Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica: First ride review

first_imgFor decades now the Royal Enfield Bullet has acquired a dedicated follower base which includes the Indian Army. Ever since its launch in 1932, the Bullet has impressed with its tough credentials and it is not surprising to know that the Bullet was a superstar of the Trials world. What is Trials? Trials is a motorcycle sport where one has to traverse through a trail without putting his or her foot down. Points are given every time the foot goes down and in case one stalls, it’s a max pointer which means you are out of the game. The trails too are rather tough and this requires precision riding and a tough machine. Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica is tribute to the prolific Trials rider Johnny Brittain. (Photo Credit – Nishant Jhamb)The next question is why a Trials replica? You see, Royal Enfield is exploring its rich heritage and bringing back the past into the present. Hence the bike you see in the pictures comes as a tribute bike to celebrate the legacy of the Royal Enfield Bullet at the Trials Championships. Inspired by this legacy of Royal Enfield at the International Six Days Trials and as a tribute to the prolific Trials rider Johnny Brittain comes the Bullet Trials Works Replica 2019. The instrument panel of Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica remains identical to the standard bike. (Photo Credit – Nishant Jhamb)Quite essentially then this new bike is based on the time tested Bullet. The chassis remains the same and so does the suspension. The Trials Replica is available in both 350 and 500cc guise. So what has changed? It is mainly how the thing looks. Up front, the big and bulky mudguard has been replaced by a sleek fender. The headlight can be equipped with a mesh metal guard. The handlebar gets a brace and one can also have a metal sump guard. The Trials Replica also comes with a single seat set up and then there is a carrier at the back. The rear mudguard has also been done away with and in comes a shorter one. The tank looks smarter thanks to the unique decals put on the bike. There is also a unique battery compartment cover with competition number 48 painted on it. Looks cool! Royal Enfield has chosen a red colour for the 350cc chassis and green resembles the 500cc variants. These are the only two colours available. Now since this is a Trials Replica, it is essential to have grippy tyres. Hence replacing the conventional ribbed tyres are semi-knobbly Ceat tyres. Royal Enfield is also offering Dual Channel ABS on the Trials Replica and the only thing itching is that one cannot turn it off!advertisement Single seat is the only option in Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica. (Photo Credit – Nishant Jhamb)Now we all have ridden the Bullet on the road and we know its pros and cons. However can this big 192kg lump of metal dance to the tune of a Trial course? It was time to find out. Royal Enfield along with its Rides Team had specially curated a four-stage track in Lonavala in Maharashtra and judging us would be Steve, a trials champion. Get on the bike and one feels rather comfortable. The 500cc motor thumps to life and idles in a familiar vibey manner. The track was rather tricky and this meant one had to deploy all the torque on tap in most conditions. Body weight management is also of utmost importance as the bike has to be ridden at rather low speeds. It is in these conditions that the Bullet excels. Once we got on with our bikes, we were led to Zone 1. A narrow gully with a mega dip followed by a full right and then a full ‘U’ followed by a small climb was the track. I got in with one sole intention, to get on with it without any pressure. But to get the omen right, I dabbed once right at the start of the track. The simple riding position of the Bullet meant I felt rather comfortable even on this track. The climb down was an easy one but by the time I arrived at the U, I had to go even slower to make the turn. Once turned a simple twist of the right wrist was enough for the Bullet trials to climb through. Trials Replica comes with a 19in front tyre and 18in rear tyre. (Photo Credit – Nishant Jhamb)Zone 2 was the most tricky one according to me. The track started narrow and then there was a tight right-hander followed by a steep climb up with a left-hander. After walking the track and seeing numerous riders falter I decided on a game plan. I started slow and took on the narrow section carefully. Once the right turn was made, I noted the dug up section. The moment the front wheels hit the hump, I gassed it. The knobbly tyres coupled with my weight on the saddle meant I found traction. There was enough power being delivered by the 500cc motor and up I went. Quite an achievement I must say and it surely felt good.advertisement The exhaust is now upswept and drapped in chrome. (Photo Credit – Nishant Jhamb)Zone 3 involved riding inclines and taking tight turns. Once again the approach was to go slow and steady. I stuck to the upper reaches of the track and once I negotiated the right-hander, I slowed down even further and sat down on the seat to ensure traction. Thankfully things looked easy and it just goes to show how capable the Bullet actually is! Once again I successfully avoided gathering points. The metal battery box has been replaced with this unit with a sporty racing number decal. (Photo Credit – Nishant Jhamb)Zone 4 was a timed trial and I sped off without having to worry about dabing or stalling. The Bullet Trials took off and I gathered decent speed on these tracks. The ride was good and the grip levels high thanks to the new knobbly tyres. Confidence gained all thanks to the bike. It just goes to show how good the Bullet actually is on knarly stuff and this is perhaps the reason why hundreds and thousands of people vouch on essentially this bike to tack terrains of Leh Ladakh. If you look at Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica as a Trials bike, we would say that it is a rather heavy machine. (Photo Credit – Nishant Jhamb)VerdictLet’s say that the new Trials Replica bikes look very cool. The painted chassis and slim bodywork add to the appeal of the Bullet. So on paper, the bike works. However, if you look at it as a Trials bike, we would say that it is a rather heavy machine. This trait is in stark contrast with the modern day Trials bikes. The company says that it is just trying to pay tribute to a legend and for that this one works. We also feel that the company has watched what people are doing with the Bullet post-purchase and are offering the same from the factory.ALSO READ | Hyundai Venue: First drive reviewALSO READ | MG Hector bookings to start on June 4ALSO READ | Bentley Flying Spur third-gen global reveal on June 11last_img

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