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first_img[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, I write further to the article, in today’s Racing Post, regarding a new forum, that has been set up, to protect Punters’ rights.But, what I want to know, is who has been there to protect the independent-bookmaker? Who has worried about him when hundreds of his colleagues shops have closed every year? When he had to pay for Turf TV as well as SIS (when the Firms have their cosy deal with SIS)? When he has had to personal-guarantee leases on betting-shops, and he is being chased for the rent, and threatened with bankruptcy? When he’s been hit with a winning accumulator, that he cant pay, because all of his Punters have knocked him? When a pro-punter has got hold of him and he’s out of his depth? When his shop is empty, but people are sitting in it, watching the racing, whilst looking at a Betfair app? When the fun stops for the bookie, WHO’S THERE TO PROTECT HIM AND TAKE HIS PAIN AWAY?I look forward to the Bettors Forum, Blog. I really do. And on their first day, before they start playing the victim a little too quickly, they might like to have a look in the mirror and ask themselves the following questions:1) Will they be providing bookmakers, with a list of all of their Punter-members, who are blatant knockers?2) Will they expose their members, who have approached bookmakers’ members of Staff, and colluded with them, to defraud the bookmaker, and place bets after the off?3) Will they be asking their members to get betting-permits before they go to lay bets on the exchanges?4) Will they take responsibility, for turning their back on the game, costing thousands of people their jobs, making it easy for connections to profit from stopping horses, costing racing millions in Levy money, and closing hundreds of independent-bookmakers, by running to the Betfair Bootleggers, when they had the first opportunity?Just thought we better check all of this, Blog, BEFORE THEY GET A BIT TOO COMFORTABLE.Over and out, B xlast_img

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