“If Atlético needs a goal, why don’t they give Saponjic a choice?”

first_imgYou are Ivan Saponjic’s agent and you know firsthand what the player is living in Atlético. The forward signed last summer, debuted in the first preseason game and even scored that day. However, the month of January is the only player of the whole team that has not played a single minute since he signed last summer (Vrsaljko is not yet available), even with the casualties that the team has had and with the Goal problems you are suffering. What happens and how did he get to Atlético?At the end of last season Atlético explained that Kalinic was going to leave and that he was going to look for a third striker. The idea was that it was someone young to compete and wait for his opportunity with Diego Costa and Morata. I think Saponjic fit that profile. Young, strong and with a winning mentality. He had been world champion with Serbia in the U-20 World Cup, being the youngest in the squad. I was already used to that pressure, having debuted at age 16 in the first division in a big club and with pressure like Partizan. Benfica paid three million for him because he saw potential. But there he did not have the options of Oblak, which was ceded three times, or of Jovic, for example, which was also ceded and now look where they have arrived. So I proposed to Atlético, it was not going to be a great investment and I could become a first level striker in this club. Then they called me and we signed a contract for three seasons, signing the player for a minimum cost. The club also asked Paunovic if he was a player for Atlético and presented himself with Pantic.You also represent Oblak. Does this signing relate to the negotiations for the renewal of Oblak?No, absolutely nothing. The renewal of Oblak was agreed several months before and the negotiation for Saponjic arose in the summer. At that time Atlético also spoke with Benfica, his home club, by João Félix. Was it a joint negotiation?No, neither. We have nothing to do with it. I insist that Ivan comes to Atlético because I believe he is the right player for that profile on the team and that he has the Atlético’s DNA. I am sure that when I have a chance, I will prove it. It will mark as soon as you are given an option to do so. But that still does not come. Teammates like Oblak or Saul said they try hard and could help the team. Yes, it is true and it is strange. No one knows why he is living this situation. From the club they tell us that the attitude of the boy is fantastic, always positive and has adapted well in the template. The boy has a good relationship with peers, even fans have realized his positive attitude. But the most important thing, you can check, is that every day, despite not having played yet, he trains hard, waiting for his chance. Even during the last week, when he was again out of the team. On Thursday I had a meeting with the club and they told me the same as other times, that nobody really understands what happens.Cavani could now arrive, do you think that all this may have to do with evidencing the need for the Uruguayan to come?Why didn’t they buy Cavani then in the summer? Even if a new player arrives as is normal, how can it be explained that a player who trains hard and has a good attitude has not deserved even five minutes and that Atlético fans can judge him? If goal is needed, why is it not given at least one chance?last_img read more

Imminent agreement between Seville and Milan by Suso

first_imgThe still player of Milan is a very tasteful player of Lopetegui. Not surprisingly, the Basque had him under his orders in the lower categories of the National Team and also gave him the alternative with the absolute.Thus, with En Nesyri and Suso Sevilla will close the chapter on incorporations in the winter market, although the departures are still open pending some possibility of transfer to Bryan and where Arana will finally end after his failed loan to Atalanta. Suso will soon become the second and last signing of Sevilla in the winter market. The agreement between Nervión and Milan is close to closing, while with the player everything is more than spoken. Suso will arrive in Seville in a one-and-a-half assignment, including a 25 million purchase option whose conditions have not transcended.last_img read more

Unexpected turn of United with Alexis

first_imgThe Chilean has a contract until 2022 and, according to this media, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is able to recover the best level of an Alexis who has never achieved perform as expected with the United shirt scoring just five goals in 45 games. Alexis Sánchez’s situation at Manchester United has taken an unexpected turnaround. After the club had to take on a large part of its record this summer (the English press talked about 13 million of the 26 total it receives per year) for some team to accept its assignment, now, after just seven games played in the Inter because of the injuries, United has decided that it will give him a new opportunity to prove his worth.According to Daily Star, Ed Woodward, executive vice president, has already spoken with Alexis Sánchez’s representatives to make it clear that the club does not intend to sell or relinquish the player and that he wishes to join the pre-season squad again . The United, who paid Arsenal 70 million for Alexis in 2018 and made him the highest paid in the Premier, wants to try to recover his player to try a possible sale and return part of the investment. Also, incidentally, will reinforce his talented but short front that has Rashford, Martial and the very young Mason Greenwood. SolskjaerOle Gunnar Solskjaer, coach of Manchester United, said on Tuesday at a press conference that Chilean Alexis Sánchez will return in the summer and show his critics that they are wrong.Alexis is on loan this season at Inter Milan, although the injuries, as happened in Old Trafford, have not allowed him to play for many minutes.The Chilean cannot return to United in this winter market since he does not have a clause to break his assignment. However, Solskjaer has repeated the intention of United to return to the club in the summer.“Alexis will return in the summer and show you that you are wrong”, said the Norwegian when the Chilean was mentioned as a failed signing in the winter market.This season he has played seven games with Inter, scoring only one goal. His performance with United was not much better and in 45 games he scored five goals and gave nine assists.last_img read more

