Riot Act should be read to RHOs

first_imgDear Editor,The Director of Regional Health Services, Dr Kay Shako, must be complimented for admitting that there is a low circulation of critical items for patients, or a shortage of drugs and medical supplies, because of the theft and pilfering in the healthcare system in Guyana.These statements were made to the Regional Health Officers of the various regional administrations at a healthcare review held in order to eliminate the corruption and to improve the healthcare delivery system in Guyana.Dr Shako went on to identify numerous other issues pertaining to the RHOs, which are factual; but I am convinced that nothing would be done to correct these deficiencies, the main reason being that most of these RHOs are supporters of the Government, and are protected by high level politicians in the APNU/AFC coalition Government.The DRHS, Dr Kay Shako, also admitted that she is aware of who are responsible for the deficiencies existing in the health sector, but to date refuse to correct these situations that are destroying the health sector.This is clear evidence that the Riot Act being read to the RHOs is nothing but “political gimmickry”.The Ministry of Public Health should also be responsible for the shortage of drugs and medical supplies in the health system, because commitment was pledged to the Guyanese people to ensure that the procurement process was changed to get rid of the drugs and medical supplies’ shortages, but unfortunately, the system is returning to pre-1992.Recently, in a news article published, the Government boasted that there is no shortage of insulin in the health system, but this is absolutely far from the truth.Certain aspects of the National Psychiatric Hospital in Region Six need to be urgently investigated. The dietary supplies being purchased by the regional administration are either not being delivered to the hospital, or, when delivered, are being stolen by elements within the health services; and, as such, the quality of food being given to the patients leaves much to be desired.A pharmacist who was attached to the Regional Health Services was victimised and placed before the courts. He was freed from the allegation of engaging in malpractice, but the coalition Government refused to reinstate him to his position, leading to a crisis at the Regional Health Services’ Drugs Bond and contributing to the shortage of qualified pharmacists in Region Six.So the conclusion is that the “Riot Act” that was read to the RHOs by the Director of Regional Health Services is nothing but political gimmickry.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img read more