Winners and Losers From OSU’s 37-20 Win Over WVU

first_imgWe are trying something a little bit different today as we look back on the weekend. Winners and losers from OSU’s 37-20 win over West Virginia by several writers on our staff. Let’s get right to it.Kyle PorterWinner: This blog. Not to make this about me (which is exactly what I’m about to do), but the traffic differential for the rest of the year between winning this game and not winning it is monumental. I am indebted (literally) to Mike Gundy for his 100th win (and many others as well).Winner: Stillwater. Same concept here. Stillwater was lit up on Saturday afternoon and evening. The lines on The Strip were long. The restaurants were full. The beverages were flowing. Glenn Spencer said it at the Homecoming and Hoops event on Friday, but there are few college towns like Stillwater, and never is that place better than after a monstrous football win.Loser: The Big 12. The CFB Playoff hopes of the Big 12 rest on … uh … I have no idea. I guess if OU wins out they could get in. Same for OSU. Maybe. I guess. It’s not pretty out here. Especially if nothing crazy happens to Alabama, Michigan/tOSU or Clemson/Louisville. The one thing that could get interesting is if Washington goes down a couple of times. What then?Kyle CoxWinner: Chris Lacy. He caught three balls for two touchdowns and a 19-yard drive-saving 3rd down play. Glenn Spencer wins as well. His defense pretty much saved the day after being a big reason the Cowboys have two (one) loss(es).Loser: Dana Holgorsen. He was not a happy camper with the refs after a couple of those penalties. I could almost hear what he was saying in the club level. OSU’s running backs lost. Even with WVU playing back deep the Cowboys averaged below three yards a carry and failed to reach triple digits.The full Dana meltdown is downright glorious.— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguy) October 29, 2016Sam AldrichWinner: The President. James Washington got back on track in a big way Saturday, torching the Mountaineer secondary all afternoon to the tune of six catches for 117 yards. It was Chris Lacy that reached the end zone twice, but it was Washington that opened the field up for the rest of the offense, commanding attention all day long. It was a big bounce back for no. 28 after the Kansas game.Loser: Ramon Richards haters. I will admit, I have my fair share of frustrations with Ramon, despite his fantastic hair and interviews. But Saturday was another big day for no. 7, who had 6 tackles, 2 pass deflections, and a (slightly fortunate) interception. Sure, he dropped another sure pick, but it’s hard to complain with his day on [email protected] likes to score off turnovers.Latest case in point – Ramon Richards INT.#Big12FB on FOX— Big 12 Conference (@Big12Conference) October 29, 2016Caleb DeckLoser: West Virginia uniform department. The Mountaineers truly put together a beautiful combo this week. The colors were amazing, the throwback tie adds intrigue, and it all truly looked very clean cut. I say the West Virginia Uniform Department are losers this week because they made such a wonderful kit and still came out looking second-best.If they had saved those combos for Tech or Iowa State or even Texas, they would have been top notch. But against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, they stood no chance. OSU has amazing jerseys, which we have talked about extensively, but the throwback helmets this week nearly made me faint.I am biased in that I grew up with that 80s stacked OSU logo all over my childhood room and it is still my second-favorite OSU logo. Sadly West Virginia had to pull out all the stops at the worst time. Better luck next time Mountaineer Uniform Department.Winner: Zach Sinor’s dad.  Sinor is obviously amazing and killed it this game. Kyle already talked in his 10 Thoughts post-game about Sinor’s great stat line, so I figured I would take a different (and slightly more fictional and imaginary) approach and say the real winner in my imagination is Zach Sinor’s dad.I like to imagine Zach Sinor’s dad was a huge baseball fan and had dreams of his son becoming the next Chipper Jones or something but all childhood, lil’ Zach just ran around kicking things.Their house was a mess because of all the kicking: holes in all the walls, no table leg was safe, all pets they had cowered as Zach’s tiny feet thunder by…True to his dream, Zach Sinor’s dad diligently trained his son in the ways of baseball for years, despite seeing the obvious natural kicking talent. Finally one crisp fall afternoon, Zach and Zach Sinor’s dad were doing some batting practice at the elementary school field when Zach Sinor’s dad decided to give him a bit of heat.It was a decent fastball for a kid, mid 60mph and a bit low, right over the plate. But to Zach Sinor’s dad’s surprise, lil Zach planted his left foot, and instead of swinging the bat, he used all his force and God-given ability to swing his mighty right foot right through the ball.He crushed the pitch and Zach Sinor’s dad watched slack-jawed as the ball sailed over his head and over the outfield wall for a homerun. After that day, I imagine they started Zach in football, but in the back of his mind, Zach Sinor’s dad always wondered if he made a mistake by not making Zach play baseball.Was Zach destined for greater succeed in the MLB or was Zach Sinor’s dad really just projecting his own dreams on his son for all these years? I imagine the question lay heavy on Zach Sinor’s dad’s mind for many weeks. This weekend, my imaginary version of Zach Sinor’s dad is a winner, because this weekend, Zach Sinor proved beyond a shadow or a doubt he was born to kick a football.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img

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