Delhi youths taking horse drug to chisel gym-toned bodies quickly

first_imgSteroids and protein supplements are passé. More and more youth are risking their lives with ‘horse power doses’ for a Sylvester Stallone body! Cases of wannabe Rambos injecting themselves with Adenosine MonoPhosphate (AMP) shots–illegally administered to horses to enhance their race performance–as a pre-workout drill have spiked, a Mail Today investigation has found.They are doing so for longer workouts without getting tired and for faster but unnatural and harmful muscle-building.The shortcut to sweat and discipline has many dangers, doctors and gym trainers have warned. Such people get addicted to the drug not meant for humans in the first place.Those trying to quit its use slip into depression and anxiety, lose sleep, become aggressive, drop IQ levels and even face organ failures.ALSO READ | Using steroids for pumped up body? Think twiceThe percentage of workout freaks using the drug could be as high as 40 per cent despite serious health risks, multiple gym managers, personal trainers and bodybuilders told Mail Today.Those trying to quit its use slip into depression and anxiety, lose sleep, become aggressive, drop IQ levels and even face organ failures.”The drug is being sold rampantly in the black market. I know of quite a few gym-goers using it,” said Sunil Taank, general secretary of All India Body Building and Fitness Sports Federation (North India).”There is a big spike in the drug’s sales. Its demand increases during bodybuilding contests. It is unsafe for human health,” said Taank, founder of Black Gym in South Delhi’s Saket and West Delhi.advertisement Bunty Kumar, a gym trainer at Fitness House in South Delhi’s Jor Bagh, confirmed the trend.ALSO READ | Sanjay Dutt on drugs and jail-time at Mind Rocks 2017: I don’t want my son to be like meDr Rajiv Mehta, vice-chairman at the psychiatry department of Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said a 21-year-old college student, who was addicted to AMP, was discharged last month.”His family brought him here. He had started taking AMP shots and became an addict. We treated him. He is responding well to medication,” he said.A couple of months earlier, a 25-year-old had to be rushed to Delhi’s All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) after he suffered a cardiac arrest.Dr Ambuj Roy, cardiology professor at AIIMS, said, “He had a highly muscular body and was a regular gym visitor. He admitted to be taking AMP shots for additional strength for longer workouts.”Dr Abhishek Yadav, assistant professor at AIIMS’ forensic department, has also seen a case of a youth’s unusual cardiac arrest death.”His relatives revealed he was a gym regular and was taking muscle-building drugs,” he said.ALSO READ | This is the secret to getting Hrithik Roshan’s envious Greek-God body IN KOLKATA Dr Bhaskar Mukherjee, psychiatrist at Kolkata’s ILS Hospitals has seen six such patients in their 20s and 30s in the recent past.”Four were brought by family members and two came on their own. The drug abuse gave them a high and they became addicts. We put them on medically approved stimulates to cure them,” he said.IN MUMBAIDr Anjali Chhabria, consultant psychiatrist at Mumbai’s Mind Temple, has seen two such patients aged 20 and 25 in the last six months.”They were taking AMP shots for bodybuilding. Both were brought by their family members after they had serious health complications. We have put them on medical therapy. Such cases have been reported from Chennai as well,” she said.ALSO READ | How this HIV+ bodybuilder is taking the world of sports by stormALSO WATCH | Punjab: Drugs worth Rs 38 lakh seizedlast_img

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