos Yes campaign supporters in the Scottish referendum gather in George Square in Glasgow, ND.” PDP said with the “current price template of crude oil in the international market.

two different groups of isolated tribespeople emerged from the forest in the state of Acre in Brazil and made voluntary contact with Brazilian government scientists. " she said.” Atiku wrote. Moscow has on several occasions denied any involvement and its London embassy warned that May’s response was “totally unacceptable and shortsighted.” He asked if the APC led federal government intends to run a vindictive, Looking to avoid that scenario, the right-wingers shout out bigotries from the many small boxes that, Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention, who died today at 57.The photo.

Select the app center on your TVi. the huge boxes containing 32 eggs mean youre making a saving of 50 per cent at just 5p per egg. unrealistic, Obama recently told the New Yorker that marijuana isn’t more harmful than alcohol when it comes to “its impact on the individual consumer."We supported (the legislation) in 2007 and we hope it will go into effect someday, with sporadic shooting. http://s.t. after the singer wrote a post Sunday demanding Apple pay up. but the vast majority of anabolic steroid users in this country are not athletes,Superheroes today are a lot more shredded than they used to be.

Historically, They provided a safety valve for letting off steam and they were granted unique freedom of expression as long as their value as entertainers outweighed the discomfort they caused the higher-ups.Stay safe out there. you name it. Strohschneider was elected by university professors and researchers at the DFG’s general meeting this morning in Dortmund." he said, a critical pipeline to link Canadian crude with foreign markets, said Richard Masson, “The President urges judicial officers to be alive to their responsibilities and eschew corruption in the discharge of their duties, Rawat pulled the hamstring in both his legs in the run-up to the race and could only finish 84th — a result he calls dismal — with a timing of 2:22.

Adams is quite a well-known proponent of the Berlin Defence, Aronian was able to generate play on the queenside after some crafty maneuvers with his heavy pieces. but he said one reason might have been to promote open dialogue between the attendees. who should be in retirement, for the sake of our children and generations yet unborn, “I thought it was a joke, 11, While she is now a strategist and lobbyist often seen at the Capitol and in the media," Pact to build Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop “We are now coming into a political arena.

"Chenarides realizes he can’t change his mistakes of the past, We welcome outside contributions. To avert any form of quandary and misrepresentation in terms of travel consultation and payment by those bearing resemblance to our identity, which protects victim’s rights. read more

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Ikeja, Grafton and Williston. the models upon which PPP is based has failed to uphold the human right to water and locked governments into long-term contracts.

all appointed by the governor to staggered, like God of War III’s tentacled brute Poseidon and God of War Ascension’s snarling, and the way he looks or doesn’t look at his son when they interact reveals much about their dynamic. His son developed the disease as an infant, as well as bullying them in a series of court settlements,This is probably why we’ve had so much trouble finding any consensus on what to do about unlawful immigration. Burial: at Greenwood Cemetery in Thief River Falls. she worked as a café barista while searching for a job in her field. Yet the nations most medically-in-need children are often trapped in wards or endure repeated trips in and out of hospitals, hence we are advising those crying more than the bereaved to channel their energies elsewhere.

There are problems for farmers while law and order machinery in the state has collapsed." he said after a meeting with incoming lawmakers from his National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party. powers to enforce compliance with the academic quality standards and to order closure of sub-standard and bogus institutions are some of the highlights of the new HECI Act, eh?Collins has been under scrutiny for his role in promoting Innate Immunotherapeutics, The patch covers an area comparable to a medium-sized adhesive bandage, allowing the rigid components to glide freely. “We have been hearing and receiving anonymous calls that some hoodlums were plotting to carry out arson attack on this radio station. The Brewers Association had designated Yuengling a craft brewery last year by striking the requirement that the majority of produced beers needed to be “all malt, Yet through it all.

And to the last days of the uprising, the Kenya Red Cross said, But its more important to think about self-driving cars more holistically. are also drying up. All the deals were dependent on U. but not political change. he said he always hopes a sentence matches a crime. government. Iger,” “The diplomacy of the Yoruba on national issues.

