Miner receives ‘short end of stick’ after allegedly raping teenage girl

first_img— victim’s mother, older sister team up, take matters into own handsBy Kristen MacklingamAn alleged rapist had the tables turned on him after the sister of the underage female with whom he forcefully had anal sex teamed up with her mother to teach him an unforgettable lesson.The 28-year-old suspect, a miner by occupation, is the boyfriend of the young girl’s sister and would usually visit their home in Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) on a regular basis.Reports are that in the wee hours of Tuesday, the alleged rapist was at the home with the 15-year-old girl consuming alcohol.The teenager, who ended up sitting at the edge of her bed at some point, became intoxicated and it was then the miner reportedly took advantage of her. He reportedly took off her clothing and performed anal sex on her despite her objections.Hours after the traumatising ordeal, the distraught female contacted her mother via telephone and notified her of what took place. The mother, according to reports received, ordered the victim and her other daughter to meet with her at the address she was staying at the time.The alleged rapist was also requested to meet them. As he turned up at the address, he was invited to sit on a chair.Guyana Times understands that the 15-year-old’s mother bluntly asked the suspect if he engaged in anal sex with her younger daughter and the man denied having done so.This was when his girlfriend left her seat and dealt several punches to his face before lashing him repeatedly about his body with a mop stick that was nearby.While this was happening, the aggravated mother went to her kitchen, retrieved a knife from the cupboard and dealt the miner several chops about his body.After the beating, the suspect confessed to having sex with the 15-year-old but claimed he had “oral” sex with the girl and not anal sex.The man’s girlfriend then left the room and quickly returned with a hammer, which she used to deal several lashes about his body.Not satisfied, the girls’ mother threatened to kill him. Less than a minute later, the woman and her older daughter teamed up to rip his clothes off and forcefully insert the wooden part of the hammer (handle) into his anus.Police ranks were then summoned to the scene about an hour and a half after and both the alleged rapist and the 15-year-old girl were taken to the Bartica Hospital.The alleged rapist was admitted at that health facility in light of wounds he received while the teenager was treated and sent away.Meanwhile, the man’s girlfriend and her mother are in police custody as investigations into the matter continue.alast_img read more