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blocked arteries and dangerous blood clots. the greater your risk may be for blood clots, he left it at that.On Tuesday however this was formalised at the national executive meet So where does this leave both parties Talks are on between the Congress and NCP to go it together in the 2019 Assembly election and both parties are likely to benefit from the split between the ruling allies In 2014 the state’s four major parties had decided to go it alone and in the end the BJP won 122 seats the Sena 63 Congress 41 and the NCP picked up 40 There were 36 constituencies where margins were so thin that a Congress-NCP alliance — which would mean neither party would eat into each other’s votes — would have picked up the seats And now a Congress-NCP alliance will fancy its chances against the separated BJP and Sena Despite having announced a decision to break away from the BJP it would not be entirely surprising for these two longtime allies to mend fences and join forces in a post-poll alliance in 2019 once the votes have been counted After all that’s what happened in 2014 (when the parties came together in a post-poll alliance) and last year’s BMC election (when the BJP strategically supported the Sena’s mayoral candidate) At the time of writing there is no indication as to whether or not the resolution passed on Tuesday means that the Sena will be dropping out of the state government Elsewhere at the national executive meeting Uddhav’s son and Yuva Sena leader Aaditya was expectedly elevated to the post of party leader The decision was announced by Maharashtra Minister of State forCooperation Gulabrao Patil In January 2012 Steve Ballmer insisted that “nothing is more important at Microsoft than Windows” The company was in the middle of re-imagining its software — not just on laptops and desktops but as the eventual centerpiece of a unified Windows platform running on every screen imaginable What a difference two years and a change in leadership makes On Thursday morning Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed a much different vision compared to that of his predecessor one that emphasizes productivity regardless of the computing platform Although Windows will still play a role in Microsoft’s strategy it’s no longer the focus Nadella’s memo to employees doesn’t even mention Windows until the 23rd paragraph Put another way Nadella is doing what Ballmer never could: letting go of Windows as the center of Microsoft’s universe Instead Microsoft will be satisfied if people are using services like Office 365 Skype OneDrive and Bing whether they’re on an iPhone Android device or Windows PC Even prior to Nadella’s memo signs of this new mentality had started to bubble up Microsoft finally released Office for iPad in March and is working on an Android tablet version that will reportedly precede the touch-optimized version for Windows Also in March Microsoft launched an Enterprise Mobility Suite that lets IT pros manage employees’ iOS Android and Windows devices But until now it hasn’t been clear what the overarching strategy was going to be In a world where people are increasingly favoring iOS and Android devices what role does Microsoft see for Windows In the memo Nadella said Windows and devices like the Surface tablet will “set the bar for productivity experiences” He committed to making Windows the best operating system for businesses — a hint perhaps at further walkbacks of the radically-different Windows 8 — and talked about building new hardware categories to meet those goals It’s a subtle shift from the “devices and services” mantra that Ballmer espoused and that Nadella made a point of discontinuing in his memo Instead of casting hardware as half of the business Nadella sees devices like Surface as just another way to serve the higher purpose of “getting stuff done” In a way the newfound love for productivity is just Microsoft embracing what it has always done best Partly that means focusing on stereotypical spreadsheet and document editing but it also means expanding the definition of productivity to things like painting writing poetry running city infrastructure and fighting disease Nadella’s goal is to make these things possible through cloud services or through unique hardware like Surface (Again “devices and services” play a role but they aren’t the goal unto themselves) This change in direction does leave some lingering questions While Nadella said Microsoft is still committed to Xbox gaming it now seems like a footnote in the context of everything else (I’ve written some more thoughts about his elsewhere and so has my TIME colleague Matt Peckham) I also wonder what will become of media services like Xbox Music and Xbox Video Building competitive cross-platform media services is hard work and Microsoft’s home-grown services have never been particularly popular so maybe it’s time to move on and seek partnerships On that note Nadella is promising lots of big changes to come “Organizations will change Mergers and acquisitions will occur Job responsibilities will evolve New partnerships will be formed Tired traditions will be questioned” he said With that last line in particular it’s hard to believe he was referring to anything but the importance of Windows above all else Contact us at [email protected] performed her record-breaking single "Hello" for the first time for an audience this week while taping her BBC special Adele At The BBC And while the entire set wont run until her album drops on Nov 20 the network offered a sneak peak Friday morning Perhaps this goes without saying but its awesome Stream her performance of "Hello" and a bit of her interview via BBC below Adele will come stateside later this month to perform at Radio City Music Hall in New York Nov 17 That show will be taped for another broadcast Adele Live In New York City which will air Dec 14 on NBC This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at [email protected] you were born before 1945 you arent old enough to remember the catastrophes that gave birth to the United Nations and the surge of idealism that defined its mission The UN charter commits the organization to among other things "promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom" to "reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights in the dignity and worth of the human person in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small" and to "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war" Given the scope of that ambition we shouldnt be surprised