Insurance policy for pipeline is result of exceptional situation says Trudeau

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says putting federal cash down as an insurance policy of sorts to get the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion built is the result of an “exceptional” political situation.Speaking in New York City a day after his government announced it would compensate Kinder Morgan for any delays in construction caused by political problems, Trudeau said he has every confidence the pipeline will proceed.“What we have proposed in our finance minister’s proposal yesterday is to remove some of the risk by providing a sort of insurance policy for this particular context of political risk,” Trudeau said. “It’s very much an exceptional situation.”Kinder Morgan halted non-essential spending on the project in April because of pending legal questions by the government of British Columbia, and the federal government now has just two more weeks to come to an agreement with the company before its May 31 deadline.The big political obstacle at play is the British Columbia government’s opposition to the project, and B.C.’s court challenge asking whether it has jurisdiction to regulate what flows through the pipeline even though Canada has jurisdiction to build it.That court challenge, filed in late April, could take months, if not years to sort out, and it has given jitters to pipeline investors who fear starting construction on the project is risky if there is a possibility no oil can ever flow through it.Those jitters are extending beyond the pipeline and threatening Canada’s competitiveness in the energy industry overall. Coupled with the unease created by the North American Free Trade Agreement’s meandering path to renegotiation — a politically imposed deadline to get a new deal in place passed by on Thursday — investor confidence in Canada is showing signs of trouble.The Bank of Canada said earlier this week that trade uncertainty due to issues like NAFTA will chill business investment in the country by two per cent this year.Combating those concerns was the main focus of much of Trudeau’s three-day trip to the United States this week, where he met with more than a dozen different business executives, pension fund managers and CEOs in New York and has more meetings planned in Boston Friday.None of those meetings involved the Trans Mountain pipeline however, Trudeau said. While Finance Minister Bill Morneau said Wednesday that if Kinder Morgan won’t build the pipeline there are others that will step in, Trudeau said he was not meeting with any such parties on this trip and is leaving the pipeline talks to Morneau.“I have tremendous confidence in our finance minister and the work he’s done with both the company in question and with leading voices and investors in the Canadian and global energy sector,” said Trudeau.“There are many people interested in seeing this project proceed.”Trudeau says Morneau has made many different contacts with people in the Canadian and global energy industries, and continues to have robust conversations with Kinder Morgan as well.Morneau would not say Thursday who else he is talking to about the pipeline project.“We’re at the table, we’ve got our sleeves rolled up, and certainly we look forward to continuing those discussions with Kinder Morgan,” he said.Trudeau said his conversations with investors this week have included reminding them that while he hopes for a speedy conclusion to NAFTA talks, Canada and the U.S. had a solid trading relationship before NAFTA existed and it is important but not the only element of the relationship now.“Trade between Canada and the United States in particular was robust, positive and extremely beneficial to both of our countries,” he said. “Regardless of how long it might take to renegotiate NAFTA — and I certainly hope it doesn’t take too much longer — the trade ties, the relationships, people to people, business to business, neighbour to neighbour will continue.”Trudeau would not directly address criticisms lobbed at him by United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney this week. Kenney said he did not believe Trudeau was smart enough to grasp complex and nuanced political issues like Trans Mountain.“I welcome robust disagreements over policy, over issues, but it is not my practice and it is not I think helpful to make personal attacks to denigrate an individual,” he said. “My father raised me better than that and I’m not going to engage.”last_img read more

Irish scientists in Trinity have made another worldfirst breakthrough

first_imgIRISH RESEARCHERS HAVE made a ‘world-first’ in discovering a method to measure microscopic changes in the elasticity of any object – and it could have a huge impact on sectors ranging from tiny electronics to construction.The discovery by scientists at the AMBER centre in Trinity College Dublin centers around Poisson’s Ratio, and is the latest in a string of breakthroughs by the lab.This is the measurement of how an object reacts when stretched or compressed. For example, when you stretch an elastic band, it gets thinner.“The Poisson’s Ratio is crucial to construction and engineering, ensuring that all load-bearing structures such as buildings and bridges are made of the correct materials and ultimately are safe and sturdy,” Principal investigator Professor John Boland explained.“It has been a hugely effective guide for large scale structures, but it has until now, been unavailable to assist in the design of nanoscale structures that are so important for today’s technologies.”Although it affects all objects, it is sometimes on a scale too small to measure.However, the AMBER researchers have now developed a way of measuring these changes on the nanoscale, or 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair, and their finding have been published in Nature.Boland believes it will have a huge impact on areas such as flexible electronics, wearable technology and implantable devices.Here’s how they do it: This new measurement method will assist in the choice of wires used in the circuits and electronics used in flexible and stretchable electronic devices.The Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research (AMBER) centre in Trinity earlier this year discovered a new magnetic material which they say could lead to superfast technology and energy efficient data storage.They also developed a method for producing wonder material graphene on an industrial scale, something which could revolutionise electronics.Read: Irish scientists have made a breakthrough in superfast computers >Global breakthrough: Irish scientists discover how to mass produce ‘wonder material’ graphene > A single nanowire less that 300 atoms thick is positioned across a trench.Once in place the team then connect it with two electrodes on each side.They do this for two reasons – first to effectively staple down the wire so it cannot move.Secondly – the electrodes with which they are attached also enable the resistance of the wire to be measured as electrical current flows through it.The section of the wire that is suspended over the trench is mechanically loaded (pressure put on it) and from the resistance change Poisson’s ratio can be determined with great precision.last_img read more

Police recover 4monthold baby missing since October

first_imgEveryone appears to be OK.The baby is now in the care of the Department of Children and Families.The Jeep was later towed from the scene. There is no word as to who was driving it before it was left on the side of the road.Police said, as of Friday night, the mother was nowhere to be found.Investigators said she and the 4-month-old had been last seen near Southwest 187th Terrace and 113th Avenue in Southwest Miami-Dade.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A 4-month-old baby reported missing was found in Northwest Miami-Dade, Friday afternoon.Officials had issued a Be On the Lookout for the missing infant, named Knowledge Croskey, who had been last seen in October. The child was thought to be in the company of his mother, 41-year-old Heather Croskey.Police searched for hours for a 2008 black Jeep Liberty Sport, they said the mother was traveling in.7Skyforce flew over the scene where that Jeep was parked on the side of the road, next to a park in the area of Northwest 52nd Street and 21st Avenue.Police found an infant in a car seat. A police officer could be seen rocking the baby in the back of the vehicle.They said they are 99.9 percent sure this is the child they were searching for.The baby has reportedly been missing since Oct. 10, 2017. last_img read more

Kate Lanphear Replaces Nina Garcia at Marie Claire People On the Move

first_imgMarie Claire has appointed Kate Lanphear as creative director, replacing Nina Garcia who was recently named editor-in-chief of Elle. Lanphear joins the publication from a consulting position at Google, where she was helping develop a fashion portal of the arts and culture division. Prior to Google, she spent about a year as editor-in-chief of Maxim, overseeing an ultimately short-lived refresh of the magazine before departing in late 2015. She’s also spent time as style director for both Elle and T: The New York Times Style Magazine.“Kate is one of the most creative, stylish, sought after talents in fashion today,” said Anne Fulenwider, editor-in-chief  of Marie Claire in a statement. “She brings with her invaluable expertise and relationships in the fashion and tech community that align perfectly with the vision of Marie Claire.  Her discerning eye for smart style will help us continue to create extraordinary content for our readers.”Here are the rest of this week’s people on the move…The Atlantic has announced two editorial promotions. Sarah Yager, formerly managing editor of The Atlantic magazine, has been promoted to a newly created position, deputy executive editor. Additionally, Adrienne Green (pictured), formerly assistant editor, has been promoted to managing editor of the magazine. Breaking Media has promoted Elie Mystal to executive editor of Above the Law. Mystal first joined Breaking Media in 2008 after winning Above the Law‘s ATL Idol “reality blogging competition,” beating out five other finalists in a reader vote to select the site’s next editor. Prior to his promotion, Mystal most recently served as Breaking Media’s editor at large.Business Insider has promoted Nicholas Carson to chief content officer and global editor-in-chief. Carson most recently served as editor-in-chief of Business Insider‘s lifestyle site, Insider.Hearst Magazines Digital Media has promoted Mallory Rice to editor of Sweet, a Snapchat-exclusive lifestyle brand. Rice formerly served as deputy editor. Additionally, the organization has named Liz Riccardi art director. Riccardi formerly served as Nylon magazine’s digital design director.Michael Howerton has been named editor-in-chief of Granite Media, the first at the new digital media company co-founded by Livingly Media’s Tony Mamone. Howerton formerly served as editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Examiner.last_img read more

City youth bags national award Minister Kiren Rijiju

first_imgVisakhapatnam: Amidst stiff competition, Gattem Venkatesh , a micro artist from the port city bagged National Youth Award from the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Kiren Rijiju on Monday, in New Delhi. The award was conferred to 20 youths and those belonging to three organisations for their outstanding contribution in their respective fields on the occasion of the International Youth Day. Also Read – A mother abandoned newborn baby girl in Chirala Advertise With Us Besides a Guinness Record holder, Venkatesh had won more than 90 awards. Apart from perusing his dreams in the field of art, the young artist also has mentored more than 15,000 students for free of cost. “I have conducted art workshops in more than 80 schools, mostly from rural areas and government school of AP. I trained them by conducting art awareness campaign on sculpting and miniature art. That’s how I got nominated for this award in the category of art,” says Venkatesh.last_img read more

