Amazon loses more forest while carbonneutral movement grows UN says

“Our Amazonia is changing at an accelerated rate with very profound modifications in its ecosystems,” the eight Amazonian countries declared in the GEO Amazonia report, supported by UNEP and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO). Despite the development of national programmes to manage the region’s ecosystems, economic activities, infrastructure construction, and human settlements are still decimating the great rain forest, vital to keeping atmospheric carbon down.The report says that by 2005, 857,666 square kilometres of the forest had been transformed, reducing vegetation cover by approximately 17 per cent, equal to two-thirds of Peru or 94 per cent of Venezuela.It recommends that the countries of the area – Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela – harmonize their efforts for sustainable utilization of the Amazonian ecosystems.It also called on them to bolster their environmental institutions, boost their information campaigns, promote the economic value of sustainability and create a monitoring and evaluation system for all policies, programmes and projects.Meanwhile, UNEP announced today that Copenhagen, Denmark, which will host the crucial UN Climate Change Conference in less than 300 days, has become the 100th member of the Climate Change Network (CN Net).Launched a year ago, the CN Net brings together a wide range of participants, including countries, cities, major international companies, UN agencies and leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs), UNEP said.“One year on, the unfolding financial and environmental crises make the CN Net more relevant than ever before as a showcase of both the promise and viability of the low-carbon development model which goes hand-in-hand with the emerging Green Economy initiatives around the globe,” UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said at the agency’s annual Governing Council meeting, taking place this week in Nairobi.UNEP added that Copenhagen, under its vision of becoming a “climate capital of the world,” has already cut its CO2 emissions by one-fifth since 1990 and has pledged another 20 per cent cut by 2015.The city will play host to a music and arts festival in September to be run entirely on renewable energy, including a dance party in which stationary bike teams will generate power for the sound system and ‘piezoelectricity’ created by dancing crowds will light up the dance floor.In a related development, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said today that experts at a Geneva conference urged the world maritime shipping fleet to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of seaborne vessels, adding that dealing with climate change is a priority that should not be undermined by other concerns such as the current global financial crisis. Engines of seaborne vessels now contribute between 1.6 and 4.1 per cent of the global output of CO2, speakers said at the three-day meeting entitled: “Maritime transport and the climate-change challenge.” 19 February 2009New releases from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today show two sides of the human effect on climate change, with a report revealing hastened degradation of the earth’s largest forest zone and the Danish city of Copenhagen becoming the 100th member of a climate-friendly network. read more

Lankan national held in Tiruchi for smuggling gold

In all, 1,070 grams was seized from him. The value of the contraband has been put at Rs. 28.19 lakh.He was a frequent flyer to Chennai and Tiruchi, sources further said. A Sri Lankan national was arrested by the Customs authorities at the international airport in Tiruchi after he was found smuggling a little over one kg of gold in various shapes in the rectum.The Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of the Customs caught Prasad Indika (43) after he landed in Tiruchi from Colombo by a Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL-133 last afternoon, The Hindu newspaper reported. During inquiry, it was found he had concealed the gold in his rectum. The concealed gold was in various shapes — in cylindrical form besides a couple of gold biscuits, a chain and a ring, sources said. Airport sources said the officials grew suspicious by his walking style and detained him for questioning. read more

Banks honour Flaherty with donations

Ahead of the visitation today for Jim Flaherty, Canada’s five largest banks have announced they’re donating $200,000 each to the Abilities Centre in Whitby to honour him.The former finance minister and MP for Whitby-Oshawa died in his Ottawa condo last Thursday. His death came less than a month after he announced his retirement from politics.The visitation will be held at the Abilities Centre in Whitby — a facility Flaherty was passionate about supporting — from 12:30 until 4:00 this afternoon, and again tonight from 6:30 to 8:00.

