first_imgBILL NEAL :10 I am sure by now you all know THAT I AM A LIFETIME MEMBER OF THE “KNOW-IT-ALL-CLUB”… Paid in full. Founded in who knows when, by our esteemed, fearless and still kickin’ leader Eddie “E.J.” Jeffries. That being said, we have a creedo… (we being me, Eddie, Dwight Law, Zik, Mike Booker and my dad. A small, but powerful group to be sure)…Anyway, the creedo is this, “We know everything about everything and what we don’t know, we make up!” But here’s one thing I do know and this ladies and gentlemen you can take to the bank. STAY-YOUR-ASS-OUT-OF-FLORIDA-CAUSE-THEY-ARE-ALLOWED-TO-KILL-BLACK-PEOPLE-THERE-AND-NOT-HAVE-TO-GO-TO-JAIL!! No really, it’s true and it’s the law.:09 I know, I can’t believe it either. Steelers training camp starts in two weeks. Let’s go get that ring coach Mike…you know how we do.:08 Old School Reminder. Y’all remember how everybody said Larry Bird can’t hoop and that John Travolta couldn’t dance? Well everybody, including Stevie Wonder, knows Larry Bird could ball with the best of them. And here’s a memory lane flashback for ya. Go pull out your “Saturday Night Fever” VHS Tape..yes you do…yes you do…It’s in the box with your “Three Piece White Suit” you used to wear to the Pyramid. Pop it in and be reminded that White boy could dance, I mean really dance and the music was all that. Oh-Shut-Up-Please, you did so!:07 Jay-Z is now a sports agent. That means 90 percent of all other agents are now out of business.:06 If you want to have a really good time and meet your civic obligations at the same time, go by Mellon Park most evenings and watch and support the future stars on the basketball court. The good people from Ozanam showcase the area’s top youth hoopers. And of course it’s all done in the memory of the late great Karl Kohlman, who did more for basketball in western Pennsylvania than all of us put together. And over on the diamond, next to where Reizenstein used to be, you can see some great little league baseball action.last_img read more