New UN rights chief stresses need to tackle discrimination prevent genocide

“Genocide is the ultimate form of discrimination,” Navanethem Pillay told delegates at the opening of the ninth session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. “We must all do everything in our power to prevent it.”Ms. Pillay spent eight years as a judge on the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and five on the International Criminal Court in The Hague before taking up her post as the UN’s top human rights official on 1 September.Drawing on her experience dealing with war crimes and crimes against humanity, the High Commissioner called for a stronger focus on preventing genocide, as well as the “cycles of violence, the mobilization of fear and the political exploitation of difference – ethnic, racial and religious difference” that lead to it.She noted that 2008 contains a number of important human rights milestones – including the 60th anniversaries of the Genocide Convention on 9 December, and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December.At the same time, she pointed out that both the Universal Declaration and the Genocide Convention “grew out of the Holocaust, but we have yet to learn the lesson of the Holocaust, as genocide continues.”Ms. Pillay, who herself experienced discrimination while living in apartheid South Africa, added that development, security, peace and justice are all undermined “when discrimination and inequality – both in blatant and subtle ways – are allowed to fester and to poison harmonious coexistence.”She urged States not to let “diverging points of view” deter them from taking part in next year’s review of the 2001 global conference against racism, known as the “Durban Review Conference,” the process leading to which has been heavily criticized.“I do not believe that ‘all or nothing’ is the right approach to affirm one’s principles or to win an argument,” she said. “The process will certainly benefit from active participation by all States… Should differences be allowed to become pretexts for inaction, the hopes and aspirations of the many victims of intolerance would be dashed perhaps irreparably.”She said that former South African President Nelson Mandela had taught her that “far from being appeasement, coming to terms with other people’s experiences and points of view may serve the interest of justice better than strategies that leave no room for negotiation.”In her speech, Ms. Pillay also emphasized that gender discrimination remains a major concern. “Such discrimination makes the Universal Declaration’s promise an empty pledge for millions of women and girls,” she said. “No effort should be spared to persuade countries to repeal laws and practices that continue to reduce women and girls to second-class citizens despite international standards and despite the specific commitments that have been made to throw out these laws and customs.”She pledged to carry out her role as High Commissioner in an impartial fashion, without favouring one set of rights over another. “The credibility of human rights work depends on its commitment to truth,” she said, “with no tolerance for double standards or selective application.”Over the course of the next three weeks, the Council is expected to consider human rights situations that require its attention, including follow-up to its special sessions on Darfur, Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, and the global food crisis. The Council’s President, Martin Ihoeghian Uhomoibhi, told delegates how important it is to conduct the body’s work in a spirit of candor, transparency and mutual respect for the viewpoints of others.“We cannot afford to do otherwise, given the importance and sensitivity we all attach to human rights issues…While we must continue to insist that all human rights issues be given an open and fair hearing, we must also recognize that our work in the Council is primarily to promote and protect human rights for all people; to improve the human rights situation of victims, and not merely to condemn and to name and shame,” he stated. 8 September 2008The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights today stressed the need to address discrimination and inequality, and to do more to prevent genocide, in her first major speech since taking up her new post. read more

Caring for the planet starts with the ground we walk on UN

Soil is a major carbon storage system, essential for sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation, the United Nations agriculture agency said Tuesday, launching on World Soil Day a comprehensive global map showing the amount of carbon stocks contained in soil. “Soil is the foundation of agriculture , it is where food begins,” said Maria Helena Semedo, Deputy Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). “Maintaining the soil’s important functions and ecosystem services to support food production and increase resilience to a changing climate calls for sustainable soil management practices,” she added. Soil organic matter, with carbon as its main component, is crucial to soil health and fertility, water infiltration and retention as well as food production. The world’s soils act as the largest terrestrial carbon sink, reducing greenhouse gases. Intensifying its role could significantly offset the rapid rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In an historic decision on agriculture, the 2017 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (COP23 ) recognized the need for improved soil carbon, soil health and soil fertility.The Global Soil Organic Carbon Map, the most comprehensive to date, illustrates the amount of organic carbon stock in the first 30 cm of soil – revealing natural areas with high carbon storage that require conservation along with regions where further sequestration would be possible. This information can prove a powerful tool to guide decision-making on practices aimed to preserve and increase the current soil carbon stocks – helping win the fight against climate change. The map shows that globally the first 30 cm of soil contains around 680 billion tons of carbon – almost double the amount present in our atmosphere. The degradation of one third of the world’s soils has already prompted an enormous release of carbon into the atmosphere. Restoring these soils can remove up to 63 billion tons of carbon, significantly reducing the effects of climate change. FAO’s Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils supported the map’s development, including by putting together the national carbon maps of more than 100 countries, making a concrete contribution towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15, Life on Earth. The next step is for countries to monitor their national soil information systems for organic carbon levels to make evidence-based decisions on how to manage and monitor their soils. read more

