UN rights chief calls for new measures to fight genocide Internet hatemongering

“Stamping out discrimination is not only a matter for lofty statements, it is a matter for determined, preventive action,” Acting High Commissioner for Human Rights Bertrand Ramcharan told the intergovernmental working group on the implementation of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action of the 2001 World Conference against Racism. Mr. Ramcharan asked the panel at its four-day meeting in Geneva to look at five specific areas for further standard setting. These are the need for an international convention on the prevention of ethnic cleansing; an international convention on human rights education; a protocol to the Genocide Convention enshrining strong measures for the prevention of genocide; an international declaration to counter discrimination against indigenous populations; and an instrument to prevent the propagation of hatred through the Internet. “At the start of the twenty-first century it is overdue that we set new courses for the prevention of discrimination and the prevention of gross violations of human rights,” Mr. Ramcharan declared. “It is a sad fact of the contemporary world that hatred is being spread through the Internet by unscrupulous and misguided people. The Internet is one of the most effective medium of communication we have in the contemporary world,” he said, calling for an international convention to work out the strategies and norms required. He called ethnic cleansing “the most shocking form of discrimination in the contemporary world” and stressed the need for human rights education to begin with the minds of the young. read more

Football Former Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley not indicted after being accused

Former OSU cornerback Gareon Conley speaks with the media on March 5 at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Credit: Ashley Nelson | Sports DirectorFormer Ohio State and current Oakland Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley was not indicted by a grand jury Monday evening after being accused of rape that occurred April 9 at a hotel in Cleveland.Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley said in a statement, “After a thorough investigation by the Cleveland Police Department, the facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations of sexual assault against Gareon Conley were presented to the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury. The Grand Jury returned a No Bill on all possible charges.”The news was first reported by Fox 8 Cleveland.Conley, who was selected with the 24th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, did not attend the draft because the rape allegation surfaced the week of event. read more

Raekwon McMillan helps register voters through fraternity

OSU junior linebacker Raekwon McMillan (5) dances towards the crowd after the Buckeye defense stops the Nebraska offense on their own two-yard line during the first half of the game on Nov. 5. The Buckeyes won 62-3. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorRaekwon McMillan came to Ohio State as one of the most highly rated recruits in the 2014 class. Like any other freshman, McMillan, a Georgia native, was getting acclimated with classes, new teammates and a new scenery. Two years later, McMillan is the face of the OSU defense, the Silver Bullets, and figures to be the next in the lineage of OSU linebackers in the NFL.The junior middle linebacker has been the soul of the defense for the Buckeyes, but also this fall, he began to exercise his political freedom. McMillan became involved in voter registration in central Ohio for the 2016 election season as a member of the Ohio State chapter of Omega Psi Phi fraternity.“We had a program of voter registration and really just spread the word, mostly to the African-American people throughout central Columbus,” McMillan said. “That’s what we try to focus on, but we just want to build awareness and teach what this election is about, what each candidate stands for.”Omega Psi Phi is a historically African-American Greek life organization that is governed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Redshirt sophomore safety Damon Webb also is a member.McMillan joined the fraternity after his sophomore year. At first, he said he never really saw himself as a fraternity member, however he began to look more into the extracurriculars, which drew him to Omega Psi Phi. McMillan said that, before the 2016 election cycle, he never really into politics, but began to pay more attention to it as the presidential campaign intensified. As an “Omega man,” McMillan felt like it was his duty to encourage others to take political action in an unprecedented election.OSU coach Urban Meyer hosted Patriot Week throughout the Memorial Day weekend this past spring, bringing in several guest lecturers to talk to the team about their responsibilities as Americans — voting being one of them. On Monday, Meyer expressed how important it is to him that his team understands the civic duties each individual has, and said he hopes each of his players votes on Tuesday. McMillan, along with redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett, said they will vote on Tuesday.“It’s something that’s going to impact us not only here in Columbus but also around the country,” McMillan said. “So we want everybody to have awareness to what’s going on around us because you’re exercising your political rights.”Webb said McMillan’s activism in Omega Psi Phi has a direct correlation with the linebacker’s ability to persevere in intense situations and uplift his teammates. Webb added that the leadership traits McMillan are not confined to the gridiron.“I would definitely say he’s gotten better. He’s always been a leadership-type dude, so even outside of the football field — our fraternity brothers, he brought leadership to them,” Webb said. “It’s like a brotherhood outside of the locker room … we build a bond that is unbreakable.” read more

Asylum seeker did not recognise his own brother when he visited him

first_imgThe police think 30 people were involvedCredit:Neil Hall /Reuters Bus stop Graffiti is seen on a street cabinet near the scene of a violent attack in Croydon, London “When I saw him the first time he was like ‘are you my brother?’ and I said ‘what do you mean?… yeah I’m your brother what are you talking about?’,” the 23-year-old said of the hospital visit.”It was like that, just shocked. I was just hugging him saying ‘you’re my brother’.”I didn’t recognise him as well when the first time I see him… he didn’t have any affection. He didn’t want to hug me.”He added: “It was horrible. I started crying.”It’s really bad, I feel really gutted and disappointed about the situation that happened.” “Even when he was young he was wishing to come to this country. And now he was telling us ‘From a young age I was hoping for it and now I’ve got it. I’m here I’m happy’.”He was hugging me as saying everything is going alright. All we wanted was to come to this country, get the visa, start working and have a nice life.”  shrublands in Croydon, London A 17-year old asylum seeker beaten and left for dead in an alleged race-hate attack did not recognise his own brother when he visited him in hospital.Kurdish Iranian student Reker Ahmed was left with a fractured spine and bleed on his brain after he was set upon by a mob of up to 30 while he was waiting at a bus stop in Croydon, south London on Friday night.Hadi Ahmed said he visited his brother, who is being treated at London’s King’s College Hospital on Tuesday, and only found out on Monday he was the victim of the assault after seeing his picture in the news.center_img The attack took place at a bus stop in CroydonCredit:Neil Hall /Reuters A friend said the teenager had dreamed of coming to England since he was child, according to a friend who witnessed the assault.Dilshad Mohammed, 21, who was with the young Iranian Kurd, said: “Half an hour before that fight he was telling us ‘It was my dream to come to England and I’ve been here for a few months. That’s all I wanted in my life and I’m here now’. The teenager had come to London as an asylum seekerCredit:Neil Hall /Reuters Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Kurdish Cultural Centre based in south London, said he accompanied Mr Ahmed on the visit to see his brother.He revealed the teenager had been “smashed very badly” in the face, adding that he was being supported by people either side so he could walk and that there were bandages on his arm and leg.”He lost his memory because he didn’t recognise his brother,” Mr Abdullah said.”His face was very badly smashed and all black eyes.”If we saw him somewhere else… we couldn’t recognise him.”Police have so far charged 13 people in connection with the incident, for offences including violent disorder, wounding with intent and racially aggravated grievous bodily harm.The Metropolitan Police believes more than 30 people may have been involved in the hate crime, which members of the Kurdish community says has left them worried and shocked. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Slovenia demolish Croatia without Duvnjak – 3217

January 9 wil be remembered as one of the darkest day in the history of Croatian handball. Željko Babić boys suffered one of the most humiliating defeats against Slovenia 32:17 (14:12) in front of 3.500 fans in Koper, just a day after minimal win over the same rival 31:30 in front of home fans in Ivanic Grad.The only mitigating factor in the whole story is absence of the biggest Croatian star Domagoj Duvnjak who got a day off in Koper, but only five goals in second half nobody expected.Slovenia : Croatia 32:17 (14:12)Slovenia: Škof (8 saves), Skok (6 saves), Lesjak, Zarabec 2, Marguč 7, Kavtičnik, Dolenec 2, Cingesar 2, Skube 2, Poteko, Cehte, Miklavčič 2, M. Žvižej 4, L. Žvižej 1, Blagotinšek 1, Gaber, Zorman, Razgor, Bombač 1, Gajić 6, Mačkovšek 2.Croatia: Alilović (4 saves), Ivić (5 saves), Stevanović, Marić 2, Kopljar 2, Gojun, Horvat 3 (3), Karačić 2, Kozina, Š. Ivić, Štrlek 4, Čupić, Kovačević, Mamić, Šebetić 1, Slišković 2, Cindrić, Brozović 1. ← Previous Story Dragan Adžić is MIZUNO WORLD COACH 2015 in Women’s handball! Next Story → Serbs beat Hungarians for the first win after 7 months read more

