Rep. Kelly credits ND for sparking passion for service

first_img Protecting his father’s legacy The government’s installation of a new chairman offthe General Motors board of directors threatened individual dealership owners, Kelly said. Because Kelly’s dealership sold General Motors vehicles, he received a 39-page document and a request from the General Motors regional manager to sign over his business. Kelly said he refused because he needed to protect his father’s legacy.   “We hired some people legally, spent about 60 thousand dollars in legal fees, but then during the arbitration I got a call … and [was told I would get the dealership back].” This experience highlighted for him what Kelly said was the government’s overreach into the lives of Americans. “I looked at [this experience] and said, you know, this is amazing. Here’s Mike Kelly sitting in little Butler, ia., and this is a government that can come in and not because you’re not running your business the right way, not because you haven’t met all of the metrics that they’ve established, they can decide you’re not going to be in business anymore.  “Why? That’s not America.” The car dealership After graduating, Kelly said he returned to work for his father’s car dealership.  “I didn’t really realize until my senior year [that my post-graduation plans were unusually established], but when everybody started to talk about applying for jobs and what they’re going to do, they asked me, ‘What are you going to do?’” Kelly said. “I said, ‘I am going back home because my family has a business.’ I had never really thought about that aspect of my life because I had always thought I would stay in athletics, but that evaporated. “But it was just kind of natural for me, because I worked at the dealership since I was little. Whether it was washing cars, sweeping floors, helping mechanics get parts, I was always part of it and it was just kind of expected. I was the oldest boy in the family, I had two younger brothers, but my dad just kind of assumed I would be there.” When his father looked to transition away from work at the dealership, Kelly said he sat down with his sons to talk about their interest in the dealership.  “There were three of us, and when it came time for my dad … to transition, he brought the three of us into his office and said, ‘Okay look: I have three sons, I have one business, and I kind of feel like Solomon – I want to know what you guys want to do,’” Kelly said. “[He said], ‘I’m not giving anybody anything, because if I give it to you, you’ll lose it. If you have to buy it, if you have to go to the bank, get the money and make payments on it, you’ll watch it every day.’” Kelly said he alone among his brothers wanted to take up management of the dealership. “[My dad] started from nothing; he was a parts picker in a warehouse,” Kelly said. “It was hard for him to finally make that decision to sell and walk away from his baby.” Editor’s Note: This is the sixth story in a series featuring Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s graduates serving as members of Congress. This series, titled “Trading Golden Dome for Capitol Dome,” will run on Fridays. Although lawmakers allowed the federal government to reopen, debate continues on health care and on the meaning of the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA-3), who obtained his B.A. in sociology from Notre Dame in 1970, wrote in support of an alternative plan proposed by House Republicans – the American Health Care Reform Act, or H.R. 3121 – in the Sept. 29 issue of the Erie Times-News. This plan will do what he believes President Obama’s health care law fails to accomplish, Kelly wrote in the opinion piece. “This common sense alternative to the ACA … [makes] American medical care – already the most sought-after in the world – more affordable and more accessible to the most vulnerable among us in a way that does not damage our economy or disrupt anyone’s existing coverage,” Kelly said in the opinion piece. “[O]ur plan operates on the principle that free market competition and maximized individual choice are not just worthy goals but downright indispensible components of patient-centered health-care reform.” Kelly opposed the plan from its introduction to the national political discussion as a mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services issued on Jan. 20, 2012, and the announcement Aug. 1, 2012, that the plan would be implemented thereafter.  Though criticized for his comments Kelly said he felt he needed to stand up to what he called an infringement on Americans’ First Amendment rights. “I was criticized because they were saying, ‘Oh, you’re trying to take away women’s health concerns from them,’” Kelly said. “I said, ‘This has nothing to do with contraception and everything to do with contradiction.’ In our First Amendment, we are guaranteed these rights are enshrined by the people that put this together, that we don’t have to do [certain] things, but you’re telling me, ‘yes, you do.’” Our Lady’s family Far from the only debate Kelly has entered during his time in the House of Representatives, his advocacy for the Republican alternative healthcare plan represents the most recent embodiment of the sense for service he discerned at Notre Dame.  “I think Notre Dame teaches you a sense of responsibility, that we all have to give back at some point,” Kelly said. “Whether it’s your church, in your schools or in your community, I think it’s just who we are at Notre Dame, that we take our experiences at Notre Dame and take that into whoever we are after Notre Dame and build on that.” Kelly graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in sociology and a minor in philosophy and theology. Although he said he enjoyed discussing philosophical and theological issues with his classmates, Kelly said he never expected to enter politics after graduation. “It was never my intention to go into politics,” Kelly said. “If anybody had asked me back then and said, ‘Oh, do you think you would ever run for office?’ I would have said ‘Oh my gosh, no.’ At first I went there to play football. After getting hurt and seeing that your next play could be your last play, you start to grow up really fast.  “You learn very quickly that there is a process that you go through, and when things don’t go the right way you say ‘okay, fine, there’s something else to do.’ But politics, never.” Kelly said the influences of his family and the University’s recruiters brought him to Notre Dame to play football. “I’m Irish Catholic, and growing up, everybody in my family was all Notre Dame fans,” he said. “I really thought I was going to go to Penn State. … But, Terry Hanratty [Notre Dame class of 1968, former quarterback] was a year ahead of me at school, and he went to Notre Dame.” Though his time at Notre Dame started with football, Kelly said he remembers his time at the University for the introduction it gave him to ‘the Notre Dame family.’ “When I first went to Notre Dame it was because of football, but once I was at Notre Dame it was because of Notre Dame. … We’re all family. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you’ve done before, once you get there you are a part of the Notre Dame family,” Kelly said. “I was very disappointed that I got hurt and wasn’t able to play, but I was never disappointed that I stayed at Notre Dame. I always thought that was the best decision I had ever made in my life.” Kelly said his connection to the campus grew during his time as an undergraduate student. “Football was a huge part of [the beginning of my time there], but once you’re there you start to get some places that are really near and dear to your heart,” Kelly said. “I spent a lot of time at the Grotto. … Even now when I go back, my first visit is always to the Grotto. “There’s just something about this campus. … It’s different from anyplace else. I’ve been to a lot of different places to visit, but no place had the attraction of Notre Dame.” A voice for a smaller federal government After the Cash for Clunkers program almost put his dealership out of business, Kelly said he was driven to run for his seat in the third district.  As a representative, he said he has worked to free the people from a government that has grown too large. “All of the things that I have talked about here have nothing do with a government, it has to do with people,” Kelly said. “The government serves the people, the people do not serve the government, and there should never be a situation where the government has grown so big, so powerful and so arrogant that they turn their backs on the people that they are supposed to serve.”  Kelly’s education at Notre Dame and his small-business experience promptednhim to conclude that government intervention is not the best tool to enrich the lives of the American people. “Look at the founding of the University,” he said. “they were traveling, they get sick and stop in South Bend. … they decided to build a Church, to build a school, to build a way of life for people – no government help. there is not one penny from the government that helped start Notre Dame.  “I look at these things in my life and think, ‘What in the world is it that makes these people think that self-reliance is no longer the key?’ It’s reliance on the government that should change, but we have regulated the [rich] and vilified them.”  Kelly said he strongly opposed what he calls the vilification of the people that contribute the most to the funding of our countr.. “Notre Dame would never attack the people that fund it,” Kelly said.  [Some] people do, they vilify people that are successful. … really? Who is funding it all? The same people you have just criticized. AThough he would rather see the government reinforce self-reliance among the American people, he said his own experiences gives him hope. “After being on the ground for 65 years, I have had my nose bloodied a lot,” Kelly said.  I have had a lot of days where things went really well, but I’ve had more days where things went badly. The key was not getting knocked down, it was getting back up. “There’s always tomorrow. there’s always the promise of a new day.” Contact Nicole Michels at [email protected]last_img read more