The former director Maria Elena Fort demands explanations from Barça for the scandal of the USSR

first_img“These accounts insulted me for my physique, for my opinions and for the arguments I gave to try to justify the management we did and that cost us a social action of responsibility, “he said.The former director confessed that “at first I thought they were people close to the Barça animation groups, but then I saw that it was a network organized by the club itself. It was a structural harassment. The explanations given by the head of I3 Ventures were ridiculous. “Fort’s intention is that “Barça provide explanations or denounce this company, all I ask is information. There is the paradox that the club could have attacked its members when it would have to defend them. “ Former Barcelona director Maria Elena Fort, who was part of the Blaugrana board of directors in the last era of Joan Laporta, acknowledged being “outraged.” The former director was one of the people most attacked by the accounts managed by the company I3 Ventures, which was hired by Barcelona to supposedly monitor the activity of the club in the Social Networks.last_img read more

Athletic -Villarreal started without any foreign soccer player

first_imgThe game that measured Athletic and Villarreal on Sunday in San Mamés, corresponding to the 26th day of LaLiga, started without foreign players, something habitual in the local set, but an almost exceptional fact in any other equipment.The Athletic began the clash with Unai Simon; Capa, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri; Dani García, Vesga; Ibai, Muniain, Córdoba; and Raúl García.In the VillarrealJavi Calleja introduced an offensive change to the expected team, Javier Ontiveros by Moi Gómez, to start with Asenjo; Rubén Peña, Albiol, Pau Torres, Alberto Moreno; Iborra, Trigueros, Cazorla; Ontiveros, Gerard Moreno and Paco Alcácer.last_img

LaLiga suffers a loss of value of 1,168 million euros

first_imgThe coronavirus continues to plague the world of soccer. The clubs are not only affected by the gigantic losses due to the lack of box office or television revenue, but also by the significant devaluation of their footballers. This is how the web transfermarkt.es interprets it, leading when it comes to assessing the value of each player, as a consequence of the deflation that the soccer market is experiencing in this crisis. For clubs in all leagues it is another setback, since the value of their squads is reduced to amounts of the most worrying.For it, Transfermarkt sets the age of each player as the main factor to modify the respective values. The price of those footballers born before January 1, 1998 would suffer a loss of twenty percent of the total. Meanwhile, the reduction for those born after that date would be ten percent.“Stock indices have plummeted, numerous clubs could be threatened by insolvency and transfer plans have been halted due to the many uncertainties that exist in most teams. Right now it is hardly conceivable that transfer prices will continue to rise in the future as they have in recent years. Although outliers are likely to continue to rise, we believe that there is a need to react to the situation, “says Matthias Seidel, founder and CEO of Transfermarkt.For leagues in Spain, the reevaluation represents a loss in market value of almost 1,254 million euros, 1,168 in LaLiga alone. Taking into account the previous value, the drop is 18.69 percent with respect to the previous record value of 6,249 million. As for clubs, the price of the FC Barcelona squad suffers a drop of 207.1 million (19.55 percent) and remains at 852.6, that of Real Madrid falls to 191.5 million (17.73 percent) and It now stands at 888.5. In this way, the difference in market value between whites and azulgranas grows in favor of Real Madrid from 20.2 to 35.85 million euros. While, the value of Atlético de Madrid’s workforce decreased by 161.5 million to 709 kilos, a drop of 18.55 percent. Globally, the drop exceeds 9 billion euros. As for players, the most valuable are, at the same time, those that are most affected. In LaLiga, the most affected is Leo Messi. Its value falls from 140 million to 112. Meanwhile, Martin Ödegaard’s price only drops from 50 to 45 million. The ranking of the most valuable players on the planet also changes. Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund, occupies eighth place after going from 130 to 117 kilos and, therefore, is ahead of Messi. The most valuable star on the market remains Kyllian Mbappé with a value of 180 million.“An individualized assessment of market values ​​within the framework of regular updates and with the help of our market value managers is still necessary and it will also take place again as soon as possible. Because not all players should experience the same loss of value due to the crisis, “continues Seidel. “The current general cut in market value is a reaction to the extraordinary general situation, in view of which the possibility that another may have to be done in a few weeks cannot be ruled out, “he concluded.Transfermarkt had a large number of experts in the sector before readjusting their prices. In a survey of agents and economists, more than 70 percent of participants anticipate a significant market crash as a result of Covid-19. Most of them have a devaluation of 20 to 30 percent. “For young talents and top international players, relatively high prices should remain affordable. This assumption has been confirmed in our survey, “concludes Seidel.last_img read more

