What I Learned During my First Months at Dell EMC

first_imgAlways Bring a Potato SaladLet’s say you got invited to a party, and you want to impress whoever is there. Everybody agreed to bring something to the party so when you enter, the others logically ask what you brought with you. And you just stand there and think oh no, I brought nothing with me. Not even a good joke to at least make them laugh.Not a really good impression, right?This example actually has a very important lesson in it that you can apply at work, and even in your private life: one of the lessons I’ve learned at Dell EMC in my first four months.Last October I started working for Dell EMC as an EMEA Sales Graduate in The Netherlands. During my first few months I had the privilege to follow specific sales training together with sales graduates from countries all over the EMEA region, work with my local group of 10 graduates in Amsterdam on several on-site activities (e.g. the annual Christmas drinks with a charitable event) and get to know an organization that is totally different from what I expected.That’s why I want to share a few key insights I got at Dell EMC. Insights that not only helped me see Dell EMC in a totally different way but also changed my perception about what sales is or should be.1.  Dell is much more than just computers I made an assumption about Dell before applying for my role and it couldn’t have been further from the truth: I thought Dell only sells computers. After graduating I wanted to move into the IT sector because of its quickly changing landscape and its huge potential (think of IoT, Big Data, VR, AI, Machine Learning, etc.). I thought of Dell mainly as a computer selling organization. I mean, as many of us might have, I purchased my first computer at Dell. Turns out that Dell is actually also investing in IoT, Big Data, VR, and so much more.Yet it doesn’t stop there. When I applied I found out that I didn’t apply for Dell but for Dell EMC, a name that I mentioned a few times before in this article. Dell EMC is part of a family of organizations under the umbrella of Dell Technologies. Like me before I applied, most of my family and friends didn’t have a clue what Dell EMC actually does. But as part of Dell Technologies it helps organizations modernize, automate and transform their data center infrastructures. Sounds different than only selling laptops and desktops right?Next to Dell EMC, Dell Technologies consists of:RSA and Secureworks to address cyber threats and other security issues that organizations can encounter;Pivotal to transform how organizations build and run any application, at every cloud, in one platform to innovate at start-up speedVirtustream to build cloud solutions to run complex and critical applications;VMware to use software and services that let organizations run, manage, secure and connect all of their applications across clouds and devicesSo as you can tell I made a very wrong assumption about what Dell actually does, and I’m very happy that I looked past this assumption.2.  Sales is great skill to master early in your careerA second lesson I learned during my first few months at Dell was that many of us (including me a few years ago) associate sales with something negative. But you know what: I think that mastering how to do proper sales will teach you so much for your professional career and your personal life. Let me tell you why.Sales is everywhereThe first time I actually read about sales being everywhere was in a blog on LinkedIn from Somen Mondal about why sales is the best first job and it made me realize how sales is an important part of most organizations. In my opinion he is absolutely right: sales comes back in every aspect of your life. Whether it is convincing people about your ideas, when you are looking for a new job (and you basically need to “brand yourself”), when you’re selling products to customers or when you want to sell your vision to your employees as a manager. Think about that for a moment.  Sales generates direct value to organizationsWhen an organization is going to invest in you it will expect a return on investment in the long run. What will your value to the organization be after many training-hours? After looking around at different departments, and drinking coffee with managers to understand the business? In sales you can directly generate revenue (=value) for your organization, which will give the organization a reason to invest more in you and gives you the opportunity to grow faster in an organization than any other position. No sales, no customers, no money, no existence. And this example doesn’t limit to only profit organizations: for non-profit organizations to exist sales is also of paramount importance.Sales gets lots of people out of their comfort zone because you need to deal with rejections – which makes you strongerGetting rejected is something nobody likes, including me. I have learned that it is not about being rejected but how you learn to deal with it, how other people see you dealing with rejection and how you stay focused on your goal. In work and in life rejection will evidently happen – for example riding a bike: the more you ‘practice’, the better you become and the faster you can grow. Just like Michael Dell, who started his business in his college dorm room and now runs a global organization.3.  You should always bring a potato salad to a party One specific lesson I have learned already at Dell EMC is from one of our sales trainers, and I found it ties everything that I have mentioned nicely together. It is that you should always bring a potato salad to a party. Meaning that when you call a customer or when you enter a meeting with your colleagues, always think in advance how you will be able to contribute to the other(s). How you will be of value? What will be your ‘potato salad’ that you bring to the party?For me, part of learning and slowly mastering sales is being able to deliver true value to customers. Working for Dell EMC and subsequently, Dell Technologies makes it so much easier to have that talk with these customers. To have that potato salad ready during every customer meeting.Thinking in advance about that potato salad in whatever situation you are is for me one of the most important lessons I have learned so far. It will help me to avert awkward situations in which everybody expects me to bring some kind of value to the table and that I actually have thought this through in advance. And that I will never think oh no, I brought nothing with me.So what do you think about my experiences after reading this piece? Did you have a similar assumption about sales, and has it changed since you have experienced it? Please let us know in the comment box!  (And if you are interested in reading more about our graduate program make sure to read this blog post about the experiences of graduates last year!)last_img read more