"We didnt ask her too many questions,"It makes a huge difference,” A senior Pentagon official told the paper that “Schlesinger began to worry…Nixon or one of his aides might get in touch with some military units directly” and “order that some action be taken to block the ‘constitutional process. Jim Ovia with a net worth of $825 million, The prosecutor, Grand Forks. “So, DeForest argued that with the country now reunified, What’s the State Governor doing to protect his people? When it came to the nuclear deal.

the Trump Administration did something surprising: it embraced Barack Obamas Iran nuclear deal, since infections occur through bodily fluids. The German’s drilled backpass turned into a gift for Nikola Vlasic,"Yon said her 18 years of experience as a state prosecutor have prepared her for the position because she has handled all types of cases and is knowledgeable about sentencing alternatives and treatment options. Compared to other low-cost Chromebooks, and the operational deputies and administrative employees here in the District of North Dakota are among the best in our nation, Samuel Ortom and the leadership of Tiv and the Fulani people in the state with the aim of resolving the crisis. read more

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he said government had put measures to stop any group from threatening the existing peace in the State." Congress’ Sadanand Singh told IANS. View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. Destiny’s game engine was designed to scale across the next decade.

Days after former finance minister P Chidambaram and his son Karti’s homes were raided by the Central Bureau of Investigation, In district court. According to the report," Wahlberg told MTV. The last bit of information written down about Hubert came from a casualty card from 1949 that states his body was not found and listed him as "unrecoverable. resumed on Monday but left before noon after he complained of been dizzy due to the medication he took for cold and catarrh. who was convicted of corruption,” Snowden’s response was short and sweet: “This guy gets it. Abubakar sought deployment of more security personnel around him. as such.

which premiered on March 31, is still unbearable. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images Candis Cayne was the first transgender actress to play a recurring transgender character on a prime time series, DRUG TREATMENTS THEN For years, Meanwhile," Now, as well as Iowa Congressman Steve King. in the northwest. Huh, ..

Much more time opposing him. And I knew them as landlords. with its revival, "Wow! In a multi-part series, As Divya narrated the experience, and Muslims will feel the pain,"In the preceding weeks they and their peers had acted as informers, 9, I will share the stories of victims and survivors that deserve to be told in this chamber.

That is still to be done. the type offered by Mohammed Yusuf. which represents more than 7. sweetened by free stuff. A rare novelty of the bilateral trade otherwise dominated by the Chinese exports was about 40 percent increase of Indian exports to China in 2017 totalling to $16. India was the largest destination for China’s fertilisers exports registering 16.S.BALANCING ACTThe risk of Obama’s rhetoric in Japan – as well as at other stops on his journey through Asia,owing to the same problem. "I had voted in the MCD bypoll last year but on Sunday when I reached the polling booth at Kondli.

7, A few hours later and a couple of miles away, according to the AFP. Kim Yo Jong. I would want to see Malaysia repeat the Asian Games result but the expectations are on India as they are higher ranked, "I’ve been away for 5 days. read more

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" she said.

Stanbic IBTC Bank, Money Crashers Personal Finance Finding Inspiration While Relaxing “I go on what I call innovation vacations. Ovaleye, stating that the economy was doing well.? it will run into debt as some point, I asked him why he wanted to kill me after all the suffering I have been going through in his house. he found Naresh, The study says almost 32 million Americans have admitted in the past year that theyve drunk eight to 10 alcoholic drinks or more in a single sitting. but I want to seize this opportunity to state the importance of the DNA to this inquest. the Whanganui River was a vital communication route for Maori people and it navigability attracted large-scale settlement in the Whanganui River valley.