UN peacekeepers exempted from war crimes prosecution for another year

Currently, members of UN peacekeeping missions from nations that have not ratified the Rome Statute – the treaty that established the International Criminal Court (ICC) – are immune from investigation or prosecution under a Council resolution adopted unanimously a year ago. Today’s decision, adopted by a vote of 12 in favour, with France, Germany and Syria abstaining, extends that exemption each 1 July for another 12 months, unless the Council decides otherwise.The ICC was inaugurated in early March in The Hague with the swearing in of its 18 judges, and will have jurisdiction over the most serious crimes, including war crimes, genocide, mass murder, rape, torture, and, once defined, the crime of aggression. The Rome Statute entered into force 1 July 2002, and the Court’s authority will cover only crimes committed after that date. The Statute, signed by nearly 140 States and ratified by 90, gives the court jurisdiction over individuals no matter the nationality of the accused.In Council debates last year, the United States said it would not expose its personnel serving in UN peacekeeping missions to the additional risk of politicized prosecutions before the ICC and subsequently, Washington temporarily blocked a full renewal of a UN operation in Bosnia.A handful of non-Council nations that have ratified the Rome Statute – Canada, Jordan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand and Switzerland – called for today’s public meeting, saying that the proposed renewal of the resolution had “implications of direct import” to UN Member States relating to international peacekeeping, fundamental questions of international law, and the Council’s role in promoting law and accountability.Speaking at the outset of the meeting, Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the Council that although he could accept that the request for a one-year extension should be approved this year, since the court is in its infancy, he believes it should not become permanent, and that it violates the Rome Statute. He said he did not believe the request for an extension was necessary because no UN peacekeeper had been “anywhere near committing the kind of crimes” falling under the ICC’s jurisdiction, and the case was thus hypothetical and “highly improbable.”Opening the debate, Ambassador Paul Heinbecker of Canada appealed to the Council to keep the exemption from becoming permanent and emphasized that “the ICC is not a court for frivolous prosecutions.” He noted safeguards put in the treaty at the US’s request to ensure that such prosecutions will be screened out. The ICC’s principal purpose was to “try humanity’s monsters” – the perpetrators of heinous crimes. It was distressing, therefore, that the Council, purporting to act in the name of Member States, today appeared to come down on the side of impunity, and for the most serious of international crimes. Ambassador Tim McIVor of New Zealand saw no need for the provision of immunity under the Court, and said the combination of events that would necessitate such action seemed unlikely last year, as they did now. He hoped that now that the Court was fully established, the Council would, in future, draw comfort from its effective and responsible operation and, accordingly, see no need to continue that resolution.Jordan’s Ambassador, Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, said as a State party to the Rome Statute, Jordan was mindful of the tensions the Council had been through over the last 10 months and did not wish to create further discomfort. Still, he was concerned about how the resolution attempted to elevate an entire category of people to a point above the law. He joined others in the belief that the Council should not be rewriting treaties previously negotiated by all the wider international community.Ambassador Jeno C.A. Staehelin of Switzerland said it was very worrying to see the Council adopt a resolution that limited the scope of a treaty that was both in force and in full conformity with the UN Charter. He disagreed both with the principle and the modalities of the previous resolution on the issue and stressed that far from contradicting each other, the Court and peacekeeping operations complemented each other. The fight against impunity must become more universal, he said and the more it was pursued in a cooperative spirit, the more effective it would be.Reiterating his country’s objection to the automatic renewal of the “deeply flawed” immunity clause, Ambassador Christian Wenaweser of Liechtenstein said the Council was not competent to adopt and interpret international treaties and, by attempting to do so, weakened the system established by the UN Charter.Prior to the vote, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative, Munir Akram, stressed that UN peacekeepers should not be exposed to any arbitrary or unilateral action by any national or international body. That possibility could further reduce incentives for Member States to offer personnel for peacekeeping forces. No matter how unlikely the circumstances described in the text, he supported its objective. Despite his support of the resolution, he strongly adhered to the position that the Council was not empowered to unilaterally amend or abrogate international treaties and agreements freely entered into by sovereign States.Iya Tidjani of Cameroon said the ICC undeniably strengthened the ability of existing structures in peacekeeping and international security, primarily the Council itself. It was important that the two bodies – the ICC and the Council – cooperate and complement each other. As the Council prepared to renew its previous resolution, Cameroon would reaffirm that those who had the mission to establish peace and security were obligated to endow peacekeeping with respect for international legality and for life. He hoped the renewal exercise would not become a routine, which would have consequences for the credibility of the ICC and the Council itself.After the vote, British Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock, said both resolutions were consistent with the ICC Statute and did not undermine the Court nor infringe the integrity of the Rome Statute. The rollover would sustain the ability of the United States to contribute to peacekeeping. The resolution remained deliberately narrow and there was no blanket immunity. Under the circumstances, he regarded its adoption as an acceptable outcome.James Cunningham of the United States said the exemption in the text was consistent with the UN Charter and the Rome Statute, as well as with the principle of international law that required a State’s consent if it was to be bound. The resolution did not affect the parties to the Court or to the Rome Statute itself, as some had suggested. Nor did it elevate an entire category of people above the law. It was not always easy to recruit contributors to peacekeeping. It was important that Member States not add concern about ICC jurisdiction to the difficulty of participating. Moreover, the ICC did not operate in the same democratic and constitutional context as the United States and, thus, had no right to deprive United States citizens of their freedom.France’s Deputy Permanent Representative, Michel Duclos, who abstained in the vote, said the Council’s previous resolution on the ICC was not a commitment for automatic renewal, and had stipulated that one-year renewals be continued “only for as long as necessary.” The resolution was worded in such a way as to encourage judgement of the advisability of renewing the resolution. The ICC, which now had 90 States parties, had now become a reality, he said. The Court’s professionalism would be judged according to the work it did, and the competence of Court members would lend the Court its credibility. Any perception of permanency attached to the resolution could only weaken the Court’s authority.Ambassador Gunter Pleuger of Germany, which also abstained, said the ICC was not an impediment to peacekeeping, but a safeguard. It was an institution designed to prevent impunity and could play an important role in protecting peacekeeping in the execution of their missions. The judges and the Prosecutor of the ICC had, meanwhile, been elected. Germany was confident that experience would show that the ICC was going to work impartially, justly and without politically motivated misuse.Ambassador Inocencio Arias of Spain said it should not be taken for granted that invoking Article 16 to renew resolution 1422 would become a regular practice. The Council would have to make a study of circumstances that could vary in the future. However, it could still consider possible renewals, if that became necessary in accordance with the resolution.Syria’s Ambassador Mikhail Wehbe, also abstaining from the vote, said there was no justification to renew resolution 1422 this year. Some 11 months had passed since the adoption of the resolution, and no need had arisen during that time requiring the Council to continue giving permanent immunity to one State. He was fully confident that peacekeeping forces in many parts of world were assumed to be above suspicion of perpetrating crimes considered by the ICC as crimes of war or genocide. Renewing resolution 1422 would serve to weaken the Court’s role in prosecuting those who had perpetrated heinous crimes.Rayko Raytchev of Bulgaria said while he was sensitive to all legitimate concerns of countries involved in peacekeeping operations, he continued to support the effective functioning of the ICC as a court with universal jurisdiction to combat and prevent crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. While the search for compromise should not lead to the weakening of important treaties, Council members must act in the spirit of compromise and understanding and work to find a solution that was acceptable to all, he said.Angola’s representative, Julio Helder de Moura Lucas, that the scope of resolution 1422 had not affected the present and future development of international criminal law or the ability of the UN to conduct operations to restore international peace and security. Neither had the text created a precedent of interference by the Security Council in the sovereign rights of Member States in their prosecuting capacities of repugnant crimes. The international community must ensure that the ICC was not undermined or weakened and that it fulfilled its mandate. Paul Zoumanigui of Guinea said the support of his country for the renewal of resolution 1422 should not be considered support for its automatic renewal year after year.Wang Yingfan of China said his country supported the ICC as an independent, effective and universal court. Today’s debate had been useful, and he hoped the parties concerned would study the relevant questions and find appropriate solutions before the issue came up again next year.The Council’s President, Ambassador Sergey Lavrov of the Russian Federation, speaking in his national capacity, said the concerns of some States parties were understandable. He hoped that the practical work of the court, which had just begun, would be successful and not only strengthen the positions of its unconditional supporters, but help dispel questions about its effectiveness and impartiality. He said that, since the ICC was not yet universal, it was essential to bear in mind the concerns of those States that were not yet States parties. The issues discussed today had a direct bearing on the Organization and on the conduct of peacekeeping operations, to which the Secretary-General had drawn attention. Listen to UN Radio report read more

