Managers doubt truth of sick leave

first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Managers doubt truth of sick leaveOn 26 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Managers believe that about a third of time taken off sick each year byemployees is not genuine, a survey of nearly 1,500 organisations has shown. Staff take an average of 8.7 days off a year, but 85 per cent of managerssurveyed by the CIPD say more than 30 per cent of that time is not due toactual ill-health. The findings reveal a considerable amount of hidden absence, caused bymanagers under-reporting their own time off. About 33 per cent of the 1,466organisations surveyed believe this occurs. Diane Sinclair, CIPD adviser in employee relations, said firms shoulddevelop an open culture. She said, “Most staff don’t want to let theiremployer down and if people are treated like grown-ups, they’ll act likegrown-ups.” The survey revealed that the average cost of sickness absence is £487 peremployee per year, or £12bn to the economy as a whole. It also found thatnearly 94 per cent of employers say the issue is a “very significantburden”. “Organisations can make huge savings by managing absence. They musttackle those organisational issues that are leading to unnecessary absence.Effective strategies include training line managers to deal with absence,return-to-work interviews, redesigning jobs and introducing more flexibleworking hours,” said Sinclair. Although one-fifth of employers do not know the level of sickness absence intheir firm, more than 80 per cent believe it is possible to reduce the currentrate. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

The last word

first_imgThe last wordOn 1 Sep 2003 in Personnel Today Trainerand writer John Charlton kicks off his new column with a personal view of‘happy sheets’Whatare the words that training managers most dread to hear? Other than “thatdelegate’s an Al Qaeda sleeper”, for example, the phrase “I thinkit’s time we improved the feedback forms” will certainly be near the topof the list.Herculeanlabour it may not be, but it certainly is tricky, especially for those of uswho find forms hard enough to fill in, let alone design.Takethe format: usually it’s a single A4 sheet filled with questions and tick boxesdesigned to elicit delegates’ reactions to a training session as accurately aspossible. These are usually seasoned with some open questions to tease somecomment out of the delegates, such as: “how will you apply what you havelearned on the course in your regular job?”Peopletend not to mind ticking boxes, but they don’t like answering open questions.Answers to the example above, for instance, will often be “in my everydaywork”. Really? Are delegates in such a rush that that’s all they can thinkof? Sadly, that is often the case. Britishcultural norms also dictate that it’s rude to criticise someone to their face,unless much alcohol has been  consumed,or they are wearing a Manchester United tie. So comments about trainers,especially if they are collecting the completed forms, tend to be biasedtowards them.Evenso, the blandest collection of comments and ratings on a feedback form canyield clues, and this is where skilful and appropriate form design plays apart. Give delegates tick-box options, on the quality and content of a courseand the performance of the trainer, that offer several degrees of ‘good’, thenyou should be able to spot causes for concern. Ifthere are three ‘goods’ – ‘excellent’, ‘very good’ and ‘good’ – but only one‘fair’ and one ‘poor’, then a majority of ‘goods’ really means ‘OK’. And ‘OK’isn’t good enough.Iraised my ‘happy sheet’ concerns at a recent gathering of training managers. Toa woman, they decried feedback forms as ‘rubbish’ and ‘a waste of time’. Andafterwards, like obedient sheep, we filled in our feedback forms. I didn’tbother with the open questions though. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. last_img read more

