Finally A Heater That Mines Cryptocurrency

first_imgMost modern heating systems will save you money. That’s great and all… but if you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash on a new heater that actually makes you money?That’s the thinking behind French company Qarnot’s newest offering. The Qc1 looks a lot like wall-mounted heater — albeit a very stylish one — but it’s essentially a big radiator attached to a crypto-mining rig. By default, the Qc1 mines for Ethereum.Inside the Qc1 is a powerful little Linux-based PC. It features a pair of 8GB Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580GPUs to do the heavy lifting. When the room gets cool, the integrated thermostat tells the PC to shift the mining process into high gear. The system is passively cooled, so you won’t hear fans blaring while mining is going on.Unlike some of the ready-to-use mining scripts that are out there, Qarnot doesn’t take a cut. 100% of the Qc1’s payouts go directly into the owner’s wallet. Setup is a breeze, too, thanks to Qarnot’s mobile app — which lets you monitor cryptocurrency trends as well as the ambient temperature.According to the company, keeping the average space warm with the Qc1 would earn you around $120 of ETH per month at today’s rates. You can’t expect that kind of return forever, though, given that difficulty increases over time.Still, if you’re going to spend money keeping a room warm you might as well generate heat by letting a computer put a few cryptocoins in your digital pockets. With a street price of $3200, it’ll take you a little while to break even. Radiant wall-mounted heaters (even really nice ones) can be had for $150 or less. Heck, you can buy a fairly decent heat pump for less than half the cost of the QC1.None are as geeky a way to heat your space as the QC1, though.last_img

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