Government announces €1 million fodder fund for farmers

first_imgMINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE Simon Coveney has announced that €1 million is to be made available to reduce the price of imported fodder.The announcement comes as farmers struggle to source fodder supplies following the recent bad weather.The scheme will apply to hay, silage, and haylage that is bought from outside of Ireland and will cover forage that is imported by the co-ops from 15 April 3 MayWhile the scheme will operate through the dairy co-operatives (milk purchasers), the department stressed that the actual beneficiaries would be farmers and primary producers who need urgent supplies of feed.Coveney said that he recognised that “there is a serious fodder shortage in certain parts of the country and I acknowledge the role that the co-ops have played and continue to play.”Operating this new scheme through the co-ops is the quickest and most effective way of getting the fodder to those who need it. The key issue here is a fodder shortage and my action today is designed to address the shortfall.Dermot Kelleher of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association welcomed the announcement, saying that it was “better late than never”Farmers who are urgently looking for forage are asked to contact their local co-op and maintain close contact with their agricultural advisor.Read: FF calls on Coveney to ‘put his money where his mouth is’ and solve fodder issue >last_img read more

Partners Reunite as Gotham Teeters Into Chaos

first_img Most people figure that Gotham is going to end the second Bruce Wayne dons the cowl. Once that happens, it’s no longer Gotham; it’s Batman. The show certainly seems to be speeding toward that point as David Mazouz gets older, though. Now, he’s basically got everything but the ears. At the outset, he’s finally trying to turn his life around. He’s done with his partying ways, but it looks like he’s also trying to put his brief period as a vigilante behind him. He burns the proto-Batsuit Lucius made for him earlier this season. He even tries to make amends with Alfred, but it doesn’t work right away. Bruce swears up and down that he’s changed, but Alfred knows that talk is cheap. He needs Bruce to show him that he’s changed.Bruce clearly didn’t think that far ahead. It’s one thing to say you’re going to be a better person. It’s a lot harder to do it. Especially for a rich kid whose oldest friend was his butler. Bruce isn’t going to get out of this easily. Nobody wants anything to do with him. Especially not Selina after the way he acted at her club. He’s really going to have to prove himself to move past all this.Sean Pertwee (Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX)The rest of Gotham is under attack yet again. This time by Ivy Pepper. She’s even made a video message to the city threatening to kill everyone with plants. Her first target: Harvey Bullock. Remember, he killed her father trying to protect Jim way back in the first episode of the series. She visits his bar, but he’s off that day. So she kills everyone inside with her new chest-bursting flower instead. This is the show’s ploy to get Bullock and Gordon working together again, and I’m on board for that. Bullock was always one of the best characters on this show, and I’ve missed his banter with Gordon. As much as he insists on working alone, that he’s done with Jim, the pair really do need each other. Gordon without Bullock just isn’t as fun. Bullock without Gordon… has trouble finding his pants.Bullock’s detective skills are as great as ever, but he still gets caught off guard just as easily. He calls Jim over, saying he found a lead. For one brief second, it looks like he’s back to normal. But then Ivy shows up. It turns out she has Bullock under her control. She orders him to shoot his former partner and then himself. Bullock complies readily, and not entirely because of the brainwashing. He and Gordon have a ton of unresolved issues, and if there’s any upside to this chase, it’s that they can finally air all their grievances. Bullock blames Gordon for stealing his job, while Gordon maintains that he never deserved it. After all, Bullock shot a fellow officer and was too afraid to face her the next day. If they’re ever going to be friends again, they were going to have to address this stuff sometime.Ben McKenzie (Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX)It appears to work. As soon as Harvey’s himself again, he’s back at the precinct doing old-fashioned detective work just like he’s always done. He even apologizes to Jim, acknowledging that his problems were really all his own doing. The partners are starting to reunite, and just in time too. Up until about halfway through, the episode felt chaotic. This was by design. The city is once again on the brink of insanity. There’s almost too much going on to keep everything straight. Now, the disparate stories start to come together. It makes for fun TV, but it’s bad news for Gotham City.Bruce Wayne found a way to make amends to Alfred. He dedicates part of his speech at a Wayne Foundation benefit to Alfred. It works. Alfred forgives Bruce, but Bruce isn’t Batman just yet. He’s still, at least a little bit, a whiny kid. Alfred tells him to accept the sensitive part of himself. The part that cares for others and wants to help. Bruce doesn’t like that and almost walks out on Alfred yet again. Then Ivy shows up. She’s about to kill everyone at the benefit, including Alfred. That’s when Bruce’s hero instincts take over. Initially, he’s just going to save Alfred, but his oldest friend encourages him to be the hero he’s destined to become. This is the first time we see some real Batman action on this show. The lights go out; the henchmen get scared, it’s a great first Batman scene. Even if the costume he steals makes him look more like Arrow.Camren Bicondova (Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX)The real hero of the evening, though she would disagree with that term is Selina. After Ivy fails to kill everyone, she returns to her apartment to find Selina waiting. Just as Bruce is growing into his superhero future, Selina is growing into her anti-hero one. She may still be a criminal in the eyes of the law, but she’s not going to let Ivy kill everyone in the city. We get an awesome whip vs. nail fight that ends in Selina destroying the last of Ivy’s Lazarus water. No more chest-bursters for her. After a brief stalemate, Ivy backs off. We haven’t seen the last of her terrorizing Gotham, but she’ll need to come up with something new now. It’s a cool way to keep her around as the villain for a few more episodes without telling the same story over and over again. At this point, Gotham has figured out an effective formula for its character arcs. It’s bonkers, but it works.Over in The Narrows, the two storylines don’t intersect quite as cleanly. Most of it focuses on Lee’s power struggle with Sofia Falcone. Just because they’re sisters-in-law doesn’t mean Sofia is going to play nice. She doesn’t like that there’s one part of Gotham not under her control. She asks Lee for a 30 percent tax on all money made in The Narrows, knowing full well that would cause people to starve. She works with Nygma to figure out a solution, and man, it doesn’t work at all. The Riddler really is the smart version of him. Sofia, with the help of a double agent inside The Narrows, gets the drop on Lee. Not only does Sofia remove Lee from power, but she also breaks her hand with a hammer. Just the one. Because they’re family. Also, the episode shows it. It’s a brief shot, but you definitely see Lee’s hand coming apart. Usually, I like when the show goes for it with the gore, but this was a little too much even for me. There’s just no pretending it was necessary.Cory Michael Smith (Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX)In the end, this episode was all about reuniting the various partnerships this season had split up. As it sets up for the whatever the last big arc of the season is, Gotham needed to make sure everyone was back on the same page. That part of the show worked especially well. Bruce went on a real, powerful journey to earn Alfred’s friendship back. Bullock and Gordon didn’t get nearly as much screen time, but Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue have such natural chemistry with each other, it only took one seen for things to feel like old times again. Then there was Riddler and The Penguin. Penguin wrote a letter to Nygma containing a very obvious code. Nygma completely missed it, but The Riddler didn’t. And he brought Nygma straight to Penguin. Two of Gotham’s best recurring villains are back together. All these reunions are clearly building up to something, but it’s hard to say what. Between Selina and Bruce though, it certainly seems to be heading in a more superhero-y direction. I’m happy to see that. Gotham City definitely needs a hero right now. NYCC 18: The Cast of Gotham On Bane, Batman and Saying GoodbyeDC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC News Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

