Brock scientist on Quirks and Quarks Saturday

If you’ve ever been curious about what male mosquitos eat, Brock researcher Fiona Hunter is happy to help answer that question.Hunter, who studies insect-borne illness, particularly West Nile virus, will take to the airwaves on CBC radio this Saturday to provide the scoop on the male mosquito’s diet.She’s one of 10 Canadian scientists featured on Quirks and Quarks question show, which solicits questions from readers and finds an expert with the answer.Hunter will answer the question ‘If only female mosquitos eat blood, then what do male mosquitos eat?’The show airs Dec. 28, just after the noon news on CBC Radio One (99.1 FM in Niagara). Those who can’t tune in can catch the show online after it airs or subscribe to the Quirks and Quarks podcast.

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