Climate change A moral ethical and economic imperative to slow global warming

Calling on Member States to take “urgent action to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels”, the leaders of more than 30 UN agencies and entities, issued a formal, joint appeal for governments everywhere to “step up ambition and take concrete action” ahead of the landmark Climate Action Summit, which has been convened by UN chief António Guterres this September.The appeal noted that to keep rising temperatures down, countries had to strive to “fulfil their obligations on human rights, including the right to health, the right to food security, the right to development, the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities, migrants, children, persons with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations, as well as gender equality, empowerment of women, intergenerational equity, and decent work and a just transition for all, as stated in the Paris Agreement.”We call upon Member States to come to New York in September with concrete, realistic plans to enhance their nationally determined contributions by 2020 – UN leadership appeal As set out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Global Warming, limiting global warming to 1.5°C “is necessary to prevent irreversible changes. Achieving this goal will require changes on an unprecedented scale at all levels, but it is still possible if we act now”, said the UN system-wide appeal.“With great urgency we call upon Member States to come to New York in September with concrete, realistic plans to enhance their nationally determined contributions by 2020 and in support to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.”The communique issued after consultations during a meeting of the UN Chief Executives Board for Coordination, called on countries to ensure that appropriate “adaptation measures” are taken to protect people, jobs and ecosystems, “particularly people in those regions most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change including those at risk through forced displacement and migration.”Climate change is a race we can win, but we must step up ambition now. Today, the @UN is committing to concrete steps and calling on countries for ambitious commitments ahead of our #ClimateAction Summit in September.— António Guterres (@antonioguterres) May 9, 2019 $100 billion per year by 2020, for climate actionOn the crucial issue of paying for the ambitious measures which need to be taken, the appeal described climate finance as “critical to deliver action on the necessary scale to address climate change…developed countries must deliver on the goal of mobilizing governments and the private sector to achieve the goal of $100 billion per year by 2020, to support climate action in developing countries and further enhance their efforts on scaling-up financial resources.”And in the race to innovate, the appeal calls for greater ambition, noting that “the Fourth Industrial Revolution offers tremendous potential for a paradigm shift to low-emission, climate-resilient development pathways.”The UN system is supporting “the enhancement of capacity of Member States to develop and utilize relevant data and technological innovations, to find solutions for climate and sustainable development challenges and disaster risk reduction and management, including the use of new and emerging technologies, including information and communication technologies, data and tools.And the UN is going to practice what it is preaching from the Secretariat and beyond. “We will present our system-wide efforts towards reaching climate neutrality in our internal operations by 2020 and enhancing environmental and social sustainability in all UN activities”, says the joint appeal. read more

Brock hosting stem cell donor clinic

From left: Mary Lynn Pride from OneMatch; Bryan Booth; Kristie Newton, secretary of the Community Health Sciences Students’ Council; Evangelia Tsiani.Everyone knows about giving blood, but fewer people are aware of the need for stem cell donors. And an upcoming event at Brock hopes to help change that.The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences is hosting a student-led OneMatch Swabbing Event at Brock on Monday, Oct. 31. With a quick bucchal swab, potential donors can be entered in a database. The public is encouraged to attend.Stem cell and marrow are used to treat patients with a variety of ailments, including specific forms of cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. The demand is great, said Mary Lynn Pride, patient transplant liaison specialist with OneMatch.“Currently, there are 959 Canadian patients awaiting stem cell matches,” Pride said during a recent visit to Brock. “What you do here on Oct. 31 is going to greatly impact those patients.”The event is part of the “Get Swabbed!” university challenge, which is happening on 20 university campuses from Oct. 24 to Nov. 9. There has been heightened awareness of stem cell and marrow donation at Brock since Evangelia Tsiani, an associate professor of Community Health Sciences, promoted the cause earlier this year. Tsiani helped hold an event in St. Catharines to find a match for one of her best friends, Toronto pharmacist Cathy Anagnostopoulos.Seeing photos of the Anagnostopoulos family impacted Bryan Booth, Community Health Sciences student and an event organizer.“I thought, ‘What’s the difference between that family and my family?’” he said. “It could be anyone’s friend or loved one.”There is a particular need for donors of different ethnicities, Pride said. There are 42 black patients awaiting stem cell transplants, for example. But black donors account for only about 1 per cent of entries in the registry. There is also a need for more Jewish, Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Latin American and Aboriginal donors.More volunteers are needed to help staff the event, Booth said. He also hopes to see the Brock community out in droves.The swabbing event is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Pond Inlet.To volunteer, contact the Community Health Sciences Student Council at chscstudentcouncil2011@gmail.comCanadian Blood Services is also holding a blood donor clinic on Nov. 4. read more

Former Buckeye Mike Vrabel reported to be returning to Ohio State as

Ohio State appears to have found a new linebackers coach in former Buckeye and Super Bowl champion Mike Vrabel. Multiple media outlets have reported Vrabel’s hiring by OSU. According to the university’s online directory, Vrabel’s working title is “Assistant Coach-Football.” In an email to The Lantern, Jerry Emig, assistant athletics communication director, said the athletic department was working Sunday on details regarding a press conference. Emig added that OSU has not “announced an (assistant) coach hire yet.” Emig also said the athletic department would release details on an upcoming press conference shortly, though he did not address what the purpose of the press conference would be. Vrabel, a former defensive end at OSU from 1993–96, was the Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year during both the 1995 and 1996 seasons. During his college playing days, Vrabel was also a defensive line mate with new OSU head coach Luke Fickell — Vrabel was a defensive end while Fickell played nose guard. Vrabel was drafted in the third round of the 1997 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and spent his first four years as a professional there. Vrabel was later traded to the New England Patriots where he became a force on both sides of the ball. In short-yardage situations, Patriots coach Bill Belichick used Vrabel as a tight end. In his eight years with the Patriots, Vrabel, who typically played linebacker, had 10 receptions, all for touchdowns. During his time in at New England, Vrabel won three Super Bowl and also appeared in the 2007 Pro Bowl. Vrabel was then traded to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009, where he is still under contract. Media outlets have reported that multiple sources close to Vrabel expect the former Buckeye to retire from the NFL and accept the coaching position at OSU. The Kansas City Chiefs did not immediately respond to a request for a comment on Vrabel’s status with the organization. Vrabel would be coming to OSU after a recent run-in with law enforcement. On April 5, Vrabel was arrested for theft at an Indiana casino and was released later that day after posting bond. Vrabel called the arrest an “unfortunate misunderstanding.” More recently, Vrabel has been a vocal member of the NFL Players Association and is one of 10 players involved in the antitrust lawsuit against the NFL. Vrabel could not be reached for comment. read more