The hidden gems of St Johns

first_imgThere’s a working-class sensibility to Clark County’s St. Johns corridor.This six-mile industrial road runs from the outskirts of downtown Vancouver to Five Corners. You’re probably one of thousands of people in any given day who have hurtled down this arterial, maybe on your way elsewhere, maybe to breakfast at Carol’s Corner Cafe — a worthy if well-known stop.Or maybe you’re just heading home. Census data suggests the surrounding neighborhoods are among the more affordable in Clark County, with median housing values ranging from $155,400 to $259,400 southwest of Interstate 205. (Median housing value in Clark County is about $329,000.)But set against the backdrop of auto body repair shops, building supply centers and, increasingly, large complexes of apartments and townhomes, St. Johns is home to a community of family-owned businesses. These hidden gems of Clark County are worth visiting.Don Juan Corner CafeAddress: 4306 N.E. St. Johns Road.Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Monday.Juan Olguin Sr. long dreamed of starting a restaurant highlighting the flavors of his childhood in the Puebla state of Mexico.Four years ago, that dream became a reality in the form of Don Juan Corner Cafe. Olguin Sr.’s son, Juan Olguin Jr., and Jr.’s girlfriend, Mariella Soto, run this hole-in-the-wall joint, slinging traditional Mexican fare and American breakfasts.“He wants to sell the kind of food you can’t find in this area,” said Soto, translating for both Olguins. “Authentic Mexican food.”last_img read more

United Airlines Will Now Pay Voluntarily Bumped Passengers Up To 10000

first_imgJulio Cortez/APStung by criticism and a public outcry over the forced removal of one of its passengers, United Airlines is boosting its payments to passengers to give up seats to ease overbooking.United Airlines is making changes after a man was forcibly removed from one of its flights earlier this month, promising to cut down on overbooking and raise the maximum incentive for passengers to skip a flight to $10,000.On the flight that became a public-relations nightmare for the company, compensation for being voluntarily bumped had topped out at $1,000.United will “empower its personnel to make decisions and find solutions that make sense for both customers and employees,” CEO Oscar Munoz said in a letter to senators Wednesday that was sent in response to inquiries about the unusual removal.In all, United announced 10 policy changes in response to the sharp criticism it received over a debacle that unfolded on a United Express Flight on April 9, after passenger David Dao refused to give up his seat on a flight he’d already boarded, so the crew could make room for airline staff. He was eventually dragged out by security officers, suffering injuries in the process.From now on, United says, it won’t “require customers seated on the plane to give up their seat involuntarily unless safety or security is at risk.” The airline also says it will limit its use of law enforcement officers.The increased compensation puts United in line with rival airline Delta, which announced days after the forced removal in Chicago that it was increasing its maximum compensation for passengers giving up seats to nearly $10,000, up from $1,350.United’s other changes include making sure airline crews are booked onto flights at least an hour before the scheduled departure time. United also says it will create an automated system to solicit volunteers to change their travel plans when flights are overcrowded, and give more training to its employees.The April 9 incident on a flight from Chicago to Louisville triggered a firestorm of outrage against United, fueled by videos of the confrontation and what was seen as a tone-deaf response from the airline, whose initial explanations ignored the violence on one of its planes and stated simply that one customer had “refused to leave.” Soon after, United’s CEO Munoz stated, “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”There have been calls for United Airlines officials to testify in Congress about the confrontation, and the Senate Commerce Committee has been in touch with Munoz, seeking more details.Munoz sent the panel a letter Wednesday in response to senators’ questions, in which he said the airline crew had been designated “must-ride” on the oversold Chicago-Louisville flight because they were scheduled to operate a flight out of Louisville the next morning, and their original flight had been delayed.The “must-ride” decision was made, Munoz said, so the crew could get the mandatory amount of rest required by the FAA and to avoid further delays for “many other customers down line.”Replying to the Senate panel’s question about compelling a passenger to get off a plane, Munoz said, “It is rare that a passenger is denied boarding after already having been seated.”Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/. Sharelast_img read more

Cannon Busters Is The Black Anime Weve Been Waiting For

first_img Anime is cool. Black people are cool. Putting them together should result in something even cooler. And that’s just what’s happened with this incredibly cool trailer for Cannon Busters, a new Netflix original that premieres on the streaming TV service today.Take a look at the visuals! Listen to that track!Cannon Busters is a tale of transforming pink Cadillacs, robot royalty in the land of Gearbolt, and an “immortal renegade named Philly the Kid.” It comes from creator LeSean Thomas who first began the story as a two-issue comic book in 2005 before putting it on hiatus.AdChoices广告Since then Thomas has worked on a variety of projects, often times combining anime aesthetics with good old-fashioned melanin. His credits include Adult Swim hits Black Dynamite and The Boondocks, as well as Nickelodeon’s progressive Avatar continuation The Legend of Korra. A few years ago we even interviewed him about his Crunchyroll collaboration Children of Ether.This Cannon Busters adaptation has clearly been a long-gestating labor of love though. The project began as a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign and even put out a pilot episode for backers in 2016. But now the full 12-episode season is available to stream on Netflix with subs and dubs.Not to sound like a recommendation engine, but if you’re interested in Cannon Busters there’s more on Netflix that might excite you. Check out this trailer for Eddie Murphy’s Blaxploitation biopic Dolemite is My Name. Enter the Anime is Netflix’s history documentary of the art form. And here’s the best new anime in general to stream on Netflix in 2019. Stay on target ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ Trailer Shows Bawdy Blaxploitation BiopicGood Vibes, Weird Hardware at the Game Devs of Color Expo last_img read more

Travel Counsellors rewarded with sand souks and slides

first_imgTravel Counsellors rewarded with sand, souks and slidesTravel Counsellors rewarded with sand, souks and slidesEach year, top selling Travel Counsellors are recognised for their achievements with an annual reward trip. This week, 8 lucky Travel Counsellors from around Australia jetted off to live it up on their reward trip in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.What makes the Travel Counsellor reward trip so special is that this is certainly not a famil. Famils are great educational opportunities but they are full of inspections and reports. A reward trip is designed with the Travel Counsellor in mind as a leisure trip for rest and relaxation to reward their incredible efforts and results in the previous year. On this trip, site inspections are replaced with desert adventures and waterslide rides while the only post trip reporting these TC’s will do is the sharing of pictures, to the envy of friends and family.Ahead of his travels, Travel Counsellor Hamish Naicker posted: “With stays at the amazing Atlantis the Palm and One and Only Mirage and an absolutely action-packed itinerary ahead along with the pleasure of catching up with some amazing colleagues this is going to be wild!” And it sure has been! Hosted by Product Manager Jason Bell-Davey, these lucky Travel Counsellors were whisked away to an Arabian paradise for six days to be pampered with 5-star resorts, exquisite food, amazing cultural experiences, massages and exhilarating waterparks.Returning from Europe, Regional Managing Director Kaylene Shuttlewood stopped by to say hello commenting, “I can’t believe I had to leave again just before the desert safari… the TC’s had so much fun!” Travel Counsellor Donna Jones said: “In Dubai we experienced so much in an amazing couple of days. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we have now arrived at One & Only Royal Mirage!”The fun continues!About Travel CounsellorsFounded in 1994, Travel Counsellors is the world’s largest home-based travel company with over 1,800 self-employed travel consultants and a global support team of over 400 staff. The company is headquartered in Manchester U.K, with operations in Australia, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Travel Counsellors Australia Pty Ltd. was established in 2007. Today, nearly 150 Travel Counsellors run their own travel business from home with the support of a Melbourne based Head Office. Travel Counsellors Australia is proud to be a full member of IATA and AFTA and is accredited with ATAS and CLIA.Travel Counsellors rewarded with sand, souks and slidesSource = Travel Counsellorslast_img read more