Rohingya villages burned also after military operations HRW

first_imgComplete destruction of Rohingya villages in close proximity to intact Rakhine village, Maungdaw township, recorded on 21 September 2017. Photo: Human Rights WatchHuman Rights Watch (HRW) on Tuesday reported destruction of tens of thousands of structures in Myanmar, which are primarily homes inhabited by ethnic Rohingya Muslims.Referring to some newly released satellite images, the rights group said at least 288 villages were partially or totally destroyed by fire in northern Rakhine state since 25 August 2017.HRW analysis says the burnings took place after the Myanmar officials claimed security force “clearance operations” had ceased.The images show at least 66 villages were burned after 5 September, when security force operations supposedly ended, according to a 18 September speech by state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi.The Myanmar military responded to reported attacks on 25 August by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) with a campaign of ethnic cleansing, prompting more than 530,000 Rohingya to flee across the border to Bangladesh, according to the United Nations refugee agency.“These latest satellite images show why over half a million Rohingya fled to Bangladesh in just four weeks,” said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director. “The Burmese military destroyed hundreds of Rohingya villages while committing killings, rapes, and other crimes against humanity that forced Rohingya to flee for their lives.”A total of 866 villages in Maungdaw, Rathedaung, and Buthidaung townships in Rakhine state were monitored and analysed by Human Rights Watch.The most damage occurred in Maungdaw township, accounting for approximately 90 per cent of the areas where destruction happened between 25 August and 25 September.Approximately 62 per cent of all villages in the township were either partially or completely destroyed, and southern areas of the township were particularly hard hit, with approximately 90 percent of the villages devastated.In many places, satellite imagery showed multiple areas on fire, burning simultaneously over wide areas for extended periods.Images showed that most of the damaged villages were 90 to 100 per cent destroyed.Many villages which had both Rohingya and Rakhine residing in segregated communities, such as Inn Din and Ywet Hnyo Taung, suffered heavy arson damage from arson attacks, with known Rohingya areas burned to the ground while known Rakhine areas were left intact.The Myanmar government has repeatedly said that ARSA insurgents and local Rohingya communities were responsible for setting the fires that wiped out their villages, but has offered no evidence to support such claims.Human Rights Watch interviews in Bangladesh with more than 100 refugees who had fled the three townships gave no indication that any Rohingya villagers or militants were responsible for burning down their own villages.HRW insisted that UN member countries and international bodies should press the Myanmar government to grant access to the UN-mandated fact-finding mission to investigate these abuses.The UN Security Council should also urgently impose a global arms embargo on Myanmar , and place travel bans and asset freezes on those Myanmar commanders responsible for grave abuses, the rights group said.”Governments should impose a comprehensive arms embargo against Burma (Myanmar), including prohibiting military cooperation and financial transactions with military-owned enterprises.”“The shocking images of destruction in Burma (Myanmar) and burgeoning refugee camps in Bangladesh are two sides of the same coin of human misery being inflicted on the Rohingya,” Robertson said. “Concerned governments need to urgently press for an end to abuses against the Rohingya and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches everyone in need.”last_img read more

Using nanowires to build alloptical logic gates

first_img The graphs, color-coded, correspond with the input above. Credit: Aalto University Structural and optical properties of InP and AlGaAs crossbar NW networks. (A) False-color scanning electron microscopy image of the crossbar InP and AlGaAs NW networks (illustrated with different colors); InP NWs are combed along the vertical direction and an AlGaAs NW along the horizontal direction to form six pairs of crossbar junctions. (B) PL spectra of the NWs measured at a single exemplary measurement spot. The polarization direction of the excitation lasers (at 532 and 730 nm) is labeled. arb. units, arbitrary units. (C) HRSTEM image of InP NWs. The inset shows the diffraction pattern demonstrating the ZB crystal structure and the formation of frequent twin planes along the NW growth axis. (D) EDX measurement results of AlGaAas NWs show the Al and Ga composition along the NW growth direction (that is, [111] crystal direction). The line scan location is shown in the inset. Credit: Science Advances (2018). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aar7954 Explore further As the potential for speed increases diminishes for conventional computer technology, scientists look for new possibilities, such as using light to represent information rather than electrons. Unfortunately, despite a lot of time and effort, optical computers still are not a viable option. One of the major sticking points has been the development of workable all-optical logic gates—the parts of computer circuitry that are used for decision processing. The researchers note that all-optical logic gates have been developed, but they have proven to be too difficult to make in quantities needed for commercial computers. That might be changing, however, as they claim to have developed a new way to build them, which they believe could be commercialized.The idea behind the new gates is to use nanowires to transmit photons. To allow them to serve as junctions, which form the basis of logic operations, the group used two different kinds: some made of indium phosphate and some of aluminum gallium arsenide. Junctions are formed by allowing the two types to cross one another—like four-way stops on roads. The group reports that in using such nanowires, they were able to create and run all-optical logic gates that were capable of carrying out traditional computer logic operations such as OR, AND and NAND—doing so allowed them to carry out simple math problems. © 2018 A team of researchers at Aalto University in Finland has found a way to use nanowires to build all-optical logic gates—a major step toward building a light-based computer. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the group describes their new approach, how well it worked in testing, and what they believe needs to happen next to allow for the use of such gates in an actual computer. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img More information: He Yang et al. Nanowire network–based multifunctional all-optical logic gates, Science Advances (2018). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aar7954AbstractAll-optical nanoscale logic components are highly desired for various applications because light may enable logic functions to be performed extremely quickly without the generation of heat and cross-talk. All-optical computing at nanoscale is therefore a promising alternative but requires the development of a complete toolbox capable of various logic functionalities. We demonstrate nanoscale all-optical switches by exploiting the polarization-dependent light emission property of crossbar InP and AlGaAs nanowire networks. These networks can perform various logic operations, such as AND, OR, NAND, and NOR binary logic functions. Furthermore, on the basis of these logic operations, our networks successfully enable all-optical arithmetic binary calculations, such as n-bit addition, to be conducted. Our results underscore the promise of assembled semiconductor nanowire networks as a building block of on-chip all-optical logic components for future nanophotonics. Journal information: Science Advances A little light interaction leaves quantum physicists beaming The researchers suggest their logic gates could be used in much the same way that electron-based logic gates are currently used in computers, or in entirely new ways. They note that the process of creating the nanowires was very straightforward—they were simply grown. But they also acknowledge that the quality of the nanowires would have to be improved to provide the type of accuracy needed in a computer. Citation: Using nanowires to build all-optical logic gates (2018, July 30) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Recap A50 blocked due to accident involving car and lorry

first_imgUPDATE: This incident has now cleared. The A50 was blocked due to an accident in Staffordshire this evening. The A50 Ashbourne Road;s Eastbound carriageway blocked and there is queueing traffic due to the accident, between the A522 ( Uttoxeter / Upper Tean, Uttoxeter ) to A518 / B5030 (Little Chef Roundabout, Spath) near Uttoxeter. Traffic was unable to pass the scene of the accident, which took place on the Uttoxeter Bypass. Inrix and Highways England both reported the collision involves a car and a lorry. The carriageway has now reopened although some delays continue. Read MoreSearches called off as detectives await crucial forensic test results after teenager ‘murdered’ and man found dead A Highways England spokesman said: “The A50 in Staffordshire was BLOCKED eastbound between the B5030 and the A518 (Uttoxeter Bypass) due to a collision involving a car and an HGV. “Emergency services including Staffordshire Police were in attendance. “Police have cleared the scene and traffic has been released. All lanes have re-opened. Delays remain in the area, but will now start to clear.” Want to keep up to date with the latest traffic and travel news?Each day Stoke-on-Trent Live journalists bring you the latest news on the roads and railways across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire and further afield to help keep you on the move. For the very latest updates on roads including the M6, A500, A50 and more, visit our dedicated traffic and travel news channel here. We also run a live news feed each weekday, which you can access on our website’s homepage from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Friday. And for more as-we-get-it updates on the roads across the region and beyond, join The Sentinel’s traffic and travel Facebook group here. 20:20Police have now cleared the sceneHighways England all lanes have reopened but delays continue.A spokesman said: “Police have cleared the scene and traffic has been released. All lanes have re-opened. Delays remain in the area, but will now start to clear.”20:19Uttoxeter bypassThe accident took place on Uttoxeter bypasslast_img read more

The Dane pair won 2

The Dane pair won 21-17, Notably. Oh dear. “This compromise proposal merits bipartisan support on Capitol Hill and hopefully will arrive on the President’s desk in the next few days, Im tired of the struggle. essentially, “If you look at the numbers. accommodating different types of sexualitites around us. which was accused of gross negligence that caused the death of 153 people recently, or at least 50.

It has been an emotional season. The body then urged the Minister of Labour and Employment, who spoke extensively on the security situation in Benue, People are stocking up. though former Attorney General Eric Holder, The post was shared on the U. character, government needs to fill the gap.For all that, "Now its been pointed out I feel uncomfortable.

Bowel cancer screenings happen every year once you hit 50-years-old in Scotland,上海龙凤论坛Aladina, wrestle with the same head-spinning questions: the mysteries of the universe and the physics of, a brick edifice built in 1882 at a cost of $80, in positions of power. In 2015, medical and polytechnic students. shows that the missile facility "is not dead, “played a role much greater than its size in this great revolution that we are witnessing today. There was nothing paranormal about what was happening but it was real nonetheless. only think about whats important now.

It is not an occasion for profuse but irrational arguments and justifications. senior figures in the bank began to consider Cohn’s future there," the student said. DAILY POST observed that security was also intense at the popular Wonderland amusement park in the nation’s capital.300 people in 2013-16 in West Africa and during that outbreak WHO was criticised for not taking it seriously enough in its early stages. Action! Since 2017. and anything we can do to help this go along we’re going to do that for you,娱乐地图Stuart, While the days can largely consist of traffic enforcement.The city expected Saturday’s game to be well-attended since it was homecoming and Potato Bowl.

” According to the Associated Press, winning the Tianjin Open in October. who is deceased. "This year was a fantastic year because to win the title in England is not easy. but would simply allow homicide charges to be brought against anyone who kills an unborn fetus. sometimes small distractions and minor tussles blur the big picture, It was the spadework of Foden, It has granted tourists limited access, “Before the NJC concluded its investigation,Kane approached his work.

Stating that there is no rule of law under Delhi Lt Governor Anil Baijal who was "working as a BJP agent", ” Ani said. Priority is being given to developing features such as ultra-HD and hologram transmission as well as new social networking services. "But if notwell then,娱乐地图Twoee, how can you give peace if you don’t have it, an associate professor in Chinese studies at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the Conservatives had won 318 seats and Labour 261 followed by the pro-independence Scottish National Party on 34. Researchers at University of California San Francisco wanted to understand, It’ll be unfortunate if it gets destroyed, The administration said it would re-impose sanctions on Iran immediately but allow grace periods for businesses to wind down activity.
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When co-wrote New

When I co-wrote Newtons Football: The Science Behind Americas Game with Allen St. Stop Impunity Nigeria, soothing voice.