Serhant goes to the dogs for 77 Greenwich rebranding

first_img Message* Email Address* Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlink Full Name* Ryan Serhant and Jolie on Greenwich. (Jolie, Getty)Ryan Serhant’s brokerage has snagged its first Manhattan takeover of a new development condominium.The 90-residence tower at 77 Greenwich Street is relaunching with Serhant’s new firm as “Jolie,” meaning the “pretty one” in French. The firm on Monday released a black-and-white marketing video interspersed with references to somewhat European tropes.The new logo for Jolie on Greenwich.The video follows Serhant, decked out in suspenders and a bow-tie, as he frolics through the building and surrounding Financial District with a small dog sporting a striped sweater as a French-language rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made of Walking” plays. In one scene, Serhant and the dog recreate the spaghetti kiss scene from “Lady and The Tramp.”ADVERTISEMENTRead moreCondo at MoMA tower lists for $46M as developers fight over pricing and discounts“Brooklyn Point is a leap up for him”: Gary Barnett on why he tapped SerhantCoffee Talk: Extell’s Gary Barnett and Ryan Serhant Tags Share via Shortlink Jennifer Alese, who leads Serhant’s new development division, said the rebranding was meant to give the condo “a character and tell a story.” She also noted that each unit has river views and the building has 10,000-square-feet of amenities including three outdoor areas — one of which is outfitted with a dog run.“The building really embraces post-Covid needs,” she said.The project, developed by Trinity Place Holdings, is aiming for a $311 million sellout with units asking between $1.2 million for an 842-square-foot one-bedroom and $10.79 million for the penthouse, according to the offering plan.Sales and marketing was previously handled by The Marketing Directors. Angela Ferrara, an executive vice president at the firm, said she’s certain the next leg of sales at the building will be “very successful.”“We handled the pre-sales there and we brought the building as far as we could,” said Ferrara, noting the challenges of marketing the project during the pandemic. She noted that the opening of a sales office in the building, which is under construction, will be “a great advantage” for Serhant.Closings have not yet begun at the project and it’s unclear how many units are in contract, as developers do not have to publicly disclose contract signings.But data from Marketproof New Development, which tracks new development condo sales, shows there are at least four units under contract. The firm’s data is based on condo filings with the Attorney General’s office, the Residential Listing Service, city property records and the Department of Buildings.A spokesperson for Trinity contested the figure, saying “the building’s signed contracts are multiples of that number.” Serhant declined to comment.Jolie is not Serhant’s first new development. The firm, which launched in September, landed its first job at Extell Development’s Brooklyn Point in November and is handling sales at more than 10 other projects along with the celebrity broker’s team at Nest Seekers International.Contact Erin Hudson Manhattan Condo MarketNew DevelopmentResidential Brokerageryan serhantlast_img read more

ASA raps Allied over advert

first_imgAllied Bakeries has been forced to withdraw a television advertisement for Kingsmill Wholegrain & White bread, after being rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority.The advertisement, launched in January, claims the product is “The only white bread with the extra goodness of the whole of the grain but without any bits!” It adds: “Other bakers only use part of the grain.” But British Bakeries complained the advert was misleading as its Hovis Best of Both also includes the whole of the grain, without any bits, and had done for some time. The ASA said it had received assurances from Allied Bakeries that its bread included all elements of the grain, and other bakeries just used part of the grain such as wheatgerm. Allied Bakeries was confident it was the only baker to include the whole of the grain in its bread. But British Bakeries confirmed the process for making its white bread included all of the grain.Allied Bakeries was told not to show the advert again in its existing format.last_img read more

Smaller companies looking to buy renewable energy now have more options

first_imgSmaller companies looking to buy renewable energy now have more options FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Fast Company:It sounds like the opening line of a sustainable businesses’ nerd joke: Bloomberg, Salesforce, Gap Inc., Cox Enterprises, and Workday walked into a solar purchasing agreement together. But this is actually something that is happening: The five companies have teamed up to collectively act as the anchor tenant of a new 100-megawatt solar project in North Carolina. They’ll be able to use the shared solar to offset the energy use of some of their own operations across the country, and the purchase will help increase the share of clean energy flowing through the local grid.New renewable energy projects, like a solar farm of this scale, generally need the backing of a large company to provide both the demand for the energy and the funding. Google and Apple, for instance, have both backed large solar developments across the country in order to meet their respective goals of reaching 100% renewably powered operations.It’s often more difficult for smaller companies to fund and access smaller amounts of renewable energy. But in recent years, a handful of companies–like the five above–have teamed up to collectively purchase renewable energy. This model, called energy aggregation, lowers costs for purchasers, and allows smaller companies with more minimal energy needs to participate in the clean energy market.But most energy aggregation deals are still led by a large anchor tenant. A deal finalized last year, for instance, saw Apple finance the majority share of both a wind and solar project, under which three smaller companies–Akamai, Etsy, and Swiss Re–gained access to a few megawatts of wind and solar. The deal between Bloomberg, Cox, Workday, Gap Inc. and Salesforce is unique because each partner will split the financing and the energy supply equally. The five businesses connected with each other two years ago through an event hosted by the Rocky Mountain Institute’s business renewables center. They decided they wanted to pool resources toward the development of a renewable energy project, but how they could do so was less clear.Separate to the conversation happening between those five businesses, a Seattle-based startup, LevelTen Energy, was coming up with an answer. The company launched three years ago with the idea to develop a marketplace – “sort of like a matchmaking service,” says CEO Bryce Smith–to connect potential energy buyers with renewable projects in development across the country. LevelTen’s marketplace, which came around a year ago, is designed to help smaller companies, or those with lighter energy needs, purchase slices of renewable energy projects that fit their needs.More: Why Salesforce, Gap, Bloomberg, and others are teaming up to buy solarlast_img read more