UN agency voices concern at mounting number of Afghans displaced by fighting

“We expect further displacement may take place until conditions are safe for the population to return to their homes,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis told a news briefing in Geneva. “This fresh displacement adds new hardship to a population already hosting 116,400 people earlier uprooted by conflict and drought.” Some families were reported to have gone back from Kandahar city to Panjwai and Zhare Dasht in Kandahar province during daylight but to have returned to the city at night as they felt it was too insecure to stay overnight, she added. The Afghan government has created a disaster management committee in Kandahar to coordinate relief efforts together with the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), UNHCR and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), distributing plastic sheeting, blankets and warm clothes for children to approximately 3,200 families in Panjwai and Zhare Dasht.The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is providing food aid. The government is currently assessing the needs of the displaced in the southern provinces and UNHCR is ready to assist when it becomes clear what is required.Meanwhile, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced today that it will conduct a study on violence against education personnel to assess what can be done to improve their safety after last week’s murder of an Afghan women’s rights defender and leading advocate of education for girls, Safia Ama Jan.The study will be dedicated to the memory of Ms Ama Jan, who was gunned down outside her home in Kandahar. “Her courage was an inspiration to us all,” UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura said in a statement. “And her violent death serves as a grim reminder that those working to defend human rights, including and especially women’s rights, the right to education and education for girls, are often working on the front line, with their lives constantly under threat. “National authorities and the international community must stand united against the forces that would seek to destroy the efforts made by people such as Safia Ama Jan.” read more