Florida man arrested for masturbating outside of a Chipotle restaurant

first_imgPolice in Hollywood, Florida have arrested a man who was caught masturbating in his car with the windows rolled down in front of a busy Chipotle restaurant.The incident occurred Saturday outside of the restaurant at 11029 Pines Blvd.Police say several witnesses contacted them after seeing the suspect later identified as 55-year-old Craig Lawrence Fuller, sitting in the driver’s seat of his black Ford Ranger with his privates exposed as he appeared to masturbate.Authorities also reported that two of the vehicle’s windows were rolled down which exposed what he was doing to the public.When Fuller noticed the sergeant approaching his vehicle, he then tried to lean forward to conceal what he was doing.He has since been arrested on a charge of exposure of sexual organs.last_img

The Latest: NBA, NFL offer digital products for free

first_imgCuba has reported 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one death, that of an Italian tourist.___11:35 a.m.The IndyCar race in Long Beach, California, won’t be held this year.Officials with the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach said Wednesday they pursued the possibility of rescheduling the popular race to a later date, but “trying to reassemble all the elements that have made the Long Beach event such a success does not appear feasible for 2020.” ___1:20 p.m.Premier League team Chelsea is making a hotel located on the grounds of its Stamford Bridge stadium available free of charge for London’s medical workers during the coronavirus outbreak.The club says Russian owner Roman Abramovich will cover the costs of providing the accommodation for staff of the National Health Service who “will be working long shifts and may not be able to travel home or would otherwise have to make long commutes.”Chelsea says the offer is initially for a two-month period and will be reconsidered depending on circumstances. Italy was one of the first countries to suspend its soccer leagues because of the coronavirus outbreak.Italian soccer federation president Gabriele Gravina says starting on May 3 should allow the league to finish by June 30 but if that’s not possible “there must be a change in format.”Gravina also says “a salary cut for soccer players can not be a taboo in this period of emergency.”___3:35 p.m. The race had been scheduled for April 19.Next year’s date will be April 18.Ticket holders can either receive a credit that will apply to the same level of admission for next year or receive a full refund.___2:25 p.m. All men’s and women’s professional tennis tournaments through June 7 are being called off because of the new coronavirus pandemic.The ATP and WTA announced Wednesday that the entire clay-court circuit “will not be held as scheduled” — a day after the start of the French Open, also played on that surface, was postponed from May to September.The tours had said last week they would suspend play until late April or early May.The tournaments affected by the tours’ suspensions include combined men’s and women’s events in Madrid and Rome.Also being scrapped are upcoming WTA tournaments in Strasbourg, France, and Rabat, Morocco, along with ATP events in Munich; Estoril, Portugal; Geneva; and Lyon, France. Belgium’s national security council earlier said all gatherings, cultural, social, festive and sporting activities have been prohibited until the same date.The league says it will decide which matches can be rescheduled once training has resumed.The league also says it will pay the second instalment of an 800,000 euro ($862,000) solidarity fund to amateur clubs to help them cushion the economic weight of the pandemic.___1:35 p.m. 3:30 p.m.Cuba has joined countries around the world in suspending its sports calendar due to the new coronavirus pandemic.The national sports institute announced Wednesday that events would be put off at least until April 30.The official Prensa Latina news agency said that will push back the baseball season, which had been scheduled to start on April 11, as well as this month’s Cuba Cup of track and field.The institute also said that Cuban delegations won’t travel abroad — potentially affecting qualification for the Olympic and Paralympic games. Associated Press The NFL’s “Game Pass” includes access to past regular and postseason games, previous seasons of award-winning NFL Films series such as “Hard Knocks” and “A Football Life,” and exclusive film sessions. It will be offered free until May 31 to fans within the U.S., and starting Thursday until July 31 to fans outside the U.S. and Canada.The NBA unveiled a free trial of its “NBA League Pass” that will last through April 22 for scores of archived games and other content.“Limiting social interactions is a critical way to minimize the spread of this virus, but staying home for long periods of time can be difficult,” the league said, adding that the trial will offer access to full-length and condensed replays of all games from this season, as well as an expansive archive of classic games and content.___3:40 p.m. An Arizona-based employee of the Cincinnati Reds has tested positive for the new coronavirus.The employee worked inside the team’s spring training complex in Goodyear, Arizona, from Feb. 29 to March 14. The team said in a statement it was sending a precautionary notice to those who were inside the building and that those who were in close contact with the employee are being tested and have self-quarantined.There are no known MLB players who have tested positive for coronavirus. Two minor league players with the Yankees have tested positive.___2:15 p.m. The Latest: NBA, NFL offer digital products for free UEFA moved the European Championship to 2021, freeing up space for European leagues to finish seasons disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak before many players’ contracts expire on June 30.___8:50 a.m.The Western Athletic Conference has canceled all competition and championships for the remainder of the academic year.The WAC had previously suspended all competition, but the conference’s board of directors voted Tuesday to cancel all spring sports. The decision falls in line with the NCAA’s cancellation of its winter and spring championships. ___3:30 p.m.Spanish soccer team Alavés says 15 people in its club have become infected with the coronavirus: three players, seven members of its coaching staff and five other employees.The club had already reported that two members of its staff were infected.Valencia and Espanyol said earlier this week that their clubs have also been hit by the virus. The race was initially set for June 13-14.The new date will also impact other races on the World Endurance Championship’s calendar.