Google Music Betas Magnifier helps you discover new music

first_imgThe Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Music Beta are working to carve out their spaces before iCloud is released from its cage. Each service hopes it will have the largest number of users, and Google has just introduced a feature that will hopefully give it an edge in the cloud.Magnifier is Google Music Beta’s newest feature. The search giant is touting Magnifier as “Music Beta’s cousin who lives in England.” Perhaps that needs some explaining.In a post introducing Magnifier, Head of Music Programming Tim Quirk related a time in his childhood when his friend’s English cousin would send over new LPs for them to listen to. That exchange inspired Magnifier, Google’s way to suggest new music to users. Free tracks will be released on a daily basis which you can add to your library as you see fit. The service isn’t relegated solely to songs, though. Live performances and interviews will also be offered.By using Magnifier you may open yourself up to some new artists that would otherwise never have appeared on your radar. That alone makes it worthwhile signing up, alongside the free track every day of course.Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Drive both offer bulk storage, but they differ slightly in how much they offer. Google’s service offers a maximum cloud capacity of 20,000 songs for free. Amazon offers tiered plans with a basic 5GB storage option for free all the way up to 1,000GB for $1,000 a year. Apple’s iCloud has iTunes Match which will offer master copies of purchased iTunes songs with a $24.99 per year storage option for non-iTunes content.Which service are you inclined to use?See more at Magnifier via CNetlast_img

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