Students on a mission to share GoodmanSpirit

At orientation, the hashtag #GoodmanSpirit hit a Twitter milestone: it trended Canada-wide for over three hours. Business and accounting students Allison McConnell, Megan Wilson and Kristina Reyes haven’t thought about anything except #GoodmanSpirit since May.That’s when the three students, all team members of the Business Students’ Association (BSA) at the Goodman School of Business, began planning for orientation and #GoodmanSpirit Week.They had a vision of an expanded orientation that would provide first-year students with a comprehensive introduction to Goodman’s student clubs, academic advising, Goodman Career, Goodman exchanges and BioLinc.The Sept. 2 Orientation Day would be complemented with #GoodmanSpirit Week, which, beginning on Sept. 8, would offer a full week of workshops, activities and social events.The trio expected a positive response from students – what happened surpassed their expectations.At orientation, the hashtag #GoodmanSpirit hit a Twitter milestone: it trended Canada-wide for over three hours. The new undergraduate students learned the Goodman cheer in seconds. During the inaugural #GoodmanSpirit Week, more than 600 students took part in the activities and events.For McConnell, who along with Wilson, was the director of events behind #GoodmanSpirit Week, this year’s upswing in school pride was both “overwhelming” and inspiring.“The real focus of this week has just been on spirit. Obviously, there has always been spirit and a positive response among the [students]. This year it really felt like a family.“The whole week was about that lifestyle, getting the community spirit out there, getting the group together. All the stuff we’ve done, all of the initiatives of the BSA and all the various programs under the Goodman name have been really focused on making the first years and the current students feel that they are part of something bigger than just school and classes.”That “something bigger” includes nine Goodman student clubs, peer mentors, case competitions, business clothing and business cards. The student groups are so active that BSA president Aqib Zia anticipates a BSA event every week in this upcoming year.“#GoodmanSpirit Week is just the start. Over the course of the year there will be over 100 events organized for Goodman students. We just want everyone to have the opportunity to get involved and make their experience at Goodman that much better.”Although the excitement surrounding the start of school is over, that doesn’t mean that Wilson, Reyes or McConnell have more free time. McConnell will be running the BSA’s Competitor Development Program, spending her Sundays prepping students for case competitions. And Wilson and Reyes are already focused on the next few events.“O-Week is just the beginning,” Reyes said. “Megan and I are already planning Business Formal [to be held in March]. We’re doing Winter Mixer in November, then we have Recognition Night [to plan for]. It’s just an ongoing thing for us to keep #GoodmanSpirit alive.” read more

Peabody Energy invests 10 million in Arq coaltooil technology

first_imgPeabody Energy and trading firm Vitol have become the latest companies to buy into Arq’s patented coal-to-oil technology.The deals, which could see both investing further over the next three years, will see Peabody identify potential mine sites where Arq can deploy its technology, while Vitol has agreed to distribute Arq Fuel™ globally.Arq said: “For almost 100 years, the energy industry has struggled to find a cost-effective way of upgrading coal into oil. Arq Technology™ represents a major breakthrough in this field, achieved by inventing a low-cost mechanical process for treating coal as a micro-particle system.”The Arq Technology process starts with reclaiming coal waste before moving on to sizing. This creates a micro-particle system through a series of advanced milling techniques to enable the liberation of hydrocarbons from mineral matter.Arq’s proprietary micro-separation technique isolates the hydrocarbon from the mineral matter through advanced chemistry and flotation technology, removing more than 99% of the impurities. A mechanical de-watering and thermal drying process then creates a purified hydrocarbon product containing less than 2% moisture.The resulting product, Arq Fuel, is a new energy source ideal for blending directly into oil products without the need for expensive liquefaction and comes with several environmental benefits, the company said.Arq now has $50 million of equity from investors, meaning it carries a market valuation of over $500 million.The agreement with Vitol will see the trading company blend Arq Fuel into fuel oil and crude oil, working to position the product as a low-cost blending component with specific customers, according to Arq. These are initially envisaged to include consumers of fuel oil and, subject to ongoing testing, refineries.Arq’s first plant in Corbin, Kentucky (pictured), is nearing completion, with Arq Fuel expected to be available in early 2019.Julian McIntyre, Founder and CEO of Arq, said: “Our goal at Arq is to produce the lowest cost hydrocarbon products on the planet. We can only do this by building a coalition of industry partners, who share our perspective that technology will be the catalyst in unlocking value in a changing energy landscape.“These partnerships are a validation of our products and technology and a major milestone towards realising our ambition.”Charles Meintjes, Executive Vice President – Corporate Services and Chief Commercial Officer of Peabody, said: “We believe our partnership with Arq represents a rare opportunity to add value to our product, reduce our environmental footprint and expand the market for our product at the same time.”last_img read more