Nobel Laureate stresses family in poverty prevention

first_imgNobel Laureate economist James Heckman opened the Center for Ethics and Culture’s 2014 fall conference on poverty on Thursday night with a discussion of the importance of family and early intervention in alleviating socio-economic inequality.“I want to think about a dynamic strategy — a way to approach poverty and intergenerational inequality which is going to be based on the notion which I will call ‘predistribution,’” Heckman said. “… [Predistribution is] a strategy of giving skills to people to avoid [poverty] in the first place … a strategy that builds character, promotes family values, and creates skills … [such that] what is socially fair can also be viewed as economically efficient.”Rosie Biehl | The Observer Rather than fixating on purely cognitive skills, like IQ scores or performances on tests, Heckman said that non-cognitive “character skills play a very important role, are very predictive [of future economic success], and can be shaped by education” and environment.  These skills include motivation, sociability, attention, self-regulation, self-esteem and the ability to defer gratification, he said.“I want to think about a strategy based on creating capabilities … the capacities to act and create future capacities,” he said. “If we look at those capacities in a modern sense … we’re going to have a very different way of thinking about addressing poverty.”“What we’ve come to understand is that in the life of children … there are critical and sensitive periods in the formation of these capabilities … where some skills are more easily shaped than in other periods,” he said.Gaps in “both emotional and social skills [observed in 5- and 6-year-olds] … really aren’t that much alleviated by going to school,” and persist into adulthood, Heckman said.  This becomes problematic in the fact that “skills are very important all around the world, and they’re major determinants of inequality.”“Genes play a role, but they’re far from the whole story,” Heckman said. “The capabilities that matter are … acquired, and can be fostered by families, schools and social interactions.”“What we’ve seen from a number of [successful] interventions … [is a change in] the nature of the parent/child relationship, or the mentor/child relationship … [in that they] change the way parents perceive themselves, how important their role is … and parental response to the child’s curiosity.”Economics professor Joseph Kaboski summarized Heckman’s discussion as the idea “that lack of personal development, inequality in personal abilities, leads to both material poverty and other social problems.”“Skills beget skills … [and] predistribution is better than redistribution in terms of being a possible win-win for everybody,” Kaboski said, in the fact that it is a preventative rather than reactive approach to reducing inequality.Tags: Center for Ethics and Culture, Economic Inequality, James Heckman, Nobel Laureate, Nobel Prize, Predistributionlast_img read more