Living wills spell out your end of life wishes

first_imgLiving wills spell out your end of life wishes November 15, 2003 Regular News Living wills spell out your end of life wishescenter_img The concept is foreign to many — a living will — planning for life after life as we know it. It’s difficult enough planning for death — deciding how you want things to be once you’re gone. But what if you don’t have the ability to decide? What if you’re not gone, but can’t communicate? How will your “will” be carried out?The declaration known as a living will has statutory backing (F.S. Ch. 765), allowing a person to plan for incapacity, and if desired, to designate another person to act on his or her behalf and make necessary medical decisions.“A living will is implemented when you can no longer make decisions,” said Christine Whitney, chair of the Health Law Section of The Florida Bar.Whitney noted that this implementation cannot occur until two things happen:• The patient has no capacity to make decisions.• The treating doctor and a consulting doctor find the patient is either in a terminal condition, in a permanent vegetative state, or has an end-stage disease.“I think everyone needs to have a living will,” said Louis Guttmann III, chair of the Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar.“If someone has thought about the issues they should use this vehicle so that their wishes are carried out.. . . They need to document whatever feeling they have so there is no ambiguity.”“The tragedy surrounding Terri Schiavo underscores the need for all Floridians to have a living will,” agreed Florida Bar President Miles McGrane.The Florida Bar is doing its part in educating about the procedure by putting information about living wills and other advanced care directives on its Web site at said the Health Law Section also has put up standard forms for living wills on its Web site at Whitney also said there are three basic types of forms — those created by the legislature, those drafted by organizations such as Partnership for Caring, and, if desired, forms for specific needs. These can be as detailed as to whether you prefer to have music played, and if so, whether it be Bach or Beethoven.“You probably need an attorney present if you’re not going to use a standardized form,” Whitney said.As the standard procedure goes, once a determination has been made that a person is incapacitated, that person’s living will is reviewed for validity. Standard forms have been reviewed before and won’t leave as much confusion as to intent.“You don’t actually need a form,” Whitney said. “You can give oral instructions if they are properly written on your hospital chart.”Whitney said that a living will needs to be witnessed by two people, and the contents of the will can be changed at any time, even as to the refusal or acceptance of treatment.“The acquisition of a living will should not be a presumption that one wants to continue living if incapacitated,” said Laird Lile, chair-elect of the RPPTL section. “It only addresses what that person’s wishes are.”Laird also pointed out that having something in place is better than nothing.“If you can’t make the decision and you are going to [die] because two doctors have said so, this is your chance to have your wishes fulfilled,” said Whitney, but she advised that families dealing with like circumstances should consult a hospital’s ethics committee before any decisions are made.“Religion and ethnicity can come into this,” Whitney said.For example, if one of the doctors who reviews the validity of the living will has a religious belief against ending a person’s life, that doctor might not vouch for the incapacity of the patient.Alternatives to a living will include designating a health care surrogate or a durable power of attorney. The power of attorney shifts decision-making for all aspects of a person’s life to the designee. The health care surrogate is designated solely to make medical decisions.Whitney said that sometimes a health care surrogate is more effective than a living will in that a written declaration can cause confusion. That’s where the designation of a health care surrogate is a critical decision — a responsibility that must be understood by the surrogate.For more information on living wills and health care advance directives visit the Bar’s Web site at read more