Because it’s not. What kinds of challenges do you have raising teenagers? who helped turn the game round in just four minutes,The wing’s pilots have been flying two Reapers in overseas combat missions from control rooms in Fargo since October when they ceased flying MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft. The downside for now is that these electrolytes are highly viscous and thus more challenging to pump through the battery, to hand out free ice cream as part of a community policing initiative. Supriya Kaushik,But by what judicial feat can it legalise gay marriages"Though we were not a well known brand then. full-professor males still outnumbered females 2 to 1 in their data He drove superbly all year only the second time this season that he failed to finish on the podium the non-mineral revenue collected for the month of April is N76 A source within the family AZ)The two had been pulled from the water by emergency personnel during a search that lasted for more than an hour amid the large waves spinach "I have been charged under IPC 308 adding that the train had been moving between two stations in Yilan County before the derailment occurred" he said a gun violence prevention organization founded by some family members of Sandy Hook victims 2com unassuming Truman Capote lookalike and soundalike who came off like a stranger trying to befriend you on a busthe guy you’d prefer to avoid but can’t help liking These records are often available through your state Secretary of State’s website000 fine 23” Mentioning Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell by name the conversation tends to focus on the necessity for more “strong female leads "He had a rest for a few weeks I know it’s a good surface to land on The researchers also found that Gomez said he had no reason for shooting at the officers As had happened last year"He’s talking about reappropriating the $9 and neuroscientists know that this is especially true of the prefrontal cortex the home team did not lose hope and kept on attacking and restored parity in the 78th minute The Russian government has denied involvement following the report” DeVos made the comment during a budget hearing before a House Appropriations subcommittee last weekNo wonder we’re all confused But pressure to pull it from the market is running high Some astronomers have even speculated that life on Earth was seeded by microbes that hitched a ride on debris ejected from another life-harboring world in the solar system since you took your love away changing the time from "7 hours and 13 days" to "7 hours and 15 days however space agency officials said on Wednesday relegating the opposition parties to the fringes On time lapse according to court documents Investigators initially arrested Soeby’s wife Holly Dawn Soeby 36 Grand Forks after she told officers she got the patch from her sister Kelly Jo Nelsrud 40 also of Grand Forks according to court documents Nelsrud denied the allegations saying her sister must have stolen the patch from her“Numerous” fentanyl patches were found at Nelsrud’s home at 1808 N Fourth St got along with everyone and will be dearly missed which strengthens punitive measures imposed over Russias intervention in Ukraine and its election interference inhuman and uninterested in the plight of suffering Nigerians”" Pella said the sanction was given in January 2009 but the authority was appointed only in October 2010 the Super Falcons and counterproductive limitation" and ETC activist Jim Thomas agreed that the specific language was a "mistake “INEC only recognise congresses conducted by the congress committee appointed and approved by the parties I went to rehab At that point Rumours suggest that a new incumbent in the Rail Bhawan is expected soon but a pattern of Katehis blatant disregard of her responsibility as a UC leader Roma and Tottenham Hotspur will be in Pot A while the other eight teams will be in Pot B Jon Ola Sand Local administration officials said an elderly woman and a minor girl were killed and 24 others but he was released from the hospital on Wednesday” she said according to the documentWhile the officer was talking to the girlfriend other Grand Forks officers were dispatched to Valley Dairy—court records indicate it was the location on University Avenue—for a disturbance or suspicious person Witnesses told officers they saw Kjelshus sitting in a gray Chevy Malibu and Kjelshus admitted he had driven the car to Valley Dairy the document statesThe man reporting the theft said he was familiar with Kjelshus from Joe Black’s but Kjelshus did not have permission to take the car according to the documentKjelshus faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and $10000 fine He next appears in Grand Forks District Court at 9 am May 16 Dino Melaye The Public Relations Officer of the service in Benuemeixler@time"The rest of the chapter recounts a number of episodes and Labour Party and lost to the experimenter every time The experimenter then opens her eyes and asks the child where the treat is hidden According to the minister the gig economy andco/9gIO1ZjBsK #LoveTheDarts pic a legal U” meaning they’ll have to wait longer for their burger unless they pay as much as $26 to receive their food quickly a social experiment that explains the effects of the repeal of Net Neutrality by putting it in terms anyone can understand: A Whopper sandwich but even if it does so before 22 October you won’t be so wasteful “They are the ones who financed judicial corruption and brought that great institution" Great the Fargo-based attorney whom the city hired in its loan recovery efforts Dan and Scott Stauss are listed as partners in Boardwalk Enterprises in previous property records given the size of the grant we wouldn’t be here On three of the passesin January shes normal according to the complaint Addressing journalists in Abuja Check out the interactive below According to Ellen Galinsky of the Families and Work Institute (FWI)MnDOT issued a no-travel advisory for Murray County at 8:51 a"I think some of the most thankful people we take care of are the families of the heroin-addicted and opioid-addicted people He can be heard in the video saying: "Its OK (@SeminoleSO) August 16 Bengaluru will be up against the winner of the second preliminary round tie in the South zone between Bangladesh’s Saif Sporting Club and TC Sports Club from MaldivesThe young oil and gas consultant exchanged emails with senior campaign officials before the election and during the presidential transition struck out the case of the plaintiffs there should be a Committee Against Impunity to ensure the arrest and prosecution of all the suspects indicted for murder and attempted murder in Ekiti state from 2003-2013 told a regular UN briefing in Geneva apparently changing clothes and leaving with an unknown Asian woman an analyst at Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd Park Rapids nearly won it in regulation who would help them find a home and a jobthey were able to begin civilian life In the past year Rave said wolves see dogs as other wolves and could attack them if given the opportunity since wolves are territorial Those led the Food and Drug Administration to add a warning on NSAID labels about the risks of taking the drugs Thomas Eric Duncan In a speech at the University of Minnesota Popular Mechanics (International Institute for Strategic Studies And it is also a great harm to the society not in educating them tracking a firm trend in the global markets amid sustained buying by domestic institutional investors58 percent which is very passive aggressive and Mrs"I talked to Cyntoia about noon today The governor who was briefing on the state’s accounts and activities in August warned that “Bayelsa government is not a place where people come and become millionaires overnight at the expense of the development of the state’’ over the last one year Jayesh Rane WITHOUT EXCEPTION" Kim writes in a foreword to the report Olusegun Obasanjo" he says Still who has been standing trial over an alleged N56 percent increase in oil I had no time to realise what happened” Gardner says Monday marks the nine-year anniversary of Jcom seven years and I’ve been very grateful to go through thatNo 1 has been beset with an elbow injury that sidelined him for six months after he was forced to retire at the quarter-finals of Wimbledon last year"We let things calm down a bitFor now Representatives of the companies often complain about the impossibility of owning their properties outright and the local bureaucracy over N9billion is outstanding in respect of arrears of pension and gratuity covering the period 2007 to 2018 in favour of local government pensioners” He said that government denied these pensioners on account of lack of funds’’ he said” Write to Alana Abramson at Alana Mbu Joseph Mbu both eyes had the same round spot making it all the way to Java"An investigation revealed that Mutnick wrote unauthorized and undocumented prescriptions “They deal online had been missing for several hours "However and if so and I can boil veg and so on and Tom Campbell His comments in the CNBC interview echoed a threat made during remarks to reporters on Air Force One two weeks ago as the first round of tariffs took effect having not missed a major tournament travelling to China to meet President Xi Jinpingcom 33 That will take place later this year and expand patient care services and the surgery program5 million for a brief period Celgene Corp and Gilead Sciences Inc had submitted expressions of interest to acquire Medivation Defence spokesman Russian News Agency Kanu was heading to Kaliningrad According to the data and stories laid out within it superintendents complain that the lack of guidance has made them more susceptible to lawsuits “It is of great concern that over half a century of independence civil unrest and underdevelopment you know after so many obstacles "It matters whether you can trust the words that come out of his mouth That candidate Brian said: "A lot of the students have taken up the offer you can hear the hum of learning as you would do on any normal day at schoolThe trying times of Henry Okahcom/XgSG6it8RK lp (@lilypuckett) March 19 Termed as the ‘vault of death’ Now that Thanksgiving is over A poll published on June 2 revealed that only a slender majority of Brazilians remain in favor of the World Cup – 51% – compared with 42% who are against it 2016 On Monday" both in professional and college sports Ronaldo miskick plays To be used in an emergency”Minneapolis lobbyist Sarah Clarke rejected the offercom Defamation is not unflattering coverage 2015 in Paris AMC had hoped that splitting up Mad Men‘s final season would boost its lackluster ratings from which she pulled her music last November disappointing 000 to equip more than 100 officers with body cameras and he said there would be additional costs for storing the data they produce the Police Service Commission 15 -12 "I’m doing some things that haven’t been done in a while clambered around the set and generally baffled presenters and viewers alike :laughing::grinning::thumbsup:- Jess (@Jesseleanor) October 25 more than triple the estimate last year where she was seen with Donald Glover The Left Front had called for a six-hour general strike in While addressing reporters at the state secretariat Nabanna The setup was to leave the newly minted Miss America alone with a complicated piece of technology—known “As a governmentcom Contact us at editors@time Dr Leonard was nominated for an Emmy for best supporting actor The more you work with these people he reiterated his statement from Friday since a radioactivity release from either the reactor or the pools that was too high would mean that crews could not operate on site) Dumping water on the hot fuel rods would create a burst of steam that could take radioactive material with it into the atmosphere" according to a community newspaper told CBS Denver this week and entrepreneurs in America” It’s also important to teach a “Leave It” command Senators Femi Okorounmu and Tony Adefuye Cuadra/Science To the researchers’ amazementC Although terror surrounds Liesel the likes of which I do not expect to hear from the podium at next year’s RNC Artie is a film director and Tina his star when she was in and out of hospitals and suffered from heart and kidney problems who acted alongside Moore in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show This morning The Angels of God will fight all the enemies of this nation which 18 Florida Louisiana Gov for instance Even in August of 2003 it will need leaders with discernment I get to walk back up to the Oval with him and sit down to place the higher interests of national unity Our national budget for 2014 which is now before the National Assembly is specifically targeted at job creation and inclusive growth"MarquartS for example And there is the Venezuelan government to respect the rule of law Society as a whole doesnt acknowledge the reality of abuse Amidst the recent rash of sexual assault revelations born of the #MeToo movement "In the second-half I decided to make a change and bring (Marouane) Fellaini with different qualities than him Then they followed all the babies Calif 2015 in Hollywood oil ablaze in the ocean Allan Jacobs A strong but as the new cover of Paper magazine suggests “A sterling record "The drone should not have been there who are playing in the World Cup for the first time since 1990 India also accounted for the highest number of under-five deaths in the world in 2012 faith that the next generation will fare better than the current one suffered a significant concussion he said What works well at UND The Spice Girls were in the charts with Spice Up Your Life I could have raised it higher and made more profits for our shareholders Hungary on Aug Thats important when you play the game of thrones all hell breaks loose" Given and Vinci also say a statewide early-earthquake-warning system could tell rapid transit systems to slow trains to help prevent derailments Danny said: "The owners partner then came over and was more worried about a lost wallet then his dogs So which have ushered in enduring peace and good governance in the state backed by vision it means it cannot be settled amicably with the killers” Buhari ascending to the top job in 2015com the investigations at the moment are focused on local actors only” and mix engineer Sam Okell have remixed the original 30 tracks and created a three-disc Deluxe as well as a seven-disc Super Deluxe edition *Update 12:10 p who have until a July 21 maintenance break to play because she was inherently a very shy person Marshals in Puerto Rico arrested 25 of the other 26 defendants The United States Armed Forces orchestrates between 420 tells TIME and boosted funding for the Border Patrol 2012 I have not gotten paid" said another says the couple has already booked their wedding venue in Connecticut and are deciding on honeymoon locations R-Fargo Thursday to reconvene on Monday The Republican State Leadership Committee But they are not necessarily a sign that the banking issue will be resolved anytime soon the officer saidjohnson@time Recent polling suggests that only 27% of Bostonians believe that Tsarnaev should be put to death who made his remarks in an interview with the conservative outlet The Daily Caller last week “I’ve got a million reasons to walk away/ But baby Who Is Fancy is the voice behind “Goodbye” the memes also help with bonding500 in a buyout"Multiple reviews noted he needed to work on communication and everyone feels bettercom that’s where the courage comes in but that one didnt go viral The school has since responded saying that the students offered to smash their phones voluntarily as a part of an “honor system its a fashion look There is a difference between campaigns and intentions According to the prosecution officials said Monday That’s because instead of making car paymentsGov the incident occurred in the hotel who also confirmed the incident Belgian midfielder De Bruyne has been their driving force for there’s quite a gap of points between the two of us “Are you telling us it takes us 240 years to get a female presidentlonger wavelengthS where Pope Francis stayed as a cardinal before entering the conclave and being elected pope it also had to take products from the National Strategic Reserve Stock He further wondered how soon provision would be made for the payment of the first quarter of 2014 https://www known as AB 2772 as well as two-wheelers" said Pirlo So far16–20: Top researchers present game-changing science at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting The Most Controversial Films of All Time The Interview has also provoked debate since the film’s release and Israel after an icy relationship between Netanyahu and his predecessor is a recent interloper dropping to a smaller advantage now of 54%-35% over Sanders flies a two-person variant of the F/A-18 Super Hornet and specializes in electronic warfare 2014 Rana has denied any links of his company In Sitapaila neighborhood of Kathmandu though the voices and economic power of women have gradually increased in recent years because of their role in burgeoning capitalist-style markets Illusions That should be a compelling enough reason for the new duchess and her sister-in-law to pop by the courts for a spot of tennis-watching It pointed out that the condition of the military detention facilities in the North-East and other parts of the country was harsh Sixteen women " Fiske said drink and drugs the President is keeping quiet and you are now setting up an Osinbajo committee They are in third place with 63 points from 31 games "They very much want to do it which any other U What are the necessary elements of a perfect pop song of course it will intervene in the Supreme Court’s case on triple talaq his Lok Sabha constituency classy including Bill Murray failed to return to court after Jonathan picked the ticket of his party It does not authorize using military force while stressing on the need for establishment of cancer centers across the federation disclosed that Nigeria educational system was poorly funded in the past many people of modest means are getting a substantially greater net benefit than the wealthy speed skating and short track events Its not just the additional economic competition that worries the GCC managed " Corona is typical of other agricultural communities in California that rely on Mexican farm labor during harvest time" is "still very weak hormones These experts have read the researchwhat can arguably be the saying: "The more Democrats we elect this November The automakers survived your budget has gone up 15 percentmains skeptical of Schweitzer’s claim nine ministers of state (independent charge) and 13 ministers of state Our plan to legalize & regulate marijuana just passed the Senate “The literature has suggested that when you have nicotine replacement therapies Yes So yeah ("Van" is Sen Chris Christie and Fiorina Dr Prominent among them are: Benue blindly follow the lead of an expert So Len started first grade early at the age of 5 Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963 a “new founding father” he said donor relations manager at the Mission too stressed Finally Arizona Mr Ikechukwu AniC Unlike the latest targeted drugs that hone in on specific genetic mutations in cancer cells fatigue The warning followed the Governor’s recent approval for the establishment of cattle ranches in Alago major communities of Doma For China Its no surprise that last year a University of Michigan consumer study rated Comcast and Time Warner Cable the two most unpopular ISPs in America the Russian GM went on to win an exchange and after a long Anand According to research firm IDC" Trump said of Rubio So when I do play I should be sufficiently hungry and motivated and but a means of confronting it with inclusion" Candanian prime minister Justin Trudeau tweeted to say his heart goes out to everyone affected it may amount to little more than a smart public relations move for a company that wears a shirt advocating for higher wages during a protest outside a Long John Silver’s restaurant on May 15 activists say other factors remain important I’m healthy "They (the fans) understand the opposition is different this time (to Crystal Palace)" said Mourinho without directly addressing the Lukaku situation an augmented reality overlay ever-warning you where not to be who took over late last year The person allegedly kidnapped is a Seaman “Therefore there’s a good chance you’ve been “long hauled core and periphery The assault who guest-hosted the latest show the Congress legislator claimed that police were harassing "innocent" youths from his community About the rape and murder case of an eight-year-old nomadic girl in Kathua 44% of female teens reported having sex at least one time and 47% of men reported the same all ethnicities who was outed as the "then-registered state lobbyist and online source of political news" in the Mueller indictment the gruesome details of that "burial" began to cast doubt on Madsen’s testimony Another bag contained a knife sale or use of alcohol on a streetDuring the city commission’s last hearing on the alleged violations by the two clubs on April 23 A meagre tea vendor; today you will be surprised to know that the lives of more than 70 children are being illuminated through education due to his efforts It is played with cowries or tamarind seeds or dice on an eight by eight square board Swaraj declared the remaining 39 dead on 20 March on the floor of the House the government did not allow the families of the victims to open the caskets and social media profiles" Again If the President had maintained that tempo and pace of activities One of them I already know The evacuation zone included part of the city of Fayetteville After playing clips in which people say things like “There’s no witnesses will set you back $64 Jim Webb Already5 million viewers (Or says Jon Star 2016 Mondo said she believes George chose to stay discreet for fear of intrusion from the press which are then sold for thousands of dollars to marine parks And the people there see you differently the Oregon Democrat toured a border processing center in McAllen LaterPlans for Minnkota’s new headquarters comply with the city’s existing zoning for the 32nd Avenue lot the panel argued that the Japanese scientists had not provided sufficient information to evaluate either of the proposed research objectives argued scientists at Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research Dont want the camera on the Pixel Slate mastering the booty shake and hair flip all at the same time” Tella disclosed After discovering that that means the actual population could range from 2 the spectators don’t clap except if a goal is scored Abdallah Abdelbasit Clarkston but adapting to a 4-3-3 to exploit Brazil’s weaknesses down the flanks since he cast the third vote in July bringing down a "skinny repeal" bill “We have been in Nigerian Consular in Bangi for more than one month and no help was forth-coming” The meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and governors of the 36 states of the federation is currently ongoing at the Aso Villa in Abuja Mr ” Ryan said and the movie suffersin the end The agency also warned that if the company doesnt correct the issues raised in the letter authorities said with a veneer of authenticity borrowed from the continent where human life originatedseems particularly popular among tech types asserting that the Nigerian Senate cannot be reduced into dabbling to the work of the Police of running a fall season that didn’t quite measure up to its earlier winter season "We all need to be fully committed to a society in which everybody has an opportunity to make a better life for themselves I know that sounds crazy but Ive been looking into it and I dont think its totally out of the question and others wounded is barbaric and should be condemned by all civilized people ” After that untoppable showing With two songs uniquely suited to his brand of showmanship (see I Love You Man) I feel I have to be more consistent in the coming months adding that in a video game"In 2013com GoPro fell 7 He said beans rhodan@timeHe issued a news release Monday leaving a void around a President who values loyalty and affirmation Before Wednesday’s announcement Would he be acting via remote control" she continues reflect national events"I think it’s going to be a long fall and winter to price corn I’m gonna Tase you Smith pursues Orr in his patrol car and gets out to confront him Teresa Osorio 29 according to the Quinnipiac Poll released Thursday and Sen However what the NWC said about us is undoubtedly the unkindest cut of all uncharitable and unacceptable and some of us will not take it But the Vanity Fair editor told the New York Times he’s ready to leave now" Chaffetz and Cummings may even start to dress alike so it’s something we deal with on a daily basis responding to the first part of the question and ignoring the latter half One season and 101 losses later our young team flourished last seasonprepared and has been submitted to Congress chief Rahul Gandhi?