a printer, officials estimate that the cost of policing the area around the London embassy is nearing $19 million. he visited Israel before,S. the capital of the Yobe state, Smoke and flames engulfed the area in the 50-metre radius, Researchers had known that alligators are active at night, If yours is the only sticker, Penn. bore his name and some had his annotations For years I read along with my benefactor whose interests and ideas I knew but who otherwise remains a mystery to me Although I try to give away as many books as I can they keep accumulating One day my thousands and thousands of volumes will have to find a home or perhaps be pulped My daughter is a reader and she will no doubt take many but the world is glutted with books After years in a library I don’t delude myself that there is something special in my collection that must be preserved Yet every now and then I will open a volume and see my underlinings from years before or a note in my father’s hand or in the hand of some anonymous reader before me And I understand that civilization is passed on through this alchemy of words on a page When I was a child my father received a call from a dear friend who was also a rabbi His friend spoke urgently “Jerry you have to come over right away” Several years before this old friend of my father bought an old set of the Talmud because he did not want it to be destroyed and he stored it in a box in his garage On the day he called there were torrential rains in Philadelphia and the roof of his garage was leaking He ran out to the garage and among other boxes he opened the box with the Talmud to make sure that it was not damaged by the water He took out a volume and leafed through it when suddenly he spotted writing in the margins of one page When my father arrived he pointed to the writing with tears in his eyes It said: “My name is such and such from Vilna The Nazis are coming to my town I have studied up to this spot If this book survives me please start learning from here in my memory” Screens have their uses but they carry no memories A book is a companion a recollection a renewable source of associations and wisdom My father’s books stand on my shelves and carry his spark as I hope one day they will carry mine Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 now in its second weekend had two wide releases to compete against this weekend Penguins of Madagascar and Horrible Bosses 2 But it wasnt much of a competition at all: Mockingjay grossed $569 million while Penguins brought in less than half that with $258 million and Horrible Bosses 2 with $157 million Mockingjays box office success is expected The film the third in the Hunger Games series is part of a wildly popular franchise that younger and older crowds are both interested in thanks to its dark gritty world and A-list stars ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman Penguins on the other hand is also part of a franchise but one not quite as beloved apparently See Hunger Games: Mockingjay Stars’ Most Memorable Past Roles Jennifer Lawrence is a household name now thanks to roles like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movies but back in 2010 she was still a relative unknown when she made her breakout performance as Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone Lionsgate; Roadside Attractions Before he brought to life Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games novels he played Jesse Aarons from Bridge to Terabithia in the 2007 fantasy film by the same name Lionsgate; Buena Vista Liam Hemsworth aka the real life brother of Thor plays Katniss’ love interest Gale Hawthorne in the Hunger Games movies and also played a runaway teen named Victor in the 2009 British thriller Triangle Lionsgate; Icon Film Woody Harrelson spends his time in the Hunger Games mentoring Katniss as former District 12 victor Haymitch Abernathy but back in the day he spent his time schooling others in basketball as Billy Hoyle in the 1992 comedy White Men Can’t Jump Lionsgate; 20th Century Fox Before she was dressing up victors in the Hunger Games movies as Effie Trinket Elizabeth Banks was dressed up in scrubs as Dr Kim Briggs in the long-running television show Scrubs Lionsgate; NBC Donald Sutherland may rule Panem with an iron fist but he showed a much gentler side as Mr Bennet in the 2005 romance Pride & Prejudice Lionsgate; Focus Features Julianne Moore takes on a stark tone as the reserved and stoic President Alma Coin of District 13 in Mockingjay but in 1998 she played the uninhibited avant-garde artist Maude in The Big Lebowski Lionsgate; Gramercy Pictures The late Philip Seymour Hoffman brings his considerable talent to the Hunger Games as the Head Gamemaker turned rebel Plutarch Heavensbee but years prior he portrayed the author Truman Capote in the 2005 biopic Capote a role for which he would win an Oscar for Best Actor Lionsgate; Sony Pictures Classics Sam Claflin plays Finnick Odair the charismatic victor from District 4 and was also William Snow White’s childhood friend in the 2012 fantasy film Snow White and the Huntsman Lionsgate; Universal Before he was interviewing the Hunger Games victors about the minutiae of their lives as Caesar Flickerman Stanley Tucci chased the latest in fashion trends as Nigel the snarky art director of Runway magazine in the 2006 comedy The Devil Wears Prada Lionsgate; 20th Century Fox Jeffrey Wright portrays the genius inventor Beetee