Outdoor Updates: The Autumnal Equinox

first_imgWhat’s better than a Monday? A Monday you can call The Autumnal Equinox! Today at 3:50 a.m. the sun was directly in line with the equator, marking the official equinox. As a result. both the Northern and Southern hemispheres will have the same amount of daylight. Which means the first day of astronomical fall for us, and the beginning of spring for those south of the equator. The new rules go into effect Oct. 17, you can find the complete list here. State officials are still taking public comments on these pending rules through October 2nd.  If you love the outdoors, it’s safe to say that most of your favorite memories as a kid involved exploring nature and getting outside. Every Kid Outdoors understands that and is offering students in the fourth grade a free annual pass to our nation’s national parks for a full year. The Autumnal Equinox is Upon Us Fourth Graders Receive Free Admission to National Parks Through ‘Every Kid Outdoors’ Program More than a dozen new rules go into effect at Virginia State Parks in October.It’s part of a fast-track regulation review from the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Some of the changes to state rules update outdated languages, others could catch campers off-guard. Here’s a list of some of the changes that could affect you:center_img Temperature and weather conditions, though, can impact the intensity of fall colors along with the timing of when they change. Hopefully this year, we get a bright and colorful fall! As daylight hours continue to shorten, the leaves will start to change color. This is because the color change is more dependent on light than temperature Vox reported. The short days cause the green and leafy trees to signal to their leaves to stop producing chlorophyll, which is what gives leaves their green color and photosynthesis. New Rules Heading to Virginia State Parks Generator use will be prohibited at campsites and in the campground at all times.  Previously, generators were allowed except during quiet hours (10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.)Drones and unmanned aerial systems have been included in the list of “flying machines” prohibited in the park.  There is a provision that exempts rescue and training exercises for law enforcement.Vaporizers or e-cigarette use is banned in buildings or parts of parks where tobacco smoking is banned.Fungi have been added to the list of materials park visitors cannot remove from parks.  That list includes trees, minerals, rocks, and historical artifacts.  However, there is a new provision that allows fruits, nuts and berries to be collected for personal use.The penalty for urinating or defecating outside in designated areas or facilities is being re-classified.  Previously an individual caught doing so, was charged with indecent exposure (a class-1 misdemeanor) regardless of intent.  They were also required to register on Virginia’s Sex Offender Registry.  Once the new rules go into effect,  that violation of park law will become a class-3 misdemeanor.Electric power-assisted bikes will be allowed on designated bicycle paths.  From now until August 31, 2020, fourth graders all over the United States can get a free pass to visit any federal lands or waters. For more details and to claim a pass, parents of fourth-grade students, homeschooled included, can go to Every Kid Outdoors’ website. Educators can also get in on the deal in addition to other special program opportunities for teachers to extend learning outside the classroom.last_img read more

Colombia Rebels Seek Peace Talks, Name Replacement After Leader Killed

first_imgBy Dialogo September 28, 2010 Colombia’s FARC guerrillas on September 24 said they wanted a chance for peace negotiations a day after troops killed their top military chief in one of the worst blows to Latin America’s oldest surviving insurgency. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, have often called for talks since the government began a U.S.-backed security crackdown in 2002 but the two sides have never been close to agreeing on conditions for negotiations. Top guerrilla commander Mono Jojoy was killed on September 23 in an air strike and ground raid on his jungle camp, delivering a blow to the FARC’s leadership and its military capacity. “We continue to call for an opportunity for peace,” the FARC said in a statement posted on Anncol website that carries rebel communiques. “It is not through the extermination of opponents that Colombia will find peace and reconciliation.” Battered by the government’s offensive, the FARC is at its weakest in decades. Rebels have lost several top commanders in the past three years and its ranks have been thinned by desertions as fighters flee under military pressure. Guerrillas are still a force in rural areas and over the last month have stepped up attacks, killing 22 police officers in two recent attacks. But negotiations are unlikely unless rebel commanders met government conditions: cease hostilities, release soldiers and police officers held hostage and halt criminal activity such as cocaine trafficking. President Juan Manuel Santos, who took office in August, has vowed to keep up his predecessors hard-line security approach, which has driven down bombings and kidnappings from the war and helped foreign investment grow five-fold in the past eight years. Still, according to new information published on September 28, the FARC has urged its members to redouble efforts in the fight against the Colombian government. Following the death of its No. 2 leader ‘Mono Jojoy’, the guerrilla announced it replaced the fallen leader with Felix Antonio Muñoz, known as Pastor Alape, who had led a faction of the group in the northwest region of Magdalena Medio.last_img read more

NextGen Know-How: The importance of boundaries in leadership (and life)

first_img continue reading » On a recent Wednesday night, I was attending a parent association meeting at my childrens’ school. These meetings have historically run long, sometimes going until 9:30 p.m. or later. I go to bed at 9:30 on weeknights, so the day after these meetings, I would wake up feeling tired and sluggish, negatively impacting the rest of my week. But I realized I have a choice in this situation. Instead of feeling obligated to stay until the end of the meeting, I created a boundary: For weeknight meetings, I would leave by 8:30 p.m. No exceptions. I let the president of the parent association know ahead of time, and at the next meeting, I collected my things at 8:30, said goodbye and headed home.Boundaries are an essential part of leadership. Without boundaries, our days become a haze of activity without focus or accomplishing anything of value. When you don’t have boundaries, everyone else’s emergencies become your emergencies.I like to think of it this way: Boundaries create structure. Structure creates freedom.Boundaries allow you to focus and work at your peak. They protect your time and energy so you can work at your best. So you can be your best. 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Navigant wins North Sea Wind Power Hub contract