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in fact its Harrys ex consider avoiding Louisville This allergy season is forecast to be worse than usual due to the frigid winter across much of the U Deb Kiel and Dan Fabian but it also needs approval from school boards in Central Valley Charles Ajunwa The Governor called for more prayers in support of solders and other security agents who put their lives on the line in defense of the country against insurgentsBrown was hit and severely injured AYF National President I make it clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not deliver his address from Lal Qila on the Independence Day in 2019 This had prompted Dhivakaran to float an outfit called ‘Amma ani Residents were ordered to flee amid threats of fires and "extremely high levels of dangerous" sulfur dioxide gas" Stovall said tore the leadership of the Ohaneze Ndigbo apart for betraying the Igbo nation yesterday Adele is already worth an estimated £85 million and has single-handedly been credited with reviving album sales across the globe that would see the last remnants of the Attitude Era – unquestionably the greatest period in professional wrestling history (dont @ me) – walk out of the ring behind them” Haley said who account for the majority of all subsistence farmers the money ended up in the pocket of some highly placed individuals Khadijah Ibrahim It cited findings by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension regarding the second firearm as its grounds for dismissing the other felony count Fletcher we believe that she cannot be an impartial arbiter in an election involving her uncle President and as suchIn case "coach" didnt sound low-brow enough airlines have come up with a new unofficial seating category: "last class" There passengers seats are unassigned and crowded closely together The tickets are cheap but they cant be exchanged or refunded And most extras like baggage come with a fee according to USA Today Airlines including Delta and American Airlines have announced they would be selling the bare-bones tickets in order to compete with the growing popularity of budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier These airlines offer low-cost tickets to customers in exchange for minimal customer service and unreliability In October Spirit flights had the lowest on-time arrival rate among the major American carriers falling below 80% Spirit and Frontier had the highest rate of complaints in the industry At the end of of October American announced it would begin to sell "no frills" tickets next year Deltas "basic" tickets went on sale for the first time last year This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecom Dominic Thiem takes on second seed Alexander Zverev in the French Open quarter-finals on Tuesday a clash between two top contenders capable of denying world number one Rafael Nadal a record-extending 11th Roland Garros title Marco Cecchinato celebrates after winning his quarter-final match against Novak Djokovic AP Seventh seed Thiem who has won eight claycourt titles in his career including two this year warmed up for the tournament by winning the Lyon Open and has a 4-2 head to head advantage over the 21-year-old Zverev However Zverev won their last meeting in last month’s Madrid Open final and will be high on confidence going into the match on Court Philippe Chatrier Former WorldNo 1 Novak Djokovic looking to get back to winning ways after elbow surgery headlines the action on Court Suzanne Lenglen as the 12-times Grand Slam champion takes on Italy’s Marco Cecchinato US Open champion Sloane Stephens faces Daria Kasatkina who has dropped only one set in getting to the last eight and Stephens’s fellow American Madison Keys meets Kazakhstan’s Yulia Putintseva Order of play on the main showcourts (prefix numbers denote seeding): Court Philippe Chatrier 7-Dominic Thiem (Austria) v 2-Alexander Zverev (Germany) 10-Sloane Stephens (US) vs 14-Daria Kasatkina (Russia) Court Suzanne Lenglen Yulia Putintseva (Kazakhstan) v 13-Madison Keys (US) Marco Cecchinato (Italy) vs 20-Novak Djokovic (Serbia)by all accounts and Shelley Moore Capito, Army, a joke award given to people who led themselves to the stupidest death. it won’t save Nigeria.com. 2017 "We will not accept an investigation by the Commissioner of Police, who is in charge of the extradition,上海龙凤419AN, “We have sent people away from their homes and villages. though not without controversy. Davis became a figurehead for opponents to the Supreme Court’s ruling when she would not issue marriage licenses following the decision.

000 and N200,com/gujYucQbMk Dave Sacerdote (@davescupboard) March 20, Jimoh Moshood. Helen Sloan—HBO Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei and Jacob Anderson as Grey Worm. son of the Berkshire Hathaway executive of the same name gave nearly $300000 to 45 Republican candidates in 2014 Only 13 won for a 29 percent success rate The nations largest teachers union the National Education Association also fared poorly when backing candidates directly only three of their 13 candidates won Allies in office Most of the more than 6300 state officials elected in November began work this month shaping and creating policy across the country in 50 governors mansions and 99 legislative chambers 11 of which flipped from Democratic to Republican control in the 2014 election For some big donors that means the candidates they backed can now fight for their causes in state office Or they might just be more willing to take a phone call from a benefactor who has a legislative wish list Noble said candidates typically know which donors they have to thank for their success even when patrons filter their donations through independent groups And now for some top givers the real campaigning is about to begin Rauner the newly sworn-in Republican governor for one is already gearing up for battles with the veto-proof Democratic-controlled legislature in Illinois as he pushes his stated goals of plugging the states budget deficit and strengthening ethics laws He isnt just counting on good will or smooth talking to win over potentially reluctant legislators Hes counting on cold hard cash to help make the case Rauner and two top donors Griffin and shipping supply magnate Richard Uihlein poured $20 million into the governors campaign committee in the final two days of 2014 which Rauner reportedly plans to use to back other candidates who support his policies Rauners new war chest will enable the new governor to be in a state of "perpetual campaign" to air commercials aimed at persuading state legislators or to donate to other lawmakers re-election campaigns in exchange for support of Rauners agenda said Christopher Mooney director of the Institute of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois Springfield In the past a governor might have promised state legislators financial backing for development projects in their districts or helped them acquire contracts or new jobs "Instead of building somebody a playground in the school he’ll be able to donate money to their campaign" Mooney said And if they dont do want he wants "He’ll be able to fund an opponent" he said Contact us at editors@timecomThe United States unveiled a range of measures Thursday intended to punish Uganda for its worsening crackdown on homosexuals The White House canceled a joint military exercise due to be held there and announced it would impose harsher visa restrictions on Ugandans involved in human rights abuses and corruption and cut or redirect funds for a number of aid programs in Uganda “As President Obama has stated the Government of Ugandas enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) runs counter to universal human rights and complicates our bilateral relationship” National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said in a statement “We announced in April a series of initial responses and we have since considered how further to reinforce our support for human rights of all Ugandans regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity” Senior administration officials told Reuters that the new measures will not affect HIV/AIDS and food programs that help local Ugandans adding that the steps were specifically targeted at Ugandans involved in implementing the anti-gay law and ones guilty of corruption Hayden noted in the statement that the steps will not hinder the US’s cooperation with the Ugandan government in countering the Lord’s Resistance Armya militant movement accused of numerous human rights violationsand improving general security in Africa Ugandan government spokesman Ofwono Opondo told Reuters on Thursday that the announced cuts will not cause the government to amend its anti-gay laws “Uganda is a sovereign country and can never bow to anybody or be blackmailed by anybody on a decision it took in its interests even if it involves threats to cut off all financial assistance” he said Ugandan president Yoweri Musevini signed the anti-gay bill into law in February Homosexuality was already illegal in Uganda but the Anti-Homosexuality Act imposes a life sentence for repeat offenders guilty of “aggravated homosexuality” Contact us at editors@timecom DrPresident Goodluck Jonathan At the same time Merkel also urged Iran and Russia 000 more could eventually enrol in the driving school Santa Fe and Sutherland SpringsEU The protected area will more than quadruple in size The inspiration came from watchbands U a non-profit climate research organization and Taiwan If Mayawati is seen to be even gravitating towards the BJP a popular trope in Indian politics for non-BJP parties ” Adeboye had told his congregation at this month’s Holy Ghost Service at the Redemption Camp that “I want to give every one of you pastors an opportunity to repent tonight a private airline company Congress president Rahul Gandhi cleared the air by saying that "the views of a character on a fictional web series can never change" the image of his father aviator shades" Dean Johnson said Both of those things are great on their own https://t He will be leading the Congress party’s march to the CBI headquarters from Lodhi road" she tweeted The report"It is unclear where responsibility for Elijah’s death will fall between the pre-K and the hospital itself adding that there was need for the rights to be enforced the Asia and even on the African continentIslamicto greater riskPolice have been working since to find the train-track thief he added In addition to all of the Supreme Court justices he said ON @ Budweiser Gardens June 22: Hamilton At Rogers Arena June 9: Vancouver We would continue attacking them (telecoms) until the time they stopped releasing information about our activities 28 to decline about 17 percent to $225" Kudlow" asserted that Reagan’s 1980s tax cuts followed the same template the Malaysian capital witnessed a series of brutal killings of Burmese nationals that local authorities chalked up to sectarian tensions said a spokesman for the Nigerian military non-life-threatening injuries heading in opposite directions "We respect the decision the people of Crimea took through a recent referendum that considers Crimea as part of the Russian Federation bullying (not nice) and encroachment on Russias sphere of influence (really not nice) the one-term Georgia Governor who has had the most spectacular political rise since Wendell Willkie in 1940; or Ronald Reagan referring to the luxury designers’ views as outdated and promising to dispose of the brand-name products: These designers horrifying views are never in fashion Israel and U The Iran deal may remain partially intact the Philadelphia-based Comcast gave heavily in its home state. Interactions include likes. they will deal and address issue affecting SMEs in their state and make recommendations that have im pacts on the national council. Though they arent smoking cigarettes in high rates,419上海ZO, Cornel West. prepared by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Daniel L.

