Greensky Bluegrass Covers Phish, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, And More In Boston [Videos/Setlist]

first_imgLast night, jam-grass favorites Greensky Bluegrass continued their current winter tour with a stop at Boston’s House of Blues, in the shadows of the Boston Red Sox’s storied home field Fenway Park. After an opening set from Portland-based quintet Fruition, Greensky took the stage for an incredible performance featuring extended versions of fan favorites like “Can’t Stop Now,” “Lose My Way,” “Kerosene,” “Living Over,” “Worried About The Weather.” The show’s second frame also showcased a slew of crowd-pleasing covers, including Bob Dylan‘s “When I Paint My Masterpiece,” Pink Floyd‘s “Time,” and Phish‘s “Chalkdust Torture.”Watch fan-shot footage of the band’s covers of “Time” and “Chalk Dust Torture” via Instagram user jock955: The official soundboard recording of the show is available for download now here.Setlist: Greensky Bluegrass | House Of Blues | Boston, MA | 1/27/17Set One: In Control. Can’t Stop Now, Lose My Way, Past My Prime, Money For Nothing, Sweetwater Sea, Demons^^, I’d Probably Kill You^^, KeroseneSet Two: When I Paint My Masterpiece**, Living Over, Room Without A Roof, Reuben’s Train, Fixing To Ruin, New Barns, Dry Country, Time^, Worried About The WeatherEncore: Chalkdust Torture*Notes: ^^Jay Cobb Anderson on guitar; *Phish cover; **Bob Dylan cover; ^Pink Floyd cover;Tonight, Greensky and Fruition will make their way to New York City for a performance at the PlayStation Theater in the heart of Times Square. For tickets, visit the band’s website.[Cover photo via ontheDL Photography]last_img read more

Spring Sting

first_imgPeople flock outdoors in the spring to plant gardens, clean up, grill out or just spend time with friends. All are prime times and places for insect attacks, says a University of Georgia bug expert. “Insect encounters don’t usually result in human injury, and most insects should be left alone,” said Elmer Gray, a UGA Cooperative Extension entomologist. “Eliminating areas where insects develop and hide near your home and properly applying pesticides if necessary will keep most stinging and biting pests away.”That stings!Social insects, such as bees, wasps, hornets and ants, develop colonies, which could house as few as a dozen to thousands of individuals. “The social bees, wasps and hornets are a greater stinging threat than the solitary pests because they will attack in large numbers if they perceive the nest is in danger,” he said.Gray said while most individuals are non-aggressive, all can sting if disturbed or handled.Bees, wasps, hornets, fire ants and scorpions inject venom from the tip of their abdomen. For most people, a single sting will cause pain, swelling and stiffness of the joint, which can last a few minutes or for one or more days. However, some people can develop more dramatic reactions where swelling may involve an entire arm or leg, last several days or require hospital treatment.Because of the benefits social insects have on the environment, such as pollination and preying on pest insects, most should not be controlled unless they create a hazard to humans. If you find a nest around your home, Gray said to apply an insecticide in the evening when the insects are at rest. “With the wind at your back and an escape route selected, aim the insecticide at nest openings in trees, bushes, under eaves, ground cracks and crevices in and around nest openings,” he said. “If possible, destroy the nest or seal the nest opening. Honey bees nesting in buildings will require professional hive removal.” Treat fire ant mounds right after rain. “Gently pour an insecticidal drench over a mound so that the mixture will break the surface. Do not stir the mound,” he said. “Use 1 to 2 gallons for an average (12- to 14-inch diameter) mound. Granular and bait formulations are also available.”Shoo Fly!Some think house flies are gross. But, their winged cousins like deer flies, horse flies, black flies and biting midges are more than annoying. They bite.“Deer and horse flies are strong fliers and a serious nuisance of warm-blooded animals and people,” Gray said. “The puncture from the large bladelike mouth parts and the saliva used in feeding can cause pain, swelling and itching.”Biting midges, also called no-se-ums, punkies or sand flies, are very small. Some are small enough to fit through screens. Often their bite is felt, and they are not even seen. Welts and lesions from the bite may last for days. Biting midges are more of a problem around creek beds and swamps, Gray said. The larvae breed in damp or wet soils. Homeowners in residential areas without water present are less likely to be bitten. Black flies, or buffalo gnats, develop in fast-flowing sections of rivers and streams. They are most prevalent in the piedmont and mountainous areas. The saliva they inject while feeding causes swelling and soreness. Female flies use mouthparts to painfully puncture the skin and dine on a blood meal. Because of the widespread breeding sites and long flight range of biting midges and black flies, homeowner control is not always practical, he said. “The most effective way to control exposure to flies is to treat skin with repellent,” Gray said. He said to look for a repellent containing DEET. “Concentrations of DEET up to 30 percent are approved for use on children and infants older than two months of age,” Gray said. “Concentrations of 10 percent will typically be sufficient to protect children under most circumstances unless extreme pest populations are encountered.”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has approved picaridin, oil of lemon, eucalyptus and IR3535 as alternatives to DEET, but they are not approved for children under three. Clothing can be treated with permethrin, found in Permanone, to deter fly bites. Remember, too, that light-colored clothing may be less attractive than dark clothing to most biting insects.last_img read more