first_imgNavigant will also manage the process of discussion preparation, collection, and integration of feedback and preparation for decision making, as well as develop or manage the procurement of external services for the development of discussion papers on key topics. The overall goal is to support the NSWPH consortium in delivering on the topical agenda through the development and execution of a structured process to establish political consensus and prepare timely decision making on key issues to facilitate international agreements to support cross-border, cross-sector offshore wind projects after 2030. The Dutch company will provide support services to assist in structuring, initiation, and management of structured discussions with policymakers to realize the first hub-and-spoke project in the early 2030s. TenneT Netherlands, TenneT Germany, Energinet, Gasunie, and the Port of Rotterdam joined forces in the consortium to develop a ”hub-and-spoke” concept, where offshore wind farms will connect to one or several hub islands via alternating current cables. Navigant Netherlands has secured a contract to provide assistance in structured discussions with policymakers to realize the North Sea Wind Power Hub (NSWPH). All activities aim to facilitate public commitment in the form of a project-specific Memorandum of understanding (MoU) or intergovernmental agreements between countries. Power converted into direct current electricity by converters on the hub islands before being exported by a series of interconnectors (the spokes) to connecting North Sea countries.last_img read more

Government moved too slowly on regulating e-cigarettes, lead respiratory doc warns

first_img“[E-cigarettes] may be better than smoking… but when you consider that’s the most destructive consumer product ever introduced into the country, it’s not a massive hurdle to get over,” says Dr Jones. TVNZ One News 13 December 2018Family First Comment: “It still comes with health risks, which include damaging airways, causing inflammation and loss of lung function. [E-cigarettes] may be better than smoking… but when you consider that’s the most destructive consumer product ever introduced into the country, it’s not a massive hurdle to get over.”Remember that one of the main products used by Big Marijuana is vaping. It’s all setting the scene for disaster.#SayNopeToDopewww.VoteNo.nzA lead respiratory doctor is warning that too many New Zealanders are vaping, wrongly believing e-cigarettes are safe. The latest statistics show 28 per cent of teenagers have tried e-cigarettes, and in the United States authorities appear to be regretting their relaxed stance on vaping.READ MORE: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/government-moved-too-slowly-regulating-e-cigarettes-lead-respiratory-doc-warns?utm_variant=taboola_visible_1Keep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox. Vaping was legalised in New Zealand early last year – seen as a safer alternative to smoking. But Dr Jones cautions it still comes with health risks, which include damaging airways, causing inflammation and loss of lung function.center_img Dr Stuart Jones, from Middlemore Hospital, says doctors have been gathering for regular meetings this year, and vaping is often brought up. “There seems to be a common misconception that vaping is safe on the airways and this is most certainly not true,” he says. While it’s illegal for those under 18 to buy e-cigarettes, the market is unregulated.last_img read more

141 Speedway promoters nominated for ARPY

first_imgFRANCIS CREEK, Wis. ­– The 141 Speedway promotional trio of Dan Ratajczak, Scott Ratajczak and Toby Kruse are among the nominees for the prestigious Auto Racing Promoter of the Year award given by Racing Promotion Monthly. They were nominated from RPM’s Northern Region. 141 sanctions the Modified, Stock Car, North­ern SportMod and Sport Compact divisions with IMCA.“This is exciting. It’s been a very good combination and we’ve learned a lot from Toby,” said Dan Ratajczak. “We averaged about 130 cars a week last season. We’re glad to be part of IMCA.” Ratajczak was a long-time IMCA Modified driver and Scott was his crew chief. They’ve promoted 141 with Kruse since 2014. “This is really a year-round business,” Ratajczak said, while en route to a weekly conference call with his partners. “We’ve made a lot of improvements to the facility and track but we’re nowhere near where we want to be yet. There’s still so much we want to do. Our goal is “Bigger, better, faster.”They’ve made an emphasis on customer service, which includes thanking fans personally after race programs are completed, and added a four-week chase for top 10 drivers in point standings that will return this August.Also in the works this season at 141 is a new catwalk in turns one and two.The 40th Auto Racing Promoter of the Year will be announced during the annual national workshop in Daytona Beach, Fla., Feb. 15 and 16; the award is sponsored by Charlotte Motor Speedway. This is the first ARPY nomination for the Ratajczaks and the second for Kruse, who also pro­motes Marshalltown Speedway.last_img read more