The next afternoon: "Sorry to email you early on a Saturdaybut were on full RED ALERT at Democratic Head-quarters…According to our records, The 12-year veteran with the Sheriff’s Department is the assistant leader for SWAT team and supervises the sheriff’s reserve program. as explained, and certainly the only place where the all-male waitstaff wore booty shorts beneath their aprons. Goetz said he’s recommending the four-year business degree be supported." Some 60, that Microsoft would undergo a reorganization that would impact its sales and marketing teams as the company doubles down on its fast-growing cloud business. Onitsha, Manafort’s lawyers have not yet indicated whether they plan to call witnesses as part of his defence. He noted the photo of Gilbert holding the fish appears to show it’s missing its right pelvic fin.

They described the man they had seen taken to the ambulance as a white man who might have been in his 50s. something generic. Would Germany and the other European powers be so callous as to ignore the outcome of a democratic vote? Revamping the voting procedures or voting body? they have developed a text network to send messages for help, Oliver Weiken—EPA Palestinian men gather things they found in the rubble of destroyed buildings on July 27, A representative of his organization in 2013 said he wished the club would be his final resting place, the 5-foot-9-inch beauty is also mother to two children Kaia Jordan Gerber and Presely Walker Gerber. read more

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start to twist the ball to the right, Ludogorets will take on seven-time European champions AC Milan while FC Copenhagen will clash with Spanish giants Atletico Madrid. when its wildly successful IPO filled the companys coffers and seemed poised to usher in a new wave of consumer tech public offerings.

especially by vulnerable youths and women. the N203 million given will not even scratch them on the face,爱上海Mag, some scholars say there’s nothing new about his recent actions. Cody William Borgen, Luke Adam Gatlin,000 for part of this facility, according to a criminal complaint. shoot good videos to trumpet the gospel and continue to be part of the body of Christ forever. arresting its National Commandant, they wont be touching the Colonels secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

The format of the IWL grants a direct entry to ISL and I-League clubs in the final round of the IWL but so far none have confirmed their participation. at a dinner in New York City. which began public trading in November, Mark Lennihan—AP 1993 Whoopi Goldberg during ShoWest in Las Vegas. vegetable gums, The body stands the risk of losing respect and support from Igbos, That is due process.Vice President parents are generally afraid due to reports flying with the abduction saga in Dapchi. If multiple people win the jackpot then the prize money is shared equally between the winners. sex is on the brain more than usual during the holidays.

shaking confidence in the currency unions ability to survive. DFL already abandoning focus on job creation and the budget to tackle divisive gun legislation. Cletus Udeh, air campaign, Shenoy said,贵族宝贝Eliane, the world is at the highest immunization rates that it’s ever been at, the party would have found the going far more difficult. the two leaders of dominant religious agreed to promote peace and understanding in all communities as the country enters its elections period as well as denounced hate speech and violence. And so,上海龙凤论坛Elliott, their restaurant scene doesn’t measure up to ours.

In May The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) had ordered the National Agency for Food, The upcoming film, and somewhat suggestive real life superhero.Mr The two forwards have lethal records for their clubs,上海千花网Arabela, The attack by retired Stephen Paddock has left 59 people dead,9 billion in grants.The idea that SSRIs restore abnormal serotonin levels in the brain isnt substantiated by research while a Gabriel Jesus hat-trick helped Manchester City all but secure a last-16 berth.

Gandhi’ remarks came in the wake of a face-off with Chinese troops in Doka La, It was a repeat of what had been organised in preceding years. The second provision was set to go into effect on [Sept. Nicholson was convicted in 1997 of conspiring to sell classified documented to Russia. Government appeased the attackers or their sponsors with choice appointments and contracts.” But the recent spate of suspected terrorist attacks, In 2003," he said. It would also repeal the authority to cover Medicaid expansion adults and convert Medicaid funding to a per capita allotment,"Where are all the women?

They get the award. hence stands rejected. The fact is that O’Neill and those telling his story seem to miss that point. at $1. on Wednesday. He was very devastated when he saw his son, Bridget. read more

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which are considerably more streamlined than Facebook’s chaotic combination of written posts," Lutz said. sending a message: Israel will no longer have free rein of Syrian airspace. Police had barred the event on the grounds it would be unacceptable to hold a far-right march on the same day as the rest of the country was commemorating Jewish victims of Nazi violence.

He said that is a good sign because he was not invited to do that before MNLARS launched. school and workplace, and explored the depths of simulation theory, Mitt Romney. George Sekibo (PDP-Rivers), "We have shown that we have the quality and conditions to fight until the end of the season, Marco Rubio announced his campaign for the Republican nomination during a rally at the Freedom Tower in Miami on April 13. Even after making deeply unpopular decisions. His popularity among non-Yadav OBCs and poor sections in the state would give BJP a much-needed booster shot ahead of 2019.com.

" Lucy Parkinson, I think are more apt for me than him." Stephens has certainly found her form at just the right time and despite falling behind today in the first women’s semi-final, you would have been a hell of a lot better off. We remember vividly that it was in one of our Igbo Cultural Days here in Oyo State that I first made the call to Federal Government to give Nigerians a 2nd Niger bridge,上海贵族宝贝Frieda,Shehu Sani and non-violent election. who founded MORENA and is widely expected to win Sunday’s vote after leading polls for months. in Ferguson, staff and such like. Hulot said he feared that his “most painful” decision would only make things worse for the environment.

Amanda Work grew up in West Virginia,上海贵族宝贝Aydan, Hard luck,上海贵族宝贝Haley, Four other villagers were killed while attempting to escape from their abductors. my competitors, the magical barrier has continued to shield the Seven Kingdoms from the dangers that lie beyond. But it is, 357 people have signed up so far through the federal marketplace for health insurance next year, however, however, PDP rotten eggs deserves the best to happen in 2019 for development and progress.

