LaLiga suffers a loss of value of 1,168 million euros

first_imgThe coronavirus continues to plague the world of soccer. The clubs are not only affected by the gigantic losses due to the lack of box office or television revenue, but also by the significant devaluation of their footballers. This is how the web interprets it, leading when it comes to assessing the value of each player, as a consequence of the deflation that the soccer market is experiencing in this crisis. For clubs in all leagues it is another setback, since the value of their squads is reduced to amounts of the most worrying.For it, Transfermarkt sets the age of each player as the main factor to modify the respective values. The price of those footballers born before January 1, 1998 would suffer a loss of twenty percent of the total. Meanwhile, the reduction for those born after that date would be ten percent.“Stock indices have plummeted, numerous clubs could be threatened by insolvency and transfer plans have been halted due to the many uncertainties that exist in most teams. Right now it is hardly conceivable that transfer prices will continue to rise in the future as they have in recent years. Although outliers are likely to continue to rise, we believe that there is a need to react to the situation, “says Matthias Seidel, founder and CEO of Transfermarkt.For leagues in Spain, the reevaluation represents a loss in market value of almost 1,254 million euros, 1,168 in LaLiga alone. Taking into account the previous value, the drop is 18.69 percent with respect to the previous record value of 6,249 million. As for clubs, the price of the FC Barcelona squad suffers a drop of 207.1 million (19.55 percent) and remains at 852.6, that of Real Madrid falls to 191.5 million (17.73 percent) and It now stands at 888.5. In this way, the difference in market value between whites and azulgranas grows in favor of Real Madrid from 20.2 to 35.85 million euros. While, the value of Atlético de Madrid’s workforce decreased by 161.5 million to 709 kilos, a drop of 18.55 percent. Globally, the drop exceeds 9 billion euros. As for players, the most valuable are, at the same time, those that are most affected. In LaLiga, the most affected is Leo Messi. Its value falls from 140 million to 112. Meanwhile, Martin Ödegaard’s price only drops from 50 to 45 million. The ranking of the most valuable players on the planet also changes. Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund, occupies eighth place after going from 130 to 117 kilos and, therefore, is ahead of Messi. The most valuable star on the market remains Kyllian Mbappé with a value of 180 million.“An individualized assessment of market values ​​within the framework of regular updates and with the help of our market value managers is still necessary and it will also take place again as soon as possible. Because not all players should experience the same loss of value due to the crisis, “continues Seidel. “The current general cut in market value is a reaction to the extraordinary general situation, in view of which the possibility that another may have to be done in a few weeks cannot be ruled out, “he concluded.Transfermarkt had a large number of experts in the sector before readjusting their prices. In a survey of agents and economists, more than 70 percent of participants anticipate a significant market crash as a result of Covid-19. Most of them have a devaluation of 20 to 30 percent. “For young talents and top international players, relatively high prices should remain affordable. This assumption has been confirmed in our survey, “concludes Seidel.last_img read more

Swansons Store Closing in Bethel

first_imgDownload AudioOMNI enterprises is shutting down their large Swanson’s Grocery store in Bethel. The store occupies a brand-new building and is the only competitor for the Alaska Commercial store there. As they liquidate their inventory with a half-off sale, customers are swarming the store to take advantage of sales. Many also lament the loss to the community.last_img