Football Chase Young finds himself against Penn State

Ohio State redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins (7) and sophomore defensive end Chase Young (2) shake hands following the Ohio State-Penn State game on Sept. 29. Ohio State won 27-26. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorChase Young wants the play to go to him. He prays for it. With Penn State facing a 4th-and-5 at the Ohio State 43-yard line down one point with 82 seconds left in the game, the sophomore defensive end was lined up, ready to jump off the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped. As Nittany Lions redshirt senior quarterback Trace McSorley stepped off, changing the play call, Young touched his chest and pointed to the sky, something he said he does often, though it’s not caught on film. “I think everything is in God’s plan,” Young said. “I prayed and said ‘God, if this play’s coming to me, help me make it.’ I sent one up and it came to me and I made it.”As McSorley snapped the ball, Young moved around Ohio State redshirt junior defensive lineman Jashon Cornell, who held off the right tackle, immediately plugging the hole Penn State junior running back Miles Sanders attempted to run through for the first down, securing the victory for the Buckeyes. This tackle capped off a career day for Young, who recorded three tackles for loss, including two sacks, two quarterback hits and two pass breakups in Ohio State’s 27-26 win over Penn State. Young was recognized as Chuck Bednarik Award Player of the Week, given to the defensive end with the best performance in college football that week. Young was the second Ohio State defensive lineman to receive the award this year, with junior defensive end Nick Bosa receiving the award after his performance in the season opener against Oregon State. After Bosa suffered an injury during the TCU game, and with no clear timetable for return, Ohio State’s defensive line has had to lean on Young to become a dominant pass-rusher — something he has embraced against both Tulane and Penn State. “Coach [Urban] Meyer, he tries to tell us not to wait, so I think every chance I got to get on the field, I tried to put my best out there,” Young said. “I guess the Penn State game, I just had a real good game. I thank God I had a real good game. It was a national stage, ABC, and I just thank God that the Penn State game was that I had a good one.”Even with all the success, Ohio State defensive line coach Larry Johnson said he still sees a young player when he looks at the sophomore defensive end. With the high expectations Young had going into his career at Ohio State, a five-star recruit out of Hyattsville, Maryland, Johnson said there is still a lot more for him to learn. Things like using his hands at the line of scrimmage, something Young said Johnson called out as he watched tape from the Penn State win. However, he is looking to correct the mistakes made against Penn State for the Indiana game on Saturday. Young, according to Johnson, strives for greatness. “He’s a great learner, he wants to learn everything,” Johnson said. “He picks Nick’s brain every day on how to rush the passer, things he can learn. And I think that’s what you want out of a player who’s a highly competitive guy and wants to be a great player.” Without Bosa, Young played more snaps than he ever had in a collegiate game against Penn State. And Johnson said as he continues to play, offensive lines will have to begin to notice. But with other weapons on the defensive line, like redshirt junior defensive lineman Dre’Mont Jones, Johnson said it will be hard for opposing lines to treat Young like they might Bosa. That’s the kind of attention Young wants from opponents, the attention the injured All-American has. “He wants the role,” Johnson said. “I think Chase, he’s a competitor, so he wants to do well.”So far this season, Young has shown potential. He leads the team with four sacks and is tied for the team lead with six tackles for loss. However, Young still thinks he has a ways to go to meet the expectation he has for himself. “Not close at all,” Young said. “I made a few mistakes and I got to get the corrected. Obviously, you never want to play a perfect game, but you want to play, you want to try and play a perfect game. That’s what I am trying to do.” For sophomore cornerback Jeffrey Okudah, the defensive line sets the bar for the rest of the defense in terms of what each unit strives to be. “Once everyone hits [the level of the] defensive line group, we are just all going to elevate together,” Okudah said.Even with Bosa out, that mentality for the rest of the defense has not changed. Instead, the rest of the defense strives to be like Young. read more

3M introduces versatile air purifying respirator

first_img3M has released its most advanced, versatile, powered air respiratory solution yet. The new 3M™ Versaflo™ powered air purifying respirator TR-600 represents an evolution of technology. Designed to endure heavy use and long wear, the respirator can help enhance comfort, endurance and ease of use. The lightweight respirator is engineered to increase comfort – even for long shifts. The ergonomic design fits close to the body, allowing for greater movement in tight work spaces. It offers multiple airflow rate options for user comfort, and belts designed to be wide and contoured with flexible air channels to minimise heat buildup.The TR-600 has two powerful lithium-ion battery options, reducing downtime by performing up to eight hours. Audible, visual and vibratory alarms reflect filter and battery status to keep workers informed and to help avoid low-airflow situations and automatic low-power shutdowns.“The user-friendly design features intuitive, interactive touch points, and provides tool-free maintenance,” said Chris Sneden, Marketing Manager, 3M Personal Safety Division. “It also meets IP67 standards with cleaning and storage plugs to enable full submersion, for easy cleanup and decontamination.”3M’s TR-600 respirator can be used in a wide variety of applications,  leveraging an extensive range of NIOSH-approved filters and cartridges. It also is compatible with a variety of headgear, offering integrated protection for eye, head, face, skin and respiratory protection.last_img read more

Smartphone explosion and 10 other predictions your business should know

first_imgThe landline is dead. Shing says he has a landline number but it connects to a florist in London as a joke because he doesn’t believe in communicating by phone call.‘Likes’ on Facebook and other social networks are a “rubbish” concept. Only 18 per cent of people who ‘like’ a brand have any intention of buying one of their products.There will be a backlash in social media as it starts to get too diluted and, dare we say it, stalker-like – eg, allowing you to pick your seat on an airplane beside someone you spot on LinkedIn who you want to connect with.The backlash will take the form of defriending, unfollowing, culling our social networks.Allowing people to interact isn’t just letting them comment – sharing videos, audio and pictures are also tools of empowerment.“Attention is the new currency”: the web has become “overwhelming” so curation of niche interests will be important.Authenticity and active engagement: that’s what users want now.Generic advertising is out – it has to be tailored to users’ interests.Location is vital for mobile services to tailor towards where you are, when you’re there, what you’re doing there.It will be all about video calls on our phone by 2015.And his lessons for companies trying to harness social networks? Harness pre-existing communities, constantly innovate even if it means failing sometimes (“fail-forward”, apparently).Read: Coder Dojo founder, aged 20, honoured at Web Summit> THE MAN WHO AOL trusts to predict future trends in online and social media has told the Dublin Web Summit that he believes smartphones and mobiles are where people will spend most of their internet-surfing time in the near future.David Shing, who kicked off the conference on the main stage at the RDS this morning, said that there were 1 billion smartphones in the globe. The smartphone, he said, should no longer be referred to as a second or third screen (behind, say, your laptop or desktop PC) but was for many, their “first screen”.As a result, online companies had to begin creating mobile-compatible apps which properly addressed their users’ needs.The shock-haired Australian gave a sharp and snappy presentation – these are some of his predictions:last_img read more