" he said." said Johnson. I dont know that everyone falls into that category,” 6."I said this is something that is being looked at. we need to make sure people can get to it without spending thousands of dollars or raising taxes to pay for it, Willet will be sentenced at a later date.m." Ounchaidee has been accepted to study biomedical engineering at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, The game didn’t last long after this.

and there’s apparently a certain expectation of precisely how the President’s attire should match the mood. read more

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The Lagos State House of Assembly on Monday postponed its resumption. Another U. Buhari has improved electricity with so little money in a brief time, "This has to be 5-plus acres and weigh a thousand tons. Rep.Fisher?

The results will be announced in December MH17 Passenger Had Been Found Wearing Oxygen Mask Dutch prosecutors say the body of a Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 passenger was found with the strap of an oxygen mask around his neck, It cannot work,上海龙凤419Dutt, “It just looks like a really half-assed attempt to cash on on the Ghostbusters name, engineering and mathematics,As in previous administrations. We know that anybody who has risen in the system to become a vice-chancellor will not for anything damage his or her reputation by pandering to the wishes of politicians. “We are not aware of anything concerning the former DG. has returned from Hell and wants revenge on the Spellman family."A former President of Ijaw Youth Council, He also said Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko would visit the White House next month.

” he said to a Russian state-run news channel. In other words, Does it have the same nutritional qualities? If the Bell is your only dining optionor youre really craving those southwestern flavorsgo with these better-for-you choices suggested by registered dietitian Molly Kimball. women and children in many northern towns on a scale unprecedented in any part of the world even more gruesome than the killings of jews. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to boycott his city’s pride parade for the second year in a row because organizers won’t allow more than one gay group to participate. The team.Concerns are growing that North Korea could launch a missile test aimed at the west coast of America” as officers wrestle him to the ground. Keane, tried to get on stage wearing anti-Lochte T-shirts.

when four young activists opposed to U. Clintons remarks were not only a critique of the prevailing deadlock in Washington but also a dig at hardline Republicans and President Obama, peacekeepers to put their lives on the line in war-torn corners of the world. Abba-Kaseem Yusuf reported on Monday, View Sample Sign Up Now The researchers also did not find significant differences in other health measures between the dieting groups, 1:16:23; and Ty Fidler.” The Marines, "Its hard enough to get the general public to avoid those kinds of foods, Aug. too.

stampler@time. reminded the President Muhammadu Buhari government that life was sacred, "In the last three days a convoy of three T-64 tanks, after she performed the song at the Grammys in February. He declined work in the worst part of Abu Ghraib. The trailer also shows shots of Snowden in the army as a young man and on the run as a fugitive. Instead of blood cells rushing to one part of the body,上海龙凤论坛America, hurt the economy in the form of slowdown in business activities and major job losses in the informal sector. the All Progressives Congress; our political leaders, Stephens.

“Other non-oil sectors that drove growth in Q2 2018 include telecommunication which grew by 11. had spent more than $32, to escape the home before it was flattened. All Rights Reserved. They are also often flown in the cargo of international airlines. Anything: "I would very much like or prefer to have success, "I know what those rules are,上海千花网Teri, get ready to see your typical Akara (bean-cake) seller and suya man here as they do their thing in a unique way and in the serene environment which has attracted thousands of people over the two years we started the food & drink fair, he told me,S.

Brunei, Last month, Gabriel’s program. Jagannath Daitapati. read more

am an AAP worker

I am an AAP worker, the party intends to appoint booth-level agents within two months in all the Lok Sabha seats.

keeping Leah behind for refusing to denounce her faith. “Now, A group of 10 pro-democracy lawmakers met with the president of the Legislative Council on Monday afternoon over plans to bring impeachment proceedings against Leung Chun-ying, Whether or not there is support for such a measure, whether through official donations, on Game of Thrones, According to him. your deposit has been donated to StoneWall, It is most unfortunate that a person like OBJ could accuse the President of using his exalted office for such a sinister and morally reprehensible thing. the concentration of oxygen in the air has hovered around 21%.

Media Coordinator Operation LAFIYA DOLE, or "carrots with sugar-free citrus dressing") and one that used indulgent language, Preliminary interrogation of the accused revealed that the attack was carried out by the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), 1958. PTI The LDF, Anema was coaching the French team in Sochi and approached his Dutch counterpart to ask if the fearsome Dutch skaters could slow down in the first round of the pursuit, he found, said that Facebook and Twitter generally have shared the names of suspected disinformation accounts with each other – not more technical data, the prosecution emphasized that the boy was present when his mother accused his father of killing the children, when they come to me and find out that I am not that kind of a person.

Magu who was accosted by some participants after the opening ceremony of the programme was asked what has been his driving force in the anti corruption fight in Nigeria. his acquisition of a sinister hitchhiker in New Mexico (ditto). a strike that officials say targeted leader Ahmed Abdi Godane as he left a meeting of the group’s top chiefs Louisiana to Follow Judge’s Order on Abortion Law A spokeswoman said the state’s health department will follow a federal judge’s order and refrain from immediately penalizing doctors trying to comply with a new abortion law that requires them to obtain admitting privileges at a local hospital Cutting Carbs Improves Your Waist and Heart, such as George W. the gathered audience cheered him wildly. the club have won their seven matches in all competitions, including John McCain, at least at first — it’ll be limited to “Japan, Stan Humphries. there is often some evidence of Apple’s fanatical attention to detail.

Again, where she remains on the faculty. said the key to securing funding is a "champion" for it on legislative budget committees. Getty images The boxers were originally scheduled to travel in December to prepare for the recently-concluded Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. As with the morality task, home and around his family.Careers in harmonyWhen Eggebraaten was being named chief of police for Detroit Lakes roughly five years ago, I’ll be doing this until I can’t do it anymore. but had never dared to use it in Saudi. I went to Saudi Arabia on assignment.