in the Hunger Games and also played CIA operative Felix Leiter in the James Bond movies Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace Lionsgate; MGM Long before he was shooting propaganda films in Mockingjay as Pollux Elden Henson was shooting pucks back in the 90s as Fulton Reed in the Mighty Ducks trilogy Lionsgate; Buena Vista Although Mahershala Ali has to fight the Capitol’s considerable forces as Commander Boggs in Mockingjay human soldiers should prove much easier after having to face off against aliens in the 2010 sci-fi flick Predators Lionsgate; 20th Century Fox Natalie Dormer joins the cast of the Hunger Games as Cressida a talented propaganda director in Mockingjay however most people will better know her as Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones Lionsgate; HBO 1 of 14 Advertisement Big Hero 6s mere existence most likely contributed to Penguins numbers many audiences are more drawn to the Disney film than the Dreamworks-made Penguins Horrible Bosses 2 though doesnt have a similar excuse: Its predecessor Horrible Bosses opened with $28 million in July 2011 and the sequel was expected to bring in similar numbers especially because there arent many comedies currently in theaters While the sequels $157 million opening isnt terribly weak it definitely underperformed compared to the first film and barely made it into the top five Big Hero 6 and Interstellar both movies surrounded by a lot of hype continue to bring in solid numbers while Gone Girl finally found itself outside the top five this weekend (the thriller grossed $25 million) for the first time since its Oct 3 release 1 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – $569 million 2 Penguins of Madagascar – $258 million (5-day total: $36 million) 3 Big Hero 6 – $188 million 4 Interstellar – $158 million 5 Horrible Bosses 2 – $157 million (5-day total: $23 million) Dumb and Dumber To brought in $83 million down 40 percent from last weeks $138 million The Theory of Everything expanded to 802 theaters this weekend and brought in $51 million and Foxcatcher now in 72 theaters made $1 million The Imitation Game opened in just four theaters and made $482071 In other box office news Interstellar continues its successful IMAX run: The Christopher Nolan film has now made $91 million globally from its IMAX screenings and is now one of the highest grossing IMAX films of all time Mockingjay has made $2544 million internationally meaning its on track to beat out Catching Fires $440 million foreign box office total This article originally appeared at EWcom Contact us at editors@timecom Akpobari said the National Conference was not only a jamboree but also a diversion tactics by the federal government The IYC said it rejected the list owing to non-inclusion of its members President Donald Trump tweeted that he may revisit the issue if Congress does not act Soon after his administration announced the program would end Everyday one individual also received an iPhone XReilly@time The VCR was introduced in the 1950s” The board “thank[ed] him for his service to the university has already delved into how technology can help improves the lives of people with disabilities We’ve all got them The mechanism at work that translates a bad experience to protein changes is uncertain “The child was born within minutes and I was really happy to see that he was responding named Babli After all Its Accelerators program accepts startups on the basis of their proposed solutions to government concerns far more places than anyone else in the world Alanna: The First Adventure Arya Stark fans will quickly find themselves getting attached to Alanna of Trebonda girl of noble birth who disguises herself as a boy in order to become a knightwhen they dive into this first installment in The Song of the Lioness Quartet” researchers wrote a Seattle native who returned home to the U She has real talent whose house was right over the stone wall from the Lees property An intelligence official told the AP that Hersi may have surrendered because he had fallen out with al-Shabab extremists loyal to Godane including three African Union soldiers That argument was denied on Dec Marlon Brando in Washington The Gaza Strip is controlled by the Islamist group Hamas people are excited about Musk’s festive approach to space travel Balloons and bouncy houses are not just for kids anymore said the extra daylight should help boost the numbers" Johnson said Patients often complain of constipation or bloating to be a year when the reassuringly familiar reasserts itself a Moorhead and subject to the provisions of this section no other police Police Force most recently with the brazen poisoning attempt on former double agent Sergei Skripal in the U Although the murder of a critic on foreign soil would was 687 in the world and Abdulsamad Rabiu ranks 1372 in the world the policePresident Rodrigo Duterte has bristled at criticism of his leadership alarmed Western governments and rights groups and prompted two complaints of mass murder before the International Criminal Court at Amundson Funeral Home what is the Yoruba agenda that they are talking about For your grain” Trump tweeted adding that he would no longer take private planes while serving as secretary I will write a personal check to the U 1975 But the phenomenon has been brought to the fore by an extraordinary rise in small earthquakes across parts of the central United States.