Do you find turnbyturn directions a bit boring Try following penguins instead

first_img Source: penguin naviThe aquarium put the decreasing number of visitors down to the volume of distractions in Tokyo that made it harder for people to stumble across their facility.In an attempt to make the penguins movements as accurate as possible, ten different cameras were used to motion capture the penguins in the aquarium. The penguins were then processed into CG and added to the app. Source: penguin naviWatch the full video here [MP4] >The new app has resulted in a 152% increase in visitors to the aquarium. The app is available on iOS and Android as an accessory to the Junaio AR app. The app can be used in Ireland, although you don’t have much hope of making it to the aquarium.However, you can still watch the penguins wobble about on screen.READ: Horses are helping children with disabilities to gain confidence and trust READ: “Don’t swim with this dolphin” islanders warned, as ‘Dusty’ changes location EVER FELT LIKE the turn-by-turn navigation feature of GPS was good, but could do with a little something extra?The Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo, not content with simply giving directions,  have taken the service and added penguins to it. Created as a response to a significant drop off in attendance over the last couple of years, the augmented reality (AR) app was built as a response to the problem, with potential visitors being guided to the facility by a team of penguins.last_img read more

Cuthbert Underdogs Cork need strong referee to police streetwise Mayo

first_img“This year teams have caused them problems and I’d be hopeful that if we can get enough ball we can cause them some problems as well.”Full deckWhile midfielder Andrew O’Sullivan has left the Cork panel — ‘his call’, in Cuthbert’s words — the manager is in the pleasing position of having effectively a full squad to choose from.“We’re fine [regarding injuries],” he said, “we have a very good medical team, very good strength and conditioning coach, we’ve gone through the season largely, with everybody.“Donncha [O’Connor] had a hamstring injury last week, he was going very well but he picked up an injury last Sunday week. We hope he’ll be fine this week. Apart from that there’s only Kevin Crowley, who has a serious injury and who’s out of bounds.”Munster U21 hurling final and Croke Park football battles – here’s this week’s GAA actionJohn Gardiner – Daly’s future, Wexford’s exit while Limerick and Tipperary march on CORK MANAGER BRIAN CUTHBERT has stressed the need for the importance of a strong refereeing display in Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC quarter-final against a ‘streetwise’ Mayo side.The Rebels go into the last-eight clash against the Connacht champions as underdogs and, while Cuthbert has belief that his side can win, he feels that authority from the man in the middle – who has yet to be announced – will be key.“Absolutely, I think the referee’s going to be very important in this game,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to paint our fellas as naive young fellas, but certainly they’re up against a team that’s extremely streetwise — every manager wants their team to be like that.They’re a very streetwise team, they’ve been around the block and they know how to play the game. I think they’re very sure of how they want to play and they’re a difficult team to play against, to be honest.”last_img read more

Taoiseach says perhaps not all the same brands will be on supermarket

first_img 72 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Leah Farrell Short URL THE TAOISEACH LEO Varadkar has warned that there will be checks on goods and live animals “near the Border” in the event of a no-deal Brexit.Speaking at a British Irish Chamber of Commerce event this evening the Taoiseach said that, deal or no-deal, Brexit is not a storm to be weathered but a “permanent change” in the political and economic environment in which the European Union and Britain will exist.Varadkar said that political developments in the UK mean that the risk of a no-deal Brexit is growing and he believes that “there is a possibility we may have to live with no-deal for a period”.He offered a stark assessment of a no-deal scenario, listing some changes that people will notice including no longer being able to pass through the blue channel when flying into Ireland from the UK and customers having to make some adjustments in their shopping basket. “There will still be plenty of food on shelves but perhaps not all of the same brands,” he said. Thursday 5 Sep 2019, 11:09 PM Flights, trains and buses will continue to operate normally for a period but an agreement will be needed for this to continue permanently. He sought to reassure people that he doesn’t foresee any significant changes in medical supplies but tariffs will apply to goods imported into Ireland from the UK and vice versa.“You will need to be registered as an importer/exporter and you will need to make customs declarations. This will be expensive and bureaucratic for business,” he warned. Image: Leah Farrell 31,367 Views Sep 5th 2019, 11:09 PM By Ceimin Burke Taoiseach says ‘perhaps not all the same brands’ will be on supermarket shelves after no-deal Brexit Varadkar offered a stark assessment of a no-deal scenario in a speech this evening. There will be checks on goods and live animals and, as far as possible, they will take place in ports, airports and at businesses.  But some may need to take place near the border.Even if there is a deal the Taoiseach warned that discussions on a new free trade agreement and a new economic and security partnership will be “fraught” and protracted, lasting several years.He said these discussions may make the Withdrawal Agreement negotiations “seem simple”.“Europe and division on Europe will dominate British politics for many years to come. That won’t happen here, we will remain at he heart of Europe,” he said. Share60 Tweet Email1 last_img read more

