Engineered traffic nightmares

first_imgDear Editor:I have lived in Hoboken for many years and in the same location on Observer Highway. Watching the positive changes since the mid 90’s has been something most cities would love to experience.People want to live here, work here, buy goods and services from here and like most dine here.There isn’t a single downtown Hoboken resident I know who believes the mayor and county’s reconfiguration of Observer Highway is working.In fact I believe any politician who spews stats that it’s safer or no different in my opinion doesn’t travel to this part of town or is simply lying to us.At the corners of Observer and Jackson, Monroe and Jackson and all roads in and out of the southwest are now 24/7 hazardous nightmares.Last week my sister was coming to town at 1p.m. on a Saturday. It took her 45 minutes to get from the entry at the train overpass on Jersey Avenue to my home at The Skyline. Forty five minutes!My sister lives in Somerset County and is not riding a bike down Route 78, and neither are the thousands of employees, visitors and relatives of residents who need to get in and out of our great city.Several months ago the council commissioned a traffic study and the results are being kept way too quiet, something tells me that study was either incomplete or it conflicts with Mayor Zimmer’s Bikes First agenda.Residents of Southwest Hoboken accept a certain amount of traffic and noise, but when that traffic and noise is intentionally engineered to create congestion to discourage cars, with the hope that people will walk, switch to bikes, or take a train, I have to speak out.The city’s businesses, employees and clients as well as our car commuting residents are sitting in daily traffic, traffic that causes unsafe and illegal passing, U-Turns and illegal horn blowing.It’s getting beyond stupid.Maybe by burying one’s head in the sand, city leaders can ignore the reality of this epic engineering failure, and at the same time not hear the horns blowing.A good leader takes credits for their successes but also admits when they make a mistake.There’s still time to fix it, but time is running out. Anthony ‘Tony’ Soares SW Hoboken Residentlast_img

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