___4:50 p.m.FIFA is looking to set up a hardship fund to help soccer stakeholders affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Valencia said Monday that 35% of its squad and coaching staff are infected, while Espanyol said on Tuesday that six members of its squad and staff have it.All three clubs say their infected members are in good health.___3 p.m.All training sessions at Belgian professional soccer clubs have been suspended until at least April 5 because of the coronavirus outbreak.center_img The entire hotel will be given up for medical workers if necessary.___1 a.m.Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and pop star wife Ciara have announced they are donating 1 million meals through Seattle’s Food Lifeline to help provide meals for those in need during the coronavirus outbreak in the region.“Everything we do together makes a difference,” Ciara said in a video posted to her Twitter account. “And together we will conquer this tough time that we’re going through.” Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditWhatsappThe Latest on the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on sports around the world (all times local):3:50 p.m.The NBA and the NFL both announced Wednesday that they will be offering free previews of their digital products. Both tours also said that their rankings will be frozen “until further notice.”The International Tennis Federation also put a halt to its lower-tier events until June 7.___2:05 p.m.Another Atlanta sports star is following the lead of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. The WAC’s decision affects men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s outdoor track and field, men’s and women’s tennis, softball and baseball.___3:40 p.m.Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora says the country’s top soccer league is likely to resume on May 3.Spadafora says “then we will evaluate whether it’s open to the public or not.” March 18, 2020 12:36 p.m.Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey hasn’t ruled out the prospect of holding some spring football practices, but he’s not all that optimistic.Sankey says on a conference call with reporters that “practically that window’s pretty narrow.” The SEC and other conferences have canceled championships for spring sports and spring football games, and suspended athletic activities until at least April 15.“That doesn’t mean we’ll be back to normal practice activities April 16,” Sankey said.He also cited federal recommendations limiting the size of gatherings. FIFA says it will “analyze if a support fund at global level will be required” and how it might operate.A conference call with the presidents of FIFA and the six continental governing bodies agreed to proposals made Tuesday by Gianni Infantino.Infantino’s offer for FIFA to donate $10 million to the World Health Organization was approved.Soccer’s stalled season could be delayed beyond its traditional June 30 finish so FIFA will look to amend or have temporary rules relating to player contracts and trading windows.___ ___4:20 p.m.The Austrian soccer league is making plans to extend its suspension until May and take advantage of UEFA’s decision to postpone the European Championship.The Austrian Bundesliga says its clubs agreed they could restart in early May and play until the end of June.The league says “should the situation in general ease and make a resumption of play possible, the clubs will immediately consult about concrete start dates and draw up an alternative schedule.” Clubs in the top two soccer leagues in Sweden say they do not want to start the new season until the beginning of June because of the coronavirus outbreak.The Swedish soccer association must now decide whether to accept the clubs’ request.The season was due to start on the weekend of April 3-4.The clubs say in a statement that their decision is supported by broadcasters, fans and the country’s main supporters’ union.The clubs say “work remains on establishing a new plan for the year and sorting out the exact dates for the start and other rounds.” Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman says he’ll match Ryan’s donation of $50,000 to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which distributes food to the needy, and $50,000 to the Giving Kitchen, which aides food service workers who are financially hit by the coronavirus outbreak.In addition, Freeman says he’ll donate another $25,000 to the Salvation Army.___4:55 p.m.The 24 Hours Le Mans endurance race has been postponed for three months because of the coronavirus outbreak and will now run from Sept. 19-20. AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimović has set up a fundraiser to help Italian hospitals in the center of the coronavirus outbreak.According to the website accepting donations, Ibrahimović has donated 100,000 euros ($109,000) to the fund. It quickly raised a further 10,300 euros ($11,300).The site states that all the money raised will be “directly donated to Humanitas to help strengthen the intensive care and emergency units of Milano, Bergamo, Castellanza and Torino’s hospitals.”Italy has been the second hardest hit country with more than 31,000 cases of the virus.The 38-year-old Ibrahimović rejoined Milan in January from the Los Anegles Galaxy. He has also played for Italian clubs Inter Milan and Juventus. Three prominent jockeys are skipping the upcoming Dubai World Cup in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.U.S.-based jockeys Irad Ortiz Jr., Luis Saez and Tyler Gaffalione will not travel to the United Arab Emirates for the world’s richest day of horse races March 28. Saez’s agent, Richie DePass, said the coronavirus was behind his client’s decision. Gaffalione’s agent, Matt Muziker, said his client wasn’t going because he’d be subject to a 14-day quarantine upon return.Trainer Bob Baffert said Mucho Gusto will be ridden by William Buick in the $12 million Dubai World Cup with Ortiz not traveling. With Gaffalione out, trainer Mark Casse said Frankie Dettori will ride Sir Winston.— Reporting by Beth Harris and Stephen Whyno.___ According to Food Lifeline’s website, the organization provides the equivalent of 134,000 meals daily and had 58 million pounds of food sourced last year.___More AP sports: and,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6last_img read more