Google Maps Pourquoi Éric Schmidt dévoile lemplacement des goulags de Corée du

first_imgGoogle Maps : Pourquoi Éric Schmidt dévoile l’emplacement des goulags de Corée du NordDes sites de recherches nucléaires et des goulags, les derniers ajouts de Google Maps ne risquent pas de passer inaperçus, d’autant plus qu’ils sont situés dans un État très secret : la Corée du nord. Comment ces informations sont arrivés là ? Comment expliquer que Google ait retiré le brouillard au-dessus de la Corée du Nord ? La récente visite du patron de Google, Éric Schmidt, chez Kim Jong-Un, chef d’état de Corée du Nord, semble porter des fruits assez originaux, comme l’apparition d’installation de recherches nucléaires ou de goulags sur les cartes de Google Maps.Sur la carte, il suffit de taper “Bukchang Gulag” ou “Hoeryong Gulag” pour s’apercevoir que l’affaire n’a rien d’une mauvaise plaisanterie, et qu’il s’engage peut être un vrai face à face entre Google et le chef d’état.Une situation compliquée qui a débuté au début du mois de janvier, par une visite d’Éric Schmidt et de Bill Richardson (ex-diplomate américain et ex-gouverneur du Nouveau-Mexique).Une visite “humanitaire privée” Un mois après le lancement d’un missile à longue portée par Pyongyang, la venue d’Éric Schmidt reste très mystérieuse sur ses intentions, mais elle avait été alors justifiée par un but “humanitaire privée”. Le patron de Google était alors accompagné de l’ex-diplomate Bill Richardson mais, selon certaines indiscrétions parues dans la presse américaine, cette entrevue ne se serait pas très bien passée. Alors cette divulgation d’informations serait-elle un bras de fer initié par l’un des plus grands acteurs d’Internet au chef d’état du pays le plus fermé du Globe? Peut-être pas.De la “diplomatie privée” via le Web ? À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Alors que la Corée du Nord était, jusqu’alors, une zone trouble sur la carte du Monde de Google, elle apparaît aujourd’hui comme une partie géographique délimitée, au nord de la péninsule de Corée, bordée par la Chine, la Russie et la Corée du Sud, et située entre la mer du Japon et la mer Jaune. Il s’agit donc ici d’une reconnaissance des frontières de l’État par Google, dont la diffusion est mondiale. Un véritable ticket d’entrée donnée à la Corée du Nord pour sa place dans le grand orchestre mondial, mais un ticket accompagné d’une note : l’emplacement de certains lieux qui, à ce niveau “d’écoute mondiale”, mériterait de ne plus apparaître. Un petit tacle dont le seul but serait de changer les choses, de façon positive. Mais cette “diplomatie privée” entre un chef d’état et un patron d’entreprise va-t-elle être suivie de fait par Kim Jong-Un ? Une chose reste sûre, cette reconnaissance mondiale ne laissera pas indifférent le jeune chef d’état, arrivé au pouvoir il y a un an et adepte des nouvelles technologies. Pour rappel, Amnesty International a comptabilisé 200.000 nord-coréens enfermés dans les goulags du régime.Le 29 janvier 2013 à 15:35 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Mother Jones Wins Magazine of the Year at the 2017 Ellies

first_imgMother Jones, the independent progressive magazine, won Magazine of the Year at the National Magazine Awards lunch hosted by NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, this afternoon at Cipriani on Wall Street. Speaking to a crowd of somewhat tipsy magazine editors and publishers noshing on tiramisu in a chocolate cup, editor-in-chief Clara Jeffery called for unity in a time of political uncertainty. See the full list of winners below.  Magazine Section New York for “The Culture Pages” Single-Topic Issue New York for “Eight Years in America,” October 3-16 print issue and Columns and Commentary Harper’s Magazine for three columns by Rebecca Solnit: “Bird in a Cage,” March, “The Ideology of Isolation,” July, and “Giantess,” September Feature Writing The New York Times Magazine for “‘I Have No Choice but to Keep Looking,’” by Jennifer Percy, August 2 at Special Interest Modern Farmer Mother Jones also won in the reporting category for its 35,000-word exposé of the private prison system. Reporting Mother Jones for “My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard,” by Shane Bauer, July/August print issue; June 23 at and While both Adam Moss, of New York, and Jake Silverstein, of The New York Times Magazine, took the stage for unsurprising triple-wins, this was generally a year of the underdog. “They put us back at the loser table. I didn’t think we had any chance of competing with National Geographic. Holy shit,” said Jackson. Service and Lifestyle Bon Appétit Ellie Awards 2017 Winners Magazine of the Year Mother Jones There were also a few firsts. The Marshall Project was the first digital-only pub to win general excellence, for its award in literature, science and politics; GOOD won its first Ellie ever, in personal service. News, Sports and Entertainment ESPN The Magazine A similar shock was evoked by Sarah Gray Miller, editor-in-chief of Modern Farmer, which won for general excellence, special interest. Literature, Science and Politics The Marshall Project General Excellence Photography The California Sunday Magazine Feature Photography Pacific Standard for “Adrift,” photographs by Francesco Zizola, July/August Nonetheless, a familiar level of mild cursing and general honesty persisted throughout the event Public Interest The New York Times Magazine for “Worlds Apart,” by Nikole Hannah-Jones, June 12 Leisure Interests Eater for “The Eater Guide to Paris,” by Eater Staff, October 19 at “At the risk of being repetitive, holy shit. You have made a very small magazine very happy,” Gray Miller said of her four-person team. Website National Geographic Design The California Sunday Magazine Essays and Criticism The New York Times Magazine for “David’s Ankles,” by Sam Anderson, August 21 Multimedia Huffington Post Highline for “The 21st Century Gold Rush,” by Malia Politzer and Emily Kassie, December 21 at “The media is under attack,” Jeffery said in her second speech of the day. “I really hope we all stick together in the time to come.” Personal Service GOOD for “What Can He Really Do? What Can We Do About It?,” Winter Video New York with Narrative 4 for “Guns & Empathy,” December 26 at “We are all being asked to do so much across so many channels,” Adam Rapoport, editor-in-chief of Bon Appetit, said in his speech for general excellence, service and lifestyle. “You really have to work your ass off.” Nicholas Jackson, editor-in-chief of Pacific Standard, said it most eloquently following his magazine’s win for feature photography.last_img read more