Plans to lower Washingtons minimum wage could be difficult sell

first_imgOLYMPIA — Efforts to change Washington’s higher minimum wage approved by voters last November face a tough road in the Legislature.But that didn’t keep Sen. Mike Baumgartner from proposing lower wages for teens, for nonprofit workers, and for anyone outside of King County.At a hearing Thursday, the Spokane Republican argued it wouldn’t be unprecedented for both chambers to muster the two-thirds necessary to change an initiative just months after it passed. It’s a difficult sell, but lawmakers did it a few years ago when faced with a tight budget and an expensive mandate from voters to reduce class sizes in public schools.“Real people are losing jobs because of this initiative,” he told the Senate Commerce, Labor and Sports Committee.But opponents countered that workers are starting to earn enough money to support themselves and their families with the higher wages mandated by I-1433. Senate Bill 5530, which would delay the minimum wage hikes for two years in all Washington counties except King County, would cover most of the state’s minimum wage workers, said Misha Wershkul, of the liberal Washington State Budget and Policy Center.That’s more than 500,000 workers statewide, and more than 50,000 in Spokane County, she said.Some lawmakers and other opponents pointed out that another proposal, Senate Bill 5532, which would allow nonprofit organizations to pay a lower minimum wage, would include most of the state’s large hospitals, which are nonprofits with thousands of employees.That’s not the intent, Baumgartner said. He’s interested in helping small nonprofits like Spokane’s Union Gospel Mission, where officials told him last year they’d have to cut back on services for alcohol and drug abuse treatment because of the additional wage costs.last_img read more

Busquets – Barca agree on new contract

first_imgBarcelona’s Sergio Busquets has reached an agreement with the club over a new deal, according to Marca.The club’s vice-captain is closing in on signing a new contract that would see him increase his salary at the club. Busquets signed an extension recently in 2016 and didn’t demand for a new pay rise but the club hierarchy felt the midfielder has earned the right to earn more money at the Camp Nou.The new contract isn’t really an extension for the Spaniard but an improvement in terms of his wages with the length of the contract remaining the same.The 2019/2020 betting odds for La Liga Stuart Heath – August 12, 2019 Going into La Liga kick-off, we take a look at what the bookmakers think.La Liga season is less than a week away and we’re…It runs until June 2021, although Barcelona retain a club option to extend that to the summer of 2023. Busquets’ buy-out clause stands at €200million, a figure that is rather low when you consider the money spent by the Blaugrana on inferior midfielders as recently as the January transfer window.Sergi Roberto’s own contract renewal was finalised in January and this had an embedded buy-out clause of 500 million euros.Simply, the Catalan giants don’t believe Busquets will ever truly push to leave, and this aforementioned bump in pay puts the holding midfielder into the second tier of Barcelona’s squad just below Lionel Messi.last_img read more

Store surveillance captures Walgreens robbery in Lauderhill

first_imgLAUDERHILL, FLA. (WSVN) – Officials have released new video of a robbery that happened at a Walgreens store in Lauderhill.Multiple security cameras were recording inside the store when a gunman entered the Walgreens on West Oakland Park Boulevard and Inverrary Boulevard, Monday evening.According to surveillance cameras, the man approached the front counter and then showed the store employee a handgun he was carrying. He also pointed the gun at the cashier.The terrified employee stood by as the robber walked behind the counter and emptied the register before fleeing the scene.If you have any information on this robbery, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

1 hospitalized after boat catches fire in Fort Lauderdale

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – A 65-year-old man had to be rushed to the hospital after a fire broke out on a boat in Fort Lauderdale.Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue responded to the scene where the vessel was docked near Northwest 56th Court and 27th Avenue, Tuesday afternoon. #Media FLFR is on scene of a 32’ boat fire at 2700 NE 56 ct 1 adult male transported to Broward with burn injuries fire out at this time @FTLCityNews— FLFR PIO (@FtLaudFire) December 4, 2018Crews transported the 65-year-old man to Broward Health Medical Center after he suffered extensive burns to his face and arms.Officials said the man was working on the boat when some kind of explosion occurred.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Has Newsweek Gone Too Liberal

first_imgBut after reading Meacham’s cover story and accompanying editor’s note in this week’s issue—an attack, albeit an obvious one, on Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s lack of experience (“It is good politics to run as a hockey mom who is going to reclaim the office for the masses [a curious cause, to be sure, since I do not think the masses have been clamoring for it, but there we are]. It will, however, almost surely make for poor governance”)—I think it’s appropriate to put O’Reilly’s question up for debate: Has Newsweek become too liberal? And, more importantly, does it even matter?Is the notion that news magazines have an obligation to be bipartisan—a balance Meacham has at least partially tried to keep by hiring conservatives like Rove—antiquated in the blogodome era?Your thoughts? A couple weeks ago, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham appeared on Fox News’ Factor and took a tongue-lashing from host Bill O’Reilly, one that turned oddly personal.O’Reilly’s beef? That Newsweek, under Meacham’s watch, has gone from a liberal-leaning magazine to something of a mouthpiece for liberal blog Daily Kos (which O’Reilly referred to as a “hate site”) and its founder, Markos Moulitsas, whom Meacham hired as a contributing columnist. Which, I thought, is a bit absurd. After all, Meacham is the one who simultaneously hired Karl Rove to write a column in the magazine.“We wanted our readers to get some insights into the mindsets of folks who are ferociously partisan,” Meacham, who took the reins in 2006, told O’Reilly. “You can disagree with that, but to dismiss an entire magazine because of that is a disproportionate reaction.”O’Reilly’s response: “If you can explain having eight liberal columnists to three conservatives in a way that I can understand it, then I’ll admit that I’m wrong.”last_img read more