Bad injury news confirmed for Liverpool fans

first_imgThey began the season with a shortage of strikers and now Liverpool have lost their big summer signing in that spot for three months.While playing for the Italian Under 21s last week, Liverpool new boy Fabio Borini injured his foot and Reds fans would have feared the worst. The Italian hasn’t exactly set Anfield alight so far but he, along with Luis Suarez, is the only real forward in Brendan Rodgers’ squad.The bad news for Rodgers is that for the next three months, the Uruguayan will be the only striker on Liverpool’s books as the club have confirmed today that Borini will sit out the next three months due to a fractured foot.“Liverpool have confirmed Fabio Borini is to undergo an operation on a fractured bone in his foot,” said a statement from Liverpool.“The forward originally sustained an injury to the area during the recent Anfield clash with Manchester United.“He then further aggravated the problem resulting in a fracture and returned from international duty with Italy last week. “Borini was assessed by the club’s medical team upon his return to Melwood and a decision was made for the 21-year-old to have surgery.“Typically, an injury of this nature requires a three-month rehabilitation period.”last_img read more

Alex set to join PSG – report

first_imgChelsea defender Alex is set to snub QPR and join former Blues boss Carlo Ancelotti at Paris St-Germain, according to the Daily Mirror.The transfer-listed centre-back has been holding talks with R’s manager Mark Hughes but is believed to favour a £4m move to the French club, who are also being linked with Frank Lampard.The Daily Mail suggest QPR could order Anton Ferdinand to shake hands with John Terry before Saturday’s FA Cup tie against Chelsea.The Mail also say Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich remains determined to drive through a move for Shakhtar Donetsk winger Willian before the transfer deadline. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