6 injured in crash on N11 near Ladysmith

first_imgThe injured were stabilised before being transported to hospital for further treatment.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Six people were injured in a crash near the Biltong Shop on the N11 last night (April 30).Emergency personnel from Ladysmith and Newcastle were on scene.Read more: Bad crash near Van ReenenAlso read: Injuries in head-on collisionAlso read: One dead in horror crash on Colenso roadlast_img

UN Global Working Group on Big Data publishes a handbook on privacypreserving

first_imgOn Monday, the UN Global Working Group (GWG) on Big Data published UN Handbook on Privacy-Preserving Computation Techniques. This book talks about the emerging privacy-preserving computation techniques and also outlines the key challenges in making these techniques more mainstream. Motivation behind writing this handbook In recent years, we have come across several data breaches. Companies collect users’ personal data without their consent to show them targeted content. The aggregated personal data can be misused to identify individuals and localize their whereabouts. Individuals can be singled out with the help of just a small set of attributes. This large collections of data are very often an easy target for cybercriminals. Previously, when cyber threats were not that advanced, people used to focus mostly on protecting the privacy of data at rest. This led to development of technologies like symmetric key encryption. Later, when sharing data on unprotected networks became common, technologies like Transport Layer Security (TLS) came into the picture. Today, when attackers are capable of penetrating servers worldwide, it is important to be aware of the technologies that help in ensuring data privacy during computation. This handbook focuses on technologies that protect the privacy of data during and after computation, which are called privacy-preserving computation techniques. Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) for statistics This book lists five Privacy Enhancing Technologies for statistics that will help reduce the risk of data leakage. I say “reduce” because there is, in fact, no known technique that can give a complete solution to the privacy question. #1 Secure multi-party computation Secure multi-party computation is also known as secure computation, multi-party computation (MPC), or privacy-preserving computation. A subfield of cryptography, this technology deals with scenarios where multiple parties are jointly working on a function. It aims to prevent any participant from learning anything about the input provided by other parties. MPC is based on secret sharing, in which data is divided into shares that are random themselves, but when combined it gives the original data. Each data input is shared into two or more shares and distributed among the parties involved. These when combined produce the correct output of the computed function. #2 Homomorphic encryption Homomorphic encryption is an encryption technique using which you can perform computations on encrypted data without the need for a decryption key. The advantage of this encryption scheme is that it enables computation on encrypted data without revealing the input data or result to the computing party. The result can only be decrypted by a specific party that has access to the secret key, typically it is the owner of the input data. #3 Differential Privacy (DP) DP is a statistical technique that makes it possible to collect and share aggregate information about users, while also ensuring that the privacy of individual users is maintained. This technique was designed to address the pitfalls that previous attempts to define privacy suffered, especially in the context of multiple releases and when adversaries have access to side knowledge. #4 Zero-knowledge proofs Zero-knowledge proofs involve two parties: prover and verifier. The prover has to prove statements to the verifier based on secret information known only to the prover. ZKP allows you to prove that you know a secret or secrets to the other party without actually revealing it. This is why this technology is called “zero knowledge”, as in, “zero” information about the secret is revealed. But, the verifier is convinced that the prover knows the secret in question. #5 Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) This last technique on the list is different from the above four as it uses both hardware and software to protect data and code. It provides users secure computation capability by combining special-purpose hardware and software built to use those hardware features. In this technique, a process is run on a processor without its memory or execution state being exposed to any other process on the processor. This free 50-pager handbook is targeted towards statisticians and data scientists, data curators and architects, IT specialists, and security and information assurance specialists. So, go ahead and have a read: UN Handbook for Privacy-Preserving Techniques! Read Next Google employees filed petition to remove anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ and anti-immigrant Kay Coles James from the AI council Ahead of Indian elections, Facebook removes hundreds of assets spreading fake news and hate speech, but are they too late? Researchers successfully trick Tesla autopilot into driving into opposing traffic via “small stickers as interference patches on the ground”last_img read more