TN auto driver beaten to death for protecting woman from harassment by

first_img(Representational Image)Creative CommonsA Trichy auto driver was beaten to death by a group of intoxicated men after he tried stopping them from harassing his female passenger. The incident happened on May 19, Sunday, outside the Trichy Famous Biryani restaurant.The victim, identified as Abdullah, had taken his passenger to Trichy Famous Briyani restaurant. He waited for her outside the restaurant while she went inside to pick her parcel. During that time, an inebriated man bumped into the woman on purpose, revealed Tashmin Banu, the victim’s wife.”My husband immediately questioned the man and the people with him, and then, a tussle ensued. They hit each other and then the drunk man left, threatening to bring more people. But my husband didn’t take it seriously. However, he did come back with three men and they all hit him till he died. They used a wooden plank to beat his head,” Tashmin told The News Minute.However, when the Srirangam Assistant Commissioner of Police, K Ramachandran, was contacted, he brushed off the incident, saying that Abdullah was also inebriated and got into a fight with the other men who were also drunk.”Abdullah was also inebriated and he died because he was pushed to the ground and sustained head injuries. It was not a big fight…The man who allegedly harassed this woman is Nagarajan, who was also drunk,” Ramachandran said.Tashmin, on the other hand, is very confident that her husband would never drive when he is intoxicated. She questioned why the police were saying that he too was drunk. She said, “All he did was fight against people harassing a woman and there is nothing wrong in that. Not even one person in that restaurant came to help him and now the police are saying this.”last_img read more

Morgan State University Awarded 500000 Mellon Grant

first_img(L-R) Lee Bynum, Program Associate, Diversity Initiatives; Associate Director, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, Dr. David Wilson, President, Morgan State University, Dr. Armando Bengochea, Program Officer, and Director, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, Dr. Pamela Scott-Johnson, Interim Dean, Morgan State University College of Liberal Arts. (Courtesy Photo)Morgan State University President David Wilson announced on June 30 that the University had been awarded a $500,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The award will be used over three years to fund the establishment of the Benjamin A. Quarles Humanities and Social Science Institute as an addition to Morgan’s liberal arts program.Both Morgan President David Wilson and Liberal Arts Dean Dr. Pamela Scott-Johnson believe the addition of the Quarles Institute is necessary in order to broaden their student’s horizons and boost enrollment.“The Institute will focus on students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels…We will focus on increasing the number of African American faculty and faculty of African descent who are engaged in scholarly research and teaching humanities and social sciences on Historically Black College and University campuses.” said Dr. Pamela Scott- Johnson in a statement.The Institute will feature several disciplines including Environmental Studies, International Studies, Women’s studies, Ethnomusicology, Philosophy, Fine Arts and a wide variety of other Liberal Arts subjects and is planned to promote the knowledge for the cultures of the African Diaspora and introduce students who may be aware of the importance of a Liberal Arts education to the value of such a discipline.The AFRO-American Newspaper played a large role in making the expansion of the Liberal Arts program possible. “The AFRO covers the African Diaspora within the construct of regional and national history and can thus provide primary resources for research” said AFRO Chairman/Publisher John Oliver Jr. in a statement.  “The AFRO will make available archivist Jazette Marshburn to work directly with Morgan students and faculty in examining parallel development of the AFRO and Morgan, providing subjects for research, and giving the students firsthand experience in digitizing archives”. The AFRO has been involved with the Mellon foundation previously and was included in a grant awarded John’s Hopkins University that included Morgan students and faculty as well as the newspaper archives provided by the AFRO.“The Mellon investment in Morgan…will ensure that we continue to tackle those issues in our society that stretch our minds, challenge our biases and broaden our perspectives on the issues so essential to our nation’s vitality and competitiveness,” said University President Wilson in a statement.  “The Humanities and Social Sciences are the core of innovation, creativity and understanding of the human condition. These are the disciplines that give rise to critical thinking and they must always be strong on our campuses”.The new institute will be named after Dr. Benjamin A. Quarles, a Morgan State University alumni, who is a renowned writer, historian, and scholar focusing on Black History. Morgan State hopes to continue his legacy and through this new establishment provide its students with the opportunity to learn more about Black culture and the African Diaspora.“The faculty of the college of Liberal Arts decided that because Quarles taught here and was dedicated to teaching about African American studies and the Diaspora the new establishments and the classes taught there should serve that same purpose…the goal is to excite students about humanities and social sciences and improve the percent of students retained by the University” said one Morgan State official. Morgan State hopes to continue Quarles’s legacy and through this new establishment provide its students with the opportunity to learn more about African American culture and the African Diaspora.last_img read more