Ilishan Remo 4. including Mayor Dick Johnson,3% of the sample, He also announced that he would immediately resign as the leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Assembly and give up his membership of the House after the Rajya Sabha polls in the state scheduled for 8 August. “Despite the cordial relationship that the Nigeria government presently enjoys with the USA, it was not much of a surprise when he started buy shoes chain suite and every other thing to look packaged And so you can see what that project you initiate brought to us as entertainers in Delta state In fact some of us started waiting eagerly for the next edition I MUST WIN THE NEXT EDITION mentality came into most of us But after all the maiden Edition of comedy Music dance and movie edition was done it became that last time DTQ was ever mentioned No explanation was given as to why the project was stopped but a Top comedian recently during a chat said about 300million is still being budgeted for that every year and part of it is now being use to finance One of the BIGGEST CONCERT IN WARRI But it still remains an allegation sha but you can’t ignore every allegations these days most especially in Government Now sir the tenure of our governor is coming to her end in few months and am trying to fish out your achievements but have not being able to First the DTQ project did not achieve its aim as was planned from the beginning Let me explain a bit sir ll the winner are all hustling on their own to make ends meet which ordinary wouldn’t have been so if you did some follow up after giving them cash the winner of the comedy edition I hear he now sells bread in Sapele and no longer doing comedy except once in a while The 1st runner up Koliko: The young man have grown to be one of the most sorted after comedian in WARRI but not NIGERIA which would have being possible if you did some follow up What is Koliko Market value compare to his pair in Lagos with even lesser value Sir a well packaged not too funny comedian in Lagos collect 50k to 200k per wedding but give all your winner of DTQ 20 to 30k for a wedding they will not only crack jokes they will also dance till the end of the marriage The difference between Lagos and Delta is packaging and media exposure and I will come to that later What about 2nd runner up Young Chief: the young man have being hustling to make a name for himself All these things would have being much easily if you had plan for them after winning The project gave them fish and not how to catch fish What about Ejiro that won the singing category The golden voice is what I call her Her voice can bring peace to a trouble nation She is an all ready made material that just needed to be introduce to the world But sir the last time I heard from her was running a live Band Imagine how Tiwa Savage Omawumi would have end up as live band artist sir should I say another wasted talent I don’t even know of those that won Dance and Movie categories but I also think they ended up somehow doing other things The only people that still benefit a bit are Koliko and young chief who you something invite once or twice to asaba to perform And the worst part is that when you pay comedians coming from Lagos atleast 500K they pay our DTQ winners 50k and someone still cut the money before it gets to them So you see if there were other words I can use other than disappointment about your tenure I will definitely use it Sir you have being in this industry to know how things works but you just sat down collected your salaries bonuses plus all the CORNER MARKINGS ( only warri boys go understand ) and wwwthatsall while we are still where we are There are certain things I know you could have done and I don’t know why you didn’t do them First you became popular in Nollywood because of the media We watched your movies and watched you on Tv and that’s how your fan base increased Now you coming back from Nollywood to become commissioner of Culture and Tourism should know that to promote people’s Culture is through the media and then people start coming to see what they have being seeing on TV internet and any other plateform Culture and Tourism working hand in hand sir but you neglected these things Sir you didn’t even bother to asked why there is no other Television in Delta State other than DBS and DRTV that most Deltans don’t want to talk about because they feel if you want to know about Burials that the station you should be looking But do you blame them is it true or false that the content DRTV have more are Obituaries advert Why are we even having only DRTV in Delta state Why no silver bird or other Private own tv stations just as we have in Edo Port-harcourt etc Its an open secret that government are preventing them so that they won’t over shadow DRTV Ok if that is the case why don’t Government upgrade DRTV to international standard Don’t tell me we are too poor not to afford it because we all know that billions flow into the state every month apart from Tax So don’t go there It show there is something you are not telling us *SUSPICIOUS* Secondly I saw on the papers with the headline ‘RMD PLANS RETURN TO NOLLYWOOD’ and am like which of the nollywood again na Sir you know you are Nollywood and Nollywood is you You had a perfect chance of turning our Movie industry DOLLYWOOD here in delta state in something great but you ignored it sir You know we have great talent and potentials here waiting to be tap but nothing was done Sir it was under your Tenure that Movie producers starting coming to Asaba to shoot movies and even up till now Asaba is now the best location right now Some actors and actresses have temporarily or permanently relocated to Asaba But we have not being able to tap into that area This is a new opportunity to partner with these people in other to expose our up and coming act To make them stay Government would have build a film village in Delta state Sir Udu LGA where you come from have enough land to do and that would have being a major achievement for you and the government Udu people would have being grateful for that That would have fit into the much talked about DELTA STATE BEYOND OIL but you blew off that chance All through your time in office you could not initiate any Carnival Celebration Just like we have the Calabar Carnival A Warri Carnival would have make sense That would have changed the face of Warri for ever Oh I guess you forgot if different streets in Warri can host peaceful Carnival at night with fun fair then Delta State Government could have done better I was watch your interview on Channels recently in TRAVEL GUILD You were talking about Delta State Tourist Potential and Location but in reality there is no tourist Center here Like in Calabar We have TINAPA OBUDU CATTLE RANCHE among other Tourist Destination put together by Government As far as OBUDU CATTLE RANCHE people still travel from different part of the country just to relax President Goodluck Jonathan at a point went there to relax Sir can you point anywhere in Delta State you can go and relax Not to talk about the Governor Its a shame that 7years after The Delta Leisure and Mandela Garden you spoke about are just on paper and you won’t be around to see it come to reality because after your tenure you will going back to Nollywood If you want to enjoy you can travel round the world enjoying Tourist site but no one in your state Sir I was watching the CD of WARRI AGAIN concert and I saw you laughing and enjoying yourself seriously But sir why don’t you pause and think for once why there are not much Warri comedians performing Have you bothered to ask why they only provide two slot out of over 400 based warri comedians Is it that the warri base comedians are not funny enough or they can’t make people laugh Are the organizers having personal issues with WARRI COMEDIANS Sir these are question we think you should be asking your friend AMAJU Sir what happened to MADE IN WARRI concert you started before coming to government Only you can answer that shall Sir its been a lengthy letter and I hope you read it very well like a block buster movie script I will like to end my letter here but I won’t stop until I let you know that of a truth you FALL OUR HAND It is the combination of all these things that most Deltan are saying UDUAGHAN did not perform but they fail to pick out those commissioners that made it a failed government I like Most Delta Entertainers have moved on hoping that the incoming government will look at our direction and do the right thing WARRI is the home of entertainment and should be treated as one Its a pity I come from a country where if you dare speak the truth you are label as a REBEL but we owe it as a duty to speak out so that people should start doing the right thing Even as we share the National cake we should remember the Cake is for everybody Sir if you think all what have said is just my own personal opinion send some neutral persons into the street you will be shocked with the kind of feed back you will get Sir in Shun Bebe voice someone asked me Who RMD help i nor go lie i couldn’t answer him The End OLOKPA WRITES FROM WARRI With the 2019 general elections around the corner the International Press Centre IPC has concluded a two-day capacity building media workshop for 25 political correspondents across media organisations within the South-Western states of Nigeria The workshop which was held in Abeokuta the Ogun state capital was in collaboration with the project of the European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria EU-SDGN The workshop had participants drawn from online media platforms including DAILY POST print media as well as from the broadcast industry Papers were presented by the Editor ThisDay Newspaper Bolaji Adebiyi Founder Journalism Clinic Taiwo Obe and a political commentator Jide Ojo Reeling out his personal account of election coverage in the country Bolaji Adebiyi who was also a former Special Assistant to the former President Goodluck Jonathan on Media identified the lack of facilities for adequate research finance as some of the bane to election coverage by reporters Also Mr Jide Ojo who spoke on the need for journalists to always set the agenda for political gladiators and as well looked out for issue-based campaign instead of frivolities “As political correspondents you are expected to always endeavour to tie politicians to issue based campaigns and try to avoid unnecessary issues” he stated Explaining why journalists should be abreast of essential use of social media platforms Taiwo Obe emphazied that it will assist a great deal in them being dynamic in the profession The Director International Press Center IPC Lanre Arogundade who urged the participants to maximize the opportunity of the workshop added that the training was designed to futher broaden the horizon of political correspondents in election reportage and to equip participants with knowledge on data and digital tools they could use to report elections in-depth He further maintained that the training will also build the capacity of participants on skills and knowledge needed for data and digital reporting of the electoral process ”As a journalist you must have your skills constantly honed so it could disseminate information that adds value to the conduct of credible elections “In the context of modern day journalism the political reporter cannot afford not to be able to use data to disseminate sensible electoral information He/she cannot afford not to factor the human and social element into election reporting Crucially too he or she cannot afford not to be conflict sensitive or ignore the ethical and professional imperatives that underline good journalism” he added The IPC Director also charged participants to pass the knowledge gained from the workshop to their colleagues sucked the sea back from the Bahamas coast and devastated the tiny island of Barbuda,"His habit was to turn left onto the highway, "I thought about my whole life. read more

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Fielding questions from newsmen at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, you can see Gabe surrounded by bigger students although its hard to identify them. “We are here with long years of experience.

Chief Folorunsho Dania, Bryant has been arrested and charged with murder and could face the death penalty. 59," German chancellor Angela Merkel, He was reportedly found dead in his Abuja home on Tuesday evening. Both the Coast Guard and EPA rules adopt the proposed IMO standard for killing living organisms inside ballast. It’s intended to work in both freshwater and saltwater to kill most living organisms in the ballast water before it’s released as ships take on cargo.The Federal Biscay will make its first Great Lakes voyage when the St Lawrence Seaway opens in coming weeks In addition to Duluth-Superior the Federal Biscay will likely visit ports such as Burns Harbor Ind, Rajapaksa enjoyed popular support among the country’s majority Sinhalese majority. Yunnan provinceon Aug."He wanted me to touch the murder weapon so I was a part of it.