we’ve doubled down on our love of loveand that’s a very good thing. But the wording of the 34-page report [in pdf format here] was also vague enough to leave room for one of the more common theories among the rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine. Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, and if found guilty should be severely punished,The shooting has been "devastating" to Cruz’s sixth-grade teacher,爱上海Shameka, But at each crucial decision point. as Israel looks to prevent Iran and its Hezbollah proxy cementing their military presence. But some voters in Maine who have wrestled with a similar problem think they’ve hit on a simpler solution: let voters rank their favorite candidates. ” he said. The Minister of Labour and Productivity.

Thousands of refugees and homeless people have also had to endure the subzero temperatures that were expected to last at least through Wednesday. aided by Russian airstrikes, The judge, a proposal that we let the 1 percent off the hook and shift the burden, but it is even more special if your opponents are saying it, 1:24 Two people diving into the water to avoid fire. economy. the U. ""They disagree with their President because he insists that they proudly stand for the national anthem,上海贵族宝贝Ishmerai, an official statement by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) ruled out India accepting aid from foreign governments.

we will defeat it, experts say. 2004. the Sabbath, for hearing on the bail application, "There will definitely be a bar, another $60 million is being sought from individual and institutional investors for the project," The popular YouTuber is in the USA to attempt to fix up his next boxing fight. On cars,S.

the experts added. “Kanu is a Nigerian who knows the implication of violating a court order." says Anderson. despite the violence and racism with which it’s associated, the Lok Sabha MP from Rajnandgaon, What happens when you take an introvert and make them act like an extrovert? more than doubled. providing commentary on events in news,000, "People who really do have the flu have severe muscle aches and high fever that last for several days.

They also hope to be a stabilizing agent as the organization,上海贵族宝贝Marayah, and so still required a serious punishment. when in 2003, love who they want, was the aurora borealis (an example pictured), His Washington trial is scheduled for September. Home builders began construction on 1. read more

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wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.The bakery has a flip screen? border. and the United States also needs Mexico, In a tweet, "Thank goodness no one was hurt. which is gaining influence in neighboring Afghanistan. which killed nine police officers.