Viva Fresh provides a great venue for students to

first_img“Viva Fresh provides a great venue for students to get acquainted with the fresh produce industry and have productive recruitment conversations with people seeking to hire bright, young talent,” said Dan’l Mackey Almy. “Now in our fifth year, Aggies for Fresh is pleased to have selected nine high performing students who are near graduation to attend this event and seek a career in the fresh produce industry. For me, there is no greater joy than to help fellow Aggies serve the fresh produce industry and pave the way for generations to come.”As one of the largest Agricultural Science schools in the world, Texas A&M University offers the fresh produce industry an extensive pool of talent. The university actively enables students with the resources necessary to answer the grand challenges agricultural faces.For bios and more information about this year’s scholarship attendees, please visit # #About Aggies for FreshAggies for Fresh is a campaign created to recruit students from Texas A&M University to the industry that grows, ships, markets and sells fresh fruits and vegetables around the world on a daily basis. Industry champion Dan′l Mackey Almy ’94, her husband Andrew Almy ’94, and the DMA Solutions, Inc. team founded Aggies for Fresh in 2014 to inspire fellow Aggies to pursue a career in the fresh produce industry, and it’s been growing ever since. For more information about Aggies for Fresh, visit, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.About DMA Solutions, Inc.DMA Solutions, Inc. is a marketing agency exclusively serving the fresh produce industry driven by a mission to increase demand that will ultimately inspire consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. DMA Solutions, Inc. works to help their fresh produce clients achieve business goals with measurable marketing strategies that reach both consumer and trade audiences. With a successful track record in fresh produce marketing, DMA Solutions, Inc. provides a full spectrum of marketing services with quantifiable results to fit each of their client’s individual needs. To learn more about DMA Solutions, Inc., the company’s work and its team of marketers, visit and The Core blog, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You might also be interested in PRESS RELEASEDALLAS, TX – For the fifth year, DMA Solutions is proud to send top performing students from Texas A&M University to the Viva Fresh Produce Expo in San Antonio, Texas as a part of the Aggies for Fresh scholarship. With the support of The Almy Family Foundation, students who have demonstrated a strong desire to pursue a career in the fresh produce industry are able to jump start their future endeavors by attending the expo from April 25-27, 2019.The nine students selected have proven their passion and dedication this year and are eager to see what a career in this industry could look like for them. They will have the opportunity to meet with industry leaders on the tradeshow floor as well as during the Aggies for Fresh reception, taking place Friday evening at 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm, with sponsor support from the Texas International Produce Association and other members.This year’s Viva Fresh scholarship recipients include: Florencia Abram, Master’s in Agribusiness (May 2020) Caitlin Benge, Bachelor’s in Agricultural Communications and Journalism (August 2019) Arianna Jopling, Bachelor’s in Agricultural Communication Journalism (May 2019) Regan McGuill, Bachelor’s in Animal Science (May 2020) Madison Mellon, Bachelor’s in Agricultural Leadership and Development (May 2020) Maria Alejandra Ramirez, Master’s in Agribusiness (May 2019) Jessica Smith, Bachelor’s of Universities Studies and Leadership (May 2021) Makaila Vasconcellos, Bachelor’s in Biological and Agricultural Engineering (May 2020) Emily Zdon, Bachelor’s in Chemistry (December 2019)center_img April 15 , 2019 last_img read more

Matteo di Micchele Arcosantis Human Resources Co

first_img Matteo di Micchele, Arcosanti’s Human Resources Coordinator, assisted the film crew as Paolo Soleri was leading them through the walkways of Arcosanti.[Photo & text: Pietro Viscomi] Even though Arcosanti is not a city designed around the automobile, the reporters found it an intriguing tourist destination, well worth a stop off the highway. In these images, Paolo Soleri is showing The Vaults and The Ceramics Apse – some of his unique passive solar, silt-cast structures.[Photo & text: Pietro Viscomi] December 15, 2008 Two TV journalists from the Italian car-travel show “Easy Driver” came to interview Paolo Soleri on December 3rd. Currently, the show is exploring the roads of The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and Ireland. Ilaria Moscato and Marcello Mariucci stopped at Arcosanti on their way between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon.[Photo & text: Pietro Viscomi]last_img read more

believe Trump has

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The school’s unmanned vehicles range from small quadrocopters that can rest on a tabletop to aircraft weighing more than 200 pounds. We’re certainly taking this very seriously. read more