Big payouts to departing staff

The number of municipal employees in Norfolk and Haldimand last year earning $100,000 or more increased by four in each county.The results are contained in the province’s latest compilation of all public-sector employees earning $100,000 or more, which became available last week.Former CAO David Cribbs was the top earner in Norfolk last year with wages of $198,300. His counterpart in Haldimand – Donald Boyle – was not far behind with wages in 2018 of $196,346.Factoring in taxable benefits however, Boyle was the top earner in both counties with an additional $6,800 in this area. This brought Boyle’s total remuneration last year to nearly $203,200. Cribbs’s taxable benefit amounted to $960, keeping him below the $200,000 threshold.Deidre Chisholm, former curator and artistic director at the Norfolk Arts Centre in Simcoe, drew a salary last year of $151,275. This despite leaving the county workforce in mid-February of 2018.Former Norfolk public works general manager Lee Robinson is listed as collecting total remuneration in the amount of $174,675. This despite Robinson leaving the Norfolk workforce last summer for “family reasons.”The Reformer reached out to Norfolk County for an explanation of these payouts. However, county staff say they are not at liberty to respond.“I am unable to discuss employment matters regarding identifiable individuals current or past,” Yakov Sluchenkov, Norfolk’s general manager of corporate and employee services, said in an email Monday.A total of 32 Norfolk County employees made the Sunshine List in 2017. This rose to 36 last year.An additional six are listed as Norfolk employees but are attached to Haldimand-Norfolk Health and Social Services and the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit. As such, these employees are shared between the two counties.Members of the 2018 Sunshine List in Norfolk include:Fire chief Terry Dicks ($123,080.);  Norfolk County Public Library CEO Heather King ($110,682); human resources director Erin Anderson ($104,034); public works general manager Chris Baird ($150,475); tax collector Sue Boughner ($113,379);  paramedic commander Stuart Burnett ($105,204); paramedic deputy chief Dean Casement ($107,858); former Norfolk Arts Centre curator Deirdre Chisholm ($151,275); former Norfolk CAO David Cribbs  ($198,307);  community services general manager Bill Cridland ($130,240); corporate services director Shelley Darlington ($114,140);  development and cultural services general manager Pam Duesling ($111,976); chief building and bylaw enforcement officer Fritz Enzlin ($119,907);  environmental services director Bob Fields ($123,081); public works administration services director Jason Godby ($105,536); paramedic Sharon Green ($106,277); Norfolk clerk Andy Grozelle ($115,814); tourism and economic development director Clark Hoskin ($118,803); Norfolk engineer Gary Houghton ($113,782); Cynthia Jacob, supervisor of financial planning and reports ($100,790); treasurer James Johnson ($120,771); paramedic commander Nicholas Koopman ($103,116); financial planning and reporting manager Kathy Laplante ($115,500); nursing and personal care manager Judy Little ($105,015); county solicitor Nicholas Loeb ($100,227); community health program manager Michelle Lyne ($105,015);  Haldimand and Norfolk health and social services general manager Marlene Miranda ($147,358); organizational health and wellness manager Trevor Misener ($107,786) ; Norview administrator Bill Nolan ($115,928);  health and social services director of quality, planning, accountability and performance Chimere Okoronkwo ($113,717); paramedic commander Mike Oxley ($104,518); health protection manager Stephanie Pongracz ($117,556); former public works general manager Lee Robinson ($174,342); parks and recreation manager Todd Shoemaker ($113,759); employee and corporate services general manager Yakov Sluchenkov ($139,283); garage foreman Larry Staley ($101,524); public health director Susan Taylor ($145,377); head of paramedic services Sarah Townsend ($124,813);  social services and housing director Heidy Van Dyk ($113,782); roads manager Shawn Vanacker ($101,778) ; IT director Brent Wallace ($115,144) ; and facilities manager Marlene Watson ($113,898). A total of 27 employees in Haldimand County made the Sunshine List in 2018. This is up four from 23 in 2017.Haldimand employees who earned $100,000 or more last year include:Community services general manager Hugh Hanley ($114,713); corporate services general manager Karen General ($169,613); facilities, capital and asset general manager David Aldred ($122,591); CAO Don Boyle ($196,346); registered nurse Beth Brown ($100,026); Cathy Case, general manager of corporate and social services ($124,006); building and bylaw enforcement chief Randall Charlton ($116,761); Haldimand County public library CEO Paul Diette ($106,516); county clerk Evelyn Eichenbaum ($116,761); planning and development director Michael Evers ($119,636) ; fleet manager John Fagan ($124,938); legal and support services manager Lori Friesen ($105,491); emergency services and fire chief Jason Gallagher ($113,958); general manager of engineering and capital works Tyson Haedrich ($138,097); county project manager Ernest Hammond ($128,542); Grandview Lodge administrator Joanne Jackson ($100,205); information systems manager Wilma Koziello ($129,659); Paramedic 1 ambulance attendant Victor Laubach ($100,790); general manager of community and development services Craig Manley ($161,800); treasurer Mark Merritt ($125,749); public works manager Philip Mete ($137,539); environmental services manager Jeffrey Oakes ($124,938); Paramedic 1 ambulance attendant Tonya Opatovsky ($102,167); parks, facilities, cemeteries and forestry manager David Pressey ($111,117); tourism and economic development manager Lidy Romanuk ($113,445).; registered nurse Jodie Skitch ($102,721); and community development development and partnerships manager Sheila Wilson ($116,761). 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