SF Giants call up Joey Rickard, leave power-hitting outfielders at Triple-A

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — The Giants have a pair of power-hitting outfielders excelling at Triple-A, but with Steven Duggar headed to the injured list, neither Chris Shaw nor Jaylin Davis is slated to join the Giants.The club instead promoted outfielder Joey Rickard, 28, from Triple-A on Thursday after Duggar sprained the AC joint in his left shoulder while diving to make a catch in Wednesday’s loss to the Washington Nationals.With Duggar and starter Shaun Anderson (blister) headed to the injured list, …last_img

Photo library: South Africa at work 13

first_img{loadposition tc}Click on a thumbnail for a low-resolution image, or right-click on the link below it to download a high-resolution copy of the image.» Download South Africa at Work contact sheet (1.5MB) » Download full image library contact sheet (10.5MB) Workers in a Sasol plant. Sasol is South Africa’s petrochemicals giant, having pioneered the technology to produce oil, petrol and other chemicals from coal.Photo: Sasol » Download high-res image Workers in a Sasol plant. Sasol is South Africa’s petrochemicals giant, having pioneered the technology to produce oil, petrol and other chemicals from coal.Photo: Sasol » Download high-res image Northern Cape province:Willem Nkosi, a worker on a pecan-nut farm in theVaalharts Irrigation Scheme region. Photo: Graeme Williams, » Download high-res image Northern Cape province:Willem Nkosi, a worker on a pecan-nut farm in theVaalharts Irrigation Scheme region. Photo: Graeme Williams, » Download high-res image Northern Cape province:Dairy farm in the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme region. Photo: Graeme Williams, » Download high-res image Northern Cape province:Frans Mmolana (left) and Virginia Geco sort peanuts (groundnuts) on a farm in theVaalharts Irrigation Scheme region. Photo: Graeme Williams, » Download high-res image Northern Cape province:Orange pickers check for ripe fruit on a farm in theVaalharts Irrigation Scheme region. Photo: Graeme Williams, » Download high-res image Northern Cape province: Orange pickers check for ripe fruit on a farm in the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme region. Photo: Graeme Williams, » Download high-res image Northern Cape province:Fiecher Makae tests the oranges before picking takes place on a farm in theVaalharts Irrigation Scheme region. Photo: Graeme Williams, » Download high-res imageSOUTH AFRICA AT WORK 13: {loadposition saatwork}Having trouble downloading high-resolution images? Queries about the image library? Email Janine Erasmus at [email protected]last_img read more

Economic growth slows to 0.2%

first_imgOverall economic growth for the first nine months of 2008 stood at 3.7% compared to the same period last year. 26 November 2008 Lower growth in 2009 According to a Business Day report this week, the GDP numbers reinforced the view that the South African Reserve Bank would lower interest rates – which have been hiked by 5% since 2006 – sooner rather than later. “There is a recession all over the world – why should we escape it?”, Mohr told the paper. Rate cuts SAinfo reporter Stats SA noted, however, that economic growth normally picks up in the fourth quarter of any given year. “You get the picture that although the economy is slowing . we are a bit more resilient,” Stats SA economic statistics deputy director-general Rashad Cassim told Business Day. Economic growth slowed to 0.2% in the third quarter of the year, the lowest in over a decade, down from a revised rate of 5.1% in the second quarter, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) reported on Tuesday.center_img According to Business Report, Efficient Group economist Fanie Joubert forecast economic growth to slow to one percent next year, adding that South Africa, like other emerging markets, was affected by looming recessions in advanced economies. Growth was dragged down by contractions in the mining (down by eight percent), manufacturing (-6.9%), and wholesale and retail trade and hospitality (-6.9%) industries. Together, the three sectors account for some 35% of South Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP). “Households can’t cope with high interest rates – everything related to households is down,” the paper reports Stats SA GDP manager Kedibone Mokone as saying. Citadel economist Dave Mohr told Business Day that South Africa would not be able to avoid entering recession next year – something that has not happened since 1992. Stanlib economist Kevin Lings, meanwhile, forecast growth of 3% for the current year, down from 5.1% last year. “For 2009, we now forecast growth to slump to only 1.7%, with most key sectors of the economy expected to be under pressure,” a Business Report article this week says. However, strong growth in agricultural output by value (up by 16.1%) and increased activity in the construction sector (+15%) ensured that South Africa’s overall economic growth did not contract. Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