UEFA proposes points per game to play in Europe

first_imgIn Spain, Italy and France they hope to return in June, while there are more doubts about England. In any case, UEFA insists that the national championships must end no later than August 3, so as not to invade next season.Furthermore, the UEFA Executive Committee decided today immediately release club benefit payments related to club contribution to national team competitions UEFA in light of the current crisis and financial difficulties facing many clubs across Europe. The contributions will be:– 50 million euros will be allocated to clubs that have released players for the 39 national teams that do not participate in the European Qualifiers play-offs. – 17.7 million euros will be allocated to clubs that have released players for the 16 national teams participating in the European Qualifiers play-offs (not including payments for play-off matches, to be paid at the end of the play-offs).– The balance of 2.7 million euros, related to the players released for the play-offs, will be distributed at the end of these play-off games in the fall.President Ceferin said after the meeting that “European clubs are an integral part of the success of our national team competitions. As a result, a part of the competition revenue of our national teams is distributed to clubs that free players for those matches. In these difficult times, When many clubs face financial problems, especially with their cash flow, it was our duty to ensure that the clubs receive these payments as quickly as possible. “ UEFA does not give up and is confident that the five major leagues in Europe can finish. The organization prioritizes finishing leagues in Spain, England, Italy, France and Germany, the countries that contribute the most clubs to the Champions League..But if the pandemic made it impossible, he proposes that the qualifying criteria for next year’s European competitions is the result of dividing the matches played by the points scored for each team at the time of the suspension of the championships, a formula that could be applied to those leagues that have already been suspended, such as the Netherlands and which may soon be followed by those of Scotland and Belgium.The points per game system is designed for leagues in which, when they were suspended, not all teams had the same games played, as in the case of the Premier. However, this is not the case in Spain, since all the Primera teams have played 27 matches till the date. Therefore, if the League could not be restarted again, the current classification would be the one that would be worth facing the European classification for next season. If the league were to restart, but not all the teams could complete the 38 days, the coefficient of points per match set by UEFA would be valid..Ceferin’s organization stated its decision with a vague term, stating that “sporting merits” will be the yardstick for the continental ranking. But, in any case, he insists that the national championships must be resumed as soon as the respective governments authorize the return to activity, even if it is behind closed doors. Germany is the first country in which football can return. The Bundesliga could restart in late May.last_img read more

Lucas and Nacho, come to less

first_imgThe former has participated in 18 matches in this campaign for a total of 820 minutes (He has played a complete match in the Cup, 90 minutes, when in the Champions, in three games in which he has participated, he has 93 minutes …). He has scored three goals (two in the League and one in the Cup, all of them scored away from the Bernabéu) and has given two assists. It occupies the eighteenth place in the table of players with the most minutes played. Last season, the Galician player was, along with Karim Benzema, the player who was called up the most times by Lopetegui, Solari and Zidane: 53 times. He participated in 47 games and scored five goals: he was the tenth player with the most minutes of the entire season… When everything seems like they are going to start shooting balls again in Valdebebas, several members of the madridista squad rush to grit their teeth in this final stretch remaining championship. They are just 11 games to settle the League title, but also to know if their performance gives them a new campaign in the Madrid ranks. Two of those footballers are two youth players: Lucas Vázquez and Nacho. Two players trained in the White Sports City and who this season they have gone from more to less. Both need strong encouragement to become part of that group of 14-15 players who had the full confidence of Zidane to face the competitions. Practically Nacho is in the same situation. Salvador this year with his goal in Valladolid that served for the Whites to take three gold points on their visit to José Zorrilla. The defender He has hardly participated in nine games, of which he has completed six (four in the League and two in the Cup plus 45 minutes in the Champions). A ligament injury knocked him off the pitch for much of the final stretch last year, preventing Zidane from having more services. This campaign he has only played 641 minutes, which makes him the fourth player with the fewest minutes for the Whites: he is only ahead of Mariano (65 ‘), Brahim (170’) and Odriozola (on loan from Bayern since the last market. winter and when he left it totaled 434 minutes).Now a new phase begins in this strange season. Lucas Vázquez and Nacho must change their trend: from come to less to reverse their situation. Zidane needs them and they will seek to reverse their situation.last_img read more