Roque to Trump: reverse DACA decision, but deport my accuser

first_imgWEST NEW YORK – While he sought in a letter on Sept. 5 to have President Donald Trump reverse his decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that protects children brought to the United States illegally, in the same letter Mayor Felix E. Roque asked Trump to deport a Boonton doctor who testified against him last year.Roque said the DACA policy was wrong, then he went on to ask Trump to deport Rehan Zuberi, a Pakistani immigrant who has been twice convicted of serious felonies that include Medicaid fraud, money laundering, and a slew of other fraudulent activities.Zuberi testified against Roque in a trial that claimed Roque was involved with a Medicaid scheme as well.Roque, however, was acquitted.Roque claims that Zuberi had disregarded a court ruling restricting him from having any connection with the medical facilities that he owned.“Mr. Zuberi disregarded his sentence and returned to the medical imaging business using family as fronts for his business,” Roque said. “He was again arrested three years ago in connection with a scheme in which millions were laundered to pay kickbacks to more than a dozen medical professionals.”Zuberi has been sentenced to eight years in prison.Roque said while law abiding dreamers will be negatively affected by Trump’s decision to eliminate the DACA, others like Zuberi are “thumbing their nose” at the system.last_img

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