Vulfpeck Premieres Funky New Track, Their First Cut From Upcoming Album “The Beautiful Game”

first_imgFull tracklisting:Stay tuned for more Vulf! Atop a ridiculously rhythmic bass line lands Vulfpeck’s new song “Dean Town,” perhaps a play on Weather Report‘s “Teen Town.” At the intersection of disco and funk lies Joe Dart, Jack Stratton, Woody Goss, Theo Katzman, and special guest Cory Wong with this fantastic new tune. With their 2016 release The Beautiful Game due out October 17th, available for pre-order via this Kickstarter project, this is the first studio track to be released, and the second song we recognize from the official tracklisting, the other being “Cory Wong” from 2013. In true Vulf passion, the video that accompanies this studio track is entirely homemade and produced with an iPhone. Enjoy:Says Woody Goss of the recording process, “[It’s] really special. I have a great boss; Jack [Stratton] has a comfort fetish, and that works out for me, because I love to be comfortable. It’s kind of how James Brown didn’t treat his band. When I’m recording a Vulfpeck session, I know that I will have: a good night’s rest, a filling breakfast*, no idea what song I’m playing that day, a great deal of laughter, a great deal of dancing in my seat, at least one melt down about how talented my coworkers are, and plenty of leisure time after we finish recording.” Read the entire interview here.The Beautiful Game will feature a ton of new guests, including debuts from Laura Mace, Bethanni Grecynski, Jamire Williams, Michael Winogrand, Pegasus Warning, Adam Levy, and Rich Hinman. “This album’s ‘Billy Preston’,” they add, is returning guitarist Cory Wong. The Beautiful Game will also feature some of our favorite returning guests: keyboardist Joey Dosik from “Game Winner”, “Back Pocket” vocal contributor Christine Hucal, and of course, the “Funky Duck” himself, Antwaun Stanley.In the below video released when they announced the album, the band occupies their studio space with Stanley with a never-before-heard song about baseball high school teams.last_img read more

Lose Weight (and Friends?) Fast!

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York It’s pretty much bikini season ladies and gentlemen-who-wear-bikinis. You know what that means!You’re probably fatter than you want to be!You’re almost out of time. Just today, the temperature across Long Island is expected to reach Satanic.What will you do?Don’t waste time with insane exercise programs that do nothing more than get you pumped up in extremely motivational ways.Don’t waste your time with fitness workouts that could make you look extremely athletic and well coordinated.Men especially, why waste precious time looking manly, in an attempt to get fit so that you can look manly?Now, for the incredibly low, low price of “What the hell!?” you too can prance your way to extreme(ly ridiculous-looking) fitness.Just in time for beach season!Or embarrassment season!Check it out, as fitness guru Joanna SomethingOrOther shows you how to WORK IT like Beyonce! (if Beyonce was an old, odd, weirdly coordinated prancing white lady.)(Special thanks To Eve for bringing this to my attention. Can’t wait to try this with you. I hear that the couple that prances together, gets-laughed-at-by-the-neighbors together!)Now, let’s stop talkin’ and do some walkin’!last_img read more