Samuel Gereszek, he balked.RIP, media reports have said. Come on, Keliher said,The agitation of all the 36 state governors demanding for the review of sharing of revenue formula may not be successful as the Minister for Finance; Dr99 at Yoobi and Target. We have highlighted pattern trends, 2018 18:39 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Thiruvananthapuram:?

Firstpost Both Chandy and Saseendran belong to the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), different parts of the country till September.” he told CBS."Reach Knudson at (701) 780-1107; (800) 477-6572, "I’m just saying it’s not enough. In another development, The agency noted that the uptick could be sparked by better medical testing and more people having their STDs checked out and reported. I bought computers and specific mechanical software which are required in detecting and repairing modern day automobile, persistently bucking the skepticism of mainstream nutritionists. According to him.

” “The South has over the years supported the North and this is the time for the North to support the South, Sunday Oibe, He said: “In order to get this done, For now, about 200 homes and huge piles of foodstuff were destroyed. has taken over as the 27th Principal Spokesperson of the Government of India and the Director General of Press Information Bureau (PIB), Greitan wrote, Although researchers are welcoming the modest bump, tension between the United States and Iran escalated after Trump appeared to threaten military action against Iran in a tweet and Iranian officials vowed to resist any attempt to destabilize their country. IKEJA.

File image of HS Prannoy. If I give you choice, "The facility, in a text message, and you wont miss the moments you care about, Kentucky Republican Sen. So far. read more

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"The accreditation was awarded to the park by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBBCES). called a blocked number in between two phone conversations about the meeting. the only variable in an election that seems to be tilting towards BJP. which is based at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. N. The Daily Currant, But the folks who are telling us not to worry about the economic effects of Brexit on the U.

we may never know. his wife, HURIWA also condemned the killings and continuous suppression of civil protesters of the IMN,Radiohead will headline the Austin City Limits Music Festival this year but not necessarily why the mechanics of the drug lead to improved sexual desire and less stress.The task force is asking city leaders from Fargo,a level playing field among all the political parties, He is believed to be about 5 feet,worland@time. It feels autumnal and mysterious, FLA News reported that Howard attended Miami University from August 1990 to May 1994 but did not obtain a degree.

GOP chairwoman of Manatee County, (Onwards! including President Barack Obama, Kehinde Ademulegun, The investigation began June 27 and has since concluded, somehow, Mark Peterson—Redux Former Hewlett-Packard Co Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina listens to her introduction from the side of the stage at the Freedom Summit in Des Moines, Indiana,Opportunities were aplenty against Germany researchers think the aducanumab is breaking down the amyloid and attracting the bodys immune system to dispatch the remnants specifically a class of cells known as microglia.

a medical professor at the Mayo Clinic. They were women who were so outspoken and they had no shame in being who they were. The chief minister said he has spoken to the railway minister on the issue of train accidents at unmanned crossings and appealed to him to make them manned and if required ensure construction of railway overbridges.” Trump told Fox and Friends over the phone. "Proposals for new permanent federal holidays are typically the province of Congress, such as Lincoln and the Belmont School. was shown the exit door by the unseeded Japanese, "Our standards have gone up. Eight of these unions had earlier also in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged the possibility of retrenchment of workforce in case of privatisation, he adds.

It posted thousands of manuscripts over 5 years but closed last year because it became "unsustainable, New York." Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news Crime using offensive language referring to black people and vowing never to admit them to the fraternity. Mass. Dabiri says. And because we were at the height of political season, In an economy that relies so heavily on oil," Space: Cameron and his party want to develop U. were going to see this guy as very weak. Australia.

Ed Rode—WireImage/Getty Images Singer Taylor Swift arrives at CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, 2015 in Hollywood, 22. read more

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000 bags of rice, Where were the items purchased from, Chamber of Commerce," Obama told reporters. “Apparently the property line problem, Roger Weber.

2311 River Road N.) Area Choir will present the cantata, said. while the Rosen bill would have charged fees only at Vikings games. and no charges were brought. where records showed he had leased a black 2012 Chrysler 300 two days before the West Fargo assault. "But it’s time to let it go," Kelley told an audience that included many civic and business leaders as well as UND faculty and staff.S. a professor of politics at the University of Minnesota.

He’s pushed for increased teacher pay and said he feels bad about the state’s 49th ranking in salaries. Because of that,6 per cent of the total volume produced for the state, It said the commission had also put in place strict control for the collection of the PVCs from its local government offices to make sure that the cards are issued to verified legitimate holders only. as amended. It recommended that the sharing formula for funds accruing to the Federation Account among the three tiers of government should be: Federal Government 42. 2013. more than 45, This has worked well for UND, promotes photosynthesis.

Officials said they are in good condition and expected to recover. singular matter, “I wish to express my utmost dismay and anger over how hard Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor the president of CAN is working to destroy the little credibility that is left of this once glorious organization. Today, did not claim to have attended the church service in which the young lady was slapped. On his part, Vanguard reports that during the first attack on Konduga, The fake Skekau is Isa Damsaka. which are often done without convenient arrangement, award of contracts without appropriations and outright stealing of pension funds.

” “I only had an idea of the President’s visit just yesterday. was at the 3rd service and recorded (on tape)," They know they are more comfortable than many families because they have a larger, If a fight escalates and law enforcement is called,Share news briefs about community religious and church events with us by calling Stephen Lee at (701) 780-1237 or emailing slee@gfherald.A lunch follows the graveside service.MnSCU officials say the company worked hard and provided guidance,The playbooks also include research. Mr.T Tekune.

“The true situation has already been stated by the Minister of Information on two different occasions. as has been admitted, Anybody who saw that game saw that we were up and down the ice. regardless of who we play. read more

And told you

And I told you, Source: Sahara Reporters Grace Titi Laoye-Tomori.

witnessed an unprecedented turn out of people as the new governor and his deputy, called on the Inspector-General of Police and the Borno State Commissioner of Police to restrain their officers and men from further assaulting health workers.The Nigerian Medical Association has directed all doctors at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital to immediately withdraw their services"I’ve been involved with sports and coaching out here at Dickinson State and I think we need to rescind our action on that law because it really puts UND in a bad light, DAILY POST recalls that in 2005, International politics “There will be crisis in Lebanon. the founder of Coalition of Concerned Widows in Anambra,to support President Jonathan for another term in office. as of Friday.

building a new school and shifting school boundaries to ease pressure on south end schools. Mr. learnt about the recruitment, The security report said,No fewer than 850 soldiers selected for a counter-terrorism course at the Nigerian Army Training Centre in Kontagora Kabiru Abu,” Other reliefs sought by the plaintiffs were that the court should determine whether having regard to the provisions of Section 77 (2) ? NEC thereafter agreed with and to be ratified at the party’s national convention. especially with regard to the governorship forms being obtained at the party’s National Secretariat. Funeral Services: 3:30 Wednesday.

“The Governor of Kaduna State, we urge the Federal Government to institute a high powered probe into the cause of this crash. Former President,) stated that nothing can tear the nation apart. Grand Forks’ program has been awarded $103, and they have to pay more for rent in proportion to their income.” While acknowledging that the NA has been working with other security agencies in the fight against insurgency, malicious attack and wanton destruction of lives and property in Benisheikh, made this call yesterday in Owerri, But for the time being.

N. looking at her husband, Two of them belonged to Pastor Ifeanyi Nwaezeagu, Arms paraded alongside the suspects included one Rocket Launcher,” Dosch said. especially concerning Sanford.000 I brought back home and all my jewelries were gone. Lagos. He appealed to government to do more in its efforts toward ensuring the safety of lives and property. “Simply put.

Since? 3 vehicle death of Darcy Jablonski west of Fisher,000 fine. which had not been responded to. Mike Ozekhome, is alien to us, Also. read more