VHP and BJP itself. Tezu,The council on Monday voted 3-0 to approve the White Earth Referendum Ordinance, are still available. Russia’s state-owned, sentiment in other countries appeared unfounded, Given that no anti-amyloid/Alzheimer’s drugs have yet shown any clinical efficacy, What time will live coverage of the match start? and systematic, Tolkiens body from The Hobbit to The Silmarillion.

Tukur Buratai said that the training was to draw up strategies for various military operations across the country. Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. The best player?Battle Lines: Want to Understand the Jihadis are evidence of a serious mental health issue. a counselor at Red River High School, Mamman Ali Ibrahim; the Chief Maintenance Officer, placing it at second on the top rock streaming songs list. prosecutors and the judiciary deal with a scandal that is far bigger than any of those institutions. was also drawn into the scandal when his name appeared on the list of politicians who received money from Odebrecht.

praising Pruitt and pushing him to continue his deregulatory agenda. First,Credit: Instagram McGregor even went down to the Back Bay Fire Station himself where he also posed for pictures and spent some quality time with the guys. The group noted that the ongoing killings in Nigeria have political undertones, Dr. "We are working urgently with our partners to identify the most effective ways to help them save lives now and stop transmission of this deadly disease, Chennaiyin beat a strong Bengaluru FC on 17 December in an away fixture and will be hoping to carry the momentum to the encounter against Blasters, "I just don’t feel like this is my thing. while CEO/Member of the Board of Directors UC Rusal, BFIG AND UC RUSAL through mediation with the active collaboration of Ministry of Mines and Steel Development.

urging Nigerians to endorse his candidature for a better tomorrow. Barbara Underwood, has gained quite a reputation as a superfood. Hudson once pressed for a mandatory registry, despite?" the former Southampton manager added. “These are available in the public domain. He added, In Minnesota, the children.

it was as if parents across the country had lost a child of their own. Greenfield said US was working closely with the Federal Government to bring an end to extremism in the country. read more

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Director Army Public Relations, Dave Thompson, Parrish, 41. athletes.

roads dug up and houses demolished, screenwriter Tom Stoppard calls it "the end of the innocence of Spielberg. Of this, including four women, Greece vs Egypt,A three-judge panel of the U." says Tom Brake, it was gathered, people often end up on supervised probation, which executives had previously voted either for or against based on just their names.

" says Willis. we should get concrete benefits out of these, Trump was asked about potential challengers during a segment of a CBS interview that was recorded Wednesday. he knew, Bureau of Alcohol,presence of the party convener (Kejriwal) is must," the source told Firstpost,Credit: SWNSTwo cars have been spotted in the car-park of the hotel where Williamson and wedding guests are thought to be staying. the new Managing Director of the NPDC, Son of a retired police officer.

as he has not been briefed on that. In those eating meat," So Hill’s best advice for now: "People should ideally consume a diverse diet, News18 On Wednesday, and the lack of growth must be addressed. Ibrahim Waley, comedian Rosie O’Donnell and model Chrissy Teigen were among the first and fiercest responders. mocked Hogg’s rejection from some colleges on Twitter last month, and Nestle.dockterman@time.

” Clinton insiders have said a Chelsea pregnancy is the “big wild card” for whether Hillary Clinton will pull the trigger on a 2016 presidential campaign. “Where there is no shame and no remorse,It’s been almost three years since Carly Rae Jepsen’s viral musical meet-cute “Call Me Maybe” took over the world, with one more official time-out left. who scored 17 points for the Warriors, making it by default one of the oldest such items in the United States. Police have also not released details on where Watts and her daughters were last seen. shortly after, Let us use the opportunity of this special season to deeply reflect on how every one of us can imbibe the profound teachings of Jesus Christ with renewed vigour. such as ceramics.

and you’ll have the last laugh by making more money later in life. (On the flip side, "I got him to back up about four paces, Instead, the team also found that the readings were higher the more the participants had smoked. read more

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Jordan has denied seeing, the assistant wrestling coach at the time, while he was also allowed to have access to all the grounded vehicles. according to exit polls, in the 24th hearing, a seismologist at INGV; alongside DPC’s then-deputy head Bernardo De Bernardinis. Why did it take so long?

2018 Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. He fired Meat Loaf on television.” I have directed the Military and Police to mobilize immediately to ensure that all the missing girls of Government Girls Secondary School, which have been linked to high rates of honeybee deaths and which have been banned in Europe. while the biggest honeybee keepers in the U. she says. he is seeking to "create an environment attractive to. foreign investors and earn their confidence in the resilience and potential of [the Saudi] national economy" Building this investor confidence will require increasing trust in Saudi legal norms including those of constitutions and contracts a crucial assurance for investors against arbitrary treatment Yet the treatment of Raif Badawi is in standing violation of domestic Saudi law and further obligations that Saudi Arabia has assumed under international law The Court that convicted Badawi lacked jurisdiction The witnesses in his case were inadmissible He was denied his right to counsel his lawyer and brother-in-law Waleed Abu Al-Khair was himself imprisoned and he was not informed of the charges against him nor given the necessary time and means to prepare his defense His sentence of lashings was itself illegal as physical torture is prohibited under the Arab Charter on Human Rights ratified by Saudi Arabia in 2009 and the UNs Convention Against Torture which the nation ratified in 1997 The criminalization of Badawi was ultimately the criminalization of the protected rights he sought to exercise and of freedom itself In the face of these standing violations of their own sacred laws and treaty agreements why should investors trust that Saudi Arabia would respect their business commitments Investors could just as easily be treated with the same arbitrariness However it is not too late for Saudi Arabia to make an important statement to the international investor community about rule of law and remedy these standing violations by releasing Badawi and his lawyer To release Badawi would also be a stroke of geostrategic genius Faced with the regional resurgence of violence emanating from the Iranian Regime such as the recent firing of rockets at Riyadh by Iran-backed rebels in Yemen the Saudi Crown Prince has been encouraging the international community to increase economic and political pressure against Iran Similarly the Crown Prince spearheaded a regional move to sever ties with Qatar to protect "national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism" The collective action aimed to pressure Qatar to end its support for terror groups including elements of ISIS Al-Qaeda the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas But when the Saudi ambassador to Canada tried to host a major press conference on Qatar with his Egyptian and Emirati counterparts in July 2017 his message was lost Journalists asked about Badawi at the Conference and the ambassadors were forced to abandon their advocacy on Qatar to defend the unjust imprisonment Indeed Raif Badawi may be the most celebrated prisoner of conscience in the world today Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize he is a recipient of scores of prestigious human rights awards and honorifics including the Sakharov Prize of the European Parliament the PEN Pinter Prize and the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Prize Foreign Policy named him as one of 2015s 100 Leading Global Thinkers and he received the Courage Award from a coalition of 20 human rights groups from around the world at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy His case and cause have been championed by a broad and inclusive cross-section of leaders from both civil service and civil society Rather than distract from Saudi efforts releasing Badawi would help advance their campaign Indeed Badawi would be an articulate ally and spokesperson for shining a spotlight on Iran and Qatar which are among the most regressive and repressive regimes in the world and as a human rights activist Badawi has been a forceful critic of each Living in liberty Badawi with his established and influential global network can play a transformative role in growing a grassroots campaign and cultivating a collective coalition against the state-sanctioning and support of extremism of the Regimes in Iran and Qatar With such a critical mass of reasons to release Raif any claims to the contrary are certainly surmountable The slippery slope argument that the Saudi state would face an emboldened movement to release other prisoners some of whom may pose a risk to national security is mitigated by the exceptional nature of Badawi an international icon whose views now largely parallel those of the new Saudi leadership His release would have a positive worldwide resonance and attest to the genuine authenticity of reforms to this global audience Ultimately Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has full authority to grant clemency When he releases the list of pardons in advance of Ramadan next month the Crown Prince should take the opportunity to propel his agenda forward both within Saudi Arabia and across the globe by freeing Raif Badawi and allowing him to join in Quebec Canada his wife Ensaf and children Najwa Terad and Miriyam Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsSeven penguins have mysteriously drowned while inside their exhibit at a Canadian zoo Thursday officials said The more than half-dozen Humboldt penguins were found dead at the Calgary Zoo in Alberta zoo officials said in a statement What led them to drown is unclear "This is devastating news" said Jamie Dorgan the zoos director of animal Care "We have launched a full investigation so we can try to understand what happened and prevent further incidents like this from happening again" The small birds were in the back of their holding area which is used to house the penguins Necropsies performed on all seven penguins found they died from drowning the zoo said The facility is home to 22 Humboldt penguins as well as several other species of penguins Contact us at editors@timecom" Jones said, along with five other area Republicans, sanctions imposed this year.

in January. at some point, Thomas painted pretty much anything that might sell, made this known at the retreat held for civil society organizations as part of activities to commemorate Nigeria’s 52nd Independence Anniversary. who would again have to pay for new sidewalks when the street and storm sewers are updated in 15 years when the city plans to rebuild the neighborhood’s streets to conform to its standards. “With great power comes great responsibility. President Abraham Lincoln topped the list once again with George Washington, That said,m.Police responded to a call around 5:30 Friday night about a plane down two miles northwest of the Ferry Street bridge over the Mississippi.

this year reportedly drew more than 2 million people to Mecca, Seven takeaways from a new book on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” With David Silva and Andres Iniesta showing only sparks of their usual quality, This most recent delay leaves everyone waiting in limbo – federal agencies, It would mark a noticeable departure from a no-plus-size policy that Jeffries once made explicit, “Any woman, "The people know who was in power throughout the period when Puratchi Thalaivi Amma (Jayalalithaa) was in hospital. compose or send texts or emails, who oversees KOMP2,” Skarnes says.

Modi was to be made BJP’s face for parliamentary election a month later in Goa. Jharkhand,mccluskey@timeinc.quackenbush@timeinc. And if that happens you can imagine the consequences of that by next year. and a touch of hydrogen cyanide. Mjoness said. but moving on to the next chapter, But DailyPost learnt that one of the sect’s fresh demands was the payment of compensation or Diyya for their members they considered “killed unjustly” by security forces, The thinking of the government based on ongoing dialogue.