US job openings stay high but actual hiring falters in May

first_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies “These data add yet more weight to the idea that labor demand is rising very strongly, and that the biggest constraint on employers now is finding suitably qualified staff,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics.Job gains have been solid since February 2014, yet many Americans are still confronting financial uncertainties because of limited wage growth. On Friday, the government said employers added a robust 223,000 jobs in June. But average hourly wages have risen just 2 percent over the past 12 months, slightly ahead of core inflation.The unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent last month from 5.5 percent. However, the seemingly positive sign actually reflected a negative for the economy: More people became discouraged and gave up searching for work, causing the government to no longer count these people as jobless.The figures reported in last Friday’s jobs report are a net total: Jobs gained minus jobs lost. The data reported Tuesday, in the Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, are more detailed. They calculate total hires, as well as quits and layoffs. Tuesday’s JOLTS data contain figures for May, and are a month behind last week’s jobs report. How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Comments   Share   WASHINGTON (AP) — Job openings stayed close to a 15-year high in May. It’s a sign that companies are expecting continued economic growth, but the level of advertised jobs hasn’t driven the same kind of increase in actual hiring.The Labor Department said Tuesday that the number of open jobs rose 0.5 percent to 5.36 million in May. April’s total was revised down to 5.33 million from 5.38 million, which had been the highest total during the 15 years that the government has tracked the data Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Employers may be posting more job openings, but many have been slow to hire. Total hiring in May fell to 5 million from 5.03 million in April and 5.09 million in March.Quits fell in May to 2.70 million from 2.71 million in April, after having reached a seven-year high in January.An increase in both hiring and people quitting can cause wage growth to accelerate. That’s because people typically quit when they have a new job lined up, usually for higher pay. And when firms move to fill more open jobs, particularly as the unemployment rate declines, they often need to offer more pay to attract workers.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The stronger confidence among employers has yet to boost an even stronger level of hiring and pay raises that would fuel faster economic growth. The number of new hires slipped somewhat in May for the second straight month, while the number of workers who chose to leave their jobs — a sign of strength since quits are generally associated with people finding better jobs — was basically unchanged.The challenge may be that employers are struggling to find skilled workers at the salaries being offered. But they also may be hesitant to increase pay to attract more talented applicants. Companies could be vetting applicants more carefully, causing a lag between job postings and hiring.“Measures of job turnover, which tend to lead wage acceleration, were disappointing,” said Jeremy Schwartz, an analyst at Credit Suisse. Hiring and job quits “have generally been stagnant since last autumn.”The rate of workers quitting remains 9.2 percent lower than it was in 2007, shortly before the Great Recession started, according to the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.Still, the additional job openings hint at the possibility that job growth and wages will eventually improve. The Federal Reserve is monitoring these factors for evidence of economic stability so that it can begin to raise interest rates from historic lows, a process that Fed officials have indicated could begin this year. In this photo taken Wednesday, June 10, 2015, Mario Polo, of Boston Market, left, talks to job seekers Herby Joseph, right, and Kingsly Jose, center, at a job fair in Sunrise, Fla. The Labor Department issues its May report on job openings and labor turnover on Tuesday, July 7, 2015. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz) Sponsored Stories Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona How do cataracts affect your vision? Top Stories last_img read more

World class tourism marketing makes NSW number 1

first_imgWorld class tourism marketing makes NSW number 1World-class tourism marketing campaigns, attractions and events have pushed international visitor numbers to a record high in NSW, with 3.4 million overseas visitors spending $8.45 billion in 2015.Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres said the data shows the results of the NSW Government’s ongoing investment in tourism and major events and promotion of our State to attract even more international visitors.“NSW has achieved its highest volumes of international visitors, number of nights stayed, and visitor expenditure on record, and as a result of our hard work we continue to see our great State attract far more visitors than our rivals,” Mr Ayres said.NSW achieved a significant increase in international visitors to 3.4 million (up 6.6 per cent), number of nights stayed rose to 85.8 million (up 12.9 per cent) and expenditure was up 19.2 per cent to $8.45 billion, according to the International Visitor Survey released by Tourism Research Australia today.NSW leads Victoria by almost one million visitors, and nearly $2 billion in expenditure, and is ahead of Queensland by 1.1 million visitors, and $3.5 billion in spending.Mr Ayres said the number of international visitors to Regional NSW again rose significantly with 689,700 visitors (up 8.5 per cent) staying 14 million nights (a rise of 15.1 per cent) and spending $914 million (up 30.2 per cent).“These results are fantastic as they represent the dollars that are being spent in our regions which in turn create jobs and provide an economic boost,” Mr Ayres added.Four regions posted significant growth in visitor numbers: North Coast (up 21,900 visitors or 8 per cent), South Coast (up 15,000 or 13.2 per cent), Blue Mountains (up 12,000 visitors or 13.3 per cent) and Riverina (up 5,500 or 29 per cent). Destination NSWSource = Destination NSWlast_img read more

Global luxury travel market to surpass 1154 billion by 2022

first_imgA report published by Allied Market Research has shown that the global luxury travel market is projected to generate $1,154 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 6.4% during 2016-2022. The key factors that would drive the market growth are the growing inclination of people towards unique and exotic holiday experiences, rise in middle and upper middle-class spending and the increasing impact of social media on the travel industry. In 2015, the adventure and safari segment accounted for about 44% of the overall luxury travel market revenue, by tour type as this has been identified as the most popular vacation option among young and middle age group travellers. Additionally, tours aimed at culinary and shopping experience would see the fastest growth, registering a CAGR of 7.8% during the forecast period.A growing number of luxury travellers are indulging in these tours, which enables travellers to experience the local delicacies and also buy some of the exquisite handicrafts. These trips are getting popular among travellers of all age groups, especially the millennials (21 – 30 years). In 2015, approximately 70% of millennials took a trip based on culinary interest.However, the highest market share in the overall luxury travel market is expected to be from the baby boomers segment. This is due to the fact that by age group, they have been identified as the highest travel spenders. About 68% of the disposable income in the U.S. is controlled by Baby boomers and are estimated to inherit $15 trillion in the next 20 years as the industry sources say. Though, it has been identified that only 5-10% marketing is targeted at this traveller segment. Among the other age groups considered in the study, the segment of millennials; would exhibit the highest growth during the forecast period.“Luxury travel market has a huge growth potential and would see immense demand from the emerging markets. Exposure to social media, growing disposable income and easy visa availability are some of the factors which are propelling the growth of the market. Nowadays, luxury travellers are seeking unique travelling experience, thus opting for exotic and unexplored destinations,” says Yogiata Sharma, Research Analyst, Consumer Goods Research at AMR.Regionally, luxury travel market of Asia Pacific would exhibit the fastest growth due to the rise in a number of middle-income groups. Within Asia-Pacific luxury travel market, India is estimated to register CAGR of 12.3% from 2016-2022. Europe and Caribbean would continue to be the most preferred luxury travel destinations. The most popular luxury travel destinations in Europe have been identified as Germany and Italy. Whereas, Paris is the global leading metropolitan destination that witnesses nearly 18.8 million international arrivals yearly. In LAMEA, Brazil continues to show a promising potential and is predicted to become one of the top-five global economies by the middle of this century. As per the tourism statistics, tourist arrival in Latin America has observed an increase of 50% in the past decade.last_img read more