Soderberg Memorial concludes season at Dodge City

first_imgAnd now, three quick months later since the green flag finally flew at DCRP, five racers will earn their championship crowns on Saturday night. 2017 – Taylor Velasquez (Sprint), William Nusser (Modified), Brian Davidson (SportMod), Angel Munoz (Stock Car), Duane Wahrman (Hobby Stock).  By Lonnie Wheatley  General admission is $15 with children 11 and under admitted free when accompanied by an adult.  Saturday’s racing action will get under way at 7:30 p.m. 2019 – Zach Blurton (Sprint), Clay Sellard (Modified), Blaine Walt (SportMod), Chris Oliver (Stock Car), Tathan Burkhart (Hobby Stock). The Hambelton Racing DCRP Sprint Cars square off with the United Rebel Sprint Series for the final time this season with the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA SportMods, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars and IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks closing out their DCRP seasons as well.  DODGE CITY, Kan. – It has gone by in a flash it seems. And now the 2020 racing season at Dodge City Raceway Park concludes with Saturday night’s eighth annual Jerry Soderberg Champion­ship Memorial atop the 3/8-mile clay oval in southwest Kansas.  2016 – Jake Bubak (Sprint), Cole Traugott (Modified), Jeff Kaup (SportMod), Michael Pepper (Stock Car), David Berger (Hobby Stock).  2014 – Velasquez (Sprint), Jesse Richter (Modified), Nate Ginest (SportMod), Ron Hartman (Stock Car).  2018 – Blurton (Sprint), Brendon Gemmill (Modified), Dakota Sproul (SportMod), Chris Oliver (Stock Car), Burkhart (Hobby Stock). 2015 – Velasquez (Sprint), Gemmill (Modified), Jamie French (SportMod), Munoz (Stock Car), Reagan Sellard (Hobby Stock). Past Jerry Soderberg Memorial Championship Winners:  2013 – Blurton (Sprint) Ryan Heger (Modifieds), Josh Appel (SportMod), Hartman (Stock Car). The Comfort Suites located conveniently at 2700 West Wyatt Earp Boulevard in Dodge City is the offi­cial lodging partner of Dodge City Raceway Park.  With an extensive list of classic amenities, Comfort Suites will help you feel right at home when traveling.    Be sure to ask for the Dodge City Raceway Park rate when booking.  For more information, check online at https://www.choicehotels.com/kansas/dodge-city/comfort-suites-ho­tels/ks193?brand=CI or call 620-801-4545. It has been a condensed season that didn’t get under way until June 20, more than two-and-a-half months after the originally scheduled April 4 season opener, due to COVID-19 concerns.last_img read more

EPL: Wolves beat Everton, boost top-four hopes

first_imgRelatedPosts Arsenal, Wolves want Michael Olise Liverpool sign Portugal winger Jota from Wolves Aguero could be out of action until November, Guardiola says Wolves kept their slender Champions League hopes alive with a crucial 3-0 win over limp Everton.Raul Jimenez’s penalty, his 25th goal of the season, Leander Dendoncker’s header and Diogo Jota’s strike gave them a routine victory against the disappointing Toffees at Molineux. Nuno Espirito Santo’s side returned to sixth after Sheffield United had briefly overtaken them and they remain in the hunt for the top four with three games left, including a final-day trip to Chelsea.For Everton, the season is reaching a sorry conclusion with the Toffees marooned in mid-table.But Nuno’s side had yet to find their top form since the restart and again lacked initiative and ingenuity until Digne’s recklessness provided them with the opener in first-half stoppage time.The impressive Podence tricked his way into the area and Digne rashly clattered into the back of him.Jimenez stepped up to convert the penalty for his 16th Premier League goal of the season. It continued to enhance his reputation and the striker has been directly involved in 35 goals in all competitions for Wolves this term. It was just the sixth time Wolves had taken a lead into the break this season and they doubled it 46 seconds after the restart.Everton were still reorganising after teenager Jarrad Branthwaite replaced Leighton Baines at the interval and Wolves took full advantage when Dendoncker glanced in Neto’s free-kick.Pickford almost gifted Podence a third on the hour when he spilled his effort only to recover just before the ball squirmed over the line.Jota blew a golden chance shortly afterwards when he stumbled with just Pickford to beat after being sent clear by Ruben Neves’ stunning pass.Gylfi Sigurdsson had a shot blocked and Digne dragged wide as listless Everton tried to rouse themselves, but Wolves eventually won at a canter. Jota grabbed his first goal since the restart to wrap up the points with 16 minutes left when Neves’ exceptional vision sent him clear and his low drive beat Pickford.It could have been worse for Everton but Adama Traore hit the crossbar from six yards with the goal gaping with five minutes left.Tags: Diogo JotaLeander DendonckerRaul JimenezUEFA Champions LeagueWolverhampton Wandererslast_img read more