SpaceX Wins $440 Million NASA Contract to Replace the Space Shuttle

first_imgjon mitchell Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Tags:#space#web Aerospace firm SpaceX announced Friday that it won a $440 million contract from NASA to modify its Dragon capsule for human space flight as a private-sector successor to the Space Shuttle. The plan is to launch the first Dragon flight carrying American astronauts by 2015.The Dragon capsule can carry seven astronauts, and it launches aboard the 227 foot-tall SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. These vehicles proved themselves in May in an unmanned mission in which Dragon became the first private spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station.Since that mission, SpaceX has undergone tests to ensure that the vehicles are ready for manned spaceflight. On July 17, Dragon passed NASA’s design review, which outlined its new launch pad emergency procedures, its life-support systems, cockpit design and propulsive landing system. While the unmanned Dragon splashed down in the ocean, the piloted version will have thrusters to guide it to a landing.“This is a decisive milestone in human spaceflight and sets an exciting course for the next phase of American space exploration,” SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk said in a press release. “SpaceX, along with our partners at NASA, will continue to push the boundaries of space technology to develop the safest, most advanced crew vehicle ever flown.”See also: Profile of SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

Parallels App Aims To Let Your Fingers Do The Tapping On Remote Desktops

first_imgSure, it can be convenient to use a tablet or smartphone to log into a remote computer. But it can also be a huge pain, not least because you still have to manipulate your Windows or Mac OS X software using a Frankensteinian hybrid of poke, drag, and swipe gestures. The release of Parallels Access from virtualization vendor Parallels aims to fix that, at least on the iPad.I’ve downloaded the app to try it out, and Parallels does seem to have improved upon the interface experience somewhat by enabling touch-screen gestures for application running on the remote machine. But there are a few features that could use a little polishing.In the basic gestures category, Access doesn’t offer anything much different than what LogMeIn has for either its free LogMeIn app or the $129.99 LogMeIn Ignition app. The advanced gestures, such as on-the-fly screen magnification to better tap desktop controls that get a lot smaller on your iPad screen, are more interesting. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Related Posts What stands out is the way Access shifts the entire desktop experience into an app-centric screen that does away with desktop-centric tools like toolbars and Start menus. Just tap an icon on the screen and the application on the remote desktop starts right up—no need to first drag the desktop’s mouse over the icon. Switching apps with the App Switcher is a nice feature, too.Where Access Starts To Get DeniedWhere things go awry is in the connection to the desktop itself. Access automatically shifts the remote computer’s screen resolution to a size that will work on the iPad, and that’s fine. But there’s also a significant delay in resetting the desktop resolution back to normal after you turn off the Access app. You also have to confirm the disconnect on the desktop, not the app, which means that when you get back to your workstation, it might be awhile before your system is ready.This wasn’t a deal breaker, but it was kind of annoying after the first few disconnects.Pricing is another consideration. Access offers a 14-day trial, but after that, you’ll need to pay $79.99 annually. That’s a goodly chunk of change, but it’s still $60 lower than the cost of LogMeIn Ignition, which near as I can tell offers many of the same features but is not an annual fee.Another option would be to just install the free LogMeIn app on your iPad and then the LogMeIn Free client on your desktop machine. You can’t beat the price, even if the features are more limited.Parallels Access is fast, responsive and with just a couple of exceptions, pretty easy to use. But you should carefully weigh the costs with this class of app. After all, if you have to do a lot of work remotely, maybe you should just get a laptop.Update:Story updated to reflect the annual pricing of Parallels Access.Images courtesy Parallels. brian proffitt What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Tags:#Desktop Virtualization#iPad#Parallels Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaceslast_img read more