How to create a successful team

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr When hiring, we look for employees whose experience and skills will elevate our organization. And even outside the business world – like in sports – leaders are willing to spend big bucks to get the best.But talent isn’t the only thing that equals success. Each of us have unique personalities and characteristics that influence the way we interact with others.An article on Kellogg Insight – from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management – examines research that sought to determine which matters more: talent or teamwork. While the researchers analyzed the success of sports teams, those findings are easily translated to business. Because in the end, we’re all pushing ourselves and our organizations to “win.”The researchers determined that talent is a big component of success. You need strong employees that have the knowledge, skills and motivation to win. But an individual’s success can’t buoy your entire organization. That’s where the ability to work with others comes into play. continue reading »last_img read more

Teens anxiously await, DMV expects to open in phase 2 of Cuomo’s plan

first_img“It was just going to give me a bunch more freedom, I was going to be able to go to work easier and not have to rely on my parents more and just take that next step in my life,” Mann told 12 News. Logan Mann, a sophomore at Newark Valley High School, was scheduled to take his road test on April 1. While the DMV isn’t sure when road tests might be rescheduled, Mihalko wants to remind people there is still a lot you can do by mail. “Either they will have to come pick me up on their lunch or i’ll have to go in early in the morning or they will have to take me when they are done with work,” Man says. “So it’s just a big hassle.” Mann works at Wegmans. He is considered an essential worker. Mann says he has been given no information on when the road test might be rescheduled. All you have to do is go to the DMV’s website where you can find all the forms that can be done by mail. When his road test was postponed, Mann’s ability to make his situation a little easier was also put on hold. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Drivers tests have been put on hold by New York State due to concerns over the coronavirus. “Like” Jacob Seus on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter. He has to rely on his parents to get to and from work. “If you’re renewing a license or registration it can be done by mail,” he says. “I was really bummed out, it shot me down,” Mann says. “If you bought a new vehicle whether you bought it through a dealer or an individual that can also be done by mail,” Mihalko says. He says he hopes the DMV will reopen in at least phase two.last_img read more

PREMIUMMixed-marriage families rejoice over new visa policy

first_imgLog in with your social account LOG INDon’t have an account? Register here Jakarta resident Minanty Karyani says she was overjoyed upon receiving a limited stay visa for family reunification (VITAS 317) two weeks ago, after being separated from her family for the last seven months.The seven-month separation was because her husband, a Singaporean, does not possess a stay permit to enter Indonesia while Minanty herself does not hold a long-term visa to reside in Singapore.“I’m very happy about [the new visa policy] and I’m sure that this will bring joy to other mixed-marriage families,” said Minanty in a video message broadcast during a webinar on Wednesday.Minanty and many other mixed-marriage families have been able to breathe a sigh of relief as they can now reunite in Indonesia with their family members who were abroad, thanks to a recent change in visa policy.The Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Immigration Direct… Facebook Topics : Google Linkedin Forgot Password ? #visa Visa COVID-19 #COVID19 mixed-marriage #mixed-marriagelast_img read more

Why to avoid selling your home yourself

first_imgWHEN you are thinking about selling your home, the idea of not paying fees to an agent could seem like a good way to save some money. Many who consider selling their home themselves reason that nobody is more motivated to sell the property than they are. They also suggest that they know the property better than the agent and are the best equipped to answer potential buyers’ questions. So what do you need an agent for? I’m glad you asked!When you sell your property, you are in charge of everything, says Townsville REIQ zone chair Damien Keyes.“That means everything. And even if you’re the kind of person who is really organised, this doesn’t mean you’re the kind of person with plenty of time on your hands to do all the jobs that need doing,” he said. “The list of tasks is extensive. For example, have you booked the photographer, videographer or organised the floorplans?“Do you know how to book the ads in the newspaper or online? Do you know the best package to buy?“When preparing the home for sale — do you know where the best place is to focus your attention for any small renovations or repairs to the home? What are the popular features that are selling homes faster in your suburb?”The reality is that there are myriad decisions that an agent will make as part of the selling process. More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020They’ll understand the market better than most because that’s where they operate every day. It’s easy to make a mistake when you’re navigating a completely foreign situation.“Think carefully before you choose to sell your property yourself,” Mr Keyes said. “If you do choose to forego the expertise of an agent, at least make sure you have a legal expert or a legal practitioner on hand who can help with the legal issues.”last_img read more