How to Buy A Valentine Engagement Diamond At Kruckemeyer and Cohn

first_imgHow to Buy A Valentine Engagement Diamond Ring At Kruckemeyer and Cohn by Brent Beaman, G.G.(GIA) Managing Partner Of Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company, LLCEveryone knows why people buy diamonds: romance, apology, timeless gifts, etc. But ask a random passerby “how to buy a diamond,” and you will likely get a stuttered incoherent statements like “Something to do with the 4 C’s…,” “I know a guy…,” “I have no idea…” Why is this? Mainly people tend to fear what they do not know, or often worry about being taken advantage of by a cagey salesperson. This article outlines how to avoid this fear, and put yourself in the driver’s seat of diamond shopping.When you think about our new diamond, what is most important to you? Size? Quality? Shape? Unless your budget is limitless, compromises must often be made. After all, who would not want a four-carat flawless diamond? So, breaking it down to the basics, what should you look for when choosing a diamond?The most important factor in both a diamond’s beauty and value is the CUT. This does not refer to the diamond’s shape. CUT is the proportions of the diamond (the human element). When a diamond is cut and polished to the highest standards, it will have more sparkle, look bigger, and be more valuable than a similar diamond that has not been as well-cut. This fact is indisputable in the diamond industry worldwide. Many brands claim their diamonds are more perfectly cut than others and there are varying degrees of truth behind them. So how is a diamond shopper supposed to sift through the massive amounts of advertising these brands throw at them? Brands often sell nice, quality products but usually at a price far above what similar (or sometimes better) products sell for. Because of this, it really does pay to do your homework and shop around. After all, if you do not shop with CUT in mind, you will not be getting a diamond that lives up to its full potential. The last thing you want is for your new diamond to merely look like a piece of glass. I recommend GIA graded diamonds with Excellent or Very Good cut grades.COLOR is the second of the “4 C’s” since most diamond shoppers want to avoid an off-color or yellowish diamond. I recommend looking for a diamond at the top of the near-colorless range (G – H-I). This color range makes for a nice, white diamond that, when cut correctly, will sparkle like crazy!CLARITY, the third of the “4 C’s,” describes the natural characteristics of a diamond. The fewer inclusions, the rarer the diamond. To get the best bang for the buck, choose an SI1 or SI2 graded diamond as these diamonds usually have no eye-visible inclusions. Not only are they far less expensive than higher grades, but they look the same to the naked eye. Again, a diamond cut correctly hides inclusions better!CARAT WEIGHT, the fourth of the “4 C’s,” is what your diamond weighs on a scale. (It actually has nothing to do with the diamond’s size.) Not all one-carat diamonds look the same size! Well-cut diamonds look much larger than poorly cut ones since all the weight is in the correct places, not hiding underneath.In conclusion, buying a diamond should not be a scary experience! It all comes down to picking a budget, deciding what is most important to you about your new diamond, and finding the right place to shop. Let me suggest Kruckemeyer and Cohn. Our store specializes in GIA Triple Excellent diamonds, the industry’s standard of excellence, the most important aspect of the diamond – the CUT. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you soon!  We are a must place to visit for your Christmas engagement ring.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more