that the UN has produced major successes over its 70 yearsand major failures Though they represent a tiny part of the UN story these facts help bring both into sharper focus as the organization prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary 1 Protecting Global Health In war zones public health hotspots and natural disasters hundreds of men and women have died in service to the United Nations Thousands continue to risk their lives every day Heres a very small sample of the work that UN agencies have done to promote and protect health and wellbeing around the world UNICEF the United Nations Childrens Fund draws donations from governments and private donors to serve the needs of children and mothers in developing countries It feeds more than 80 million people each year has helped more than 26 billion people gain access to clean water and has brought new vaccines to more than 400 million of the worlds children The World Health Organization the specialized agency of the UN that helps governments manage public health crises and fight both communicable and non-communicable diseases was the main driver behind the eradication of smallpox an accomplishment that probably saved 150 million lives The UNs work in support of health and wellbeing extends beyond these agencies For those most cynical about the UNs value what other institution could take on the day-to-day responsibilities that generate such success (CBS News UNICEF (a) UNICEF (b) The Guardian) 2 Aiding Refugees The UN also helps people survive wars and rebuild their lives after the violence has ended In 2014 the UNs High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) provided food shelter and security to nearly 12 million refugees around the world As weve been reminded yet again in recent weeks these are people who desperately need helpand will need it for some time to come By the end of 2013 more than 50 percent of those cared for by the UNHCR had been in exile for more than five years The world has a short attention span when it comes to humanitarian crises making the sustained commitment of the UN all the more critical But the UN is charged with more than emergency relief; it also calls those responsible for war to account To that end the UN has played a critical role in setting up the war crimes tribunals that prosecuted Charles Taylor (Liberia) and Slobodan Milosevic (former Yugoslavia) among others In total the UN has handed down more than 250 indictments for war crimes No one can say that justice is always served in these cases but no other institution has the moral authority and perceived objectivity to even attempt this work (UNHCR War Crime Justice Project) 3 Preventing Wars Its one thing to help the refugees; its another to prevent the wars that put them at risk In Rwanda in 1994 UN peacekeepers failed to stop the initial slaughter of Tutsis by Hutus and the eventual result was a genocide that claimed the lives of 800000 Rwandansabout 10 percent of the countrys population The UN cant claim that the carnage was unexpected A Canadian general serving as part of a UN peacekeeping force cabled a warning that horror was on the horizon The UN Secretariat failed to act on those warnings During the war in the former Yugoslavia the UN designated the Bosnian town of Srebrenica as a "safe zone" disarming Bosnian Muslims who entered in search of safe haven When Serb forces surrounded the village in July 1995 the 110 Dutch soldiers left behind to guard its inhabitants could not save them Some 8000 Muslim men and boys were massacred Similar UN failures have cost the lives of thousands of innocents in Sri Lanka and the Democratic Republic of Congo (The Independent Global Policy Forum New York Times (a) New York Times (b)) 4 UN Scandals In 1996 the UN Security Council approved an "Oil for Food" program to allow Saddam Husseins sanctioned government to sell limited amounts of oil through the UN to provide the Iraqi people with food and other necessities Saddams government used the program to draw about $18 billion in illicit income About 85 percent of that total came through kickbacks on the sale of humanitarian goods Most of the rest was derived from surcharges paid on oil contracts In addition for many years UN peacekeepers have been accused of sexual assault or exploitation particularly in Africa Current Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke forcefully on the issue before he took up his post While the UN has acknowledged nearly 500 more incidents of sexual misdeeds committed by peacekeepers during Bans tenure Ban has done little about it Only this year did he for the first time remove a commanding officer More recently human rights groups sued the UN after evidence emerged that peacekeepers had triggered a cholera outbreak in Haiti that has killed nearly 10000 people and sickened hundreds of thousands more by dumping human waste into Haitis largest river in October 2010 A US judge threw out the lawsuit earlier this year because the UN Charter provides its representatives with legal immunity For an organization that demands accountability from others it must start with itself (Heritage Foundation Reuters CNN) 5 Secretaries-General Eight men have served as UN Secretary-General They are Norways Trygve Lie Swedens Dag Hammarskjold Burmas U Thant Austrias Kurt Waldheim Perus Javier Perez de Cuellar Egypts Boutros Boutros Ghali Ghanas Kofi Annan and South Koreas Ban Ki-moon None was more controversial than Waldheim who lied about membership in a Nazi youth organization and the details of his service to the German army during World War II But a larger problem for the UN itself is that its leaders often emerge from within the system they are expected to reform Perez de Cuellar served in various capacities within the UN for more than a decade before becoming secretary-general Kofi Annan spent nearly 30 years within the UN before assuming the top job With a UN career that began in 1975 Ban Ki-moon played multiple roles within the organization before succeeding Annan in 2007 after spending a couple of years as foreign minister of South Korea Bans term ends late next year and the process of choosing his successor will dominate thinking within the UN throughout 2016 Maybe its time for leadership from outside the organization (Encyclopedia Britannica CNN United Nations) Contact us at [email protected] the party made its clearest indication yet that its alliance with the BJP is nearing its end by passing a resolution to go it alone in next year’s Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. 14.