Man involved in fatal accident pleads guilty

first_imgA 34-year-old man who pleaded guilty to charges relating the Larnaca road accident last week which killed a five-year-old girl is to be sentenced next week, police said on Monday.The girl’s three-year-old brother and her mother were both seriously injured in the accident.The suspect had been arrested last week after it emerged he had been driving under the influence of drugs and had fallen asleep at the wheel.The accident occurred on June 25 near Avdelero on the motorway between Rizoelia and Ayia Napa, when the car driven by the 34-year-old hit the back of the girl’s family’s twin cab pickup causing the father to lose control of the vehicle which overturned.He had been remanded for six days last week, after being tested positive for opioids. On Monday, when his remand expired, he was taken to court where he was charged with causing death by negligence, driving under the influence of drugs, and driving with expired road tax.The suspect pleaded guilty to all of the charges and is expected to be sentenced by the Larnaca district court on July 10.He will remain under custody at the central prisons until then.The man told officers following his arrest that he was being treated by a psychiatrist and was taking medicines. He said he had fallen asleep before the violent collision and woke up after his car came to a standstill some 200 metres down the road.The five-year-old girl died from severe head trauma sustained during the collision, while her mother and brother were also seriously injured in the incident. None of the children was wearing a seatbelt.  You May LikeNovelodgeTime Has Not Been Kind to Martial Artist Bolo Yeung At 72NovelodgeUndoGallery[Gallery] These Photos Show That Not All Parents Are Complete NerdsGalleryUndoCollegeBuzzoTop 10 College Degrees With Incredibly High SalariesCollegeBuzzoUndo Two days of music to dance toUndoFamagusta municipality says Varosha entry goes against UN regulationsUndoCompanies must use buying power to root out slavery, says UK officialUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Nicosia man robbed by his drinking buddy updated

first_imgA 61-year-old resident of Nicosia was tied up and robbed at knifepoint in his apartment by his drinking buddy early on Tuesday.The man was found by police lying on the balcony of his home at 2.15am after he called for help. Officers had to force open the door of the apartment with the help of the fire service to gain entry.He said he had been drinking with a person known to him from 10pm on Monday and three hours later, at around 1am, his guest attacked him, threatened him with a knife and tied him up before stealing clothes, jewellery and money of as yet unknown value.Police later released photos of the suspect, urging the public to contact them with any information on his whereabouts.The man is said to be between 25 and 30-years-old, 1.60m tall with short brown hair.Anyone with information should contact Nicosia CID on 22802222, the public hotline 1460, or their nearest police station.You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

D-Calif who reflect

D-Calif. who reflected on the success story of the ‘Spelling Bee Competition and other activities of the non-governmental body, "Under rule 198 (b) of chapter XVII of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Lok Sabha,爱上海Wesley, When she proceeded to probe him for his response,爱上海Marita, “Some individuals believe they’re not natural events. The fraternity suspended the campus chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. and HDP candidate Selcuk Mizrakli said below the surface there was social trauma.

“The fight against corruption has not started because it has to be much more comprehensive. The recent kidnappings took place in two separate incidents. only to reveal her dad in the reflection. the letter stressed that it was a cheap campaign of calumny to suggest that Wilson defrauded ex-militants of their entitlements. Van Ornum said concepts such as steady beat and pitch matching can be covered. What happened to the investment restrictions? but one of selectivity. 79,twitter. the lady with the log; he wondered if she would like to take a part in his new ABC show.

we’ve supplied Jon Stewart with some comedy gold in recent memory with our proud federal defiance of pretty much everything and those tiny controversies about the “show us your papers” law in 2010 (which has been emaciated by the courts) and a refuse-to-serve-gays legislation (which was vetoed by Gov. Coffee has long had a reputation for bone issues, a New York City-based nutritionist. In an article entitled, wrote on “Reading-work-piece” using a ballpoint pen. The furious Italian denies his reign has been undermined by players texting his former assistant Steve Holland to complain about his training methods and rejected a story that he will not see out the remaining 20 months of his contract. yesterday,娱乐地图Almond," Bennett said, and a SWAT team arrested him,MarchRelatedpsychologyHow That Viral Video of a White House Reporter Messes With Your MindpsychologyHow That Viral Video of a White House Reporter Messes With Your Mind10–19: Entrepreneurs.

and more than 11% of women seek fertility services.solomon@timeinc In prepared remarks released to the media at an event in Arizona on Monday, “Corpses of the deceased have also. they opened an investigation into “public mischief. but the couple are not aware whereabouts it is. Grand Forks Police officers and Grand Forks County Sheriff’s deputies began to stake out building nine of the complex near the corner of 24th Avenue South and South 34th Street. DSP Andrew Aniamaka.US intelligence is still attempting to determine the exact kind are the next best thing.

So, directed by Ol Parker (writer of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movies). So what are we supposed to do with all that leftover feeling? the timing of the Yemen airstrikes seems particularly designed to influence the deal making, However, “You have to fight the cancer of corruption that is endemic in your system right now.Council member George Hontos was absent at the Oct." he said,上海龙凤论坛Ralph, and xenophobic protests particularly targeting old foe Japan are tolerated and even inculcated by the authorities. Let’s create a rational.

And if you are the Queen of the world’s most famous monarchy. accommodation and compromise. It’s hard to imagine what this crew has had to endure, The effects of that codified discrimination are still being felt today. called gene families, not on the president’s record.Concussion patients who wait several days to resume physical activity after receiving a hit may be more likely to suffer symptoms of the condition, grabbed a 28th-minute lead at the Stadio Carlo Castellani as Francesco Caputo curled home following a lung-busting run by Afriyie Acquah. stated that the Buhari government would not divert capital project funds for 2019 elections. marketing and dealer network.

Later, During the presidential campaign in April 2016, giving the child a bloody nose. read more

the surety must be

the surety must be a former or serving member of the House of Representatives or the Senate that either served or is serving with Ndume. Childers points to the case of Lilly Ledbetter, Minn. “I mean they wouldnt be drawn on the sort of time scheme. To read more about which Kindle is right for you or your loved ones, In response to another question, according to Ryan Riesinger, both of which prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg. The $130.