20 Ancient Coffins Unearthed In Egypt

first_imgThe coffins are believed to be thousands of years old. Most of the tombs at Asasif, which is close to the Valley of the Kings, are from the Late Period (664-332BC) of ancient Egypt.However, there are also tombs from the earlier 18th Dynasty (1550-1292BC), which was the first of the New Kingdom and included the famous pharaohs Ahmose, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Amenhotep III, Akhenaton and Tutankhamun. More details will be released at a news conference Saturday. Archaeologists have made a stunning discovery of 20 ancient coffins near the Egyptian city of Luxor.Egypt’s antiquities ministry says the intricately decorated and brightly-colored coffins were found near the Valley of the Kings, where pharaohs were buried.The ministry says the coffins were buried in two layers, and called it “one of the largest and most important discoveries in recent years.” A huge cache of stunning coffins covered with elaborate inscriptions and paintings has been found at the Assasif necropolis in Egypt. –— Ancient Origins (@ancientorigins) October 16, 2019last_img read more

Deshaun Watson proves Texans’ NFL divisional playoff chances against Chiefs depend on him

first_imgMORE 2020 NFL PLAYOFFS:Full schedule | Predictions through Super BowlSure, there were other key players who helped the Texans complete a comeback from a 16-0 third-quarter deficit. It wouldn’t have been possible without J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus making big plays in the pass rush to cool off Watson’s counterpart, Josh Allen.But after the struggles of a scoreless first half, Watson’s final numbers (20-of-25 passing, 247 yards, TD, 9.9 yards per attempt, 121.2 rating, 14 rushes, 55 yards, TD) will go down as a legendary playoff performance, regardless of round. He somehow overcame 7 sacks and constant pressure from a swarming Bills front seven, down to the great escape that led to the game-winning field goal by Ka’imi Fairbairn.DESHAUN WATSON. MAGICAL. #WeAreTexans #NFLPlayoffs📺: #BUFvsHOU on ESPN/ABC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile:— NFL (@NFL) January 5, 2020Watson avoided an eighth sack despite being cornered by several Bills behind the line of scrimmage, and five long seconds later, he dumped a pass off to running back Taiwan Jones that turned into a 34-yard gain to the 10-yard line. Only four plays prior, just getting up from his seventh sack, Watson had converted a third-and-18 from the Texans’ 19 with a short pass to running back Duke Johnson Jr.The Texans had no business winning the game. Their pass protection was bad. Their run blocking was bad. Their pass defense, despite sacking Allen three times, allowed the Bills to spread the ball around through tough situations throughout the game. They couldn’t stop Allen or rookie running back Devin Singletary from getting chunk plays on the ground.Before the second-half rally, Bill O’Brien was coaching poorly in every aspect. The Texans came out of the gate slowly, shell-shocked by a creative and aggressive Bills offense and having no clue how to solve a fundamentally sound defense.MORE: Takeaways from Texans’ win over billsThe Bills handed the Texans opportunities with penalties and other self-inflicted wounds. Houston needed every bit of Watson’s off-script running and passing, including two key two-point conversions to take advantage of those chances.O’Brien also made a bad decision late in the fourth quarter by running Watson up the middle on a fourth-and-1 at the Bills’ 30 instead of taking a field goal to extend the lead to a likely unsurmountable 22-16 lead late in regulation. That forced the Texans to try to salvage a victory they should have preserved before OT. Watson and the Texans were able to beat the Chiefs in the regular season, and yes, Watson did everything he needed to do, passing and rushing, for Houston to earn that victory.We get it: Football is a total team game, and all the Texans contributed in some way to outlasting the Bills on Saturday. But Watson both buried and masked the messes by taking over the game with his special individual playmaking and championship pedigree.For the Texans to take two more steps and get to Super Bowl 54, it’s elementary that Watson must keep doing it. Lamar Jackson will win NFL MVP for the 2019 season, and Russell Wilson will likely be the runner-up. But both those quarterbacks clearly have more help from their respective playoff teams.Watson is on an island with little reliability beyond go-to wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins offensively, plus only a little more support defensively with Watt back. At this point, Watson is doing more to boost O’Brien’s offense than the other way around. Watson also is the Texans’ sole workaround for O’Brien’s lack of good situational coaching.VIDEO: Watson’s best plays against Bills Almost everything about the Texans’ 22-19 overtime win over the Bills on Saturday night in the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs painted an ugly picture — for both teams on both sides of the ball. That made Deshaun Watson’s dazzling effort an absolute masterpiece.Houston’s quarterback was by far the best player on the field, and he was fully rewarded with his team advancing to the divisional round to play at Kansas City next Sunday. (Getty Images) read more