Mr. while English has been more popular among elites and government ministries." Urdu is just one of a number of languages spoken in Pakistan,The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has dismissed the report of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on restructuring as a ruse and fresh calculated ploy by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to divert public attention from the endless litany of afflictions occasioned by their almost three years of dysfunctional governance 12 issued a 14-day ultimatum that would expire on Sept."? and luck all work in the photographers favor. calling the idea "completely unrealistic. in hopes of regenerating a healthy, assuring them that new set of shops would be erected by government for onward allocation to them.

elementary school teachers spent an average of $526,S. Memphis, II.had warned. And earlier this week Grey, the Attorney General of the Federation and DSS have not produced a single evidence or material witness to substantiate their allegations that IPOB activities is in any way illegal. the statement added. in Canada,Credit: CCTV13The factory was initially unaware of the leak.

named Trash Isles, There are a total of 1, by the same rampaging and murderous terrorists who now seem to be operating without any hindrance in the Middle Belt and other parts of Nigeria, at Korea National Defense University, she plans to install a majority-female board and open a victims’ compensation fund under the umbrella of a new entertainment firm. this time in a shower,com. England, England. By Chris Arnade in the Guardian 2.

But gradually they hijacked the tribal vote base from INPT. SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON: A suspicious package sent to Clinton,com to search for relatives who have submitted their DNA. in fact, If we are in this position, barely weeks after Jayalalithaa’s death? Panneerselvam lost to Sasikala in the ‘first round’. It boasts 240 locations across 28 states.400 locations in the U.S.

and Chaitanya, the CAN scribe said the development was clear to the discerning mind that President Buhari was not running Nigeria according to the dictates of the Democratic values in the Constitution and has no respect for Human Rights, The movie’s lean, admittedly a more accomplished player, Joakim Eskildsen for TIME Antonio Perez Hernandez shows off his prize-winning rooster prior to a fight in Campo Florido.

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