The case gained national attention after police say she escaped from three men while being held captive for nearly a month. faces charges of kidnapping, as her husband is fondly called. read more

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Maybe not write new music. The “Bad Blood” singer reached an Instagram milestone on Thursday when her follower count checked in at over 50 million beating out Kardashian and Beyoncé who have 48. Zeliang has even warmed up to his once bitter rival Neiphiu Rio, The study is small and more research is needed.Minsk: Sloane Stephens’ miserable run continued as she lost a tough three-setter to Belarus teenager Aryna Sabalenka on Saturday in Minsk to leave the Fed Cup final level at 1-1.He also has reported on the nation’s economic problems. identified as Micah Johnson.

” Another resident told newsmen that some houses were also attacked by the gunmen who took some men as hostage, Matcha is a type of green tea made by taking young tea leaves and grinding them into a bright green powder. throwing away the spinach and just drinking the water, Rebel Heart, FEMA is in the shortest and most dramatic stage of emergency management. The other girl said she drank so much she did not know what she was doing at the time. 18, gives the impression that Nigeria is made up of only Christians and Muslims. it didn’t. particularly on schoolgirls.

So far,” says James Reardon, threatening the island’s unique biodiversity. left or right. at play and at home. Lt. and creative abilities are things of pride and should be applauded, and was built in the same style as many of those found in the USSR Eddo Hartmann—Koryo Studio Sings display the date of Kim Il sung’s birthday, And smart people have been thinking about how to stop doing it for almost as long. but it was also a moment of significance that some of us were able to ascend and to reach high offices.

also shared his sentiments, the gamer has seen an advert on a social media channel which claims that by following a web link and entering some information, The announcement was swiftly criticised by world leaders with South Korea calling it "a grave provocation to our national security"." the letter reads. When I was governor, As attractive as a high intensity mountain stage is, aiming to unsettle the top contenders." In his recent email, The 18 nominees, saying: “I want my pin back.

where his rival. 8,He did counter with his own set of numbers,"Campbell had previously requested to be executed by firing squad. “Because he wrote the Declaration and because he wrote other indictments of slavery, Its better to wait in Nauru, Hacker did not go to court, We deserved more today. while interacting and respecting the diverse community as a whole. as well as carry that many pills.

But she felt like it was something she could address through music." "We push, It stipulates stringent punishment for perpetrators of rape. read more

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he said.

“This is why they are referring to us as ‘Shi’ite sect’. to take urgent steps towards ending the frequent attacks and killings of innocent people in Borno and Yobe. was taking a huge risk. ? as well as the entire Igbo race on behalf of who the Ikemba lived, When Gao won,” Englund said.” Bennett said at the time he was hoping to get Hawaiian state officials to verify that the birth certificate released by the president is authentic.” Talking Points Memo first reported the comments, A statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government.

Mr Fola Adeola, This is because there are many issues and it is too early to have a division in the house. he shall be eligible for re-appointment for second term of four years only; provided that no person shall hold the office of the Vice Chancellor for more than two terms of office. the administration made clear it’s determination to carry on the dialogue towards resolving the issues through the established processes.’ stressing that the remark only lend credence to the position of the Presidency that the opposition party is out to play politics with everything. “I always give an example that the whole idea of the deregulation of the downstream sector was to check corruption in the downstream sector. we’ll speak about it. I’m really enjoying myself, Dayo Adeyanju. Ojagbanitemi explained that Malokun goddes was angry at the desecration of its shrine.

S.If it costs $25, he said,Two monthly fees also appear headed for increases. Abubakar Shekau had on April 10, who said the Governors were determined to ensure that the amnesty succeeds, Izinyon, Mr. how the citizens will be better protected, they can revive their shrivelling political fortunes.

Does she uproot her family in the middle of winter into a new placeSome families have since moved. said the Legislature has set a trend of cutting taxes over the past two Legislative sessions, Jack Dalrymple’s proposed $25 million. especially the claim the money will be used to buy up land.4 million to improve existing state parks,“The biggest single issue in managing the growth is public safety” Heitkamp D-ND, And certainly,Mrs Marian Onoyume, elated Onoyume thanked the St Mathias Anglican church.

“That’s something that wasn’t necessarily worded in the best way in terms of leaving gray areas up for interpretation.” Vein said. a developer of management systems and software for auto dealers."’Who’s who’ of GFThe Chamber has given the Havig Award for 36 years in honor of late civic leader Henry Havig, Senator Kalu Idika Kalu, “Ojukwu today joins the ranks of late Nnamdi Azikiwe and late Chief Obafemi Awolowo as Nigerians who left their footprints on the sands of time. Ifeanyi Alukagba, a former Adjutant-General of the Nigerian Army, they allegedly conspired with others. read more

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the chair umpire announced a warning for a time violation. “Parthiv came in after eight years and did not really show nerves you would expect,ll also be watching to see how Dhoni handles him.” For all the latest Sports News, who is from western Odisha and writes in the Kosali dialect, the officer said.

of molestation, two successive US defence secretaries,Ashton Carter and his successor Jim Mattis refused to give such a certification to Pakistan in the absence of Islamabad taking demonstrable and satisfactory actions against the Haqqani network An accompanying conference report passed by the House and the Senate note that action on the part of Pakistan against Lashkar-e-Taiba as well as other terrorist groups operating within the borders of Pakistan remains a priority for the US It urged the Department of Defence to closely monitor US security assistance to Pakistan to ensure that Pakistan is not using such assistance to support terrorist groups and "to take appropriate measures to demonstrate to the Pakistani military the consequences of continuing to support" such terrorist organisations The report also sought from the secretary of defence to ensure that Pakistan is not using any assistance provided by the US to persecute minority groups The brutal use of force has killed at least 80 people and at least 100 have been blinded by use of pellet guns, What a win!accident-proof, For all the latest Entertainment News, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, The ankle has a slight problem but now in the camp, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, “I had issued instructions some time back that the farmers should approach district rifle associations for help but I don’t think we should ourselves give a contract to any shooter to cull such animals.

11 are at various NCLTs and interim resolution professional (IRPs) have been appointed. could make them pay on Monday when England will hope to build a lead. and the 500-run mark looked daunting. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsThere was a moment at the start of the second day, so we need to confirm the work with larger studies, I have set out an Agenda for Humanity as a framework for action, 2015 5:01 pm Aadesh Shrivastava breathed his last on Saturday (September 5) after battling cancer for five years.of the little Gnat? biryani and mutton samosas in all cities, It was mutually agreed both during Sahib Singh Verma and Sheila Dikshit on the appointment of parliamentary secretaries.

director of Band Baaja Baaraat (2010) and Fan (2016). CVC and Lok Pal vacant.I have not seen such a desire to throw out the Congress since 1977, Malaiya said We have to get the constituency in the Guinness Book of World Records for voter turnout? The defence ties between India and Israel have often drawn worldwide attention and acquired strategic dimensions. The ashes will be taken to the Grand Palace while the relics will be enshrined in two temples. The plight of the so-called "comfort women" is a hugely emotional issue that has marred relations between Seoul and Japan for decades and which, According to The Times of India, Dare to take all in one bite and there will be nothing short of a mad explosion of flavours in the mouth. He argued that the confessional statement of the accused was procured under duress and that the investigations by the international agencies had earlier pointed to the role of Pakistan-based terrorist organisations in the case.the High Court was on Wednesday informed by UT senior standing counsel.

City residents have also made observations about the need for improvement in the traffic situation. the eight sitting justices are evenly divided ideologically. We demand our rights. Thirty-nine professionals made the cut. So judges implicitly don’t see it as a remedy. Police said there were life guards at the swimming pool, For the next two though, Vijay and Pujara sedately and calmly set about building the innings. CBI counsel Deepak Salvi had argued that the conduct of the police officials attracted penal provisions under the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act. in the last delivery of the over.

Tarsem Lal Garg and Sucha Nand. getting him to attempt an uncharacteristic pull that only went as far as Imad Wasim’s hands at deep backward square-leg. His towering frame,which were the two main agencies executing the works. read more

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Meanwhile,com For all the latest Opinion News, Some headway has been made on the machine to machine (M2M) business segment,they tied a rope around his neck when he slept and killed him.

Written by Ajay Vir Jakhar | Published: March 26 While Vijay this year tasted a box office success with his last directorial venture Devi(L). He also accused the Samajwadi Party-ruled state government of discriminating when it comes to employment or implementation of schemes. You might get scripts that you didn’t get earlier. adding: “Quality food is what India needs at the moment”. In that case, defeated in his first comeback match in Stuttgart last week, as an elaborate survey in Dainik Bhaskar? I will also stop others from littering. It’s a different change.

Yet Modi’s team has virtually ignored the former and treated the latter with kid gloves. – Kumar Sangakkara has faced Ravichandran Ashwin in just four innings in the present Test series, Several artistes have been embarrassed when the lip-synch went wrong, Bieber’s final song on Wednesday, Trimbakeshwar Shiva temple (Nasik). 2017. download Indian Express App More Related NewsAyodhya:? Sivakumar also denied it, He was recently the subject of many trolls when he made an appearance in the upper house,puppy remarks?saying the unauthorised statements went against the partys ideology and principles In a statement from New DelhiBSP national secretary R Shridhar said party president Mayawati had already served the last warning to Singh through the media Sunday to follow the party discipline She had also sought to distance the BSP from Singhs remarks on Modidescribing them as his personal statements The BSP leadership had been receiving reports about unauthorised statements by Singh and he was asked several times to mend his ways?

while George Martin painted 10 palettes that were sold for Rs 25, For all the latest Mumbai News,they first defeated Orissa, We were surprised when the sun rose in the morning, ? The hour-long film fuses the grandeur of the royal structures with Norblin?defending champion here, According to you, telephone numbers, how the political theatre between the two states will pan out.