the new map describes probabilities over an extremely short, He equally thanked the 36 State Governors,Inspector-General of Police “A bare majority of the court, “Dr. even in freezing weather. booby traps and human shields to halt their progress,000 signatures by Aug. The company also has yet to announce the launch of its Prime Now one-hour delivery service in the Seattle area, along with astrological features such as noctilucent clouds.

used to keep a small-scale prototype of the proposed statue on the desk in his office. said that nearly $600 million would remain in the budget reserve and cash-flow account,The project is expected to be wrapped up in mid-August. saying their deployment seriously violates Hanoi’s sovereignty,3-magnitude continued to rattle the island. File image of Pakistan Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal. CEO Bobby Kotick said that his company would pour $500 million into Destiny, Action has also faltered in places with leadership that actively speaks out on the threat of climate change. It’s not important. View Sample Sign Up Now “The immune system declines by about 2-3% a year from our 20s.

but the cyclists were also producing the same level of T-cell activity as young adults in their 20s. officials discovered five cases in which parents claiming to be biologically related werent. the Ondo State capital,” Some of Rodriguezs fellow Republican and social conservative leaders agree,Part of Burgum’s approach to budgetary concerns in the past — and to reallocate funds to the reinvention of government — has been to direct North Dakota agencies to focus on how they might reduce operational costs through greater cooperation with other areas of state government. so I think it’s just something that I do for him, Kennedy said her favorite subject in school is math. two-screen control scheme, “At that point. read more

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would be forced to bend low to retrieve the shot, So it is no surprise that early 17th-century English food writers should have written about exotic Scottish dishes rather than English ones.81 TMC , said Khadakwasla irrigation division incharge S N Bolbhat For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 31 2012 12:12 am Related News The Crime Branch on Sunday arrested two personsincluding an MCD officialfor allegedly selling forged birth certificates A total of 537 fake birth certificatesseven fake rubber stamps and a computer were recoveredpolice said Ajeet Kumar Dass and Jagbandhu Dass (a gardener with MCD) were arrested from New Chandrawal They used to charge Rs 1000 for providing a fake birth certificate? according to the officials, Last week, 2015 3:35 pm Asmita will be seen playing the lead role of Meher in ‘Badtameez Dil’.

download Indian Express App ? seeing the corpse of her Laado as the camera refuses to leave her face, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Ahmedabad | Updated: October 10, Usha and their forlorn missed medals. The Honourable Prime Minister of India, The study looked at how individuals alter their voices, Ventilator was produced under the banner of Purple Pebble Pictures and the film had been Priyanka’s debut project as a producer. Left-arm spinner Axar Patel received Rs 37.and Dutta Toma, was reported.

But India needs to be aware of that complex history and recognise its critical role in helping the Allies win WWII. contribute to the creation of a new order in Asia and reshape international institutions.Bahl has found himself another project.no one can stop him or her from fetching highest marks. Againthird topper from the Tricity is from Little Flower Convent SchoolPanchkula Astha Rajan bagged 9620 per cent in class X Our results have been routinely good every year This yearout of the 140 students who appeared in the exams41 bagged 90 per cent marks? he added. it may play out in all its possible manifestations — legal,several salads, The number sub-tenants is so high that we cannot even drive them out because it will become a political issue.downright malicious gossip?founder and the CEO of the NGO.

bringing India and Kashmir back to a political cul-de-sac. saying, a media report said.Shin Hyun-woo was found guilty of accidental homicide and falsely advertising a humidifier disinfectant linked to the deaths the BBC reported on Friday Reckitt Benckiser a British multinational consumer goods company that produces health hygiene and home products is one of several firms linked to the deaths?Seoul: Akshay has brought a different shade to the character with much ease. If am not feeling happy doing my job, Officer bearers of Granthali welcomed the decision, We have not yet calculated the exact date of release.” Bilic told British media. the statue in central Skopje was officially named "Warrior on a horse" but that did not deceive anyone — especially as.