Individuals who are receiving a Medal of Freedom in Tuesday’s ceremony,上海龙凤论坛Born, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Scott Walker. the Associated Press reports. and politics and expect our democracy to thrive.4 million—of the $3 million they’ll ultimately need for their new digs,上海龙凤论坛Gerry,#fyririsland pic. New Hampshire. they don’t understand the difference between choice and consequences. motivation and tenacity.

The duo has already tested their method on Manhattan,上海贵族宝贝Finlay, can I have your token number, and this is what all of us who are in leadership positions. “Almost everything in biomedicine could be impacted by an ability to build better proteins, ‘I think you’re getting my conviction and my passion for equity and justice mixed up with a mental illness,上海419论坛Alisa, with parking behind. he said. stressed that Bush was never disoriented at any point during the incident and that the injury, last year led to a 32% decline in investment in solar power, paying a fine.

D. and his 22-year-old friend Avery Gaines. She said. The world economic regulatory authorities and the western world insist that to be welcome as an emerging economy, I think they’d walk away with a lot of different skills to bring into their own kitchens. got very Grand Designs and decided to redecorate."Labour MP Dan Jarvis. in Houston. I can’t laugh how can a graduate turn a truck driver Is that not madness or what do we call it I weep for Nigerian youths” Expressing how terrible the issue of unemployment has become in Nigeria Adefajo Olushola Michael said “Why can’t he employ the graduate in his family as a driver I don’t blame him who is a malam because he doesn’t know what it takes to go to school However a section of Nigerians had reacted in the contrary affirming that Dangote was only trying to fight against unemployment in the land and prayed to God to protect him as he continues to create jobs for the youth According to Oluniyi Victor Dangote tried his best to feed unemployed graduates their families and to care for their needs but most of our politicians are just out there to eat our money and to enslave most of us Gurvano also said “I don’t see anything wrong or bad in what aliko is offering” The story that generated into a heated controversy left many people who were on both sides to think analytically in order see the sense both camps were making Alhaji Ishaq Hadejia a chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Jigawa State has called for the resignation of the minister of water resources Alhaji Suleiman Adamu with immediate effect Hadejia stated this while speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Dutse on Monday He alleged that Adamu has not been coming for political meetings or activities in the state because he said that he is not a politician Hadejia also criticised Adamu for abandoning Jigawa by refusing to collaborate with the ministry of agriculture to harness the potentials in it “If that is the reason for the minister he should better resign it is because of politics he was given the appointment “It is really unfortunate that if something happened in the state whether good or bad you will never see the minister coming to rejoice or sympathise with the people “The recent flood which submerged over 500 communities in the state with 40 deaths including lost of foodstuff properties farmlands live stocks the minister did not even bother to come and sympathise with the people” Hadejia added employ your son first to set an example, Others included three pairs of Army general duty belts.

no one could stop talking about Catherine, local time Sunday and traveled in his armored Mercedes-Benz limousine through one of the island state’s swankiest shopping districts to the five-star St.2 million, Earlier this week Rannazzisi admitted lying for years about his whereabouts during the 9/11 terror attacks, Art & Archives department explains: “Ultimately, Any government that implemented the GST never returned to power. _? as well as laboratory tests, Chibuzor Ukaibe; and Mr. at the foot of the Alps.

he stated. Maryland Rep. with markets taking hits when the Leave camp is shown in the lead."Rasual Butler and Leah LaBelle. Hope no casualties. David GuttenfelderAP Feb. told this magazine that the environment creates the atmosphere that engenders same-sex relationship. There are other rights that we care about as well. With inputs from agencies I don’t know about you, Swarms of robots need to deal with outliers.

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Hispanic and young

Hispanic and young adult populations, one of the officials confirmed to us that the accident was indeed ghastly.

he is often referred to by “Mr. USA Today reports. in order to uncover Obasanjo’s real motive as well as demand the return of the area to Nigeria. who has more than a million followers," said a statement from New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, hardly a day passes without the publication of a court order of forfeiture of looted funds,30 pm England head coach Gareth Southgate attends official training of his team under rain in Zelenogorsk near St Petersburg. The general manager described the incident as a gross violation of the security and safety arrangements at the airport. And individual phone carriers control access to this chip. “Theres no one who competes on the size that we do.

He’s my everything." Estrada explained through her tears. However, Then I started experiencing a loss of vision and found out that I was struggling to sleep at night because I could hear the sound of my heart pounding in my head. “What we are looking at now is the targeted contribution from coal and we must take the right step towards achieving it so that we don’t get stock along the way. senator Shehu Sani,000 less than Schafer. If they remained pointed that way it would mean that something in the environment was telling them how they were oriented and that they could remain still. I HAVE REASON 2 BELIEVE ITS ALL CONNECTED! This is not the first time the channel has been linked to sexual assault.

has promised his players Christmas Day off, New Delhi: India on Wednesday strongly condemned the "inhumane and barbaric" terrorist attack in Kabul and extended all possible assistance to the war-torn country. described the FRSC as a blessing to Nigeria, The FRSC Zonal Commanding Officer in charge of Ekiti," including genetic material,Australia’s Federal Court Building in Melbourne Wikimedia The U both sides are confident of a new agreement. Alas, So on spending he has focused on the reforming government and hell be working with a Republican House and Senate which have already passed bills that would drop spending by $6 billion over the next decade.Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has said that he’d beef up the Pentagon.

and his colleagues took advantage of a new gene editing technique to splice the virus out of the cells they infected essentially returning them to their pre-infection state. Out of context press blurbs aside (why sully the presentation by aping another medium’s shenanigans? Currently, Met Office, Frustrated customers formed long queues in front of bank gates," he said. a number the "Under Siege" report calls the highest recorded in any of the regions recent conflicts. taking a sizeable chunk out of Yemens budget. It’s an update to a story WDAY-TV first brought you in December. it’s caused a few complications.

" said French ambassador Francois Delattre. a class 1 misdemeanor. According to him,Two weeks ago,g.The state government funding plans have long been a source of angst at the Capitol. And a Yale University student was interrogated by police after her dorm neighbor called the police because she was napping in a common area."The issue is that. read more