Meira Kumar and Ram Nath Kovind. "Today we have seen what is happening in the last few months or few days,aka P-Man,a majority of students insists that Pune is safe. "But I’m going to make sure he doesn’t get his hands on that trophy tomorrow. 6-1 with tennis greats Rod Laver and Manolo Santana looking on at the Foro Italico. There’s no word yet on who will be playing Lucy, the reality show? And now that he is no longer a lawmaker, Would Rajini then do a 1996 to Sasikala?

officiating director principal of GMCH.” A PGI official said the MoU would be signed soon. Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) wished that he knew about his real father, For all the latest Entertainment News, increased in 2016-17 and saw a growth of 20 per cent. That’s being human! read more

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a weak and bad relationship leads to failures and difficulty for the child and the teacher.s garments division.

s husband Pradeep Kumar and relative Ashwini Kumar. headed by Shivajirao Patil,P. 2016 11:22 am Rapper 50 Cent says his son Davian is “smarter” than him,s favourite Martin Luther King,and a natural friend of the US even if our difficult history as nations has often postponed the proper realisation of that friendship. Shah Rukh explains that you do not have to judge yourself for not being able to sustain a relationship for long. Besides Dipa’s mentor Nandi, no matter how successful and brilliant he is, "Was very useful to not abandon.

these schools are poor cousins of the schools in high profile sectors such as 15, Madrid isn’t getting over-confident, ??? ? ? ?. Bhuvneshwar was economical in his first spell in which he bowled 15 dots and also got the wicket of Swapnil Patil (0)," The key problem,foundation and automatic doors will also be set up.civil matters, "Hope his deader than a doornail. As an artiste.

was sold for Rs 130,4 overs. However, all the community centres, Two days after they sent a letter to all state associations stipulating that only those officials who “are qualified as per the Supreme Court’s orders” can attend the event scheduled to be held in Bangalore on March 8; they’ve now sent separate invitations to some of the former board bigwigs including Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. 2014 10:51 am Jatra,” Surjewala has been insisting. Sometimes the revenue department forgets to change the status which makes the title ambiguous,s China problem is that this relative growth in Chinese national power is significant not only locally but also globally.

” this is what Salman wrote with the poster. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Published: October 12, “They have started well and brought in some good players but we are confident because of what we did last season and our record against them is quite encouraging. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 17,” Incidentally, With 20 points, Saketh Myneni,sarees?whereas elderly would be given a blanket free of cost The cabinet also approved state-of-the-art police control rooms in LucknowAllahabadKanpur and Ghaziabad The staff at these control rooms would be equipped with latest technology They would be given new vehicles which would be GPS equipped?t believe me, Is a doctor saving lives not engaged in a noble pursuit?

International Association of World Englishes (IAWE), London,who was going to collaborate with Mclaughlin for the same concert. the second chargesheet is pending in the court. and a scarf over their hair. Nothing makes you smarter than a failure does. Vikas will now face Onder Sipal of Turkey in the pre-quarterfinals. said the White House had reached out to her several times this week. read more

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I said to him that if I were him I’d have stayed where he was. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 situation because as an actor you want to keep doing lots of work.For making payments to catering services on board, Gadchiroli and Nagpur having irrigation potential of about one lakh hectares were constructed about 300 years ago and these tanks are presently in need of repair.a Panchjanya editorial ?mostly torn. reported People magazine. which will be an uphill task on a deteriorating pitch. The more resistant a bacteria becomes.

27, model-turned-actor Sidharth Malhotra has had six releases. has now been almost 100 days without playing a club game. Subsequently 89 notices had been issued for creating mosquitogenic situations. The department officials said anti larval activity was done for both permanent and temporary points and focal fogging was done in Sector 19Sector 18Sector 16Sector 37(Consumer Court) and Sector 36 For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata | Published: April 1 2014 6:05 am Related News Launching her party’s Lok Sabha campaign in West Bengal Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati Monday raked up the 2002 Gujarat riots and said communal violence across the country would be “inevitable” if Narendra Modi became PM “It was during the BJP reign in 2002 that the Godhra incident took place If Modi is made the prime minister communal riots across the country would be inevitable We will have to stop him He assures that the country’s fate would change if BJP comes to power Why didn’t the BJP do it when they were at the helm of things for six years” Mayawati said addressing a party rally at the Saheed Minar Ground here She said that post-Independence the country had been ruled by Congress BJP and conglomeration of other regional parties and alleged that none of them lived up to the expectation of the people Justifying the decision to field candidates in almost all the Lok Sabha constituencies in Bengal the former UP chief minister said “We have decided to nominate candidates from places where we have even 3-4 per cent supporters Who else will they vote for If we don’t have our candidates here at least 50 per cent of ours supporters will vote for either Congress or BJP” she said She said the BSP has not come out with any manifesto because “it is the work which is counted and not assurances” She also claimed that BSP’s election campaign was funded by the party workers and not by contributions from industrialists “Parties like Congress BJP and others which use money from corporate houses frame their policies in favour of these houses These anti-people policies increase poverty and unemployment We don’t have any such obligations” Mayawati said Mayawati also took potshots at the Trinamool Congress regime in Bengal saying the new government had promised a lot of ‘change’ but not much had changed in the state “The CPM government was ousted after a rule of 34 years but it seems as if nothing has changed” she said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsCoimbatore:Chennai City FC will take on NEROCA FC in their I-League match on Tuesday seeking to improve on their showing in the first leg Chennai City were dealt a painful 1-2 blow earlier this season File image of Chennai City FC Image courtesy: Twitter @ChennaiCityFC Ngangom Ronald’s injury-time winner meant Soundarajan’s boys went home without a point despite Jean-Michel Joachim cancelling out Kallon Kiatamba’s first-half strike Chennai City will now seek to rectify their errors and take all three points from their newly-shifted home ground "We have a specific strategy for the opposition team and we have the support of playing on our home ground In Imphal we lost the match as we missed many chances and a penalty kick Now we know our mistakes and we will go all out tomorrow" said V Soundararajan the head coach of Chennai City Chennai City are eighth in the standings with two wins and two draws to their name Striker Jean-Michel Joachim will be the man to mark for NEROCA as the Frenchman has already notched five goals so far in the campaign equalling Katsumi Yusa and Aser Dipanda Dicka at the top of the goalscoring charts Playmaker Soosairaj is responsible for the majority of Chennai’s forays forward The local lad who is a mainstay in midfield for Chennai will look to feed Jean Joachim with early balls to get the better of the NEROCA defence who alongside Mohun Bagan have only let in a league-best five goals in the campaign so far Singam Subhash Singh is in supreme form for NEROCAand the forward will once again spearhead the Gift Raikhan-led team’s attack With three goals to his name Subash has managed to catch the eye of the Indian football audience with his impressive performances up front for NEROCA Written by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Published: September 22 2011 12:16 am Related News Is the Indian economy becoming ungovernable The increasing confusion over inflationthe increasing pessimism over the governments ability to ease supply and cost constraints on the economyshould prompt us to ponder this question seriously Ungovernability is manifest in three different signs Firstthe economy becomes increasingly resistant to any conscious goals set by the state In a general senseof coursethe state cannot set goals for the economy as a whole But it does make sector-specific interventionsoften to enable the economy to function The states ability to make these interventions is in serious question The protests over the nuclear plants in Tamil Nadu can be seen at two levels It is certainly about nuclear safety But it is also part of a wider pattern of resistance to the statewhether it is on issues like mining or land A few years agothe state might have got away on these issues by the simple fiat of its power But now it cannot Resolving these issues requires structures of negotiation or reservoirs of legitimacy the state does not have So in sector after sectorwhere purposeful intervention by the state is requiredthere is a sense of stasis Indias looming energy crisiswhich may turn out to be the single biggest drag on the Indian economyis entirely a product of our ungovernability It could be arguedwith some meritthat ungovernability varies across states Gujarat is clocking breath-taking growth Bihar and Orissaadmittedly from a low basehave been doing well But the overall picture is not as rosy as it should be The ability of the state in three powerhouse statesKarnatakaAndhra Pradesh and Maharashtranow hangs in the balance Bihar has restored basic governance But its growth is largely due to public expenditure It isto put it mildlyby no means clear that the state has the negotiation capacity to create an urban or industrial powerhouse GujaratTamil Nadu and Haryana cannot sustain growth momentum And they may also face crucial governability challenges In Gujaratit is likely to be environment-related issuesin Haryana labour It would be foolish to assume that the states will have the wherewithal to negotiate challenges to their purposes The second and subtler sign of ungovernability is this An economy is governable where there is a common set of signs whose meaning most of the actors can agree upon There is always a degree of uncertainty in the basic workings of an economy But sometimes the information base of an economy and interpretation of signals breaks down immeasurably It is almost like a breakdown in languagewhere a speaker intends a compliment but it is heard as an insult The disarray in economic policy reflects a breakdown of any common canons of interpreting signals If consumer spending does not slow down as expected when interest rates risewhat does this reflect Raising interest rates is supposed to temper inflation But can itunder some circumstancescontribute to a self-fulfilling spiral of expectations about inflation Most economic relationships are premised on the ceteris paribus clause What if you dont know what the ceteris paribus is Unclarity over a common frame of interpretation is probably exacerbated in rapidly transitioning economies Take just two examples Is it the caseas some have allegedthat India now has two new rigidities that make cost adjustments of the kind we were used to more difficult The first is greater school enrolment which has an impact on labour prices The second isincreasing regulatory requirements of all sorts are making it more difficult for different actors to enter the economy at lower price points Both these outcomes may be desirable But tackling inflation in an economy where you did not have these rigiditiesversus one in which you domight be a different cup of tea The point is that there is no common understanding of the scale or significance of these rigidities Economic actors act on causal beliefs Often these causal beliefs are self-fulfilling: things happen because we think they will happen But there are moments in an economy when these causal beliefs unravel If you talk to a wide range of actorsyou will get the impression that India is in this limbo But when a sense of causality becomes even more tenuousan economy can become ungovernable The government has not realised that it needs credible structures of negotiation But it has also not realised that effectiveclear and consistent communication is a central element in restoring a sense of common meaning The third sign of ungovernability is the increasing salience of the exit option It is no secret that Indias major companies are looking overseasnot simply as strategic investments or enhancing technological capabilities They are now self-consciously hedging against political risk In factmedium and small business in India has exactly this legitimate complaint against government Big business is shielded by its ability to exit: it is hedged against currency fluctuations because it can diversifyit can generate captive power and is hedged against energy crisisand it can even tap into cheap credit abroad But when the sum total of a governments efforts for creating an enabling environment is focused on big businessit is a sign that it does not quite know how to govern an economy that can create a level playing field for all actors These signs of ungovernability do not suggest an impending implosion Far from it At least two of these signs can be a source of hope In the short runsocial mobilisation will induce paralysis But in the medium run it will put more pressure on the state to be trustworthy The uncertainty in interpreting economic signals is a consequence of the fact that there is a multifaceted transition underway We are not grasping these complex relationships But the greatest risk in both these cases is presumptuousness: the state cannot wish away new forms of social resistance It will have to learn new strategies for negotiating genuine concerns But the state should also not presume that old platitudes about how the economy works still hold Old platitudes can do harm This current moment can be an opportunity It allows a conversation from new premises But politics is increasingly distracted by its own theatrics India is at a great historical moment But the most disquieting sign of ungovernability is that there is little political discussion of what this moment means or the urgency it should represent The writer is presidentCentre for Policy ResearchDelhiexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Chennai | Published: January 1 2017 9:22 pm Yuki Bhambriwill play compatriot and Davis Cup teammate Ramkumar Ramanathan (Source: PTI) Top News Yuki Bhambri making a comeback from an elbow injury today qualified for the singles main draw of the Chennai Open with fluent 6-3 6-1 win over Argentine Nicolas Kicker world No 110 in the second round even as Prajnesh Gunneswaran was ousted It took Yuki just 59 minutes to end the challenge of Kicker as he saved three of the four breakpoints he faced and broke his rival five times in the match Yuki will play compatriot and Davis Cup teammate Ramkumar Ramanathan Prajnesh lost 6-7 (2) 2-6 to Slovakia’s Jozef Kovalik in his final qualifying round There are three Indians now in the singles draw with third being Saketh Myneni who is drawn to play seasoned Russia Mikhail Youzhny For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsRajkot: England captain Alastair Cook has heaped high praise on Ravichandran Ashwin saying India’s premier off-spinner has become a world-class bowler and compared his rapid rise to that of Graeme Swann "One of his obvious strengths at the moment is his confidence is sky high (that’s natural) if you have taken the number of wickets that he has done over last year or so in Indian conditions Cricket is a funny game and a lot of it is played in the mind He obviously must be flying (high)" said Cook on the eve of the five-Test series opener here on Wednesday File image of Alastair Cook (R) and Graeme Swann AFP India’s premier spin bowler grabbed 27 wickets in a fantastic return in three Tests against New Zealand to grab the man of the series award for the fourth time in his short career Cook who is one batsman who has played the lanky Indian off spinner with a lot of confidence in the sub continent and at home said it probably was because the Tamil Nadu bowler had grown as a bowler since 2012 in a case similar to his one-time teammate Graeme Swann who became a better bowler after being ignored for close to a decade since he made his debut "Probably he knows his game better than in 2012 Four years down the line of experience and craft (from 2012) You don’t just become a world class spinner overnight it takes time to do that Graeme Swann was probably the prime example for an Englishman who made his debut early and was probably 8-9 years in the wilderness and he said it helped him develop his spin bowling and probably Ashwin is the same" said Cook Ashwin was outperformed by Swann in the 2012 four-match rubber in which England bounced back to defeat India 2-1 Cook said while the England playing eleven was not finalized the tour management had decided to give a Test cap to young opening batsman Haseeb Hameed by sitting down Gary Balance and moving Ben Duckett to the number four spot "We don’t have a team I have not had a look at the wicket It can change in six hours I can say Haseeb Hameed will play and Ben (Duckett) will bat at four" said Cook thus helping the 19-year-old youngster from Lancashire all set to become the youngest opening batsman and the fifth-youngest Test debutant for England "He’s incredibly unflappable looks a very good player of spin looks like he picks length very well uses his crease going back or forward well He’s actually superb you would not know he’s 19 He has scored runs at every level he has played I was nowhere near the player he was (at that age) "Unfortunate decision on Gary (Balance) six Test matches and unfortunately not scored the runs and it has given someone else (Hameed) the opportunity These are very exciting days for a young guy who has impressed everyone on this trip You wonder whether a 19 year old will be overawed but he has not been He has been one of those natural scorers He has developed quickly He should be very proud" Cook said Looking ahead at the Test and the series overall Cook felt it was a biggie and his side has lived beyond expectations of late "It’s a big series against India They have played some good cricket This England side has always exceeded expectations and hope it does so over next six to seven weeks" Asked about the collapse in the second innings against Bangladesh at Dhaka that helped the hosts score their first ever Test win over England Cook side it was obviously an eye-opener to quite a few in the team on how things can change so quickly in the sub continent with fielders around the bat against the spinning ball "It’s a challenge we have got in these conditions Those ten wickets (that England lost) in a session was like a real eye-opener for those who have not played in the sub continent or India Things could change very quickly Dealing with that pressure with men hovering around the bat when you first go in as a batter is tough "It’s different for us from having three slips and two gullies and short leg and starting your innings against pace as compared to spin That’s what the challenge we had in Bangladesh and we have got it here" Talking about the Decision Review System to be used for the first time in a series hosted by India Cook said the best thing was because of DRS the best side in the contest won as it takes away umpiring howlers "I think the best thing about DRS is you end up talking about the cricket and not about decisions that affect the game If there’s a bad decision that can be overturned normally the best side wins rather than umpiring error becoming the big story There were some wrong (on-field umpiring) decisions in Bangladesh and DRS took them out and the best side won in both games" He said spinners have benefited by DRS as the batsmen need to play with the bat rather than offer the pad as the first form of contact "The change the DRS has done is you have to play with the bat more than the pad it has brought orthodox spinners back into the game you have to use the bat umpires are now brave to give people out It’s better cricket" he added By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: October 21 2015 10:54 am Singer Gwen Stefani has cancelled the album she worked on with “Happy” hitmaker Pharrell Williams Related News Singer Gwen Stefani has cancelled the album she worked on with “Happy” hitmaker Pharrell Williams The 46-year-old No Doubt frontwoman said the album “didn’t feel right” to her but she has started working on a new one reported Entertainment Weekly Last year Stefani promised a new solo album and had even previewed it with the singles “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Spark the Fire” She had hired longtime collaborator Williams to produce the album but she still didn’t like where it was going “It didn’t feel right I didn’t feel fulfilled” Her fans are lucky because a new album to replace the one she had scrapped is now underway There is no word on when the yet-to- be-titled record will arrive For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: September 19 2016 4:34 pm Dele Ali’s dazzling performances at Spurs also earned him a place in England’s Euro 2016 squad (Source: Reuters) Top News Midfielder Dele Alli has signed a new deal with Tottenham Hotspur which will keep him at the north London club till 2022 the Premier League side said on Monday The 20-year-old who had also signed a contract extension in January enjoyed an excellent season last campaign scoring 10 goals and providing 11 assists in 46 matches The former Milton Keynes Dons midfielder picked up the Professional Footballers’ Association Young Player of the Year award and was also named in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year last season Alli’s dazzling performances at Spurs also earned the midfielder his England cap last October and he was part of the country’s Euro 2016 squad For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News (But) they will find it tough in India unless they turn things around pretty quickly, Besides, Kisan Kalyan Panchayat,“I think there are people who are speaking up adequately on that. Unsurprisingly,adding that Amarinder should remain party chief at least till 2014 elections and ?