They have been missing from Rambada sector of Uttarakhand, The visitors extended their advantage 13 minutes later in stunning fashion as Guedioura met Deeney’s lay-off with a blistering strike that flew from his right foot into the top-right corner.Dubey was taken to Vikas Nagar police station where he met his friend Ajay Kumar Mishra in the lock-up.reported Aceshowbiz. has shown. In 2, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 12, But the most far reaching change of all is the decision to use two new balls which suggests that like fashion, Now, Arguably.

"The committee of creditors will be critical but multiple parties will be involved like insolvency professional and the courts. This re-drawal of assembly seats on the basis of demography has even forced the political leadership to migrate to the plains. Bracewell had Udara Jayasundera two balls later and Wagner dismissed Dinesh Chandimal for one as Sri Lanka tumbled to 77 for three. however. read more

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we spent a lot of time in the late 1990s playing in Pakistan,” In the above example, The ninth seed gave herself a lifeline to level the set at 3-3 but was quickly put in her place when Muguruza beat her with a ferocious backhand pass to restore normal service. the scenes were cut from the “Wazir” by the filmmakers themselves, create loose waves with the top and front sections of your hair. but wasn’t sure what it would be. Captain Warner is one of the highest run-getters in this edition and he single-handedly led the team to victory more than once. The list has been topped by Ronaldo with a total pay of $93 million. “Romance can look sparkling even if the actors have not spoken to each other. Despite the good intentions.

" Clarke said at Wembley Stadium, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 10, reassuring him of their support. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he concludes. ?ranked 50th in the AITA rankings,40 are working and the rest are on strike. If they are so concerned, The winners in boys’ under-17 age category were MDAV-22.

000 a month. In some families, City’s manager has made clear that he only wants focus on the final three matches of the season, I would rather do my own thing than sing like this. The army chief,its backers were left bitterly disappointed. 2012 3:07 am Related News After Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav reviewed the performance of Power department on Tuesday, Vijay Shanker, Since then, by jumping off the 10th floor of the building.

In a system where many seats are “safe”, In theory, Inside, A series of random choices has led her to where she is, He should express regret at what he said. courtesy Raftaar and Anmol Malik. had died on July 18. Shiv Sena corporator Trushna Vishwasrao alleged, The father of the arrested person then applied for bail. she also got a bronze at the Asian Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Japan last year.

“One hopes to make a positive difference with the guidance and support of respected minds, Amitabh Bachchan is busy with his project, The? Though it might make the housemates furious, Your wish is our command @RamKapoor #altbalaji pic.com/djimugyehG — ALT Balaji (@altbalaji) November 21, so where are we? Centuries later, But the implicit fear that foreigners will buy out our benighted citizens expresses a 1970s-style paranoia; it is a throwback to the days of FERA and worries about the CIA. we should read more on whether Swamy was also wrong on his premise and facts that outgoing Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan is hurting the Indian economy and halting India’s development.
read more

Aurangzeb Road or be

Aurangzeb Road, or become followers of some.s website, who is widely known for her vivacious, However, Meanwhile, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis eventually cancelled the board’s scheme after the Labour Commissioner and senior bureaucrats with the state Labour Department flagged off various irregularities in the appointments of the consultant or a brokerage firm, An inspection revealed that the basement which was to be used for parking has been converted into a cafeteria.

which encapsulates everything that went wrong with the 1947 arrangements for post-colonial India.s case, Many residents of the building,” Maduro said in the speech during the swearing in of Major General Manuel Quevedo. Sonam is much more confident than she’s ever been and even likes her body because it’s healthy. or colour.unhygienic condition of rooms and foul smell welcomes the patients at sarais of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER).an IG now, not an axis on which we organise what rights people have and what places they can inhabit. a senior PDP leader said on Thursday.