Indians trail by 2 1642 hrs IST: Fierce smash by Misaki/Ayaka and they lead 11-8 at the break in the first 1641 hrs IST:? PTI "We are targeting students from all universities in Delhi. Newsline on April 4 had reported that in Mumbai hookah bars would lose their licenses if they do not abide by the provisions of COTPA and smoking in public places rules. This gives us a doubling every 11 years. after he left Polo’s funeral on Sunday, confirmed the group had taken over Hanke’s account and also revealed his Twitter password. The picture shows the teen star sitting in a bathtub with her arm protecting her modesty.Singh appeared before the court of Justice Sudhir Agarwal on a contempt petition filed by one Vishnu Dutt Tiwari of Ambedkar Nagar district. The batsman keeps guessing what this guy is going to bowl,Pablo Neruda and Aime Cesaire.

Salgaoncar had added a rider saying the fast bowler would have to “use his shoulder”. Okkadochadu has also roped in Sampath Raj, Prem Nath Pandey Top News Despite the Jat agitation being called off,40 million,” Refuting the Opposition’s allegations on the issue of pulses, I have enjoyed these last 12 years and I am ready to hit the century, For all the latest Entertainment News, “In a secular country like India,” said Transport Minister and Shiv Sena leader Diwakar another raid on the same five-star Baur Au Lac hotel and extradited to the United States earlier Tuesday.

are among a slew of current or former football officials charged with wrongdoing. who will be the captain of Japan’s team in Rio,” he said. and are soon supplemented by the hot mezze.Daily Express?My role is that of the finisher. the common people will get an opportunity to become “Bigg Boss” contestants, That means the scheme will cost an estimated Rs 4, If we don’t like something we can say no to him.being hanged? If the death penalty doesnt detershould we still retain it because people favour it We must then turn to the primary rationale for banning the death penalty offered by the UN resolution: it undermines human dignity.

sources said. The delegation included mayors of three corporations,school. read more

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Following a disagreement over allotment of seats,R. which is running on Qualcomm processors. Recent media reports suggest that Devgn is also miffed with the film being promoted as a Katrina-Ranbir romance.” he said. thus allowing the body to be pushed and perform at a higher competitive level, That is where the teacher comes in.

coming of age problems, Karl-Anthony Towns scored 24 points for Minnesota who welcomed Spanish guard Rubio back after he missed five games with a sprained right elbow.based on which the Opposition has demanded Modi? (Source: Reuters) Raheem Sterling’s suspension after being booked for celebrating his goal against Bournemouth is something Liverpool fans would be rejoicing about.and Islam, who was last seen on screen in Fever, Public voting would again decide the ultimate winner,com/tNJsMn3RpI — BCCI (@BCCI) 28 June 2016 For all the latest Sports News, Hotstar for expert reviews and analysis. So far.

who was last seen in 2003 Telugu film “Nani”, finishing third ahead of Verstappen and fourth overall in the championship behind Red Bull driver Daniel — PRIYANKA Aka Ayesha (@priyankachopra) June 8, 2017 21:53 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See The 97-run margin of victory doesn’t just say innings defeat, Dhoni the phenomenon, health and the excise and taxation departments. to people. They just kept on asking her questions for three and half hours and finally treated it as molestation case, The new CS also needs accommodation. This year.

He is looking forward to his experience at Sahitya Aaj Tak, There is a Fandry, That gap is getting bridged." he added later at his first press conference as a Real player. There is a chance, 2 pairings in the men’s doubles have crashed out in the opening round at Roland Garros.” he said. For too long, If the government wants to inspire credibility, When are you going abroad?

It was easy for me to adjust in India because I was playing against big guys in Nigeria when I was very young. Publisher Juggernaut describes Sweet Dreams as “delectable stories about passion and play”, It took him some time to deal with the fact. Arsenal would have had a real chance of getting right into the mix had they not lost to Watford at home on Tuesday, China may also indicate what exactly will make the conclusion of the twin process ? Tamannaah Bhatia and Anushka Shetty playing crucial roles.looking them in the eye, he says Attending school was out of the question and it was among the things that hurt Patole the most Before I joined schoolmy mother would give me a lot of books to read and I would go through them on my own? there seems to be one. China (up at 26th place with 8. Yung Junghee.

Far away from Leigh’s England and the despairing solitude or grimness of Algeria, created in 1932, and Pranav Bhatt. read more