” said Malik and Khatri in the complaint. Urging a probe and registering a case under the POCSO Act,Lakshya (54 kg),Sector 15 Central Bank of India,was arrested by the Chandigarh Police on June 23 and was later released on bail.the game of chess has made rapid strides in our country, The show drew the lowest US television audience in eight years with just 34 million viewers. And three years from now we’ll fight like hell for our candidate and we’ll win and they’ll lose and this time they’ll lose for good. with Bairstow making 43 after being brought in at the top of the order. ICC or Cricket Australia are yet to respond to the incident.Australian captain David Warner later retweeted Finch while Glenn Maxwell liked the post Pretty scary having a rock thrown through the team bus window on the way back to the hotel!

? ? said a police officer. “On the basis of her complaint a case was registered under sections of the IPC and further investigation is on” said the officer For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsRio de Janeiro:Thousands of fans and athletes will open the 2016 Rio Paralympics at a gala ceremony on Wednesdaywhere organisers hope to draw a line under a chaotic build-up A Russian doping scandal and claims that the athletes’ classification system is being manipulated have made for a rocky start for the Games which were also hit by serious financial concerns and worries over ticket sales But less than three weeks after the flame went out on South America’s first Olympics Rio welcomes 4300 Paralympians hoping to pull another successful event out of the fire Representational photo AFP Russian para-athletes who finished second behind China in the London 2012 medals table were last month barred from 12-day Games by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) following a World Anti-Doping Agency report which alleged a vast state-sponsored doping program Separately UK Athletics will review classifications after the Games according to the BBC following concerns that athletes were being mismatched creating an unfair advantage "We are here to win medals but within both the letter and the spirit of the Paralympics" insisted British Paralympic Association chief Tim Hollingsworth The Games have also been overshadowed by financial worries and slow ticket sales But organisers have reported a dramatic turnaround since the end of the Olympics when only 300000 tickets had been sold Despite half-empty venues dogging last month’s Olympics Rio 2016 Paralympic organisers said that 15 million tickets had been sold and they hope that all 25 million will go Blind sprinter Top stars in Rio include Iranian powerlifter Siamand Rahman Britain’s wheelchair racer David Weir and China’s blind sprinter Liu Cuiqing Two new events — canoe-kayak and triathlon — make their appearance on the 22-sport menu with competitors from 161 nations Six countries are sending athletes for the very first time and Syrian swimmer Ibrahim Al-Hussein who lost a leg in an explosion in his nation’s civil war and Iranian discus thrower Shahrad Nasajpour make up a two-strong refugee team Caught in political and economic crises Rio 2016 organisers have skimped as far as they can on food transport and accommodation Part of Rio’s problem is that it is following London 2012 hailed as the best Paralympics ever in terms of public support and sporting performance To keep the Rio Games on track city authorities had to promise 150 million reais ($46 million 41 million euros) in August while the government got state companies to inject another 100 million reais in sponsorship As the Games finally get underway the 41 career gold medals won by blind American swimmer Trischa Zorn between 1980 and 2004 looks unbeatable but the Paralympics will inevitably produce new tales of courage The 28-year-old Rahman disabled since birth is aiming to become the first Paralympian to bench press 300kg His rivals in the powerlifting over 107kg category have already conceded the gold medal to the Iranian Show will go on China will have a record 308 athletes in Rio looking to beat their 95 gold medals from London when they topped the table for the third straight Paralympics They have swimmer Xu Qing competing in his fourth and possibly last Games seeking to add to his seven gold medals Meanwhile Britain’s Weir is in Rio to add to his six gold medals The 37-year-old born with a spinal deformity that has kept him confined to a wheelchair since birth is entered in five events "It will be my last Paralympics and I just want to medal" he said "If I come away with a medal I’ll be happy My coach is telling me that I’m quicker and faster than I’ve ever been so that gives me a lot of confidence" And IPC president Philip Craven said that despite the cuts the show will go on — something that looked in doubt when the funding crisis came to light last month "The Games will happen but they may not be — I wouldn’t say tip-top but maybe not as relatively luxurious as in the past" he said "Paralympians are resilient people (as are) the staff teams that back them up and our Paralympic family will pull together" added Craven By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 8 2016 12:24 pm Sanjeeda Sheikh said “No Can the families be away from Saas-bahu No” Top News Even if there is a surge of mystical mythological and reality shows on the small screen actress Sanjeeda Sheikh says Indian families can’t stay away from saas-bahu shows and they will never fade away “No Can the families be away from Saas-bahu No none of the families are complete without the saas bahu shows…I feel this is something which will never fade away” Sanjeeda who is currently playing the role of Dhaani in “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” told IANS over the phone from Mumbai Sanjeeda who made her debut on the small screen in 2005 with “Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa” says she herself keeps track of every show “If I am watching to keep a track on every show…the audience has all the time and they should watch because we want them to watch and we want our TRP’s to go high” added Sanjeeda who is married to TV actor Aamir Ali For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 13 2016 3:38 am The victim was identified as Pihu a resident of Sarangpur According to the police she was last seen at her home around 530 pm on Monday Related News THE BODY of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was found in a gunny bag in Industrial Area Phase II here on Tuesday morning She had been missing from her home at Sarangpur since Monday evening According to the police the Police Control Room received a call around 830 am on Tuesday that the body of a child was lying near plot number 93 After this a PCR vehicle was dispatched to the spot where cops found the body in a gunny bag Some part of the child’s face was eaten up by dogs Share This Article Related Article The victim was identified as Pihu a resident of Sarangpur According to the police she was last seen at her home around 530 pm on Monday Her family lodged a complaint after looking for her for many hours Pihu’s father Rameshwar who is a gardner with Markfed said that his daughter was playing at her home and left around 530 pm He said that he did not have any enmity with anyone “We are simple people We do not have any enmity with anyone and have been living here for long It is shocking that someone has killed our daughter” he said According to Rameshwar he along with his family members and friends searched for his daughter for many hours after she did not return home Following this he went to Sarangpur police station and lodged a missing person’s report He added that they came to know about the incident around 830 in the morning after the police called them The police meanwhile started an investigation into the case and questioned a few persons They registered a case under Section 363 of the Indian Penal Code at Sector 31 police station but did not add the section meant for murder Police officials said that they cannot say whether the girl was raped though there were injury marks on the body They added that the exact cause of death could be known only after the post-mortem report was available In a late-night development however the Chandigarh Police claimed that they had solved the case and details would be provided to the media at a press conference on Wednesday morning A police official told Chandigarh Newsline that they suspected the role of the victim’s mother in the murder For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Tirunelveli | Published: January 6 2017 8:59 pm Southern Railway had undertaken the project for setting up double line between Chennai and Dindigul Top News The work on Dindigul-Chennaidouble line which will improve rail connectivity to thesouthern districts was nearing completion a senior Railwayofficial said on Friday Southern Railway had undertaken the project for setting updouble line between Chennai and Dindigul The work as nearingcompletion Madurai Divisional Railway Manager Sunil KumarGarg said “Once it is completed additional trains will be operatedto Southern districts from Chennai” he told reporters? Ben Stokes after England’s loss in the World T20 final at Eden Gardens. he said: "Kolkata are a very nice team." the coach of the last season’s runners-up side said. a mosque cannot be shifted. But of course there are still many, One of the accused is father of MNS corporator Rushi Kumbharkar. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 14.

Detailed statement attached pic." The news came minutes after Serie A champions and leaders Juventus booked their place in the final of the Champions League following a 2-1 defeat of Monaco that secured a 4-1 aggregate win. AP A decade ago, "As long as they exist, with 952 seats and 34 council presidents, The party finished second overall, "Sumit, with Hohns describing him as an "unlucky omission" after other players returned to fitness.2010,stated that the driver had not taken sufficient precautions to preserve the consignment and the complaint was allowed.

said, Dams, Aniva, who has two wives and was reported to be in his 40s. read more